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Gameplay related tips

1) You can avoid any random encounter with a blue ! by hitting Z when it appears. Spam Z to avoid low-level fights entirely. Red ! are unavoidable.
2) Character’s statistics are viewable in combat by clicking on their portrait in the top bar of the battle screen.
3) Do the first two chapters before doing chapter 3. (5-6 hours)

Other good sources of info:

Wiki dedicated to Mardek and other Fig Hunter Games:
Pseudowolf’s walkthrough of Mardek 3 (Incomplete):


1) Hidden store in the magic shop of Gonzor. Need access to dreamworld. It sells a few Purple and Golden Conchs, an potion that heals 1000 HP and cures most status ailments, and two of Elwyen’s songs.
2) Brew potions! You need Gloria in your party. Visit her cave in Canonia and examine her cauldron. Most of the ingredients are the random monster parts.
3) Tournament Strategy And Rewards Complete all tournaments for an accessory (+500 HP, +8 Str). Also, each of the solo tournaments rewards you with a decent accessory, for their respective characters. Keep the Auto-Haste pixie and equip it along with the Scarab of Health (Reward for returning the other 4 Pixies) for the tournaments or do the Animus dungeon first and use the items from the final dungeon (this requires turning in the haste pixie.). Bring a supply of elemental bombs (sold in a store in Aeropolis and by the wandering merchant) and Chocolate Milk (sold in the secret store in Gonzor).


Missable Equipment

Sun Axe (PAtk +20% Dmg) – Revenant (5%)- Sun Temple (no longer spawns after warding stone is placed)
Wing Shield (PDef -50% Air) – Bandit (5%) – Earth Temple
Mahogany Staff (MAtk Drain HP 10%) – Posh Zombie (10%) – Saul’s House
Expensive Suit – Posh Zombie (10%) – Saul’s House
Silver Axe (Quarry: Undead) – Axetotls Chief (5%) [Also craftable, but uses silver ore, which is limited!]


Limited Items (No Monster Drops)

Silver Ore?
Gold Ore?


How I beat Annihilator:Animus.
All the damage Animus does is magical, and the biggest problems are Aether, Fig, and Air damage.
Load up on +HP skills, Spell Resist 30%, and -Magic Damage %.

My Team: Mardek (44), Elwyen (43), Sslen’ck (38), Gloria (34)
Equip the best gear you have concentrating on MRes, Aether Resists, and then Water resist last.
Key items: Rainbow Disc, Mythril Platemail, Turqoise
Give Elwyen and Gloria some HP items (Warlord’s Soul, Scarab of Health, Vit Plus 6 Stole)
Equip Sslen’ck with Drackal Crescent (Ultimate weapon from Trade quest) and Scarab of Fury (+haste/berserk)

Sslen’ck will do most of the damage (he does about 1-2k a hit.)
Cast Ballad of Balance with Elwyen ASAP and use it constantly.
Cast Null Air Once with Gloria and refresh it everytime Animus casts Delay Buster. This is key.
Use Mardek and Gloria to heal. If you don’t need to heal or cast Null Air, use Gloria’s Whirlpool to lower Animus’s Spirit and use Mardek’s Fire Slash (to let Sslen’ck’s attacks go through).

It might take a few attempts if you have a terrible start. Occasionally Animus might spike down most of your team round 1 with Delay Buster + Elemental Vortex.
The other spell to watch out for is Ion Storm, which is an Aether multi-hit spell that lowers Spirit and MDef. The longer the fight goes, the less you will heal for.
Animus often casts Rainbow guard. This will null any single attack from any element once (similar to Mardek’s Morality Block).
When Animus reaches around 5,000-10,000 HP, it will cast “Mega Barrier,” which will buff his stats and protect him with Shield and M.Shield.

If you are having trouble, use a Speedy Juice (Haste) on Gloria and Mardek
Be careful about running out of mana, as Ballad of Balance will also split mana potions. You might have to use an Ether of Kings if Gloria runs low.

Never cast M.Shield or Shield. Animus will use a spell that will completely destroy your party and remove the buffs.

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1) Solaar’s Resurrect will take out about 50% of an Undead’s health.

2) The hidden store in Gonzor sells 2 Sheet Musics for Elywen, along with ingredients for Legion’s armor and some FigJuice (I think.)

