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Since this great game’s tutorial only explains most basic stuff, I decided to write one that would cover less documented features.

1. What is HD: Xyth?
Hidden Dimensions: Xyth is 3rd game in HD series. It’s free CCG, but unlike every other CCG on Kongregate, this one is 100% free. In fact, there is no option of buying anything, so if you want to support developer you have to use “donate” option. There is huge single player mode with 9 campaigns (8 for each race + artifacts) as well as multiplayer. What’s even better, ranked multiplayer uses only rank I cards (not upgraded), so people who spend a lot of time grinding and upgrading cards have no advantage there. That’s right kids, it’s not only money-free, but comes with grind-free MP as well! Doesn’t get any better than that, now does it?

2. Number 1 question: “How do I destroy my structures?”
This is by far the most commonly asked question (and reason why this topic exists in first place), so I decided to answer it right away, even before we move to basic stuff like card type and rarity. Simply click on button on the left, above quit one.

3. (user unfriendly) Menu

Daily slots are free once per day, each next try costs 2 tokens. If you mouse over icon, it’ll tell you if tokens are required for spin, but there won’t be any warning prompt once you click it, so beware.
Once you change name, you have to do something in game (for example start and quit quick match) to have that change commited. It’s known bug/feature.
“Stats” is where you can see all cards and achivements.
In Laboratory you can combine and upgrade cards, as well as turn them into tokens (just select one card and amount of tokens you’ll get will be displayed above). Full combination list (and more) available on official wiki

4. What does “cloaked” and “retaliation” do?
Cloaked ships are immune to all abilities: can’t be targetted by them or even affected by splash damage. This includes Breaker class’ launch ability, but not retaliate. It also includes your abilities, so not even heal all will help them.
Retaliation means ship (or base) deals damage equal to retaliation value to ships that dealt damage to them. This includes “ping” abilities (unofficial name that dates back to Magic: the Gathering for abilities that allow you to hit any ship) like that from Hiraga.
5. What are wars?
Wars, much like many other things, are explained on wiki: http://nulll-void.com/games/wiki/doku.php?id=hidden:hdxman20#wars

6. Why is nobody playing multiplayer?
Game is less than 2 weeks old on Kongregate (at the time of writing), so most people are busy playing (and replaying) campaign to get guaranteed reward cards from their favourite race (or all of them).

7. Campaign difficulty/OP cards in daily challenge
Computer cheats. It does it because it’s hard to create challenging opponent in card game, especially in one that is made by single person and available for free. So suck it up and deal with it. AI will have cards with unique abilities/weird combination of abilities/buffed stats/etc. “Look for the hammer/wrech icon in the lower right corner of the card image when you mouse over such cards. These cards can appear in storyline campaigns (occasionaly), wars and generated campaigns (often), and in player created campaigns and challenges and in the daily challenge (quite often)” – from dev’s post. The higher the battle difficulty, the bigger bonuses (especially to base, card bonuses are somewhat less noticeable). But higher difficulties reward you with higher rank cards, something that is easy to miss.

8. Can I repeat missions?
Once you finish campaign, you can restart it from the beginning. However, your chance to obtain card from repeating mission on same difficulty you already did results in only 50% chance during 2nd try and 33% for 3+. So you can get Nagato rank III from HU campaign mission 1 on legendary, but when you replay campaign you’ll have 50% of getting it on legendary and 100% to obtain rank I from doing normal and 100% for rank II at elite. Important note: last mission of HU campaign gives you Phoenix (HU legendary), but when you play for 2nd time you’ll see Void Engine (CA/HU hybrid legendary) on difficulty you got Phoenix. Odds will be 50%! Replays 3+ will be race specific legend on odd numbered replay and hybrid on even numbered, always with 33% chance (thanks to Nulll Void for info). To sweeten the deal, you can use any deck during replays, not only those that have 50% cards from campaign’s race. Also, because of lowered odds, you might resort to save scumming. Since it’s questionable technique, if you don’t know what’s that, google it yourself.

