[Beta] Interactive Buddy 2 game engine

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Hey everyone, here’s a beta of the game engine that will eventually be used for Interactive Buddy 2 (although probably not until a couple of smaller games are made and released with it).


At the moment it’s basically a physics sandbox—think of a mixture of Garry’s Mod (with Wiremod) and Fantastic Contraption/IncrediBots (except with many more options and items). You select items on the top left, modify their properties on the bottom left, and add them to the gameworld with the mouse (also some items have keyboard modifiers which the properties box explains).

To save the current scene to a script that you can copy/paste, go to the “Scene” menu at the top. You can use Pastebin or something similar to share them in this thread if you want. For example, here’s a scene with a simple drivable car (use the A and D keys, also note that you can move the camera with the arrow keys and zoom in and out with +/-):


Just go to the top menu→Scene→Load from Script, paste it in the box, and hit “Clear Scene and Apply Script” at the bottom. It’s fun to put mines and other obstacles in its path and try to drive through them.

It would be awesome if you let me know if you found any bugs in this engine! I will try to get them ironed out. And, most importantly, let me know what items you want me to add! I want you to be able to make awesome creations with this! If you need something, especially for an existing scene you are working on, tell me!

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A flexible scripting system that allows you to create different items easily seems an awesome idea, I’m looking forward to this.

I already started making some rather obscure constructions with this thing. :D

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I think I have found one bug but don’t what its course (happen after create new script or delete script)

when I spawn other item it come out two different item 1 barrel 1 grenade…
which mean stucked…

scripted object that I copy and edit and after delete it, it stuck there making whenever you spawn other object it come out along with the object you wan spawn

I hope you understand what I talking about lol

and… shape tool is indestructable…

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Good find, I fixed that bug in my local version so the next time I update the beta that will be fixed. Glad to hear you are messing around with the built-in scripts too!

Also, I am not sure what you mean about the shape tool being indestructible. I am able to select and delete objects created with this tool just like any other.

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How close is the game to completion? I’m really excited about this

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Will the ability to create platforms be in Interactive Buddy 2? I thought the ability to make platforms in this beta was pretty cool and I hope it will be in the completed game.

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can you say the script for the buddy????

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Ifthis is not updated, were screwed….

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can someone post some scripts for this new game i cant find any on the internet