Last Stand 3 Union City Guide/Walkthrough + Cheat

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I’m no good at these but these info is basically out there in several of the comments, there’s just not an easy topic right now collecting everything that’s been said.

Quest items:

1) Kelly’s Glasses – It’s three inches near the door where you find her (in the previous room). Inside the store. Before the door there’s a small area. Around the lower waist/legs area. Just hover around it and eventually the cursor will change. It’s not on the ground and it doesn’t look like glasses. I’d call it pixel hunting if there isn’t actually a reading glass that’s a generic item.

2) Don’t throw away the paper weight and the broken pipes. Don’t ignore them either. Just keep them even though other misc. items don’t seem to have much value.

3) Stats:

Smarts – Don’t bet on this increasing the books. Low smarts will give lower benefits to books but at best you get a +1 and it’s not some mysterious stat boost.
When it works you will see the description on the book change so don’t save up on those books unless the payoff is really low.

Blunt vs. Blade – Blade is probably a late end weapon while Blunt is clearly the default choice early on. Therefore unless you plan to stick with melee, it’s better to focus on blunt + a late end weapon.

Don’t overlook fitness/survival – Early on it’s easy to stack food items but later on it can get rare. You are also better off conserving the supply rather than trying to fill the bar.

Do conserve your cash – This is one of those games where better weapons don’t pay off if the stats and the ammo isn’t there.

Increase First Aid to satisfactory level before Endurance – Early on you get tons of medical items but you can easily waste them (i.e. use more than one) if your first aid is low. Mid-game you want to start tanking for your teammate. I haven’t really reach that far into the game though so I don’t know what end game is like but basically among all the side stats, first aid has the highest rate of increase. You could even go custom and have absolutely low endurance and it will get you far as long as you focus on blunt and a high knockback melee weapon.


Walkthrough for Luck Stat Focused Melee Character on Survival Mode


+Changes the game from an action shooter to an action stealth game with shooting elements
+Opportunity to get items much faster
+Makes the game slightly more strategic – you have to be really good with taking opportunities from stunned and downed and falling enemies and shuffling your feet forward and back.
+Forces you to micromanage stats
+Gives you plenty of food


-Character weaker and easier to kill
-Low Stats for Guns and Low Stats for Strength
-Limited inventory
-Reliant on companion

Starting Stats:

Strength: 8
Endurance: 8
Luck: 9


Don’t put any on strength or endurance. Or put just 1 on each and put everything else on luck after the beginning.

Mind you the stats aren’t perfect and I did die while playing with these stats but most of the deaths were from being sloppy or getting surprised by an enemy. Meaning no death from hordes.


In the beginning, do this: Level Up. Put 1 on Intellect, 5 on Blunt and 5 on Smarts.

Continue putting 5 on Blunt every level up until you get any version of the Sledge Hammer (including damaged)

Continue putting 5 on Smarts until it reaches 35. (This would give your books +5 so don’t use them until you reach this stat)

After that put everything on Luck and then 5 on Blunt and 5 on Search until Search is 35.

From there on it’s up to you to choose however you want to put your stats as long as you keep raising Luck every level up. 35 is the magic number for the Skills raised by Intelligent though. You could or should ignore security because you will get books that will raise that on it’s own. You could ignore First Aid until you stock up on medicine items but chances are you won’t get that opportunity.

Note that at the beginning it might seem like you can get away with low endurance or strength but sometimes the game will screw you over and you’ll find yourself in deep waters even at the beginning. This is why by the mid-point of the game, you should heal when your health is down to 50%. Normally you can wait a bit but it is extremely urgent that you heal at 50% unless you like an absolute challenge and don’t mind dying.


Tip: Remember that any newly equipped gun needs to be reloaded. Don’t switch to it at the time of battle only to see it having zero ammo.

For the most part the game is random so just play normally and explore everywhere except for the things mentioned here.

In the beginning the best melee weapon is the baseball bat because of it’s knockdown. As long as you keep adding +5 to Blunt, you might not even need to use a ranged weapon.

Danger Zone #1 You’ll come across a room with a memo written by a kid with a chest underneath. Move one room forward and then get out of the house. There’s a death trap waiting for you on the other side and all it has is a can.

As mentioned above, Kelly’s glasses are in the room prior to where she is. Also you should gather every junk and preferably keep them at this point. Even the heavy paper weight and metal sheets.

Eventually you’ll get the quest about needing broken pipes and paper weight. Finish all three and you’ll end up with a suppressed pistol. Sometimes you’ll get this from the items due to your luck but sometimes you won’t.

Anyway if you haven’t found a better weapon, give this to Kelly. Suppressed weapons can be the best weapons for her to not attract hordes but for the most part it’s up to you.

For the most part you won’t lose Kelly as much as you will lose her because she fell and you died.

Another time I lost her because I thought equipping her with a chainsaw indoors would help keep her alive. Big mistake. All the companions are bad in close range but then again the same can be said for the player. Chainsaw is just not a good emergency weapon unless the horde hasn’t reached close enough.

