The Official Brain Drain Game -Guide-

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The Brain Drain Game is a puzzle/quiz game and is very hard and requires staying up all night crying…not anymore you have come to the right place to make yourself feel better WOOOOOOOT.

Level 1:In the beginning. Use the left arrow key to move your ball to the yellow circle.

Level 2:Something New. Use the down arrow key than the right arrow key to move your ball to the yellow circle.

Level 3:An Empty Space. Press the space bar. Than go straight down to the yellow circle.

Level 4:Good VS Evil. Reveal the red box by using the arrows keys to move your blue ball over the boxes than move to the yellow circle.

Level 5:On,Off. Move your ball over the box 3 times to reveal the red box than move your ball to the yellow circle.

Level 6:Red! Red! Red!. Reveal 3 red boxes by moving your ball over the green boxes to reveal the red boxes..once you have revealed 3 red boxes make sure all the other boxes are green! There are 4 red boxes!!! Make sure you only have 3 revealed or you will lose if you go into the yellow circle.

Level 7:Mass Inversion. Everything is backwards! The arrow keys and what circle you go in!!! Work your way through the maze and go into the brown circle…Remember EVERYTHING is backwards.

Level 8:Think outside the box. Do what it says!! Hold down the right arrow key until you leave the screen showing the brown circle trapped and you will see the yellow circle.

Level 9:The Cheese Stands Alone. Click the yellow circle with your mouse and move into it.

Level 10:Try This. Type this lower cased without the asterisk into the box above the green box and than click the green box and the yellow circle will appear.

Level 11:Troubled Waters. Move the boxes that are left of your ball and make a bridge by dragging them over the water and you landing on them to get across.

Level 12:It’s Amazing! This one is very tricky!!! Follow this pattern by using your arrow keys and you will make it to the yellow circle! Right,Up,Left,Down,Right,Down,Right,Up,Left,Down,Right,Left,Up

Level 13:Water. Press the following button’s on your keyboard to make the green boxes turn red. H,J,K,L,I,O,N,M

Level 14:A different kind of maze. This one is hard and it takes time to get through. Heres what you do to get through the maze. Go DOWN until your clear to go LEFT. Once you get to the L shaped wall go UP. Once you have gone UP as far as you can. Go LEFT until you almost hit the L shaped wall. Once you have that done go UP. After that go LEFT but not all the way to the wall. Once you have seen that you can go UP…Go UP! Once you have done that go RIGHT until your right square has ALMOST blocked the yellow circle all the way. Once you have done that go DOWN. Once you have done that go RIGHT until you can go UP after you make the clearing point…Once you have gone UP go LEFT a little bit and get the yellow circle in the middle of the 4 boxes and you have made it!

Level 15:Escape the box! Turn caps lock on and 4 green boxes will appear on the red wall. Once the boxes have revealed type in CAPS until the boxes have turned red. The yellow circle will come out and you can go through.

Level 16:Lights off. This one is very tricky. In order to make the lights turn off you have to push your UP arrow key…But it will not stay on after you let go of the arrow key…Take your time through the maze and go through the yellow circle.

Level 17:3.1.1803. This level is made by history…In 1803 Ohio was the 17th state added to the United States of America. There is 9 Boxes. You need to form OHIO by turning green boxes red and making it look like a O,H,I,O. Hold O down and a box will appear and move your ball into it and it will reveal a O. Follow the above and make a H and hold H and move your ball into it ETC…The yellow circle will appear.

Level 18:Easy as Pie. This isn’t easy as pie if you don’t know your math…its PI! 3.1415 is the answer!! There is 5 rows that look like exclamation mark’s. Go to the first one at the bottom left. Make sure that box is red and none of the other boxes are red. Once that 1 is red push 3…3 times until you see the red box at the top. Go to the next box at the bottom and make sure the box you just got off goes back to green. While you have the second box red,push 1…3 times. Than go to the next one while making the one you just got off green…Do this pattern until you make 1 red box on each exclamation mark by typing 31415.

Level 19:Almost at the End. This one took me awhile…Push the END key on your keyboard and a blue piece of paper appears,go into it and read it…After that push the HOME key on your keyboard and 4green boxes will show and than disappear…Hold down the HOME key and push A,S,D,F (The Home row keys) and you will fill the green boxes and the yellow dot will appear.

Level 20:This is the last level! On each square you will be able to type something…Spell 20thisisthelastlevel until you reach the last tile. Than go back and read the blue slip…Than you will have to rewrite those squares by putting 7×4ehb6ks91snp823kpz to replace those letter already on the squares…Now I bet your wondering how did they know that…The first level had a password…all you have to do is hit start game…we took the last digit/letter and made the code.

You finally beat the game wooooooooooooooooooooot go team…Thanks for taking the time to read it! Enjoy!

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Wow thank you…I got stuck on level 13 and this helped alot!

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WTF i got that a LOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG time ago plus ANYONE can fricking make a game like that anyhow, cowboy and i aren’t gay SERIOUSY, so f off

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Nice, report battleonnow rofl XD

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Thanks, i got stuck on empty space :(

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Please show me where I called you gay or have insulted you besides telling you about your avatar Thanks in advance and NP legend :)