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I thought some of you guys would like to know what are the unloackables in Chaos Faction 2. Here's full list, with pictures, descriptions and tips how to get them. Enjoy!


01. RECYCLER - Kill someone with a dropped weaon.

02. KILL IT WITH FIRE - Burn someone to a crisp.

03. KAPOW! - Hit someone with a full-powered wind-up punch.

04. ANGER MANAGEMENT - Make 5 KO's with rage attacks in one match.

05. CRATE EXPECTATIONS - Collect 20 crates in one match.

06. ZERO GRAVITY - Go offscreen and recover (Hint: side-swipe + double jump!).

07. IMMORTAL - Don't lose any lives in a campagin challange.

08. ARCHITECT - Make an awesome level in the Level Editor and play a match on it.

09. VETERAN - Play 10 deathmatch games.

10. PACIFIST - Complete a campagin challange without harming anyone.

11. TAKE THE PLUNGE - Hold the plunger for 15 seconds in a row (not on a custom level, and P2 is not keyboard 2).

12. SURVIVOR - Get a score of 10,000 or higher in Survival mode.

13. UP AND AWAY - Knock someone into the stratosphere (Hint: 2x damage = 2x height!).

14. LIFT OFF! - Knock someone into space.

15. MAGIC NUMBER - Get a 3x multikill.

16. 4 ON THE FLOOR - Get a 4x multikill.

17. FANTASTIC 5 - Get a 5x multikill.

18. ZONED OUT - Complete all campagin challanges in Zone 1.

19. IN THE ZONE - Complete all campagin challanges in Zone 2.

20. CHAOS KUDOS - Complete all campagin challanges in the game.


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I only need the Zero Gravity achievement to get all of them – it’s really hard to get, methinks, as I never seem to go far enough offscreen to get the achievement, yet simultaneously be close enough to the platforms to successfully recover.

On a side note, I think Vortigon is a pretty cool guy. insert ‘eh verb noun and doesn’t afraid of anything.’ sequence here

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doesn’t the teleporter work for that?

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Originally posted by BCLEGENDS:

I only need the Zero Gravity achievement to get all of them – it’s really hard to get, methinks, as I never seem to go far enough offscreen to get the achievement, yet simultaneously be close enough to the platforms to successfully recover.

Actually, I got this one using opposite tactic to what hint says. First, I stand at the edge of the map. I was using right-top platform of Colosseum. I double-jumped outside the screen, and then I side-swiped (Z+X) back. It’s pretty easy, but you need to try few times. Most of times you won’t get this one, even if you meet conditions. The thing is to jump deep out of the screen.

Originally posted by kirdaiht:

doesn’t the teleporter work for that?

Wait… What?

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i got zero gravity by doing farmageddon got knocked off side by cows and double jumped back on without sideswipe

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Most dificult for me was 5 kills in one hit. In the end, the old mine did the trick. Never had any problems with the zero gravity, because with the old Chaos Faction I learned how not to die because of falling (before I learned that was what killed me most).

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@CTSG: Well, it worked for me first time round. Thanks for the tip.

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A best way to earn said achievement (map/specific action) should greatly benefit this thread. Still, nice to look at pictures.

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I agree with Darth_Sirov – aside from the self-explanatory ones, obviously.
I could do them for him, actually, and shall.