Danger Zone #2 When you chanced upon a room with a fallen man, immediately exit without talking to him. This is because you can’t have two companions. This guy is better than Kelly but chances are your luck has allowed you to find Kelly a killer weapon.

Also avoid the double sided wooden door after this building. There should be a door in between that’s ok to enter but for now ignore the wooden door.

Later on if Kelly dies you can return to the man, accept his quest and he’ll join you. He won’t join if you reject him after doing his quest. The apartment where you need his quest items will host a safe that requires 35 security. By then you should have read enough books to get to that stage. You could also easily die in the apartment so that’s one headache you’ve avoided.

Tip: In small rooms with huge hordes, it is better to exit then heal rather than heal as sometimes the zombies can reposition themselves slightly. Also sometimes your luck can weaken zombies. I’m not sure by how much but you could even chance upon a rare room where returning to it would have no zombies even though you just got out.

Tip: In the dark, never hesitate on using flashlights. Your luck will help with your stealth. The reason for this is because you could easily die from a hidden dog.

Tip: The sledgehammer does not quite hit dogs. You need to back off a little bit.

Eventually you will chance upon a quest for a key. The person is looking for is at the end of the subway so don’t enter the door after you went down and miss that person. You could also skip a rest if you started this quest with at least 50% tiredness. The journey itself is short and you could easily backtrack back. The hard part is in locating the quest.

At this point, depending on how you are doing and what weapons you have, you should put some on guns. Preferably automatic. There will come a point where you will face humans with guns instead of lumbering zombies.

Tip: The baton can be a good mid-way weapon if you still don’t have the sledgehammer

Anyways you will reach a point in the game where you will face zombies with police shields. Normally you shoot them in the face but at close range, you aim for their leg area with the sledgehammer. Don’t make the mistake of wasting all your medkits to find this one out like I did.

Eventually you will get to a point where the zombies are just too plentiful and if not strong, they are well armored and many and you are forced to use a gun.

This is where the Automatic stat will come in handy. If you want an Automatic that feels like a Machine Gun, as Sgt. said, SAW does well. However if you’re like me than you might want to farm for a FAL Battle Rifle which functions closer to a shotgun.

In the last quest for the C4 explosives, just remember that the area is two sided. Don’t move one area and then exit. The background can look the same.

Eventually you’ll come at a point where you are being attacked and you have to escape from the zombies. You can opt for a rifle here or you can just rely on your sledgehammer or other melee weapons. Either way it shouldn’t be too hard.

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Originally posted by Overrunned:

I haven’t really reach that far into the game though so I don’t know what end game is like

You pretty much have to kill a wave of 20 or so zombies every minute or two. I’d suggest having an automatic weapon for each ammo type (MP5, UMP, M16 (or SAW), AK-47, That one full-auto shotty), and save up as much ammo for them as possible. Use weaker guns on easy parts and grab the AK or SAW when faced with a horde. Also, when dealing with lone infected, try to use a melee weapon (personal favorite being the battle axe, which 1HKO standard zombies on even the hardest levels, when it decides to hit anyways).

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In that case, would you suggest upping luck to lower the zombies from the ceiling or is it still too many to count?

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Oh and I’m not sure if this is a bug but it seems if you start the game with 9 luck, you’re actually luckier than if you start the game with 10.

It’s random of course but 10 seems to make the early stage feel more like a ghost town but you don’t get the awesome custom weapons as fast. Instead it raises all the misc items. I’m not sure if this is some conflict with searching but there’s a huge noticeable difference between how 9 and 10 tend to play out.

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Originally posted by Overrunned:

In that case, would you suggest upping luck to lower the zombies from the ceiling or is it still too many to count?

I only leveled luck to 6 (it was originally 5) by the time I finished the game, I mainly focused on precision, strength (mainly for the increased carrying load, seeing as storage space is absurdly limited), and endurance, so I wouldn’t really know.

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Does anyone know how to get the following achievements?
Oh come on
Brains beats brawn
Brawn beats brains

And the pick 30 locks one seems impossible, there just aren’t that many locks to begin with (without premium at least).

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Sorry stairwalker don’t know about that. Anyway here’s a pretty cool secret for those who prefer upping luck. If you’re lucky, you can chance upon an item pick-up called “undefined” and it will be in every section of your inventory. The best part is it changes your carry limit to NaN/insert number.

Far as I can tell this means you now have unlimited carrying limit. I don’t know if this is a bug or a secret so I just titled this cheat.

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Since I’ve completed the game, let me tell you the best ways to approach LS3. Blunt Objects, such as Tire Iron, Baseball Bat, Firemans Axe, etc are the best. I picked up a Firemans Axe with 52 damage I think it was, or alittle more.. and it was untouchable.. the next best weapon is M249 SAW, good for mowing down multiple targets, i.e Zombie Hordes..

The game is an easy 8/10 but it Lagged horribly when it came to hordes coming.. bleh, I always got caught aiming the wrong direction due to the lag and had to use XP to Restart Here. But all in all.. Pick up Med equipment and Riot clothing or Army clothing/Kevlar.. with Axe.. you’re good to go.. the game is quite easy, except that your ‘Companions’ suck balls.

