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Lol yeah I saw the 3rd page right after I posted it, but was too lazy and spent too much time to delete it xD

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Ah, like me then, Niteharte.

And for the first Firebolt… my only idea is to wait till new game plus. Overlevel yourself before you beat the game the first time, and then start the NG+ to beat the Firebolt. Of course, that’s assuming that the NG+ Firebolt still counts for the award.

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lol, i was making a guide too (playing through the game as i do it, to make sure it works) but it looks like that isn’t needed.

Good job Mr. Rubix for the guide.

I reccommend using the saw blade with long shot for iblis, it really makes him (and honestly, any other boss) a joke.

At least, with the stat values I have, I typically max offensive/defensive, and put the extra point into intelligence, then take defensive shielding for the fifth perk.

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What I did for beating the first Firebolt was to stay near the center (horizontally aligned with the Firebolt, although if you move it moves as well, so this is quite easy), moving a bit to avoid the central ray and from time to time a bit up or a bit down (these were the only times I changed from going up to going down and vice-versa) to avoid the triple bullets from the drones. Hope it helps :)

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I really liked the story, and the gameplay was pretty cool. I like the games which have a good story and you need to talk a lot.
It seemed like a flash version of Mass Effect for me.

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Starting Stats

The starting stats you get are related to the first 10 questions you answer. Each question has 3 possible responses, except for the first one. That means the first choice is A, second is B, third is C. I will ignore the first choice of the first question, because it makes you skip all the questions. Therefore, answer A of question 1 is actually the second choice. You start out with a base of 5 points in each stat: Offense, Defense, Agility, Intelligence, and Luck. Each question adds two points to one stat. 10 questions adds 20 points in total. At level 1, your stats should add up to 45, not including the 5 points you have to spend. The following chart shows how each question and answer affects your stats.

1. +2 Int +2 Agi +2 Luck
2. +2 Luck +2 Int +2 Def
3. +2 Agi +2 Off +2 Int
4. +2 Off +2 Int +2 Def
5. +2 Int +2 Luck +2 Off
6. +2 Agi +2 Luck +2 Off
7. +2 Def +2 Agi +2 Int
8. +2 Def +2 Off +2 Luck
9. +2 Def +2 Agi +2 Off
10. +2 Luck +2 Agi +2 Def

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Most of the achieves (i think)

Maximum overdrive Use overdrive 3 times in one battle,
Weapon Collector Get one of each weapon,
Moolianaire get 3 million unspent moola,
Mod maniac purchase 200 mods,
Excessive Force Obtain a level 61 weapon,
?? I would guess this achieve would be the secret ending

Bottom row Grinder
Reach level 100
Killer Kill 4k enemies
Time paradox Beat the first firebolt encounter
The End Complete the game
Chosen One Complete the game without dying once.
Social Club Viewed all character endingss

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For the first Firebolt, you should move very slowly at first, making bare minimum movements to avoid getting hit by the bullets. Move in only one direction slowly and switch to the other side when the lasers change patterns. What I mean by that is the lasers tend to alternate from closing in from the top side to closing in from the bottom side while the middle laser is active. It’s about every 2 or 3 falling or rising lasers (7 seconds?), you’ll have to make a medium movement to shift over to the other top or bottom half of the firebolt tip and start kiting it the other direction. If you get caught in a bad situation, use your overdrive and try to reset in a good position again. I like to use the lasers and missiles, but the machine gun can work too. The missiles are better for outputting more damage and to take care of those sword laser things.

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Thanks for the tips guys ! I finally beat it, and it only took me like 50 tries, ha.

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These are all the achievements:

1. Maximum Overdrive:3 overdrives
2.Weapons Collector: Get one of each weapon
3.Moolianaire: 3 Million unspent moola
4.Mod Maniac: Purchase 200 Mods
5.Excessive Force: Obtain a level 61 weapon
6.Grinder: Reached level 100.
7.Killer: Destroyed 4000 enemies
8.Time Paradox: Beat the first firebolt
9.The End: Completed the game.
10.Chosen One: Completed the game without dying. Immortal!
11. Social Club: Get all the endings
12. You Cheated: Edit the sol file and cheat ;) Shame on you!

Yes, I peeked at the sol file after like the 15th run all the way through. But there it is, the last achievement, hehe. (The cheat achievement is on the top, far left, and has a snail eyes icon)

Still can’t get all the endings on my own :(

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Take a look at page 3, has a pretty good guide. Just be willing to farm so you have the requisite # of mods.

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NG+ Firebolt does count, got it really easily on a 3rd play through after the second play through was a INT/LUCK build stacking exp/cash mods to get the level 100/200 mods achievements. Just make sure to upgrade your laser/missiles before the game ends, and don’t forget to equip your mods. With all the extra stats/mods I just held down the trigger and won a straight up slug fest.

Also an easier way to beat the monolith in worlds 1 and 2 is to stay directly to the upper left of it. There’s a safe spot where it can’t hit you and you can switch between bombs/v-bombs (bombs for lower left, v-bombs for lower right) to hit the lower 2 dots and the spread weapon (or a few other primary weapons) to hit the top dot, all without taking any damage.

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Thanks for the endings upload :D I too, was tired of trying to beat the game again. Mare’s ending is awesome, “She (star) gave me a bada— ship :D”

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So what happens IF we die in a Cleared Area… I know we can those Cleared areas to catch up ..