3) Easiest way to get experience: Go to Lifewood, and enter the Dream version of the Fairy Village. You’ll run into a lot of pixies. Elywen’s Dolorous Dirge should kill them in one turn (with their haste).

Legion’s Skills (that I’ve found) and what I got them from.

Ripping Slash- From Mantid.
Poison sting- The bees in Lifewood
Addle Gas- Pixie
Curse- Pixie
Fairy Dust- Fairy

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Legion’s Spell List

Dark Claw (10MP) – Dark-elemental, sometimes blinds
Forgotten Face – Dreamworld

Blood Claw (20MP) Dark-elemental, sometimes causes bleeding
Red Dragon – Earth Temple or Team Arena, Bone Demon - Chest Boss in Desert Path, Annihilator:Karnos

Money Attack (10MP) Damage based on the amount of money you have
Posh Zombie – Saul’s House

Blood Drain (10 MP) Dark elemental, drains enemy and heals user
Bat type enemies

Gemsplosion (10 MP) A special spell that has its element and power based on the value and element of an equipped gemstone.
Gemstone-type enemies

Fire Breath (10 MP) Fire-elemental damage, rarely, numbness.
Lizard type enemies

Bubble Breath (10 MP) A basic water-elemental spell-like ability, which inflics damage and, rarely, silence.
Fish type enemies

Curse (10 MP) Inflicts Curse status effect on a target.
Do not remember, but relatively common.

Addle Gas (6 MP) A mind-affecting gas. Confuses those who breathe it in.
Pixie, Fairy – Lifewood/Dreamwood

Revenge Strike (5 MP) Deals HP damage equal to HP lost by user.
Centaur – Lifewood, Get the Centaur to low HP to get them to use it

1000 Needles (20 MP) 1000 damage, single target
Happy Johnny – Sandfall caverns, Get the Johnny to low HP to get them to use it

Rage Chord (5 MP) Berserks one target
Various, Charred Bones in Volcano uses it rarely

Poison Sting (5 MP) Sometimes inflicts Poison on a target
Various bee-type enemies

Spectral Touch (10 MP) Inflicts aether damage on a target and lowers Str, chance of paralysis.
Forgotten Face – Dreamworld

Ripping Slash (10 MP) Slash attack, ignores defense
Various mantid type enemies

Acid (5 MP) Earth type damage, lowers defense, sometimes inflicts Poison or Numbness
Balloons – Tainted Grotto

Morbid Fondle (10 MP) Dark damage, lowers vitality, sometimes blinds.
Various zombie type enemies

Viscous Ooze (10 MP) Earth damage, lowers agility
Lava Blob – Volcano

Spirit Nova (20 MP) Aether damage, halves target’s HP. Doesn’t work on certain high-level enemies.
Forgotten Face – Dreamworld

Sombre Tears (10 MP) – Water damage, single target, removes Berserk status
Blue Soul – Miasma Citadel, Cast Berserk on yourself to get them to cast it on you(Use Rage Chord)

Needleflare (10 MP) Non-elemental damage and chance of poison, single target.
Happy Johnny – Sandfall Caverns

Fairy Dust (10 MP) All targets, lowers Str/Spr, and chance of sleep
Fairy – Lifewood

Heavy Blow (10 MP)
Golems – Earth Temple, he only uses this skill of you are very low HP.

Raging Inferno, Tsunami, and Earthquake (16 MP) Multi-hit elemental damage spells.
Can be learned from their respective guardian bosses and Annihilator:Karnos.

Thunderstorm (10 MP) Multi-hit air elemental spell.
Griffins, Air elemental Temperance (Volcano, Sandfall Caverns?), and Bernard of the World Saviours

Originally posted by Danaroth:

I figured I could dump the skill list here. It also marks which characters (both from ch2 and ch3) can master them; more infos about which equip holds a particular skill can be found here

Physical Attack
Smite + [Vehrn]
Smite X [Vehrn]
DMG+10% [Mardek, Vehrn, Sharla, Donovan, Sslen’ck, Elwyen, Legion]
DMG+20% [Everyone except Emela and Meraedor]
DMG+30% [Mardek, Deugan, Vehrn, Elwyen, Legion]
Critical+20% [Mardek, Vehrn, Zach, Solaar, Legion]
Accuracy+50% [Everyone in ch3]
Soulstrike [Mardek, Vehrn, Zach, Sharla, Donovan, Sslen’ck, Elwyen, Gloria]
Quarry: BEAST [Sslen’ck]
Quarry: DRAGON [Sslen’ck]
Quarry: UNDEAD [Mardek, Vehrn, Zach, Sslen’ck, Solaar]
Quarry: HUMAN [Sslen’ck]
Quarry: INSECT [Zach, Sslen’ck]
Quarry: SPIRIT [Everyone in ch3]
Shield Break 10% [Legion]
Degeneration 10% [Everyone in ch3]
Drain HP 10% [Everyone in ch3]
P+Bleed 20% [Mardek, Vehrn]
P+Poison 20% [Sharla, Donovan, Solaar]

Physical Defence
DMG-10% [Everyone]
DMG-20% [Everyone]
DMG-30% [Everyone in ch3]
DMG Soak 10 [Everyone]
DMG Soak 20 [Everyone except Solaar]
DMG Soak 30 [Everyone except Legion]
WATER-50% [Elwyen]
AIR-50% [Mardek, Vehrn]
EARTH-50% [Elwyen]
LIGHT-50% [Mardek, Vehrn, Sslen’ck]
DARK-50% [Mardek, Vehrn]
AETHER-50% [Elwyen]
Evasion 20% [Everyone]
Evasion 50% [Zach, Elwyen]
Survivor [Elwyen]

Magical Attack
M DMG+10% [Everyone except Deugan, Zach and Elwyen]
M DMG+20% [Everyone except Deugan, Zach and Elwyen]
M DMG+30% [Solaar, Gloria]
M FIRE+20% [Sharla, Donovan]
M AIR+20% [Sharla, Donovan]
M LIGHT+20% [Solaar]
M Drain HP 10% [Gloria]
M+Poison 20% [Emela]
M+Stun 20% [Emela, Sharla]

Magical Defence
M DMG-10% [Everyone]
M DMG-20% [Mardek, Deugan, Emela, Vehrn, Sharla, Donovan, Elwyen, Gloria, Meraedor]
M DMG-30% [Emela, Sharla, Donovan, Elwyen, Gloria]
M DMG Soak 10 [Everyone in ch3]
M DMG Soak 20 [Mardek, Vehrn]
M FIRE-50% [Everyone]
M WATER-50% [Everyone in ch3]
M AIR-50% [Everyone in ch3]
M EARTH-50% [Everyone in ch3]
M LIGHT-50% [Mardek, Vehrn]
M DARK-50% [Everyone in ch3]
Spell Resist: 30% [Mardek, Vehrn, Sharla, Donovan, Elwyen, Gloria, Meraedor]

Dragon’s Blood [Sslen’ck]
Nature’s Favour [Gloria]
Mechanical Body [Legion]
HP+10% [Everyone]
HP+20% [Everyone in ch3]
HP+30% [Legion]
MP+10% [Everyone]
MP+20% [Everyone in ch3]
Antibody [Everyone]
Locquacity [Everyone in ch3]
Insomnia [Everyone]
Locomotion [Everyone]
Bright Eyes [Everyone]
Suppleness [Everyone]
Clarity [Everyone]
Purity [Everyone except Emela, Solaar, Legion]
Vim [Everyone]
STR+1 [Everyone in ch3]
STR+2 [Everyone in ch3]
STR+3 [Everyone except Legion]
VIT+1 [Everyone in ch3]
VIT+2 [Everyone in ch3]
VIT+3 [Everyone except Legion]
SPR+1 [Everyone in ch3]
SPR+2 [Everyone in ch3]
SPR+3 [Everyone except Legion]
AGL+1 [Everyone]
AGL+2 [Everyone in ch3]
Resist FIRE [Mardek, Vehrn, Zach, Sslen’ck]
Resist WATER [Mardek, Deugan, Vehrn, Zach, Sslen’ck]
Resist EARTH [Everyone except Solaar and Legion]
Resist DARK [Mardek, Vehrn, Zach, Sharla, Donovan, Sslen’ck, Elwyen, Gloria, Meraedor]
Resist AETHER [Everyone in ch3]
Rainbow Aura Lv.1 [Everyone in ch3]
SOS Regen [Everyone in ch3]
SOS Berserk [Mardek, Vehrn, Zach, Sharla, Donovan, Sslen’ck, Legion]
EXP+20% [Everyone in ch3]
Double AP [Everyone in ch3]
Double Gold [Everyone in ch3]
Loot Finder Lv.1 [Everyone in ch3]

Originally posted by Hally604:

Mardek Chapter 3 - Medal list

1. New Hero - Start chapter 3 with a save file that had chapter 1 and 2 completed

2. Commander - Train all 11 chars to over lvl 20

3. Knight - Train mardek to over lvl 30

4. Clerical Assistant - Complete "Save the Priests!" Quest

5. Sun Badge - Complete "Sun Temple" Quest

6. Ambassador - Return the 4 raptoids in Sandflow Caves back to town

7. Empath of Fey - Complete "Lost Fairies" Quest

8. Archaeologist - Complete "Ancient Artifacts" Quest

9. Policeman - Complete "Crime Control Quest"

10. Saviour - Defeat Qualna

11. Unknown

12. Traveller - Exceed 100,000 Steps in the status tab.

13. Millionaire - Exceed 1,000,000 Gold Earned in the status tab.

14. Attacker - Exceed 1,000,000 Damage Inflicted in the status tab.

15. Defender - Exceed 1,000,000 Damage Received in the status tab.

16. Cleanser - Exceed 100 Monsters Killed in the status tab.

17. Vanquisher - Exceed 1,000 Monsters Killed in the status tab.

18. Millennial Warrior - Exceed 1,000 Physical Skills Used in the status tab.

19. Millennial Mage - Exceed 1,000 Magical Skills Used in the status tab.

20. Medicine Man - Exceed 100 Items Used in the status tab.

21. Victor - Exceed 100 Battles in the status tab.

22. Vae Victis - Exceed 1,000 Battles in the status tab.

23. Collector - Exceed 100 Chests Opened in the status tab.

24. Treasure Hunter - Exceed 400 Chests Opened in the status tab.

25. Cataloguer - Complete all Encyclopaedia Sections

26. Astonishing Warrior - Kill Karnos

27. Saviour of the Manta - Kill Animus

28. Champion - Win the 20 round tournament in Cambria.

29. M Medal - Complete Mardek's 10 round survival.

30. Flame Medal - Complete Donovan's 10 round survival.

31. Feather Medal - Complete Sharla's 10 round survival.

32. Dragon Medal - Complete Sslen'ck's 10 round survival.

33. Star Medal - Complete Solaar's 10 round survival.

34. Song Medal - Complete Elwyen's 10 round survival.

35. Leaf Medal - Complete Gloria's 10 round survival.

36. Spanner Medal - Complete Meraeador's 10 round survival.

37. Cog Medal - Complete Legion's 10 round survival.

38. Bear Medal - Complete Zach's 10 round survival.

39. Yalort Medal - Complete Verhn's 10 round survival.

40. Survivors - Complete all 10 round survival tournaments (11 total).

Unconfirmed Rumor: Medal 11 is glitched, should be “Celebrated Veteran – Awarded for acquiring all of the other 39 medals.
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Is there any other griffin besides the one I already killed in the Sun Temple?

Also, does anybody know if evasiveness stacks on a character?

1) The only armor that I’ve found that Solaar can wear are Stoles (buy them in Aeropolis).

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Moved the Medal list up

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Adding to the legion list:

Inferno: (Fire crystal boss or sand demon) Earthquake: (Earth crystal boss or sand crystal)
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Addle Gas: pixie

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Anybody know a good strategy for beating Karnos?

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Sorry to be a bother: but is there any source of Monster Fangs besides Punk Monsters or anything in the sewers? I didn’t play Chapter 2, so I can’t go into the sewers, and there’s no more Punk Monsters because the Dark Crystal is gone.

It’s for the buzzsaw arm :)

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Moved the item skills list up.

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Some Earlier Locations for two of Legion's Skills

Thunderstorm – Griffin (Limited sub-boss) & Bernard (Fire Temple)
All Enemies, Air elemental

Spectral Touch – Forgotten Face (Dreamworld) & Apparition (Miasma Citadel)
Single target, Aether, Lowers Str, Chance to paralyze

Dark Claw – Forgotten Face (Dreamworld) & Apparition (Miasma Citadel)
Single target, Dark, Chance to Blind

More Spells

Gemsplosion - Floating Gems from any temple (e.g. Ruby from Firetemple)
"A special Spell that has its element and power based on the value and element of an equipped gemstone" Single Target

Fire Breath - Magmazard (Volcana and Fire Temple)
Single Target, Fire, Chance to Numb

