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My Thieve on day 150 has:
level 123 and 0.5mln earned (using Revolver Mk-15:Accuracy,Damage,Anti-Armor,Leech + Villa Lv 13).

Gravity Gun is bad because of 1 thing. It kills experience of your people.

Still no hard medals because of my laziness to do list of important day points and list of all weapons to be able to get ready for armour, exploder a.s.o.

To remove all medals it is necessery to remove elonas_idx.sol file from ES flash saves.
You can put this file from Kong version to get all medals when playing for example local version of ES but be ready that you will meet several limitation in the game (Trainer is also limited).

In game max limits:
Sandbag Level 10
Speciality Trainer Level 9 (usefull when you have all 18 specialities)
Storage Level 11
House Level 3

Several Taunts + Villa = gold later in the game when you can not score critical kills because of too good help from your troops.

It seems this game is ready to be played “forever”. Just reach a point when you have no need to shoot by yourself and use your time only spending APs. High Villa + Museum + Sisters with Love + Insurance a.s.o and you can forget about shooting at all ;-).

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I ended all hard medals.

Thieve(82) + Rifle Mk-10 (6 slots but Fire Rate-3, Accuracy-3 and Leech-2, Damage-2, AntiArmor-1 = bad luck with mods :-( )
Little Girl – Combat Shotgun Mk-4(2 slots, Damage, Ammo)
Scheriff – Auto Shotgun (great anty-exploder)
Militia – Gravity Gun

Villa Lv 5

Elona Shooter Stactics Day 100
You are playing Hardcore Mode.
48 Perfect Games scored.
2840 eggs collected.
Exploded 822 sisters.
Robbed 3670 children.
Total of 19787 enemies killed.
Total of 897868 GP earned.

Most perfect games scored in 2nd half when started to use Villa and pumped up my Riffle.
sisters used only for money 1 sister ~ 1 level of Love

This game was started with 40 day medal (Gravity Gun)

Seems that Sheriff + Autogun the best to protect against Exploders.

no Engineering skill at all. Villa + money (200k earned by thieve) = mostly boring game

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How to recycle my gun?

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If one of my members and I have the same skill say breeder, are our skills overlapped or combined?

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Originally posted by NewBee2011:

If one of my members and I have the same skill say breeder, are our skills overlapped or combined?

Only the highest one will matter, if it’s a “global” skill.

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Do I have to use Rogue as the main char. in order to have the rob action card from inn? I’m trying to get the robbing metal

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Is the Thieve char. the same as Rogue or someone else?

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Power shot can be obtained as a hunter, i saw a recruitable partner who was a hunter and had it

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ok, I cant believe people haven’t found this bug/glitch that can give you 100% nullify chance and capable +6 and stuff.

If you use Sheriff (not sure about other classes) and played for a long LONG time (like day 130+), you will reach a point where you maxed out all your skills except: Reloading, Accuracy, Shotgun, Cool. But Capable gives you 5 choices of skills every time you level, so what about the 5th skill? All other skills are maxed out, so no other choices should be there.

At this point, the game will decide to give you Capable +3 as your 5th choice (don’t ask me why!). Next time you level up, you get 6 choices! The 6th choice would be Dr. Holiday (yes you can upgrade it max its limit). Dont go for Dr. Holiday, go for Capable +4. The extra choice would be Defender! Keep upgrading Defender pass the limit till it says 101% nullifying chance, and now your castle is TOTALLY immune to ANY damage at all! You will get perfect game everyday without firing a bullet!

I think this only works on Sheriff because other classes get more gun skills, which can fill up the 5th skill choice, thus not letting Capable to kick in.

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Really? Nice radicalapple, I played until day 200 but not on a Sheriff. That was about 3 years ago though, so I no longer have the saves.

Anyway, after reaching day 130 you are way past the bump in difficulty – at this stage, your power should increase faster than the strength of the enemies.

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I think this deserves a necro for being an awesome guide.

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Just one thing to bestiary. About weak point: allies seems to find those easier. Most seem right but the grey laser dragon seem to be hurt the most in a spot on it’s bottom stomach between it’s legs. The red dragon I don’t know at all but I thought I dealt extra damage to neck?(can be wrong on both). Also to those complaining about the museum: It’s really not worth it.
Upgraded it for fun since I had of spare money. Have like 27 medals and on level 13 it only gives around 1000 gold. What really helps me with money is the love skill and the sister master skill…300 minimum gold and that damage everytime I shoot a row of sisters is worth it. I am on casual day 106 with lvl 71 rogue lvl 87 little girl lvl 78 rogue and lvl 90 sheriff. Earned the ragnarok skill easily. a group of 4 sisters kill half and a jure grail or 2 timed right wins you enough time survive unharmed.

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:) my english terrible ;).. I hardly understood my old posts without going back into the game ;)…


if you are using 16:9 screen you can try full screen Elona Shooter (link from my comment still working: and see a miracle… ;)
you will be able to shoot these out of the screen monsters or even bosses who stay out of sight and shoot.

btw. on elona wikia ( I found information about changing value of upgraded weapon… seems an important factor to have in mind when upgrading several times your preciouse… gun :).

if you do not know about that…
when main char set up to AI play you can still throw grenades by hand and change weapons.

P.S. if you like shooting games you can check 3kggames. Storm Ops 3 seems a very realistic one.