01. Self explanatory.
02. If someone is set on fire by your hand, and they have less than a certain amount of health, run until they seem to fall over, turn black and disintegrate.
03. Again, self explanatory.
04. Try punching lots of enemies at once. You’ll get rage faster, and by hitting five in one go, you’ll get rage mode instantly, and may be able to get the achievement with two punches.
05. Self explanatory once again, but playing a long match will definitely help.
06. What CTSG said.
07. Play the first campaign challenge. Let your ally deal most of the damage, then finish off the bullies if he dies. If he doesn’t, easy way to get the Pacifist achievement as well.
08. SE.
09. SE.
10. See 07. for details.
11. Make every opponent a noob AI, then run as soon as you get the plunger.
12. This is one of the hardest. You need to get an absolute minimum of ten kills for this – that’s one thousand points a kill, although if you’re good at evasion, you may just be able to whittle the kills needed down to nine via the time bonus. However, the AI enemies tend to be really god damn hard, and have a habit of making you lose your last life maybe two kills from getting the achievement.
13. Having 2x damage active really helps. Obtain this by completing 07.
14. Having 5x damage really helps. Obtain this by completing 13.
15. Unlikely you’ll get this in campaign mode. Best achieved by rage killing three guys at once. Explosions may also help.
16. Impossible to get in campaign mode. Again, rage attacks or explosions are the way to go.
17. Again, rage or explosions, but it’ll be hard keeping all five guys in one place long enough to activate and use the rage attack to kill them all.
18. SE.
19. SE.
20. SE, but really quite hard to complete Zone 3, excluding the first challenge, which is basically just ‘avoid the enemies’. You’ll need a fair amount of luck for the last level.
21. ORIGINALITY FTW BEOTCHES. But seriously, original Vortigon is awesome – only slightly less so than Hypergon, who only wins due to having animated shadow flames.

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for 11, just set powerups to maximum on plunger mode. Shouldn’t be too hard to do then.

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Bump for badges.

Anyone got any tips for Survival?

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Originally posted by Flooded:

Bump for badges.

Anyone got any tips for Survival?

Make sure you understand the weapons really well.

It may help to reset your game data, as that cuts down the items that will spawn (you’ll see two guns, some bowling balls, ninja stars, boxing gloves, pipe bombs, regular bombs, mouse traps, and trampolines only.)


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I’m finding that obtaining the Survival badge is difficult too, simply due to the the fact that Tasers keep appearing, which f***s up my entire strategy. The real problem is the fact they’re unavoidable when fired.

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In addition to the default weapons, try doing the farm level for the pitchfork. Once you have it, you can hit x to spear your opponent, walk to the edge of the level, then hit z for a certain kill as they fall off :). I think this gives you around 3 kills per pitchfork.

Make sure you don’t fall off the level yourself, don’t be afraid to drop weapons, bounce on the wires.

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Thanks, that helped a lot. :)

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hey guys on my survival mode thers ko on top anyone help me how u get points?

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hey guys i need help on the lift off cuz when i hit someone they go up high and fall down…how do u get the achievement liftoff?

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I think it helps alot to enable 5x damage, thats how i got it anyway

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im not getting the survival achevment do you know y

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i cant do the survival can anyone help me plz?

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how come when i take off items they keep coming?

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Hate to bring back a topic this old but yeah, just made it through survival and there seems to be plenty of people who, like me, had some problems with it. Also there’s no other guide besides in comments so I thought I’d share a few pointers.

1. Wind-up punch

First three opponents have a pathetic AI and if you read the comments you already know you can get rid of them with wind-up punches. So just double-tap and hold Z and wait for them to fly off the screen. Practice that move, you’re gonna use it later too.
With opponents 2 and 3 the moment to start the punch is right about when the new opponent hits the roof of the central building.

2. Be greedy

Get all the crates you can. Getting a good sure-kill weapon is less important that your opponents getting nothing.

3. Sweeping attack

If you got yourself a nice melee weapon, try this: just walk straight through the enemy and the second you come within effective attack distance start your attack and then just walk through the guy and away from him, then turn around and repeat. You may get hit, but you’ll be doing a lot more damage than he is. Try rolling or jumping away after the attack to be safer. Practice this one till it’s perfect.

Works fine with cutlass, you can use the alternative attack for even more range, works even better with katana, is still ok even with sword or 2×4. Heck in a pinch it even works with standard attack, but you’ll have a hard time with keeping damage ratios up long-term so a weapon is better. Whenever you’re low on health and see vampire fangs lying around, try them. They’re a life saver.

4. “Duelist” attack

There’s a different trick with ranged weapons. Once your enemies start shielding themselves effectively, there’s almost no chance you’ll be able to get them without it. Just let them follow you, turn around and fire immediately (hence duelist :P ). Run through them to the other side and repeat. Works fine with revolver, uzi, shotgun, tommy gun, blaster, crossbow, shuriken, pretty much everything except sniper rifle, quite hard with the glowing energy ball thingie and I wouldn’t try it with a bazooka or cannon.

