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Dear Kongregaters, I want to share some trailers and/or pictures of upcoming games with you.
Feel free to discuss these games. Also please tell me, if you think a forthcoming game is missing badly in this list.

Now that many games have been published, I splited the list into “Upcoming Games” (page 1) and “Published Games” (page 2).

Warning: This post contains many pictures, so it may takes a while to load!

Latest updates:

  • Released (Kongregate): Siegius Arena, Takeover, Incredipede – World 1, Lucky Tower 2, Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2, Berzerk Ball 2, Enola: Prelude, Demons vs Fairyland

  • Added Crystal Story II (RPG) by Lanstrash

  • Added The King’s League Odyssey (Strategy) by Kurechii Studio

Upcoming games:





















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Three of the five look like top games, especially the Castaway TD. Bloom Defender… not sure, hard to tell much from the screenie.

My soul shrivelled up a little bit at the sight of the Papa game though.

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Thanks a lot for the heads up. Bloom Defender looks amazing, will check it out.

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Wow, when Raze 2 comes out, I am going to have a party. I still agree with GB, Freezeria? You mean Iceraia? Meh.

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I don’t care for tower defense or shooters much. Papa’s X improves every time, but the upgrades are too similar and the game doesn’t change over time. I liked Civilizations Wars and Epic War, so those will be great. The Last Stand is something I enjoyed as well.

Those who have read the thread of Rebuild will snicker, but I am going to hope Rebuild 2 puts some change from Rebuild that I’ve absolutely despised in there. I loved the game, I hated the higher difficulties for having many flaws. Other people may have liked these, but I definitely did not. If it smooths out all the random events instead of them being capable of massively influencing your chance to win, it would be much better. Same results on average, just no hairpulling necessary. Also, the ability to save whenever you want instead of only automatic saves is going to be amazing.

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sobs Please….. no… not another Epic War game… please cries

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There are some nice games around the list.

Kingdom Rush looks really nice in graphics. I can’t wait to play it.

I agree with the fact that Bloom Defender could be a top release from Juicy Beast. We have the original JB style there.

Papa’s Freezeria… I can’t help myself getting over the fact that Pizzeria was boring, Burgeria was OK, Taco Mia was great, and Freezeria will be giving SO much more freedom over the restaurant… Oh my gosh.

No comment about Anyway Fish. I guess it could be OK.

If Castaway Island TD is easier than the original games were, I think it will be great.

I’ve played Crush the Castle TD. It was great with all the upgrades and everything, but the thing I loved the most that you got a checkpoint every 5 waves. So if you failed, you could start from the last checkpoint instead of the beginning.

No comment about Raze 2. I’m not interested.

I can’t really say much about League of Lances. The picture shows the game to be like a knight tournament type of thing. I’ll be waiting patiently for this one.

If Reemus Chapter 4 will be less glitchier than Chapter 3, where I couldn’t finish the second medium badge because the game froze my computer on a puzzle, I think it will work out OK.

Meh, Civilizations Wars 2. Oh well, I’m not waiting for this so much. I think the first CW was kinda boring.

Oh god no, not another Epic War. That’s all I can say.

I can’t really say much about CHA – ZI. I’m not so interested in shooters.

Rebuild 2? I didn’t really get into Rebuild, but still, I’ll be waiting for this one. And yes for more kittens.

If this Bobby Nutcase game is like Crush the Castle, I won’t be too interested.

Meh, Detective Grimoire. Point-‘n’-Clicks are OK, but I’m not a too big fan of them.

Wonderputt seems interesting. I’m really interested to play that when it comes out.

TLS: UC. Not really for me.

The Sun Goes To Space seems pretty nice for my tastes. I’ll be interested to play that.

Nah, I’m not interested to play Arcuz 2 either. That’s not my type of game.

My must-try list:
Kingdom Rush, Bloom Defender, Papa’s Freezeria, Castaway Island TD, Crush the Castle TD, League of Lances, Reemus Chapter 4, Rebuild 2, Wonderputt, The Sun Goes To Space

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From this list the ones I find enjoyable seem to be “anyway fish” (tried, it sucked), “reemus 4” , “detective grimoire”, maybe “The end” and I actually was a beta tester for “Wonderputt”.
I’m also excited about Talesworth Adventure: chapter 2 , which isn’t included in this list.

