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Under Construction

1: Tips, FAQs, Facts
2: Classes
3: Medals
4: Skills
5: City Mode
6: Bestiary



1: If you’re a beginner, focus on gaining medals and getting familiar with the game. Sheriff and Hunter are both good beginner classes.

2: You WILL NOT get very far at first. It takes a bit of practice and medal gathering. Don’t get frustrated.

3: First medals to pursue should be the chicken medals and the Prayer, Provoker, and Boomer medals.

4: If you’re using a shotgun or hunter’s rifle, always reload after you shoot – at least until the later levels. You will never run out of ammo and will shoot slightly faster on low level guns.

5: Make sure you have at least one of a Rogue, Ranger, or Noble in your party. They are the only classes that can learn the Active skill.

6: Buy chickens on page 2 of the TOWER. There is no way around it; you will not go far without lots and lots of chickens. You can also get a few chickens by the Go Searching option at the INN.

7: Always have one or two accurate backup weapons and keep them loaded. If you have an auto-bow, bring a bow gun. If you have a machine gun, bring a rifle.

8: Bosses have a shield that they use when under heavy fire. This gives them the armor status and they cannot fire from this defensive stance. Give one of your allies a chain gun or HMG to keep the suppression fire going.

9: Always use up all of your AP. It will not carry over.

1: Make a diverse party. You want a variety of party skills as well as diverse weaponry on the battle field.

2: You should get your first ally immediately; your second ally around level 6-8; and your third by level 15.

3: Don’t worry about initially choosing the right allies. You can always replace them later with the dismiss option.

4: Be sure to have someone (may be you) in your party that has a good anti-air weapon.

5: Be warned: when a boss comes all allies will target him, leaving all other mobs to you. You can change this feature if you need to by deselecting the boss option in the barracks.

6: Base Teamwork (skill) is not clearly defined, but I believe it is how often he will shoot. Dependent of course on his gun.

7: Base Aiming (skill) is not clearly defined, but I believe it is how quickly the allied targeting reticule reaches its target. Can be improved by the Leadership skill.

1: The bow gun and auto-bow gun will likely be favorites. When coupled with the Bow Master skill it is extremely effective against crowds and armor.

2: If you have an ally with a shotgun, set him to Fire at Will to make him the most effective.

3: Pay attention to what has high anti-air and what has high anti-armor and use them accordingly.

4: If you really want the gravity gun for yourself you have to work around the long reload time. Bring three or four gravity guns or use lvl3 Reload mods.

5: Best Anti-Air: Small Gun: Windbow; Rifle: Assault Rifle; Shotgun: Combat Shotgun; Big Gun: Grenade launcher. Note: This is IMO and may not necessarily be the best overall.

6: Best Anti-Armor: Small Gun: Laser Pistol; Rifle: Bow Gun; Shotgun: Shotgun; Big Gun: HMG. Note: This is IMO and may not necessarily be the best overall.

1: Sp. Trainer can teach any skill, even one not part of that classes skill set (i.e. capable).

2: Every time you purchase a Smith level at the INN it will refresh the SMITHY’s inventory.

3:Go Searching whenever you have extra AP, especially when you have the Quick eye skill. You can often get a +1 hp boost or some extra chickens.

4: Reforging will remove the last placed mod (furthest to the right) on your gun.

5:Reforging price is based on value. You can get cheap upgrades by using the shop tokens to bring value to zero before buying.

1: In battle, when you get a critical kill, a message will appear. The number in brackets (ex. 5) is a count down to rampage mode.

2: It takes 7 critical kills to go into rampage mode.

3: You can kill the little girl in the castle; however, she will stop making those cute noises (meanie!)

4: You can determine a weapons effective range by how small the targeting reticule is. Sniper rifle and bow gun is furthest away from the wall and the shotgun is closest.

5: You can toggle all ally Fire at Will mode by pushing key F.


Let me tell you about Ragnorak. Do not use it, unless you are playing a saved game. If you are not prepared you will die. When you use Ragnorak, you will summon about 15 White Dragons (see Bestiary) which will level your castle in about 8 seconds.

Ok, how to use Ragnorak

Challenging way: You will get a huge amount of EXP out of this plus the Ragnorak Medal.
1. Make sure you have a Holy Grail of Jure as a safeguard.
2. Recommended Weapon: Combat Shotgun; Auto Shotgun; Chain Gun.
3. Summon them and start firing. Use the Holy Grail about 5 seconds after the Ragnorak.

