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Allright I’m now inspired. If you could have two characters from any game who would it be.

I would want Animal Crossings Tom Nook and Metroids Samus and throw them together. I still need to think of a story, but still it would be HILLAROUS!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m anctious to see what you guys come up with, but don’t put in any supid things like “A sex game featuring Master Chief and Samus”. Make it appropite please.

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I would Either like to See the Characters of my 2 Favorite games (FFXII and DMC4) in these Situations…

1) Balthier and Dante in a “Who’s Cooler” Contest.

2) Nero and Vaan in a “Biggest Sissy” Contest.

3) Basch beating the Crap out of Agnus.

That would do it for me.

EDIT: Also, maybe a Whore-Off Between Ashe and Lady

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oh, nice, lets see…

how about mega man and banjo from banjo-kazooie. mega man is a android and banjo is a bear that know nothing of technology, it wouldn’t mix

or how about Leon from Resident Evil and Princess peach. Lon kills everyone, and peach always get captured. then again, Leon does go on rescue missions, maybe it would work out…

oh, btw, why are we doing this? are you making a game or story? or is it just for shits and giggles.

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Let’s toss Cloud Strife and Vin Diesel together in a massive fighting MMORPG where the only weapons are hugs and love-nips. And, if Vin Diesel is a real person and not a video game character, he can be replaced Carl Johnson of Grand Theft Auto fame.

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O.K. I just got the story. Tom Nook would start off and heed tell the story from his store.

A giant alien empire will be chasing Samus and she would land on the planet.
The aliens led by a cool intergalactic foe would capture everyone in the town, and Tom would hide. Escaping the aliens they would flee to test on the Animal Crossing recidence.
It would swich to Samus’s perspective and she would meet up with Tom.
The gameplay would work like Alien Syndromes where Tom would stand in the backround and sell goods to Samus.

And thats pretty much it.

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Simple… i would put master chief and the gears of war guy together and the story would be this.

Master chief lands on the diff. univerce where the gears of war guy is, and masterchief will help him in gears of war 2.

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ahhh man afight between mastercheif and gears of war guy. I would sell my life to see that fight