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I’m hoping Greg adds the Impossible for all 120. Zilch is an amazing game that requires EQUAL amounts of effort, time, luck and skill. The AI is well designed, it does NOT cheat. It has all the probabilities and things programmed, so it knows when and when not to go, with slight differences for the difficulty levels.
I have not yet achieved the hard, I had 70, but lost my save file. At the moment, I am on 62, but I aim to collect all 120. This will be occupying most of my time for the next few days.
Also, MrRubix, I love your work, you are amazing.

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My awards don’t save between sessions.
(I use Firefox. Other Kongregate games don’t have this problem.)

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Try right-clicking the game screen, selecting Settings and setting the Memory Usage to Unlimited. If you’ve already done this, I’ve got no clue. It didn’t save the first day or two, but that appeared to have been fixed.

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Thank you Cob!

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Give it an easy badge for getting all achievements, then only people who love the game will get them all :)

This is genius.

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Not really. As much as I love the game, it was the hard badge that drew me in, after the save bug was fixed.
I personally think that’s an insult to the great game anyway.

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Woah! to get 10000 points in 9 turns is like 1112 points every turn!

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For the narcissist badge, the exact way to get it is to look at your awards 50 times, then finish a game.

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Love the names of the awards. But I don’t understand the name “Award Montego a Goat Please”. Is that a reference to something? A pun?

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I wouldn’t know personally. Not anything I’ve ever come across.
Spongebobfan, the key is to get a starting high roll, atleast 3k. Then it’s pretty easy as long as you don’t zilch 3 or 4 times.

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my best amount of rolls is 6

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Great job with the list. Some of those are really tricky. For example, ’What’s a Zilch"… A no-zilch game isn’t guaranteed to be possible, and six in a row = extremely time-consuming and arbitrarily luck-based.

It really seems like this badge should be an Impossible.

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it should be immpossible, shoulnit it

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Just won by 10050 points :D

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Best way to get the win by 50 or lose by 50 pints, is to get 9900 or better 9950 and let the computer pass you, then you can easily calculate how many points you need and get them. I did this and got all of them pretty fast.

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i have 99 right now

i am 1 away from the badge

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is there any trick to the badges where you need 4k and higher in a single turn?

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Would anyone be interested in a Zilch guide for the badges?

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i would be. i know a lot of them can be obtained by simply playing through the game, but it would still be nice to have it to develop a strategy.

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Yep, I’d be interested in a guide.

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Here’s your guide:
Reckless rolls about 650 per turn, Realistic rolls about 635, Cautious rolls about 515. For all of the badges that aren’t AI specific, play against Cautious.
Abuse the refresh button.

The easy and medium you will get just by playing the game. The hard one involves hundreds of hours of rolling dice, or 10-20 hours of abusing the refresh button.

There really isn’t much to the strategy. If you are above the average for your AI and you have less than three dice left, don’t roll. If you are under the average, but can bank and you only have one die left, don’t roll.

That’s about it. There is some skill involved, but not very much. Go for the consecutive zilches and losses first, bank it if you get over 5000 in a turn. Then start grinding and refreshing.

Interesting note on the randomness. Reckless zilches about 40% of the time, Cautious and Realistic about 28% of the time. Reckless, Cautious, and Realistic each had a string of 5 zilches in a row while I was keeping track. Standard Deviations were 760, 540 and 670, so Reckless is widely variable, and Cautious is the least variable, but I think we all knew that already.

Awards, I’ll group themn by the name of the first of their kind.
Point Collector- grind
Low Roller- grind
Zilcher- grind, working on this one will help you get the Your First Zilch, Still Learning and Alright Score awards
Zero Zilcher- abuse refresh button
Hero Zilcher- abuse refresh button
Good Score- manipulate your score so that you are at 9800-9950 and then go all out for a big score, you’ll get three chances, don’t be afraid to zilch
Alright Score- grind, you’ll get this while working on Your First Zilch, Zilcher, and Still Learning
Run of Luck- play against Cautious, abuse refresh button
Run of bad luck- you’ll get this while working on Your First Zilch, Zilcher, and Still Learning
Got the hang of it- grind
Still Learning- you’ll get this while working on Your First Zilch, Zilcher, and Alright Score
Zilch Player- grind
Squasher- this one will just randomly happen as you grind (easiest against Cautious)
Red Faced- you’ll get this while working on the Zilch awards
Coarse Finish- this one will just randomly happen as you grind (easiest against Cautious)
Dropping The Baton- this one will just randomly happen as you grind (easiest against Cautious), manipulate your score to be as close to 10,000 as possible
Frugal Roller- abuse refresh if your first couple of scores aren’t over 2000
Wasteful Roller- this one will just randomly happen as you grind (easiest against Cautious)
Clock Watcher- you’ll get this one working on the Zilch awards
Reckless Damage- grind
Overly Cautious- grind
More Human- grind
Your First Zilch- you’ll get this one while working on Your First Zilch, Zilcher, and Alright Score

Reckless Driving- abuse the refresh button
Cautiously Optimistic- abuse the refresh button
Humanity- abuse the refresh button
Award Chaser- you’ll get these while doing the above
Lawman- read all the stuff, a lot

Have Fun

P.S. If you couldn’t abuse the refresh button getting all 120 would be an incredible impossible badge.
P.P.S. Let me just say again that I hate textile.

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I hope you have a lot of stats to back up those claims about the average scores per turn. Reckless seems easiest to me, it’s very hard to accept that the “worst” player ends up with the highest average. Also, I prefer to use the quit button, not the refresh button, although abusing the refresh button will help Kong’s ad revenue…

To get the hard badge in the fewest number of games, it’s probably a good idea to identify the hardest 10 awards and leave them alone. I’ve got 114 awards, and the 6 left are 3 grind awards, and 3 luck awards. I’ve played 170 games (not including ones where I had to quit), and I reckon you should be able to get 110 awards in 100 games or thereabouts. The ones I reckon you should miss out are:

Grind awards:

Kilo-Zilcher (1,000 total zilches). Not too hard to reach, but I’m only on 862 after 170 games.
Zilch Fiend & Gold-Plated Zilch Machine (finish 200 and 500 games). Obviously, you’re not going to be getting these in 100 games.
Lifetime Zilcher (100 wins). See above.

Luck awards:

Sweet score and Mahhoohassive score (5,000 and 6,000 in one turn)
Crushing and Impossible score (win a game with 14,000 and 15,000 pts)

That’s 8 of the most elusive awards, which still leaves you two more that you can avoid. I am assuming that Award Montego a Goat awards at 109 awards as the 110th award. If wrong, you’ll only 1 more that you can avoid.

My strategy for Zilch-free wins is to bank everything except: Three 2s – bank anything else if available. Two 5s – bank one of them only. If you go for 6 consecutive zilch free wins, then 4 more consecutive wins all against the same opponent, that gets you:

I accidentally the whole Zilch (5 awards)
What’s a Zilch? (5 awards)
Ur teh Zilch (5 awards)
Recking ball (or similar) (3 awards)
Reckless history (or similar) (3 awards)

Total: 21

Now go for consecutive wins against the remaining two opponents. This will give you 6 awards for each opponent (3 awards each for consecutive and total wins), giving another 12 awards. You’ll now have 30 wins, so you now have Zilch-adept (3 awards).

Total: 15

Then go for consecutive losses and consecutive zilches, which gives you the chance to roll for the high score in one turn awards. Even if you don’t luck out with those, you’ll still get:

Noooo (jazz hands) (5 awards)
Massive loser (5 awards)
Eh eh eh (no face) (5 awards)
Struggling (3 awards)

Total: 18 awards

There are 6 “free” awards from Lawman onwards, and including the previous assumption about the Montego award, that’s another 3 freebies.

Total: 9 awards

Total so far after 40 games:
63 awards

You will also have or be close to

Pointmaster (4 awards)
Hard shoulder (4 awards)
Common spotted zilcher (3 awards)
Zilch player (1 award)

That’s another 12, bringing the running total to 75.

Now, try for the Neverending Games award – this will give you 8 awards as it includes the 4 for Time Lord as well. You can combine this with attempts at the Win a game with 1X,000 pts or more awards – get to 9,900/9,950 and keep rolling until you either get a large score or zilch, get the 500pts back and try again. You must keep track of the number of opponent turns so you know when to stop gambling and just try to win. If your opponent is going to get to 10,000 well within 30 turns, try for the close win/loss awards instead.

Winning a game in 9 turns or less (4 awards) – my shortest game was 6 turns and one of those was a zilch. Shouldn’t be a problem.

Getting to 50 wins and 50 losses will get you a further 5 awards for total games, wins and losses, and you should have or be near to SteamRoller and Pointless. Hopefully, you should have picked up several of the Winning Margin awards along the way.

That’s about all I can help with right now. I eagerly await Mr Rubix’s guide, as I’m sure he’ll have some different ideas.

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My save file got corrupted after 97 awards. AAARGH!

Edit: I used the “report missing achievement” button, told my story and got the badge. Weirdest way to level up, I guess.

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I hope the gold plated zilch machine is set on 300 now. Otherwise I am gonna stop now and remain stuck on 119. (well 118 but need 5 more games to get the 119th award) Seems really pointless to go and play another 300 games for the last award when I got 118 of them in like 160 games and the 119th in the 200th game…

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Does anyone know- if you quit during a zilched game, does it still count as a zilched game?