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I love the Epic War games.
Can’t wait for the fifth to come out.
Looking forward to Reemus 4, Civilizations Wars 2, and Detective Grimoire, as well.
The Lance looks interesting.
Not particularly interested in any of the others.

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The Lance is pretty good if not short. Some have complained about the amount of mouse clicks to charge but it never bothered me. One cheat is to never charge your horse. You will get low attack but high gold.

Kingdom Rush doesn’t have as novel a concept as Villainous but it’s one of those TD games that doesn’t feel like TD games. The game actually have blockers and not just towers. From the very get go you will face unique units and that is what helps the game through.

I don’t know if easing up on Rebuild 2 would make it better. You should try the Arcade Prehacks version of Rebuild on Nightmare. It’s actually one of the few games that aren’t cheated overkill and it’s arguably better than easy or normal. Tons of invasion, possible to lose, but actually feels like an invasion. Then on a non-hacked game, Nightmare difficulty is one of those games that’s beatable and not entirely unforgiving. No super reflexes or mega calculations needed.

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I have heard good stuff about Kingdom Rush and it says Published but I don’t see it on site. Am I missing it or did it not show up here?

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Woah! They’re all looking cool, I’ve played some of them, but can’t wait to stuff such as Raze 2, Reemus Chapter 4, Rebuild 2 and Epic War 5. Thanks for the heads up.

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Cyclomaniacs 2 ,Rebuild 2 and Raze 2 this is awesome.

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oh, man. this morning i found flash games for such a long time for my friend.

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Epic thread.

I’m looking forward to most of these. :D

Keep updating this!

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Papa’s Freezeria is epic. I knew it all the way it was worth the wait and it surely is. Play it!

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Wow, these are some really cool games! And what’s the problem with Epic War?? C’mon! I’m glad it will have another sequel

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“Kingdom Rush” is available on ArmorGames, Ironhide (creators) and other sites (like joemoster.org)
Should be available on Kong ASAP – game is very good (but quite short)

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Exit Path 2 looks incredible.

How about adding the upcoming Nerdook RPG?

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Wow, these look good.

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Detective looks really nice ;)

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Kingdom rush: Looks good.

Bloom Defender: Even though it is a TD, I will try it.

Papa’s Freezeria: Another one? (squeals) I will try it!

Anyway fish: This is really cool! I ought to try it.

Castaway Island TD: Well, I didn’t like Castaway too much.

Crush the Castle TD: Looks good enough for me.

Raze 2: Whoever is not intrested in this is a noob. I am going to have a party when it comes out.

The Lance: If this has physics, I’m in.

Reemus Chapter 4: The Ballads of Reemus: Nope. I was never intrested in the series and never will. Even heard there was bugs.

Civilizations Wars 2: I hope theres blood in this one. I was bored in the first one.

Epic War 5: Never tried the series. I would start it.

Combat Hero Adventures – ZombInsanity: This would make a blast out of the orignial.

Rebuild 2: As long as it says game over when the leader dies, I’m in.

Bobby Nutcase And The Acrobat Smashers: This looks fun. Can’t wait!

Detective Grimoire: Not intrested.

Wonderputt: I will test it when it comes out.

TLS: Union City: This looks better. I will love this!

The sun goes to space: I will try this.

Arcuz 2: I don’t like Arcuz.

The End: Looks cool.

Talesworth adventure EPISODE 2: A puzzle game!!?!?!?!?!?!!??! No.

Bugzilla: Software Development War: This looks…. good…. Er…

Granny Strikes Back: I cannot wait for this.

Monsters’ Den Chronicles: Not that intrested…


Bloom Defender
Papa’s Freezeria
Anyway Fish
Crush teh Castle TD
The Lance
Civilization Wars: The sequel
Combat Hero Adventures – ZombInsanity
Rebuild 2
BNATAS (Bobby Nutcase)
The End
Bugzilla: SDW
Granny Strikes Back