Aether Walkthrough (if you need help with the game, READ THIS)

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Hey people. Just thought I’d make a walkthrough for a very complicated 4-leveled puzzle game.

The Controls: The controls are simple, though lots of people complain about them.

Classic WASD for movement, Mouse to aim, Left-Click button to shoot out your grappling tongue. (but this can be found in the game Instructions)

The Story: "A story is told about a boy who was lonesome, who strayed a bit far from his home.

As the daylight grew dimmer he saw a faint glimmer, lost in the wake of sea foam.

For the boy had a feeling that this monster was kneeling to offer his hand to a friend.

The boy darted away but then turned to stay, afraid of the message he’d send.

He lowered his head and the boy bustled up looking proud atop his new steed.

For the boy had a venture: he was bound for adventure, and this monster had planted the seed.

Looking up to the stars he thought to himself, imagine all of the people up there.

Could they all be as lonely? Or am I one and only? Would the people on Earth really care?

So our story unfolds. A boy and his pet leaving his home without care or regret.

Truly a tale, that no one will forget.

Onto the gameplay basics:

Okay, I know it’s a big post but if you want to complete this game, you’d better read.

The planets (and how to beat them):

You can see the name of the planet once you land on it. The name of the planet is located in the TOP RIGHT CORNER of the screen.
Here’s a list of the planets:

EARTH – The planet which you leave from, the Earth, is somewhat non-important in the beggining of this game. Only fly onto this planet once the other 4 planets are completed, this will complete your game.

GRAVIDA – This planet, like the others you’ll find in the game has a puzzle. The first thing you’d want to do here is go onto the mouth of the face of the planet somewhere in the surface. Once you’re down there, you’ll notice there are a bunch of crystals you can grab on and swing on.

Grab onto one of them, and without falling, keep on swinging through the different crystals. The noise of the grapple will become much more intense, meaning you are progressing. Once this is done, the screen will flash, meaning you completed in. Onto the next planet.

BIBULON – Ahh, Bibulon. The one that took me most time to figure out. But it’s actually quite simple.

Swing around the planet at a reasonable height and you will find 4 moons. 3 of them look pretty angry, there is 1 that has a :| face. What you’ll have to do is crush these moons into the planet, of course! How? Simple!

Just use your tongue and go on top of the moons. They will all fall down insantly when you’re on top of them. Once the screens flashes, get your tongue ready and fly onto another planet!

MALAISUS – This simple planet is well… simple! Just swim down by holding the S key and you can move while underwater. Underwater it gets pretty frustrating, but whatever:

Swim down. See those more big fishies? Try to go near them and EAT them. To complete this puzzle, just eat them all! Once the screen re-flashes… you know what that means!

DEBASA – You’ll notice while landing, that the gravity changes… a lot.
Well this puzzle isn’t simple if you don’t know EXACTLY what to do.

What you’re gonna do is fly up the clouds until you see a “beam” getting blasted by a small moon. (flying up there might be a little irritating because of the gravity) There are 4 moons total in this planet. Grab onto a moon, and just twirl some circles around it. (press W…A….S….D….W…A… [ect..])

Once THESE planets are done, you can go onto Earth and there will be a short cutscene once you arrive to the Earth.

NOTICE: You don’t need to complete the game through the order of the planets I said.

My thoughts of Aether:

Well it’s a game I loved and beat over and over. Just my type of games. I personally love all of the game. Also, can’t wait for Aether 2. (if the “To Be Continued..” part was real)

*I hope you enjoyed this short walkthrough I made.

If I forgot anything, just say so in the comments below* :D

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Hey, thanks for the Aether Walkthrough!!! :-)

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bold Awesome guide!bold
italics_you,_italics my friend are the best!

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whops i ment awesome guide!
you, my friend are the best!

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Thanks a lot. I thought no one would reply. And now I’m getting sick of those other people making other walkthroughs.

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I can’t stand the game, walkthru or no. It’s like it was designed specifically so people with laptops would have a crappy time playing it.

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Great guide. You do realise the other dude wrote his about 3 days before you? You have no justification in ranting all over his thread.

> I can’t stand the game, walkthru or no. It’s like it was designed specifically so people with laptops would have a crappy time playing it.

PROTIP: laptops can use mice too! And they’re cheap and portable!

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You do realise the other dude wrote his about 3 days before you?

Haha… 3 days? Then how come when I wrote the walkthrough, I searched Aether and all that came up was Aether and “Aether Walkthrough (if you need help with this game, READ THIS)”?

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You fail at searching?

> Aether Guide
Sep 9, 2008 3:33am
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> Aether Walkthrough (if you need help with the game, READ THIS)
12 hours ago
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Yes, I noticed now. My mistake.. But I did search Aether and that was all that came up.

Sorry. But Forgotten’s guide barely explains what to do. I honestly think mine is more detailed.

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I loved the game, then I dug out this walkthrough for some friends needing help. It was really challenging, but I’m glad I did it alone. It was AMAZING! I CANT WAIT FOR NUMBER 2
Edit: Couldn’t make bold work, please leave me a shout, i know BB-Code and HTML, but this seems different.

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Saw your comment on my short guide. I didn’t ‘Spam’ the thread.. I posted it before you’d make this. I wrote the guide not as an in-depth thing but simply to help those struggling with one or two planets. (I think some people had problems with the yellow one etc.) I found a lot of fun in the game was figuring out the controls/what to do etc so didn’t want to take that away from people.

(As for not mentioning planet names.. well I didn’t pay much attention to them and wrote the guide after I’d finished the game. Remembering the colours was much simpler and couldn’t confuse many. The game is really simple in nature.)

Anyway, nice guide ;)

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How do i get off Earth? It just shows the planets and Clouds, then in the background i see stars and thats it

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HOw do you get off the planets once you beat their puzzle mainly Gravida

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yes, I’m inside Gravida but can’t get out to the surface of the planet.

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Very nice guide. :)

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how do you actually get out of the pink planet gravida?

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You look for the indentation where you came in, and swing out of it.

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Or if you can get enough swing from one of the crystals, you can just go up through any part of the surface.

I had a really big problem when I first started where the game didn’t follow the character. I could see him at the start in the corner of the screen, ,gkj a tiny bit of the start planet, and I could swing up to a cloud and hammer throw myself a bit, but then my character went off the screen (and inevitably came back down, since you can’t really get off a planet from a single hammer throw). By pressing left or right arrow keys I eventually saw him come onto the screen again. I had no idea that this wasn’t how the game was supposed to go, so I found it really confusing. Closing and opening the game twice fixed it.

This game is also, as someone else stated, a real pain in the neck for laptop users, but it wouldn’t be the first such game. It also runs really, really slowly.

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nice guideI LOVE IT

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How do I find Earth once I beat all the planets?

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i don’t know wat the first planet is called but i can’t get off it and i can’t shoot my tongue at all. i’m on a laptop…. help plz? ty =)

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How is this game a pain for laptop users? I had no problems with this game.

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I can operate the game fine with a laptop, but I can’t get off Earth. I can swing up into space, but the display remains on Earth. I gather at some point I’ve landed on an asteroid, but the display remains on Earth. I’d love to get to another planet, but the display remains on Earth.

Echo…? ;o)

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*bold*Best thing ever this was an awesome game