Raging Inferno - Fire Guardian (Fire Temple)
All Enemies, Fire

Spirit Nova - Green Soul (Lifewood)
Single Target, Halves Enemy's Health (does work if their level is too high)

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- Beating Karnos (spoiler maybe?) -

For the above person asking for a strategy, I can tell you how I beat it. My party consists of Mardek, Sharla, Gloria and Zach, so basically I can cover all the elements except Aether (Gloria and Mardek have all 4 natures, Mardek does Light damage with soulstrike and Zach has that Dark attack). For the entire battle Karnos’ element will be changing and it will cast a quite powerful spell of that same element (it will also regularly use a Dark element single target attack). The trick is having Gloria learn all 4 “null once” spells, plus Mardek should have the “morality block”. They all had their “strongest” weapons BTW.

Basically, Mardek should have “morality block” up at all times, and Gloria should cast the null spell accord to Karnos’ element (obviously, if it’s light or dark you are already covered). I had Zach constantly attacking with “Crescendo Slash”, and after quite a few turns he was dealing quite a punch (it’s not a good idea to have him on berserk since you might need him to use items). Sharla was on healing duty, either using items or with healing wind, but also casting thunderbolt should Karnos’ element be Earth. If you ever wind up on Mardek’s turn and the “morality block” is already up he should just attack with the right element, same goes for Gloria. It’s a good idea to give haste to Gloria due to her being SO useful for this battle, Zach could also be hasted to rack up damage faster. Everyone should have a stack of remedy/phoenix down/figjuice for emergencies. The first few turns may be a little hard but eventually with this strategy you should be fine (in my case, the last 50% of Karnos’ health went down without much damage taken at all).

Unfortunately and have no idea of any strategy with the other characters, since the only ones I actually used were those. Basically Gloria is the most important part of my strategy, as long as your other 2 choices can damage/heal enough you should be fine.

That said, now I’m up against Animus and I’m at a loss. From the looks of it, it attacks heavily with magic, but putting M.Shield or Shield is NOT a good idea, it will eventually cast “Anihilator: Shieldbreaker” that breaks your shields and does VERY heavy damage on EVERYONE (2k-3k), but more importantly, it’s element is that Thauma one, like the inversion ones from the guardians, so I don’t know if you can actually survive it. Furthermore it attacks mainly with Aether element which I don’t have, nor can I null it. It’s first attack seems to be Aetherstorm:Alpha, which I think makes damage based on a percentage of your current health (as in, it can’t kill), but it can be followed by an Ion Storm, which of course wiped me. It can also use other elements, it used Dark and Air release on me. I think it will be impossible for me to kill with this party, and I may have to level up Elwynn or Solaar since those two seem to be the only ones with Aether related skills ._.

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Turquoise gives you the resist aether reaction, so that would probably help out. Haven’t actually hit animus yet, so not sure what his stats are exactly.

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Giving Legion a Candriathope (or another Fig gem) with his Gemsplosion helps out a ton-it’s like, the only way you can get a Fig-elemented attack.

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How do you get soulstrike for mardek? I dont see a weapon etc. that lets him learn it =(.

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The reward from the team arena championship is a sword that has soulstrike on it for Mardek.

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Where can i get a steel platebody and a evening star for legion?

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I think you can make steel platebodies in Mereador’s workshop, and you get an evening star for completing the spaceship guy’s quest.

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There’s also an evening star in the Tainted Lagoon’s Dreamrealm and Mythril Golems have a 30% chance of dropping them.

Mythril golems are in the Miasma Citadel.

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where do you get the air staff for gloria / air sword for mardek?

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You can get both of them in the market district in aeropolis. I think they’re both in the only weapons shop, but the sword might also be in the other shop.

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Is there any way to get multiple Jade gemstones?

I want to make a glyph shield but am hesitant to use up my only Jade.

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Originally posted by Mephistic:

You can get both of them in the market district in aeropolis. I think they’re both in the only weapons shop, but the sword might also be in the other shop.

Thanks… that would have made the earth gaurdian battle much more interesting than my strategy of “spam liquid lightning”

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Hey, if it works, don’t knock it. Does anyone know if Legion can learn Empty Claw or Scorch Claw from the Fire guardian? I’m waiting to kill the thing until I know I’m not passing anything up, and it won’t attack Legion with those attacks. At least it can’t damage me…