Cheap Way: You will only get the Ragnorak Medal.
1. Make sure you have a Holy Grail of Jure as a safeguard.
2. What until the very last wave.
3. Use Ragnorak right before the Day ends. The Day should end right before they start shooting.


Rogue: Critical kills always drop coins; coins more valuable. So-so ability.
IMO: Not an easy character to play. Survivability is largely dependent on how soon you can get a bow gun or laser pistol. He is not that great as an ally either as both skills and weapons are not battle oriented. However, he is definitely the best money maker with his many party skills.

Hunter: Ability decreases range penalty. Largely useless except with shotgun.
IMO: Good beginner class as he starts with a bow gun. His few fighting skills make him harder for the late game as a player, but is a good ally choice with his bow and variety of unique party skills.

Sheriff: Every weapon given innate impact ability. Unnoticeable in beginning, but pretty good at high levels – especially with the auto-shotgun.
IMO: Great class. I consider the shotgun the best gun class and the Sheriff has all the shotgun boosting abilities. Once you get the hang of using the three shotguns, you can probably make it to late game. He comes with balanced battle and party skills making him a great addition to any party.

Militia: Throws a grenade at random target; throw rate and damage go up with level. You can always use more fire-power right?
IMO: An intermediate class. You will want to stick to the rifle until you get some allies for backup. From there you can go with a big gun if you like. Militia is your first Big Gun user and a good class with which to practice. His skills are completely battle oriented and a great class for the gravity gun. Also the only class with the supplier skill, thus the only class designed to use the grenade item.


Sniper: Adrenaline builds while not shooting or reloading. The more adrenaline you have the greater damage bonus. A missed shot resets your adrenaline bar. A bow gun shot does not count as a miss, it merely takes more adrenaline per shot.
IMO: The ultimate damage dealer… for a single enemy. You are pretty much guaranteed one shot, one kill with a rifle, but enemies will come faster than you can aim and shoot. In addition, the Sniper’s skill set does not include Bow Master, thus a bow gun will only take you so far. Definitely not an easy class to play. He brings no party skills to the team, but holds every rifle and critical boosting skills in the game. The class to use if you want the Critical Hit medals.

Ranger: Each kill gives adrenaline – max adrenaline for full party rampage. Nice skill.
IMO: This is a tough class to play as well. You must use Big Guns from the start. Get a backup pistol and your allies as fast as you can. Later on get a grenade launcher and perhaps a chain gun as your backups. He is a natural for the grenade launcher or gravity gun with his Da Bomb skill, and has many good party skills. A great ally.

Duelist: Gains adrenaline for every shot that hits, but has constant adrenaline drain. The more adrenaline you have the higher bonus damage.
IMO: Another tough class to play, but with lots of potential and unique in that it makes a good player but not a good ally. Just like the sniper skill wise, but with small guns. Being forced to fight with small guns makes it interesting. Get a WindBow for Anti Air, a Laser Pistol for Anti Armor, and Revolver or Machine Pistol for normal mobs. Again, not a good ally.

Noble: Gains +40% exp per kill as well as damage and accuracy boosts per level, sweet!
IMO: You can go far with this class. Not only does he start with a Machine Pistol lvl 3 accuracy mod, but he can also use any weapon. This class is unique in that it does not specialize in anything. His skills are designed to take on all monsters with any weapon, but does not benefit from general fighting skills like Fury or Killer relying solely on his innate ability. Also comes with a few party skills. A fairly good ally.

Guardian: Non-playable. Figuratively spikes your walls, making direct attackers hurt themselves with every hit. Not that great.
IMO: Not too bad when equipped with a shotgun, as he can get the Doc Holliday skill. Guardians can also learn valuable party skills like Leadership and Defender. However, the Sheriff can learn nearly all of the Guardian skills and a few more. Unless you really want the Accountant party skill with out getting a Noble, you might as well get a Sheriff instead.


NOTE: These tables are based on my own games, thus may not be completely accurate. If you find an error, please let me know.