9. Card rarity
Rarity is written under card’s name, after two letter race abbreviation and is indicatd as icon in bottom right corner of image. There are 4 types of cards: regular (common) – no rarity name, no icon; elite – double chevron (“^”), legendary – star, unique – sun and special background with all races’ colours.

10. Tokens
As mentioned earlier, you can get tokens by recycling unneeded cards in lab. You get 1 token for common, 2 for elite and 4 for legendary. All values are multiplied by card’s level (so 12 tokens for rank III legend and 4 tokens for rank IV common). For now general consensus is that it’s best to save tokens for special deal from trader (once every 2 weeks one random legendary or unique). If you need more tokens, it’s best to recycle commons.

11. Important info about game save.
Despite multiplayer component, this game is saved just like most SP flash games: on your local hard drive. Which means that clearing cookies = losing everything. So remember to back up your save file daily. Where to find it? It’s all explained on wiki.

12. Official forum
There is no Kongregate forum for HD: Xyth (yet anyway), but there is one on Nulll-Void’s page. Plenty of interesting information there, including game mechanics like card droprates
Official forum: http://nulll-void.com/forums/index.php

13. Race names OR why you shouldn’t use colours
Since race names, while unique and interesting, are hard to remember, here’s how I call them based on their appearance/campaign info (in order of campaign): Human, Friendlies (because they’re friendly to humans in HU campaign and they have this double F as race logo), Crystals (or just Xyloxi, for some reason quite easy to remember), Bugs, Cylons (all naughts look similar to Basestars), Germs (they look like bacteria under microscope and they have a lot of mutate in names), Tech, Demon. Alternate name for Friendlies could be Ancients (based on their campaign) and Naughties for Cylons (since many of their ships end in -nought). Names based on colours are not a good idea. For example Ca’anians (Friendlies) are Lime, but some call them yellow and other green?!? Similar for purple (for some that could be Caes’cix (Bugs), for others Mih’ri’aeil (Germs)) and blue (Xyloxi and Technomancers). Not to mention that not everyone is native English speaker and knows all the fancy colour names. So even if you don’t like my names, use your own descriptive ones, not easy to mix up colours.

14. Why should I donate to developer?
Because he gives you for free card game that is better than any other pay2win CCG on Kongregate. Others charge you $4+ for a single booster with 5 cards, here you get everything for free and can’t buy your way to victory. So show your support and maybe one day we will see more games like this for free/low fee.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask them here in chat.

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HD Xyth dev here. Regarding legendary rewards for the final missions in campaigns : for a single difficulty, the reward will switch between the two legends that this race has access too, so one single color legend for this race and one dual-color legend where one of the colors is this race again.

So for the human campaign (on any difficulty – so completing on normal doesn’t affect your chances on elite) :
First completion : 100% chance Phoenix (HU)
Second : 50% chance Void Engine (CA/HU)
3rd : 33% chance Phoenix
from 4th onwards it remains 33% and it’ll will keep switching between the two legends.

This is true for all non-artifact campaigns (the AR campaign only has 1 legend, so it can’t switch between two choices).

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So no unique action from campaign? Guess that answers question “which card should I take from achivement?” ;) Thanks for info, updated first post.

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Uniques can be aquired from achievements, from the trader (every 14 days, on sunday it will have a random legend or unique) or from the slots (every 30 days each account has a guaranteed legend or unique).

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Originally posted by Seizan_7:

unlike every other CCG on Kongregate, this one is 100% free.

I like this game, but Elements is also 100% free, and was on Kong 17 months before the first HD.

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now that was useful. many, many thanx)

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Originally posted by nulllvoid:

Uniques can be aquired from achievements, from the trader (every 14 days, on sunday it will have a random legend or unique) or from the slots (every 30 days each account has a guaranteed legend or unique).

Could you clarify on the slots? Does that mean that on every 30th day we will get a unique/legend? If so, when is the next one?

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Considering that Elements still doesn’t have any of the aspects of why people hate paid CCG’s (Pay to win, since fancy chimera has no advantages, and energy system), there’s no reason not to consider Elements as the only other free CCG.

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Personally, I enjoy this more than Elements. It’s got a lot more variety and is certainly keeping my attention longer.