Name of the game?

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I’m trying to remember the name of a game (I think I played it here on kongregate?). You’re using runes to build a protective circle against a dragon. There are over 20 levels—the first couple are the Sand realm, the second are the Fire realm, the third is the Water realm, etc…

The runes have to match either by symbol or by color and as the levels get harder you have to fulfill specific combinations—like a Sol tile next to a Green tile. So basically it’s like playing dominos in a circle. Sorta.

Types of tiles: Sol, Terra, Astra, Luna, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
You can also get bonus tiles for extra cards, switching tiles, destroying tiles, etc.

Any help? It’s much appreciated. _ Thanks!

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Ring Pass Not?

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Yes! You rock! _ Thanks, dude.