Big Gun………..Allows Big Gun………….Militia, Ranger. Noble
Small Gun………Allows Small gun………Rogue, Hunter, Ranger, Duelist, Noble, Guardian
Rifle……………..Allows Rifle………………Rogue, Hunter, Militia, Sniper, Noble
Shotgun………..Allows Shotgun………..Hunter, Sheriff, Noble, Guardian

Party Skills

NAME……………LVL 1 EFFECT…………………………..MAX/LVL 10 EFFECT…………………CLASS
Accoutant……. -7% wages……………………………. -43% wages……………………NBL GRDN
Active…………… +1 Ap Random…………………….. +10 Ap……………………………ROG, RNG, NBL
Breeder………… +9% more eggs…………………… +63% more eggs……………HNT, RNG
Cook…………….. +7 base dinner exp……………… +27 base exp…………………HNT, NBL
Defender……… +5% chance nullify damage….. +23% chance………………SHF, GRDN
Engineer………. +7% Mod effect……………………. unconfirmed…………………..HNT, DUEL
Insurance…….. +2 gp for each HP lost…………. +11 gp per hit………………SHF, NBL, GRDN
Leadership……. +7% ally targeting………………… +52%Faster Aim…………SHF,RNG, GRDN
Love……………… +10gp per little sister shot……… +55 gp……………………….MIL
Negotiator…….. +9% better reward……………….. unconfirmed…………………ROG, RNG, DUEL
Quick Eyed…….. +15% good events……………….. +105% good events……ROG, SHF
Robber…………. +7 People killed…………………….. +70 people……………………ROG
Scavenger……… +9% chance item drop…………… +35% item drop……………HNT, RNG
Supplier………… +20% Item Recharge…………….. +200% recharge………….MIL
Taunt…………… Taunt Ability / +10% reward……. +60% reward……………..SHF, MIL
Threat………….. Enemy Speed Reduced 3%……… Reduced 21%………………ROG, NBL, GRDN

Solo Skills

NAME……………LVL 1 EFFECT……………………………….MAX/LVL 10 EFFECT…………….CLASS
Accuracy……… Reduce bullet spread by 11%………….. By 41%………………..ALL CLASS
Aimed Shot… +7% DMG / -Fire Rate………………………. +70% DMG…………..ROG, HNT, SNPR, DUEL, NBL
Anti-Air………. +9% Dmg Air…………………………………… +72% dmg……………..HNT, SNPR, NBL
Anti-Armor…. +9% dmg vs. Armor……………………….. +72% dmg……………..SHF, MIL, RNG, NBL
Bow Master…. +1 Arrow Pentration………………………. +10 Penetration…….HNT, RNG, NBL
Burst………….. First 2 shots +25% DMG/100% ACC… First 6 shots………..ROG, MIL
Capable………. +1 skill choice at lvl………………………… +2 skill…………………..ALL CLASS
Cool…………….. +12% Recoil Recovery…………………….. +44% recovery…….ALL CLASS
Cripple Shot…. Mob speed reduced by 5% / shot.. Reduced 32%………….HNT, SHF
Da Bomb…….. +7% explosives/gravity dmg…………. +52% dmg…………….MIL, RNG
Disarm……….. Mob attack Reduced by 20%……………. unconfirmed………..SNPR, GRDN
Dr. Holliday…. +1 bullet / Reduce accuracy……………. +5 shots……………..SHF, NBL, GRDN
Fury……………. +13 Rampage Duration……………………… +47% Duration…..SHF, MIL, DUEL
Killer………….. +21% exp/ critical……………………………… +73% exp / crit….ROG, MIL, SNPR, DUEL
Last Hope…… % For Rampage HP= <19%…………….. unconfirmed………..SHF, RNG, GRDN
Luck……………. +14% chance of gold coin……………….. +57% chance……..ROG, HNT, DUEL, NBL
One Hit Kill…. +5% chance kill with sniper rifle…….. unconfirmed……….SNPR
One Shot……… Pistol/Sniper:Last shot +370%dmg… +1000% dmg…….ROG, SNPR, RNG, DUEL
Power Shot….. +10% chance 1.5X DMG (non-auto)… +100% chance….SNPT, DUEL
Reloading…… +11% Reload…………………………………….. +41% Reload……..ALL CLASS
Sense…………. +7% Crit……………………………………………… +28% Crit………….SNPR, DUEL

Thanks to GuyGardner, Diputsleefi, and Darkvolt for completion.

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Nice guide. By the way, I can confirm that Unseen Hand does give a +2 accuracy bonus.

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People need to definitely know about the Chickens. They help so much more than you think. They have a very short time before it’s all profit and during the higher levels they give you much more. I have level 230 chickens and they give anywhere from 2000 – 4000.

Also, I’ve been using the Auto-Shotgun for pretty much the whole time and have not died yet. I am currently on Day 124. I think it’s a very good gun. Accuracy is not that good, but when you get into the higher days where it’s just waves of enemies, accuracy really isn’t a problem.