5. Free kills

There’s weapons that allow you to pretty much get a free kill, some are trickier to use than others but knowing all the tricks is what’s essential to beating survival.

Tazer, Freeze gun, Hammer – pretty straightforward: taze, freeze or flatten your enemy and wind-up punch them into oblivion or just knock them into a pit with a few attacks. Freezer gun will probably allow your opponent to punch you a few times but still usually worth it.

Anvil, Net – pretty much the same thing except you may need the “duelist” trick here to use those effectively. Anvil is pretty useless later on, it’s just too slow.

Teleport gun – a bit trickier, if you just jump off the screen and switch, you’re likely to either kill yourself or allow your opponent to double-jump back. If you hurl yourself off the lamppost to the left however and fire your gun fairly late, this should do the trick just fine with your enemies falling to their deaths. This practically gives you three very secure free kills and is what allowed me to beat survival.

Pitchfork – alternative attack impales your opponent, so just carry him to the pit and cast him into it.

Baseball bat, chainsaw – both got some decent knockback so if you can, try to knock your enemy into a pit. Just start with a sweeping attack and keep pushing forward.

Sniper rifle – a tricky and moody weapon, on low levels just let the enemy come your way and blast him, on later levels… well it’s pretty much a weapon for attacks of opportunity only. What is interesting is that it can aim up. You probably have to stay still for a bit for that, but if you got an enemy going for a crate in the opposite upper corner, chances are you’re gonna get a free kill. If I can trust my eyes there will be a red laser beam coming from the weapon so if you see one, shoot.

Minigun – not exactly a way to kill, but it has a slightly longer shooting period than the time your enemies can keep their shields up so it’s a good tool to finish off a severely wounded one or knock a guy off into a pit perhaps

Cannon – not a very trusty weapon either, but if you stand close to a pit facing it with your enemy behind your back and fire two shots in rapid succession, this might work as a surprise attack, knockback from the first shot puts your enemy into line of fire and hopefully he’ll get hit hard by your second attack and flies off the screen. Wouldn’t rely on that one though.

6. Attacks of opportunity

There’s weapons that are not to be trusted and there’s weapons that should be downright avoided. But most of them can be used effectively if your enemy is distracted. When he’s going for that crate far away on the other side of the screen, now’s the time for the energy ball thing, the bazooka, the guided missile or hand grenades. These usually don’t work later on unless used in this kind of situation and most of them are likely to get you killed if you try using them outside the opportunistic attack situation when you got plenty of space.

Mines, bombs and snares are generally a bad choice of weapon. Later on enemies are very skilled at avoiding those and mines lying around severely limit your maneuverability, same goes for exploding boxes, all these weapons are only useful very early on.

7. Help, he’s got a gun!

Run :P just run, if that happened early on, just stick to the ground, put shield up, he’ll probably just waste all his ammo. If it happened around like round 10, just run away as best you can till you can get like a tazer or teleporter and finish him off without too much of a problem. If your opponent got a melee weapon, early on you can probably take him out with a ranged one, and later on, just run and look for a hammer or some other sure-kill item.

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Any tips for getting a 5x multikill?

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If you dont have an ethical problem with changing the options to make easy for you to get the achievement, getting the 5x multikill is pretty simple. Start a Deathmatch with 5 n00b bots, all of them in 1 team against you (yes, 5×1, not merely as hard as it seems). Put the least possible boxes per minute, so that the fight comes to mostly hand to hand combat. Put Robot Factory or Chaos Tower map, and DISABLE HAZARDS. Then, wind-punch them till your furious, wait for all 5 to come for you, and blast them with a furious ground punch. Garanteed success :)

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It turns out that you DON’T need to be hit by a rage move for it to work….
Try making a stage where you can double jump off the screen AND then just dash back on screen onto a platform…
The stage I got the achievement was: