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So you’re playing Arkandian Crusade and you’d like to get some better gear or perma-boosts to your stats? You’ve come to the right place.

First of all, why would you want to craft? This is why:

Secondly, this post is filled with the best and most difficult recipes there are.
However, there is a lot more info about crafting on the Wiki
For those who don’t want to scroll through pictures or search through the wiki:



Blacksmithing:Basic melee, Advanced melee, Basic bows, Advanced bows, Basic implements, and Advanced implements.

Tailoring:Coats and jewels, Hats, Gloves, Shoes, Pants

For the scrollers, to start with here are the most useful alchemy recipes (Thanks to Tshingis for providing the last one.)

Here are the cooking recipes. Most of them allow you to paint your skin, hair, weapon and shield various colors, but the last three are ‘interesting’:

Here are the blacksmithing recipes for melee weapons:

Here are the blacksmithing recipes for bow weapons:

And for you mages out there, equip some of these:

Need a warm fur coat for the bad winter weather, or something to make you look pretty? Here’s body armour and jewelry:

Here’s the hats:

And for those who like their hands covered in magical goodness:

If your daddy needs a new pair of shoes, but you don’t like gambling, craft a pair instead:

And finally, you’d just look silly if you weren’t wearing pants:

Finally, three tricks to get your crafting leveled up:

1) Don’t forget to level artistry. It adds a bonus to all other crafting skills and it is impossible to make some of the best recipes without it. Buy Artist’s Handbooks from the shop for the easiest way to level it up.

2) Start by making items to level crafting. At the start, it goes pretty quickly and has a high chance of leveling you for each item. Switch to books from the shop later, because the chance to level from crafting goes down as it gets higher, but the books keep giving a steady +15.

3) You will probably start buying component packs and training books when your bargaining skill is still low. If so, you can buy and directly resell some dirt cheap item like the basic mages spellbook to level up your bargaining. You will loose some money in the trading, but the increase in bargaining will quickly make up for it once you start buying expensive materials and books.

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great guide! where did you get these recipes? My guess for the last one would prolly be a potion which boosts random skills, like the books at the shop.

can you post where you got the ingredients to get your atk that high, and where you found the recipes?

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The missing potion is “Remedy of Learning”. It trains two random skills.
The recipe is:
eyeball/holy water/holy water/eyeball
soul shard/energy stones/fire stones/soul shard
holy water/holy water/holy water/holy water
ice shards/mana orb/mana orb/ice shards

Edit: Thanks for your tutorial. Btw, wtf is your weapon? d50?

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Hey Caligula and Tshingis,

Thanks for the compliments and the info! I’ve added the Remedy after testing it and also added the cooking recipes.

I got most recipes either from running through the ‘infinite’ dungeon three times and from simply buying them in the shop. If you buy a recipe you already have, the slot in the shop is refreshed into a new one, with a small chance for the new recipe to be a rare one as well.

I got most of my ingredients from simply buying ingredient packs. The three cheap 10-packs from the shop give you 10 of each ingredient from the basic, alchemy and cooking tabs respectively. The expensive pack gives you 10 of every fancy item. The one thing to always keep your eyes open for when running through dungeons though are the mana orbs, because you never have enough of those.

The ‘ultimate’ mage weapon from blacksmithing is a book that does 1d50 damage. That makes it nice, but not all that much better than some other weapons around, especially because it is very unreliable. Combine it with Oil of Enhancement though and it turns into 2d50… at which point it is already so much more powerful that going through dungeons speeds up a lot and you will soon be able to upgrade that to 3d50, 4d50 and so on, with expected damage output in the hundreds.

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Actual link on recipes for kongregate. I linked to the wrong one.

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We heard you liked crafting; so we put craft in your crafting so you can craft while you craft.

One thing that bothers me: The recipies in the store don’t keep track of which you have bought. 3:

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I know. It cost like 200000K to buy them all cause I had to keep buying the same ones.

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If you go to the “Main Menu” then reload your save, it’ll reload the Recipe list. So, don’t have to farm insane amounts of gold to get most of the recipes.

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LOL. Dice. Five eight-sided dice; four ten-sided dice. So, 5D8 is a damage range of 5-40. 4D10 is a range of 4 to 40.

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And also, how do you get the weapon that high DMG?

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There’s a potion that adds one dice of damage.

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Thx capt’n! I HAVE ten-sided dice XD But still what IS d. Like, is d a complex coded term for through? Also, can I have 7d6 (A.K.A. Can I have a higher # to a lower #). Plus how do I make that potion?

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No. It is phrased as (Amount) D(ice) (Sides).
So, 1D6 is (1) (Dice) with 6 (sides).

D isn’t through; it’s dice.

1D6 = 1-6.
2D6 = 2-12.
Basically, your damage range is the first number through the first number times the second.

So. 20D10 would be 20-200; ect.

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It’s also a bit more complicated than that.

The more die you have, the more the amount you hit looks like a “bell curve”.

So if you have a 10D4, it’s a lot more likely to hit something along the lines of 15-25 than a 4d10 weapon.

Edit: also, what does a “oil of polishing” do?

soul shard/ice shard/ice shard/soul shard
same as above row
4 holy waters
4 shells

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Theo, that isn’t right. 10D4 is a range of 10-40; 4D10 is a range of 4-40. It doesn’t change any curve; it just raises your minimum damage. It’s really simple math…

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It does change the curve. 10-40 is a lot more stable than 4-40 is what he means.

It comes down to luck and preference though in some cases: would you prefer a 3D7 or a 2D11?

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2D11, of course.

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2d11 is actually more stable then 3d7 when your trying to get a high number, with a 1.653% chance to get a count of 21 vs. a 0.292% of 21 with 3d7.

here is a fun little calculator that shows you the odds (bell curve) to any die combination: dice calculator

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I think they meant “variance” when they talked about “stability,” and the variance of the 2d11 distribution is much larger than the variance of the 3d7 distro. (And a “bell curve” refers specifically to the normal distribution, which, among other things, is continuous while these distros are discrete.)

Anyway… anyone know the formula for the most epic crafted bow?

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Originally posted by sethyboy0:

It does change the curve. 10-40 is a lot more stable than 4-40 is what he means.

It comes down to luck and preference though in some cases: would you prefer a 3D7 or a 2D11?

Wrong. What he is saying is that the more dice you have, the higher the chance you will roll a number from the middle of your range instead of a number at either extreme. Consider 1D12 and 2D6. There is a 1/12 chance of rolling any single outcome on your 1D12 die, but this is not the case for 2D6. You can roll a 2 only by rolling a 1 on your first die and a 1 on your second die. Likewise, 12 only comes up by rolling 6 and 6. However, you can roll a 7 by rolling 6 and 1, 5 and 2, 4 and 3, 3 and 4, 2 and 5, or 1 and 6.

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it’s very funny how this started as a list of the crafting recipes and now we are talking about the math behind dice

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Could we get some archery and other useful stuff? :P

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Hey Laxaria,

You ask, we deliver! Bows just added as well as mage weapons.

For everyone who just wants the recipes and isn’t too worried about the items, make sure to check out Ytaker’s link from a few posts up. It has all recipes with a mouse-over.

Happy crafting!