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Originally posted by HeroKid55:

So what happens IF we die in a Cleared Area… I know we can those Cleared areas to catch up ..

you can’t get a perfect ending, although i think you still might be able to get her ending.

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Originally posted by Album:

Thanks for the info Colorstyle, I was afraid I’d have to redo everything if I started a new game with a different difficulty.

To contribute something more useful, I had some thoughts on the cafe requirements/endings. In terms of what I’m pretty sure of, the conversation requirements I (think) I’ve figured out so far:

Johnny – related to having lots of moola
Deadeye – weapon purchases/upgrades
Tessa – defense stat (After continuing a game I beat (not a new game plus, just right before the final boss), I leveled up an put more points into defense. She suddenly appeared in the cafe, even though it had been empty previously. Also I think one of Johnny’s advice tips hint at this.)

On my first play through, I got only endings for Johnny, Swig, and Deadeye, and always talked to everyone who became available in the cafe. I put almost no points in defense until later in the game, and noticed my Tessa conversations stopped fairly early on. I also thought that the achievements seemed to be related to the conversation requirements (moola achievement, overdrive achievement (defense boosts overdrive stat), weapons collector/excessive force) so if I had to guess, I’d think Swig’s requirements were related to killing enemies. I didn’t get Mare’s ending and I’m starting to think it has to do with dying under a certain amount of times (using “escape” in battles seems to match up with Mare’s lessons, and this requirement relates to the not dying achievement…I tended to just go down shooting instead of escaping >_>).

Just a wild guess, but is it possible Ginny’s conversations/ending is related to purchasing a certain number of mods? It seems to fit with the achievement theory, in addition to relating to where she works. Also, while this is just anecdotal evidence, I purchased very few mods on my first play through and didn’t get her ending.

All of this

Originally posted by Toble007:
Originally posted by Colorstyle:

Johnny and moola makes sense. I only got his ending after I saved up lots of moola.

But I didn’t save up moola on the playthrough when I got Johnny’s ending. That was an earlier playthrough. So maybe you just have to meet these hidden requirements once. Then it carries over like achievements.

The developer’s hint for Ginny was “try living”. That’s why I thought it had to do with deaths. But maybe he secretly meant, “Buy a lot of mods and put them in health” or something, heh.

I think your right, all the requirements seem to follow the achievements closely.

Well for ginny you need to not die once at all until she leaves

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You can’t die at all until Ginny’s relationship is at level 9, period — doesn’t matter if it’s a new or already-cleared stage.

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Just to be clear, the stuff I posted was just speculation. MrRubix posted the actual correct requirements on page 3.

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now has badges

good excuse to play this again and finish off my hard mode all endings attempt

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Oh great, you guys are recommending me to be level 90 for Iblis? I’m level 67…my best is around…80% of Iblis’s hp so far.

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Find a boss that you have no trouble on (that gives good rewards as well) and just repeat that stage over and over. Stack 2/3 of your stats to int, 1/3 to luck for your next 20 or so levels. Also add a lot to the exp mod, and moola mod.

Doing this, you can probably make it to level 90 in an hour or less, from your current level. .

I still maintain the opinion that the first firebolt is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy harder than Iblis (or any other boss in the game).

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Originally posted by yoshimagick:
12. You Cheated: Edit the sol file and cheat ;) Shame on you!

That’s really an achievement? lol

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I chose Deadeye.

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i would say def/int maxed w/ offence extra pts is the best if you use explosive crit, rapid, overdrive charge, over heal, defensive shielding. easy to stay alive and if you use machgun till laser till charge/wave you should be good. the other weapons are kinda pointless as they don’t really help you. charge is definitely a BOSS KILLER, hits 2-5 times w/ heavy hits on full charge! at 200ish i was putting out 7.6k crits x2 on ilbis, he dies pretty fast even on NG+’s. secondary weapons would be bomb, v bomb, then stay with missiles. scatter is weaker and kinda pointless unless ur right on something that is big. wave is a great clearer for places. i found that the swamps are the best way to grind because the wisp hits itself quiet hard when ur using charge (usually dies in 10-15 seconds w/o doing too much dmg to you if any at all) i have to really give some BIG kudos to MrRubix for the first cafe stuff and staying on top of the bugs. the only actual hard part of staying alive for the achievments/ginny is the GOD DAMN TERRAIN. if ur shield is charged or even if it isnt, u get to close to the terrain on the edges and bam. you get sucked into or pushed of the screen and die. ive had to restart many times bcus of it after hours and hours of working on w1-2 (worst time was on day 17 twice in a row). i really enjoyed this game more than most people would be comfortable listening to me ramble on about lol. i hope a sequel is made with a better gameplay/A LOT longer story and stuff (even if it takes years!) these kinds of games are really a memorial game, and i absolutely encourage people who don’t even like these kinds of games to play it – it is that good! i hope some of you feel the same way! i would donate to this but im broke of kreds lol! good luck everyone on beating it all! :D

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I can’t understand two things about story:
The wishing star shuttered because she used the wish of Deuce: “I wish there were no more wishes”.
After that the Star Fragments were given no Pirate Lords, Swig gave his fragment to Tessa’s mother to study it. Then Neferity came to the lab, Deuce fought with her, cried that he wanted the lab to blow – and later Neferity burned the lab.
But didn’t Deuce expressed the wish for no more wishes after that moment?

And how did Lucerna, it system and Iblis moved to the End of All? Iblis maybe was moved there before by the Lucernians, but Lucerna itself?