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I have beaten all 3 campaigns on extreme difficulty.

There are five.

Though I’d like to know what kind of items can be bought from the special orders when you reach 400/500/…/1000. Is there anything really useful in there? If yes, I’ll start farming some achievements. I’m at like 380 and the best I’ve got was a ring which increases experience gain for characters with lower experience.

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I have these items:
1)Can destroy enchants and save item
2)Can destroy item and save enchant orbs
3)Enchant which removes level requirements (so you can put tier 10 item on 1 level character)

I heard that there are items
1)Anvil – increases tier+1

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Fav combo is coup de grace + pin (just make sure your ranger has more quickness than your rogue). I prefer Warden to Marksman (Rez+ability to remove enemy buffs is better than anything the marksman has). First time I beat it with Confessor+Champion as my other two, but if you add in the conjuror, you can time warp and take out 2 enemies instantly. So then it’s a question of whether you want the meat shield who reduces damage to your important people, or better healing.

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Actually, Conjurer with defense aura can tank better than warrior.

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1. Leave one char at lvl 10(u need it for achievement) – u will be able to restock shop for 2000 gold with him.

2. Dont buy elixirs, they are waste of money, save money for anvils(u can buy them at 1000 achiev points)

3. To earn money fast use ur 3 strong chars and 1 weak(without expirience ring on him) going on 5 quest on begginer’s

4. 1000 achiev points – anvil
900 – quickness or 5maxpower elixir(100k)
800 str+end or int+dex elixir(40k)
700 str/int/dex/end elixir(10k)

5. There are no legendary and artifact items. U can make every item legendary but it takes one socket(its bag thing), legendary makes item to follow ur lvl, so if u are 100 lvl, item will be 100.i am not sure about artifacts coz i found only one… that expirience ring.

6. This is probably a bug/author didnt want this but hey, use potions(15 quick / 30% resistence / 5% hp regen) before quest 4 and u will have it all the time. i didnt know it before i did 30levels for achievment.

7. For every 5 lvl u pass in quest 4 u will get box, which drops 1 or more epic item / rare item / legendary enchantment

8. dex/str/int/end doesnt work how they supposed to work, i have 600 dex with ass and he has same evasion like 10 lvl rogue

9. if u pick cleric, just give him endurence, he will have cca 2500 hp and with proper weapon (giant hammer) he will have 700-800 dmg. i choose fighting cleric coz he has 2 imba spells rather then healing cleric(fighting cler has aura for 100 hp regen+1mana regen)

10. best team for me first line ass,cler,warrior and 2nd line in middle sorcerer). every member gets cler aura and every member can kill.

correct me if i am wrong for 1. – 9.

11. good enchantments too look for 3%crit chance +25% crit dmg/ 2 quickness + 5str / 1power regeneration

my sorcerer

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1. After getting all-10 achievement you could reset characters and have all level 1 again. Warning:remove all items from them.
Use Ghost enchant beforehand on some items and you can give tier 100 items to your 1 level noobs.
3. Mage+cleric+warriors with high tier items and low level on Act 4:Push harder, push harder, electrocute. Mmmmonsterkill!
6. Well, on the other hand items with hp/power after battle doesn’t work.
8. I think that stat bonuses are capped. Strength shouldn’t give 100% stun either, isn’t it? IMO game intended to play on 1-10 level range.
9. Both clerics have this aura.

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Thanks for tip nr. 1+3 Gremlion, this got me the last 2 achievements for 1k points
The apex forge, formerly known as “anvil” (2000 gold) upgrades one item by 1 tier. Wait until you can make 40k gold for every 2 level-ups. You can’t upgrade a an item above your own level, which would be an uber-cheat anyway.

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I won! :)
Warrior with “No evade” stance, 100% accuracy and 100% crit.

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I bet that now you are relieved that you have beaten the game :)

smile.. I’ve stopped playing some time ago, because there are too many choices for me. Whether to go money farming quickness tonics, collect socketed items, rare items, socketed cyan set items, legendary items, is alltogether too much information for me, so I gave up. Congratulations!

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I really do hope that we get the Cloud Sync Saving when it comes to Kong. I really love this gave. I thought the first two Monsters Den games were fun but this just takes it to a whole new level. I like that we can customize the appearance of our characters (no women this time around?) and how the paper doll changes with the equipment he has on. I really like the sets and I’m always trying to equip those on my characters. Lately I’ve been working on purple sets.

I have two items which I’ve been able to make “Legendary”. I’ve got my “Scorchwand” has nice damage for a wand, adds a good INT bonus, and casts “Ignite” on my enemies when they’re hit. He’s also got a nice 60% starting action, so he gets to cast pretty early in battle and I always start with the “Lightning Storm”, so everyone is hit and I’ve got everyone with “Ignite” cast on them. The other item I made Lengendary was my mage’s “Robes of Restoration”, which have decent light-weight armor, bonuses to INT and END, plus they restore 50% of both health and power after battle.

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they should make online multi player 2 u no, like vursing other real players

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I got my team so far to the fourth act. They are around level 14ish. I haven’t figured out all the tricks but my group composition is 3 front liners cleric – melee warrior – cleric, and the opportunist rogue in the back middle. I tend to start every round by using the improve accuracy/crit on the rogue, then I debuff the enemy accuracy. the healer ability that uses a % of you action bar to heal is amazing; the one who has that is my main healer with a chalice, but has +heal received items on so when he gets low he can be popped back up in an instant by either the warrior or other healer.

The rogue is my highest source of damage, just hanging back and will anoint him if the healers aren’t busy for 75% damage boost to take out enemy back lines. the warrior in the middle adds 20% damage increase to all 3 teamates whenever he attacks. I made it to level 19 on my first try at level 10 on the endless waves by making sure my guys were at full before each wave, then popping my buffs before finishing the last enemy with the warrior. My rogue would at that point be buffed and can 1 shot 1 enemy right away from the next wave.

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Ramaweh, sounds not bad btw: the 10 heroes in the character selection screen, the upper 5 are meant to be melee, and the lower 5 are the backrow. Those with shield wall, point blank, incinerate etc all have close combat skills etc..

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