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Strange you say that. I actually thought this had one of the best ai companions for a flash game.

Especially in Survivor and with low focus on strength or perception, the companions’ ability to not shoot someone is impeccable. They’re not perfect but this is one of the few action games that perfectly blends companion ai in a side scrolling manner that I have played.

Plus the whole voice over just wins me out. Nothing like imagining you are eating a can of corn while your companion screams help me.

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:| That’s definitely not fair.

On the last couple missions I died like 5 or so times. The very last part where there’s an endless horde wasn’t so bad, though.

Also, was I the only one who wasted all of the RPG ammo trying to blow up the wall?

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Brains beat brawn-pick a lock with 90% or more chance to force. I assume that the other will be forcing the lock with low chance….

Smarts skill apparently affect several things. First is bonus from books, but that is quite low…second are prices in shops. Last one is exp gain, didn’t find so far if it applies only for zombies or also for quests. But it is worth investing a level or two on the beginning.

I would say that luck is most important stat, as it heavily affects what will zombies drop and how often…I had 10 luck, and on survivor mode I never had problems with ammo, and got most of my weapons from drop. At the end I had M249 military, and it was simply best thing in game…one magazine from it was enough to stop any zombie rush.

Its a pity that special weapons are mostly unusable, bow is weak, chainsaw runs out of fuel too frequently, and M79/RPG are unusable on close range and far too low on ammo. Handguns are useless too, that brief period when they are only firearm available is easily beaten with any skill…

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I actually used a handgun as a backup weapon constantly for the first half of the game. Favored the Glock 17 and M1911 until I got a scoped .45 Magnum, which I used until I got a good arsenal (and enough ammo to go with it) of automatic weapons. Then I toted the Spec Op’d AK-47 (Or other powerful automatic)/Battle Axe combo. Worked well enough.

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I’ve finally found out how to get the “oh come on” achievement, you’ll have to force a lock with 95% chance of success and fail.

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Interesting…anyone found out what Forgetful achievement is?

It is unfortunate that for almost whole game, automatic weapons are simply best. If you make a character with 10 luck, you will neverrun out of ammo. There is little of actual choice of weapon types, even when I made character for long rifles, I used automatic weaponry a lot…

Also, too bad that neither of shops sell shotgun ammo.THOR is awesome weapon, but even if you save all shotgun ammo for it, you won’t be able to fully make use of it.

BTW, best starting char I found so far…STR 4, PRE 1, LUK, INT and END 10. Preferences for smarts, searching, blunt and automatics.

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Forgetful achieve is when you level up, then level up again without assigning stat points. going to character screen is ok, as long as you dont assign them.

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i think it sould be able to be hacked because i have ran into so many rooms where the zombies fall from the celines and i have unliocked the achivement street sweeper because of that but once i was stuck is a back yard with my shotgun pinned aginst the wall with like the screen filled with zombies the last one was a like super fat and it killed me it was suprisengly fast for being fat lolz

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That’s why you should avoid that place in the beginning.

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Originally posted by zombie0_0:

Forgetful achieve is when you level up, then level up again without assigning stat points. going to character screen is ok, as long as you dont assign them.

Do you lose the points from the first level up?

Originally posted by Overrunned:

That’s why you should avoid that place in the beginning.

Avoid? You’re obviously not like me, I had to explore each building and area completely for my OCD to be satisfied.

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Actually I was like you and even though I started with decent luck, my first game out I died specifically from that scene and funnily enough I have only encountered that scene one more time ever since but crappy death adder from that lock pick was useless especially because I didn’t reload prior to equipping it.

However think about it: There are theoretically way worse spots to die for a newbie. The apartments early on for example. Sometimes early on you get sandwiched by two zombies. Even that scene with the two soldiers, I saw one die from a dog or a half-corpse.

…yet the game is never impossibly hard. If you want to explore a place, you could always come back to it. The backyard is just one of those place that’s best avoided. It’s not like the zombies immediately activate. You have to move further into that area just to be trapped. Plus the reward is low. The background sometimes can hide a zombie and you need a gun to check it if you don’t know it could be there. But again to emphasize: you can return to it if you’re that much more powerful. Just like you can return to an apartment full of zombies at a later date instead of eating damage. It is only because the strength/weapon starter builds are user friendly enough that you could try beating those zombies immediately that the game doesn’t seem to have as much death traps past that backyard except for the hordes.

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I don`t find luck important.I started out with 5 luck and was putting everything into blunt,then survival,and strength and endurance and it took me to the end…never used a ranged weapon during the entire game.

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little secret sart with scurity and keep on working on it until 35 then work on smart until 50 then survival till 50 then do whatever and forgetfull forget to upgrade skills

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hey guys i have beat the game and the ending you are probably eaten alive by your wife bethany

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Originally posted by MARINEEVACUATOR3:

hey guys i have beat the game and the ending you are probably eaten alive by your wife bethany

Yup that`s as far as I understood it…I`d have shot that bitch`s head off.

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I’m not sure who you guys are talking about.

I, on the other hand, was ate by my zombie husband, Matthew.