[Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!] Facts about assassins.

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- Frenzy is the best way to defeat them. Always.

- A tower earns experience every single time it fires. Therefore, using frenzy on a swarm of assassins is by far the easiest way to level up your towers quickly. Especially if you have a battery of Crypts, since the travel time for the shots means the towers can fire even more shots (Crypts can do this pretty quickly on frenzy), earning more exp.

- Contrary to popular belief, basic and evileye temples DO NOT HIT CONSTANT DAMAGE ON ASSASSINS, or any other temple for that matter. If you look carefully, they inflict damage on a rate of about 1 hit per second as a basic tower. These ‘hits’ have the same 50% chance to hit assassins as any other. This is why I always recommend upgrading to the splash hit temple.

- Freeze and fear still affect assassins if the shots do no damage. You probably already knew that though.

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also instead of getting the fear tower take the other path to get the disarm tower…. removes their invis ability

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Just a note for future readers of this topic: Assassins no longer dodge 50% of your attacks. Instead, they automatically reduce the damage of all your attacks by 30%-90%.

This just makes them slightly easier to beat – all of the above tactics still apply.

And vordraz seems to have confused them with Ninjas (who can turn invisible and are annoying as hell).