I feel that allies are a big part of a good strategy in this game. I have a decent Hunter with a good bow gun, but my team sucks (mainly the guns they’re using) and it’s a little difficult. But my Sheriff I have another Sheriff with a combat shotgun, militia with a gravity gun, and I just got a hunter and might give it a good laser pistol, but the bow gun seems to be doing great. And it’s just perfect days all day long.

This is definitely a good thread. I feel that I have the game down as of now and I definitely agree with all this. I would also add that beginners should first try to get the medals that give a chance of +1 AP (Prayer, Provoker, and Boomer) and get the medals that give you better egg profits. I feel the game is easier (in a sense) when you get the necessary medals first.

Wow, this is a long post. And you do need to buy 31 chickens to get the medal. I think you have to get +1 from what the medal says for all three.

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great, great guide, but go more into what classes you suggest and upgrades, etc.

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Saving Post for Part two of Guide.

Who knew there was a character limit to a post?


Page 1

Newcomer: Free medal, just play the game.

Experienced: Beat 10 days; +100 starting gp.

Survivor: Beat 20 days; +200 starting gp.

Veteran: Beat 35 days; +300 starting gp.

Elite: Beat 50 days; +500 starting gp.

Savior: Beat 80 days; +750 starting gp.

Choosen(sic) One: Beat 150 days; +1000gp


Chicken Lover: Gather 31 chickens; +5% egg revenue.

Chicken Prince: Gather 61 chickens; +15% egg revenue.

Chicken King: Gather 121 chickens; +30% egg revenue.


Sister Lover: Buy 10 sisters; +10% bomb damage.

Sister Mania: Buy 20 sisters; +20% bomb damage.

Sister Master: Buy 30 sisters; +30% bomb damage.


Novice Defender: Achieve 1 perfect game; +1% castle wall absorption

Skilled Defender: Achieve 4 perfect games; +1% castle wall absorption

Adept Defender: Achieve 7 perfect games; +1% castle wall absorption

Master Defender: Achieve 10 perfect games: +1% castle wall absorption


Hunter’s Award: Make a level 10 hunter; Unlocks Ranger class.

Rogue’s Award: Make a level 10 Rogue; Unlocks Duelist class.

Sheriff’s Award: Make a level 10 Sheriff; Unlocks Noble class.

Militia’s Award: Make a level 10 Militia; Unlocks Sniper class.


Killer: Score 10 critical kills in one battle; Starting skill – Luck +1

Assassin: Score 30 critical kills in one battle; Starting skill – Sense +1

Unseen Hand: Score 50 critical kills in one battle: Starting skill – Accuracy +2


Prayer: Pray 15 times; Chance for +1AP each level.

Provoker: Taunt 10 times; Chance for +1AP each level.

Boomer: Party 10 times; Chance for +1AP each level.

Gun Mania: Recycle 10 guns; +15% mod bonus.

Robber: Rob 20 times; Starting skill – Robber +2

Page 2

Kongregate: Click on the Kongregate link; 3% wage discount.

Ragnarok Survivor: Use Ragnarok and survive; Starting skill Luck +1

Ha-na-bi: Watch the fireworks until you get it; +25 fireworks.

Elonian: Beat the first round – level 40; Will be able to import to Elona someday. (???)


Hardcore: Survive 20 days; ???

Ultimate Hardcore: Survive 40 days; ???

RNG Award: Survive ?? days; ???


Name – Type:
SPD: speed DMG: damage
WP: weak point
Desc: description

NOTE: All enemy information was gathered in normal mode in the first round. Maybe different in other modes and in later rounds.

Sheep – Normal
SPD: Slow DMG: 1hp
WP: Head
Desc: Will saunter to your walls and then ram it. Leave them for allies if there are other targets.

Rat – Normal
SPD: Fast DMG: 1hp
WP: Head
Desc: Runs to your walls and punches it. Can be quite annoying, but give low priority.

Chicken – Normal
SPD: Slow DMG: 1hp
WP: Torso, around the chest/shoulder area.
Desc: Will slowly hop towards you. Does a quick jump before throwing an egg at you.

Raven – Air
Spd: Medium DMG: 4hp
Wp: Head
Desc: Kamikazes. Flies straight at you and dives (speeds up) when it gets close enough to attack with a fair amount of damage.

Archer – Normal
SPD: Medium DMG: 2hp
WP: Head
Desc: Will always walk about 1/5 of the field before shooting. Low HP.

Barbarian – Normal
SPD: Medium/Fast DMG: 2hp
WP: Head
Desc: Will randomly go berserk when hit. Spd. and Att. rate boosted when berserk. Bow gun will not always hit. Can drain your health very fast if not dealt with.

Dragonfly – Air
SPD: Slow DMG: 1hp
WP: n/a – one shot, one kill.
Desc: Move, stop, move, stop. Will come at you in a swarm and can be quite hard to hit as they are very small.

Exploder – Normal
SPD: Fast DMG: 11hp
WP: Head
Desc: Shoot him! Shoot him NOW! Just what you would expect, runs straight at you and boom. Better have good crowd control when these come in groups. Bow gun will not always hit.

Ballista – Armor
SPD: Slow DMG: 10hp
WP: Just above left wheel, a little knob.
Desc: Rolls up to position, sets, and fires. You’re supposed to kill it before that last step by the way…

Spider – Normal
SPD: Fast DMG: 4hp
WP: Abdomen
Desc: Moves in a scrambling diagonal pattern. Not hard at all.

Ogre – Normal
SPD: Slow DMG: 9hp
WP: Feet
Desc: A stupid creature with lots of hp. Can absorb plenty of shots without stopping.

Crusader – Armor
SPD: Slow DMG: 5hp
WP: Hand
Desc: A walking tank. By the time you face these you should already have max allies. Perhaps someone will get him a cup of buckshot tea?

Peter – Air
SPD: Medium DMG: 0hp
WP: Head
Desc: Even though he is big, he is actually pretty harmless. He just air drops a few rats and continues on. Does no direct damage. It is possible to shoot the rats out of the sky.

Tank – Armor
SPD: Medium DMG: ??
WP: Square on the top, the crew hatch.
Desc: Just like the Ballista, but more hp. Take it down.

White Dragon – Normal
SPD: Medium DMG: 22hp
WP: Tail (unconfirmed)
Desc: Walks up and then charges a shot in its mouth. When charged a beam will fire that does high damage. Naturally you want to kill it, but you can also interrupt the attack with an impact shot.

Red Dragon – Air
SPD: Medium DMG: ??
WP: Jaw (unconfirmed)
Desc: Will fly a short distance then start shooting fire balls. Has a lot of hp, but not that hard to shoot down.

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I don´t know if your table skills are all correct, I simply stop in one I saw that is incorrect

Aimed Shot is enable to Rogue, Hunter, Sniper, Duelist and Noble

I know that many skills are enable to a lot of classes so you must revise this part

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just wanted to help out with the skills a little-
At LV10…
accountant gives -43% wages
scavenger gives +35% extra chance for item drop
cripple shot gives 32% slow down per hit
one shot gives +1000% damage

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hey lemme help out bro, sense max lvl10 28% chance of critical CONFIRMED, fury max lvl10 47% more rampage duration CONFIRMED (make sure to put me in credit ;), or not but it would be godd if you did).
i also confirmed that the militia is not the only one with the supplier skill NATURALLY, the ranger can get it as well
hey aerow, i just confirmed that you only need 120 chickens to get the chicken king medal, i currently have 120 and have the medal

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Would be helpful to get the following:

The exact formula for how much cash buying the museum upgrade gives you each day depending on how many medals you have (or possibly just how much it gives you if you have max medals)

Some data mining on how many of your chickens you expect to lay eggs on an average day. This’d make it possible to work out exactly when it becomes optimal to stop buying chickens.

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I would honestly say the museum’s a total waste. Past level 1, it’s +30% for a lot more money. As far as I know, you get around 18 gold per medal per day, but that’s from having 3-6 newb medals. 36 total medals times 18 per medal would be…648 gold per day with a Lv1 museum. Pretty good.

And I would say most of the chickens (75% or more) on any given day. With all three chicken upgrade medals, they sell at 22.5g each…there’s also Breeder, which gives 63% more eggs.

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Okay, forgive the doublepost, but my last post sounded stupid. I meant it’s a total waste to UPGRADE the museum, but if you have a lot of medals, it’s a good investment of 2k.

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Thanks for the support and information. I will update it.

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Odd notes (will be updated as I find more, now that I finally found the edit button):

Sheriffs are the best class for stopping suicidal enemies—the knockback generally lasts long enough to kill it.

Aimed Shot with a slow weapon is suicide. It makes the weapon near unfireable in terms of attack speed. Trust me, I’ve tried with a “crossbow” type weapon…

If you can get a Hunter for an ally early on, it’s not unlikely that they’ll be more powerful than you are—they’ve got a crossbow! Piercing shots allow for much faster, more accurate training and killing. I got one on Day 3 and was surprised to find my Duelist self outclassed.

Hunting Rifles are more accurate on air creatures than most weapons. Perhaps that’s due to the high innate accuracy and 115% base antiair modifier…I’m yet to miss a shot.

Class skills:
Hunter. A reduced range penalty allows these guys/girls to use bows at short range and shotguns at long range without as much of an accuracy penalty. They’re great allies, since they specialize in bows more often than not, and the extra accuracy always helps a CPU.
Sheriff. Each hit produces a stun and knockback on the target. While the sheriff’s specialization in the slow shotgun branch makes things a bit harder, the sheriff is a good player character for its ability to stop kamikaze enemies.
Rogue. This would be where sense would shine. Unfortunately, rogues tend to be total crap in the fighting department next to the other classes, due to their focus on support and noncombat skills.
Militia. I don’t really like these guys all that much, but they’ve got a sort of rapidfire shotgun and free grenades, which means Militia make good AoE fighters. Militia and Hunters make for good crowd-clearers later on.
Sniper. Tons of damage, really really slow…they’re boss and large enemy specialists, capable of slaughtering them in one shot (One Shot, literally), but their weapon of choice leaves them unable to deal with crowds.
Ranger. I didn’t really like rampage for the damage so much as the improved reload speed. Increased duration and full party turns the ranger into more of a support class in combat, but he’s a force with turning allies into deadly fighters. Throw Leadership in the mix for more chaos _
Duelist. Yes, the lack of ally willingness to shoot makes them cruddy allies. When armed with rapidfire pistols, though…these guys shine. Adrenaline adds up quickly with a good, fast weapon and can cause some major havoc. A class that pays you to go psycho.
Noble. Easy to level, easy to hit with, more damage. Wow. Able to use any weapon. Wow. Lack of useful combat skills. Not wow.

Useful, though possibly situational skills:
Breeder – Keeping chickens is good money, and the breeder skill improves egg count. Helps make a lot of profit later on.
Leadership – Allies tend to be slow to lock targets, so a 52% boost is extremely useful.
Active – While it’s kinda random and I tend to get horrid yields, it can be useful.
Bow Master – So…many…piercing…shots…dies.
Cripple Shot – If my math adds up right, three shots should either bring them to a near standstill or slow them to about 30% of normal speed. That makes a ton of difference. Imagine that with a multihit gun or Sheriff knockback…
Disarm – Judging from the two levels I’ve seen, Disarm is glitched. It would be really powerful…if the status actually lasted. It only blinks on the first two levels, so someone might need to test duration at higher levels.
One Shot – It’s EXTREMELY powerful, but it only works with pistols and snipers (both of which are kind of crap).
One Hit Kill – Okay, this is where absurdity comes from. Sniper + Sniper Rifle + One Hit Kill + One Shot + Power Shot + Sense = The absolute strongest 1v1 fighter in the game, period. Critical hits, 16x magnified last-shot-of-the-clips, 1.5x normal shots before critting, and a decent chance at an outright kill. They’re slow, but that’s absurd firepower…

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Any strategies for upgrading the tower? I’ve been focusing on repairmen to take care of the base in between waves, works the best for me. I haven’t gotten far enough, tho, to see the two locked items on page two of the tower. What are they, are they important? Maybe I’ll try to work on some strategies for the tower upgrade section if I can get far enough…

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They aren’t locked items. They’re just not implemented.

You want to upgrade the House to max as soon as you can, to get your good team mates as early as possible. Then you can do whatever you want for a while, but around wave 30 or 40, you want to start on the villa. The villa is the most important building for a high day count run.

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For the record.
fyi. 1shot1kill maxes at 32%

Just my litle Sniper strategy guide. I got to lvl 101 with my sniper and still rolling

The Party
You can handle all the bosses, so my team is noble w/grav gun militia w/grav gun sheriff w/combat shotgun
Try to keep these guns up to par with levels.

