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I’m seeing many questions in the comments area, so I’m going to try and answer some of them here.

To the best of my knowledge, there are NO weapons to unlock after you get the Railgun, unless there has been an update recently that has added some ;)

There are 3 ‘super weapons’ ;

Sniper, Fusion and the Railgun.

Powerups do not work on any of these weapons, main reason being that they are very powerful right out the box.

The key to getting to high levels are ‘combos’ or groups of different types of turrets.
To see the different kinds of ‘combos’ you can make, go here —> http://onslaught.playr.co.uk/about.html

A couple of favorite combo’s to start off with are the ‘Laser Rocket’ and ‘Nuke’ combo’s. For a combo to work, all turrets involved must have their damage at full power.

To make a ‘Laser Rocket’ combo, build a Missile turret, then build a Laser turret right next to it. For this to work properly the Missile turret must fire first.

This will cause a green rocket to launch that fires a laser.

Nuke combos need two gun turrets (blue) and a missile turret, all built close together.

Once you have done this, the missile turret will launch a ‘nuke’ (white missile with red lines) every 8 secs when it is firing.

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does anyone know wat the last 2 wepond is? cause i am aching ta know it dont even show when u r on wave 500 n something

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As Mickk said, although there are two spots on the “build” list that look like they should have towers in them, there isn’t anything to unlock in the last two circles.

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There is a power up called combosonly , I am assuming that it is good for combos you make with the towers. How many levels are there any way?

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make note: placing enough black hole combonlys in a line allows u 2 take an infinite amount of waves

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what do the combonlys do ? and how are black holes good ?^^

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having a series of blackholes, combonlies or not, will cause an infinite and unscoring game. Black holes are good to clean up a wave that gets away, but by the time a wave does that, I’ve found that usually your game is long over by then.

combonly combines the max powered turrets next to it into one turret as a single combo. You have to left click them when it glows the color of the combo that you want. For instance, you could put a combonly adjacent to a red and two blues for a nuke. It will flash blue for mine and red for nuke so you have to click it when it’s red. Another thing, I think the turrets cannot be firing when you are trying to combine them.

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Combonly sounds confusing. Blackholes are good but you can get into a pattern, where a wave come, black hole is formed, waves goes, next wave comes…. etc… then the game gets boring and has no end. I love nukes, and the laser rockets the most.

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the combonly used to be glitched, shockwave combonly turrets one hit killed.
before the new hp curve when the taser BFG was added it was the same.
betfore that laser chains were OP

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The second to last slot holds the “Combonly” tower

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I’ve gotten over 1500 kills in extreme mode on the line map twice…but i haven’t got the hard badge.

Previously, i’ve tried the extreme mode with the misdirection map and got 1260 kills. My best-so-far according to the badge is 1260. Can someone fix this?

Btw, it’s not hard at all…
Refer to http://z4.invisionfree.com/playr_forum/index.php?showtopic=2416

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Bloke, theres something with the API (or game) that doesn’t let you use the “Black-Hole” combo and get kills, so your going to need to revise your strategy and NOT use them in order to get the badge…

If your weren’t using the black holes then you can always send a screenshot to Support@Kongregate.com and they’ll award you with the badge…

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Well, if you would just look at the link, it only had blue missiles.

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It’s not the API affecting the black holes, it’s actually part of the game.

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I don’t get it theres a bunch of ?? Icons where you build stuff, is that the Sniper, Fuison and/or Railgun. and whats a Black Hole in this game. ??, Sry bout all the questions, im kinda a newbie.

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Black hole is a nooby combo. it sucks up enemies.

the question marks are turrets not unlocked, because all the slots can be filled now.

This is a turret guide

Blue: basic turret. upgrade damage and rate enough and it’ll “freakout” which is a temporary increase of fire rate and damage.

Green: basic turret. Can chain with other greens, increasing damage by 25% for each laser. potentially the most powerful turret, with a huge laser chain.

Red: rocket turret. highest range of hte basic turrets. 4 range and rate upgrades (maybe 3 of either) unlocks holding pattern, which makes rockets circle instead of fly off the screen, and the turret fires up to 4 rockets that circle it.

yellow: basic turret. can slow enemies, when not firing can charge up to do extra damage, and ALSO has freakout.

range modifier: increases range of basic turrets in it’s range by 100.

Rate modifier: increases rate of basic turrets in range by a a certain percentage

Damage modifier: increases damage of basic turrets in range by 40%

range exchanger: decreases damage and rate to increase range,

rate exchanger: decreases damage and range to increase rate

damage exchanger: decreases rate and range to increase damage by 100%

large damage modifier: increases damage of all turrets in range by 100%

targeter: press J and another turret to allow the targeter to take control of where it fires, useful outside the range of that turret. can take control of 3 turrets at a time per targeter

Sniper: super turret. immense damage and range but VERY slow.

Fusion: super turret. immense damage, range and faster than sniper, but must be charged by a green or yellow. yellows can give the poison effect

Railgun: super turret. shoots to the edge of the screen.

Combonly: must be in combo range of an entire combo, then when it changes colour to the colour of the firing turret of the combo you want, click the combonly, and the turrets in the combo vanish, and hte Combonly then starts firing that combo but not worth it for laser rockets since it’s not chained.

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Just go on the website everything is there, no need to relay the information here. When I mean everything I mean EVERYTHING.

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but some of us don’t WANT to go to the website, me among them.

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wait. if you use black holes AT ALL it won’t give the badge? even if it only accounts for a few of the the kills? that sucks

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All the website could give us is brief combos, but they didn’t tell us about how to use them….
I think that some combos are as good as useless…..
What I do everytime is choose classic maps and buy a green, red and blue bots and just lay them near the entrance. Make sure the green one hits first(REcommend to modify this bot’s power and rate more often than the others)….it can summon this colourfull ball that hits anything and if got hit by this ball…it would be a total blast!
After that buy 2 red, 1 green and 2 blue for the biggest mine power…..put them near the base and make sure the blue ones have more range than the others(Recommend to buy the green bot that add 100 range…buy 2 of them)….this would ensure death to the monsters…..

hope this helps….this is just a play-safe guide for all those out there getting the 3 badges….

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Forums has detailed information of each combo.

but some of us don’t WANT to go to the website, me among them.

Don’t be lazy, it’s 2 clicks.

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Do u guys realise that targetter slows down the enemy if it was not in use?

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for extreme badge i used the lyne map, (works for medium too):

for starters rocket launcher with gradually iproved damage until max, then combo with laser turret, place the turret far from lyne, with -10 rage turret near it. You will have a laser rocket combo, you can just send 5-6 waves at time until wave 100-110, the laser rockets will just kill all.

With all your money, build just nukes ! that is missile up to max + two blue up to max (make sure the blue are out of range of lyne. you should have 2-3 nukes by wave 120 ! stop sending many waves at once by wave 120 ! creeps get many hp by 120!

Also build 2-3 non combo maxxed yellow turrets to slow em down, use some range and rate + near them

all you need is to survive until 151 wave , good luck!, the 120-150 waves are hard, but nukes rock! (on low waves, they only become useless around 150)

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what turrets make black hole?

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I hope this helps cear up some questions, here’s a link to a page with video guides by gewalt listed. http://z4.invisionfree.com/playr_forum/index.php?showtopic=3018