My personal weapon list
Hunting Rifle – Its important to always keep this at a high level
Sniper Rifle – Its nice if this is high level but not terribly necessary.
Sniper Rifle – This one is backup when things get messy it could be lvl1 for all i care, I,m just abusing one shot
Machine Gun – I combine this with disarm to debuff multiple enemies when i cant kill em all, the grav guns usually finish the job
Hammer – Always nice to have

Important Skills
Power Shot
One Hit One Kill

Dont Get
Aimed Shot – this really makes hunting rifles really really bad. And makes it impossible to use your sniper rifle. This skills is for
machine gun users.

Nice Mods
Leech Mod – Goes on sniper rifles, with one shot one kill you can completely heal your wall. It’s REALLY random but a nice perk and can save your bacon
Fire Rate Mod – Also Goes on sniper rifles
Auto-Fire Mod – You don’t get it to shoot auto but it does increase your fire rate so its nice for you sniper rifle.
Reload Mod – Ditto to sniper rifle
Damage Mod – Your hunting rifles and your grav guns need this
Anti-Armor Mod – your hunting rifle or your grav guns.

This strat doesn’t work with hardcore because your a bit random.

Use hunting rifle to pick off random guys and air. Focus on guys that would otherwise distract your grav gun wielders from firing down the lane. You also need to kill exploders and barbarians that run past your grav guns. When tanks and other heavies start rolling in whip out your sniper rifles and start one-shotting them. If your about to be overwhelmed bust out your machine gun and use the cripple debuff to delay. Just fire a burst on tanks and dragons that are just about to fire. The timing is tricky on tanks but its easy to figure out dragons. The grav guns will eventually wipe them all out.

As I mentioned before keep your grav guns well upgraded. Use your villa to throw regular parties as it will make your grav guns spike in damage from 200 to 280 and up to 400 when your guys are rampaging. I literally don’t even need to fire my rifle whenever I get waves of weak ground units. Cripple shot + grav gun really slows the enemy down.

Ultra late game lvl 90+ i noticed the most dangerous monster was ogres since grav guns aren’t very effective on them and they do tons of damage to your wall once they get there so i had to start using my sniper rifles against them just like tanks and dragons.

Be aware this build just can handle 7+ dragons and tanks per wave, but they have to come a few at a time When they come all at once your hosed. There is also little you can do against 12+ exploders except hope your sisters blow em up, have a chalice, repair mid way, or pray all the damage gets nullified through the gaurdien skill. I do a fair amount of reloading but i never used the carry over option.

Crit Glitch – Whenever you crit something, everything behind it will take the same amount of damage regardless of armor type. So if you see a archer walking in front of a tank, you can cheat 1000+ damage onto the tank with your hunting rifle by shooting the archer in the head. Very effective.
Therefore with one shot one kill you can do things like blow up 3 tanks at once just because they happen to be stacked one over the other. Always aim to abuse this even if it means holding off on a shot for a few seconds. This is also how i wiped out ragnarok (though i had to reload several times) one shot kill 5 dragons, one shot kill 3 dragons, one shot kill 4 dragons, all done.

Also another great way to get your ragnarok medal is to get little sisters. Keep on reloading till you get 5 or more little sisters on the far side of the screen then activate ragnarok. Blow up the sisters and all the dragons will die at once.

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Oh, a sniper? I should try that, I’m still unable to get very far with any class…

Yes, snipers are bossing machines, so it’s important to have allies that can handle mobs. Important ally traits for mob handling: Aim Speed, Workrate. A high value in these makes them shoot faster and more accurately (I’m honestly yet to see an ally miss with anything other than a big gun, though, which makes them great for taking out aerial enemies), which is extremely important when you’re not a mob fighter yourself. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to get Leadership on a sniper if that’s at all possible (through special training, perhaps?).

Aimed Shot is crap no matter what weapon you choose. The damage buff doesn’t balance out the firing rate loss…

Leech mod? I’ve never gotten that to work myself, but then again, I don’t know the % leech rates for each level…someone enlighten me?

Cripple and Disarm are good debuffs if they actually stay for any length of time…a 40% drop in damage at Lv2 Disarm is crazy…that would mean that at Lv5 or so, a Disarmed enemy is harmless until the debuff wears off!

Yeah, the crit glitch is fun. It works well early on to take out pesky ranged attackers like Ballistas, Chickens, Archers, and Bosses.

I’m gonna give sniper a shot, see how it works. Do you have a lot of chickens?

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sorry to post late uh yeah, lots of chickens and a museum later (MUCH later) also i like to get sandbags and repairers over wall hitpoints, it lets me ignore dragonflys completely (i just dont shoot at them because between gaurdien/sandbag/repair they do negligible damage to my wall)

Also i noticed this game is like diablo, the beginning is always easy but sometimes you hit lvl 30 and realize you haven’t gotten any of your hallmark weapons and you cant move forward. Reforge helps allot but it’s not a sure thing. Sometimes you gotta restart and i am sure that frustrating for allot of people. Though other times you get a Rocket Launcher MK 18 with 4 mod slots and you create a weapon of mass destruction. (the mods would be Anti-Armor Damage Damage Fire-Rate i have never gotten this but god this would be awesome)

From what i can tell from leech mod has a chance to proc per shot. So not every shot will do something, AOE weapons has a chance to proc once per shot so thats not very effective. At lvl 80ish i had a leech on my hunting rifle and every so often i would get 15 (just a guess but i did notice my health come back mid wave) health back when i was critting for 1.2k damage. Then i definitely saw my 1Shot1kill proc with a leech proc and i went from 5 health back to 125. So i knew that it wasnt my repairers or anything like that. Anyway leech works, but as far as i can tell it has limited effectiveness on low damage guns or guns that shoot extremely slowly. The sniper rifle makes up for by doing 999999 damage 35 percent of the time.

I think every weapon type / class has some abusable path of growth and supporting party memebers that lets them go long, im interested in seeing other peoples paths to succuss.

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Hey for last hope the max is <53%.

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- Engineer maxes at lvl 10 with 52% mod bonus.
- Hunter can also get Power Shot.

- Reward for Hardcore is: Starting skill: Luck +1
- Reward for Ultimate Hardcore is: Starting bonus weapon: Gravity gun

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My question is, what’s the best class to start with to get that darn impossible achievement?

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On normal mode, I am currently on Day 412 headed up by a Level 395 Noble armed with a Lvl 106 Auto-Shotgun modded with Lvl. 3 Anti-Armor and Ammo. I have turned him off manual Hero Mode and on to automatic “Attack mobs in weapon range” in the barrack screen so that I can run this game in the background. As sidekicks, I have 3 militia (whose class bonus of chucking grenades has been useful) at levels 324, 357 & 296. Since Day 100 or so, they have each been using Gravity Guns modded with at least Leech Lvl. 3, and then Damage Lvl. 3 when additional mod slots are available. Their skill development has been Fo(cused) on Reloading for ~80% of the time they have been in the party (they are all around level 175 now). Pretty handy for a grav gun ;)

I have Villa level 22 (+220% party damage bonus), 293 chickens, Level 41 museum, but when I don’t have enough additional AP to taunt, I lose about 5k of GP per round. I rely on chickens, Looter Level 18 finds and item sales from boss days in order to keep GP production up. I search for Level 3 Damage and Leech mods for when I can significantly upgrade the Grav Gun for one of the militia. I also keep around Lvl 3 Anti-Armor/Ammo mods in reserve when I can significantly upgrade the Auto-Shotgun.

With this set-up, save for air-heavy and suicide bomber waves, I die very seldomly (1 in 20 or so rounds?) and I NEVER hire a merc.

Note, if you are going to duplicate this strategy and have already gotten all of the game’s medals, make sure you pick-up at least Level 1 Anti-Armor for your noble early on so that you don’t get shut out of having it later in the game when your attribute screen maxes out at 15 additional skills (remember 3 are reserved for character level, Teamwork and Aiming).

Lastly, one tip for those of you who do not have a set-in-stone killer strategy for high level climbs… Small incremental gains in weapons/mods can make big differences on earlier levels (before 40) where three or two shot kills become two or one shot kills with weapons upgrades.

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I think they fixed the Ragnarok Exploit. Even at the end of day, with all other foes left and waiting 10 seconds, I popped Ragnarok, AND popped the Grail right before they fired. Guess what? I still got pwned, 30 seconds later.

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My ProTip for Ragnarok survival, post-fix:
Wait until you get the Grail…it is mandatory.
Once you have both items ON QUICKSLOTS 1 thru 5 (they don’t help in your later slots!), get 2 strong grenade slots. Each grenade has an independent cooldown.
At the beginning of the round (Not the end!), Pop Ragnarok and toss grenades and shoot. 5 seconds in, use your Grail to prevent auto-lose. Keep tossing grenades like crazy and hopefully win. Then, cruise thru the rest of the round.
This gives you plenty of chances to keep trying it!
BE CAREFUL! WHen you lose, make sure you dont accidently push the “continue” option! Go back to main screen and try again.

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+ thanks for guide