Bloody Fun Day (Walkthrough)

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I of course cannot provide a standard walkthrough, as much of the game is random and luck does play a part in it. I can, however, give a strategy guide to playing the game and using the skills available. This guide is for the Hard Badge only. For Medium, You should simply try to stay alive, as score (and thus Golden Eggs) are irrelevant. For the Easy Badge, just play the game normally and you’ll get it.


All reapers are equal. Kill creatures (known as cuties) adjacent to you by clicking on them. Use the skills below by selecting them when they have been fully charged. Unselect a special skill by clicking the red normal skill on the bottom left. The bar up the left side indicates how long till certain events happen. Eggs Hatch is self-explanitory. Level Up ALSO causes eggs to hatch, But to take longer between hatchings in the future. Game Over means you die. Killing eggs is bad, killing Golden Eggs is (very) good.

If you do not know this yet, perhaps you should still be playing the tutorial before reading this guide. It’s a helpful tutorial. I promise.

Main Points:

The objective is to score 100,000 points. If done properly, nearly 75 – 80% of your score will be from Golden Eggs alone. The objective of this guide is to create and then destroy as many Golden Eggs as possible.

Health has a maximum of 40. Filling up beyond this is a waste.

Health has a minimum of 0. Don’t go there.

Cutie Skills, once charged, gain no bonus from additional cuties of that color. Use skills as soon as they would provide an obvious benefit.

You can restart the game as many times as you want before trying for the Badge. Get a starting board you like. Make sure there is at least one group with 10+, two groups would be excellent. A group of reds would be superb.

The Skills:

Jump Slash (9 Blue)

Effect: You get to kill a cutie group/egg two spaces away instead of one. This moves you to that location and does not kill or destroy anything on the space in between.

Harvest (23 Blue)

Effect: Kill a cutie group adjacent to you. You gain twice the number of souls you normally would, in addition to moving to the new space. This does not give you extra Golden Eggs, nor extra score from a Golden Egg.

Transform (19 Yellow)

Effect: Target adjacent cutie group turns a different color (randomly selected from the remaining 3). If you could use at least two of the other colors, this will have at least a 66% chance of helping you. You do not move to that space and the targets do not die.

Vampiric Touch (24 Yellow)

Effect: You kill target adjacent cutie group and move to that square. Instead of whatever color of soul you would normally get, all souls stolen are red.

Eye Lasers (13 Black)

Effect: Kill all cuties and eggs in a straight line away from you. Golden Eggs destroyed this way still give the 5,000 points. Only the cuties in your direct line will be killed, not their groups. This will not move you to your target, nor will it destroy that space unless there was an egg there.

Fire Blast (18 Black)

Effect: Kill target cutie group or Egg. This will not teleport you to the location, but can be aimed anywhere on the board. Golden Eggs killed this way will still give the 5,000 points.

How To Use Your Skills:

Jump Slash: The most obvious uses for this skill are to move faster and avoid destroying normal eggs. When using it like this, try to wait till you kill a group that will drop a Golden Egg, then use your Jump to reach it faster then would otherwise be possible. There are two additional uses, however. The first is avoiding the destruction of a space. When moving through the center of the map, using a Jump Slash along the way will greatly increase the chance of a group being formed later on when the eggs hatch. The second use is to avoid killing groups that you’d like to live a bit longer. Specifically, red groups when they would over-fill your health bar, groups of 6 – 9 when you would like them to grow larger, and groups of 10+ when hatching time is near and you won’t be able to get the Golden Egg.

Harvest: Use this to quickly fill skills and heal yourself. Only use it on groups of 6+ (10+ when possible) that are either red or yellow when those skills are uncharged. In late game, this skill will often be needed on groups of reds to get much needed health boosts, especially after a lucky Transform.

Transform: The strongest skill available for this Badge. Use whenever you see a group in such a location that transforming it to either of two (or better yet all 3) possible colors could lead to a group of 10. Example picture:

The highlighted group of reds is an ideal group to target for Transform. No matter what color they turn into, you are guaranteed a group of 10 or more. (15 blacks, 16 blues, or 20 yellows)

This means that if you Transform then kill, you will be certain to create a Golden Egg. Then the only trick remains getting it. Although Transform can be used to save your life by turning a large group into a group of reds, this is rarely a good idea, as there is only a 1 in 3 chance of this working and Vampiric Touch provides a much more surefire survival route.

Vampiric Touch: Your main survival skill. Whenever possible use on groups already certain to give you Golden Eggs. Use on the largest such groups available. Note that you do not get the normal souls when you use this, so they may occasionally be more worthwhile, especially if you have a lot of life already. As this skill gains little from being saved up, it should be used as soon as a decent opportunity presents itself.

Eye Lasers: The obvious use of this skill, killing a row of cuties, is nearly useless. The much better use is for gathering Golden Eggs. This is the only skill in the game that can allow you to gather multiple Golden Eggs, though it takes some pretty rare circumstances to make that possible. Save this skill for Eggs, especially if Fire Blast is recharging. Nothing is worse then creating a Golden Egg and not being able to reach it.

Note that since this skill kills cuties without moving you, it can be useful for clearing the ranks of un-grouped cuties and filling them with potential Eggs. When doing this, make sure to target a row as clear of eggs as possible (broken eggs will leave holes) and use the skill right before eggs hatch. This is the equivalent of Transform but on a smaller scale and with a less predictable outcome.

One last and somewhat rare use is for splitting a group of 30 into a group of 20 and a group of 10, allowing you to reach all 3 Golden Eggs. Do this by hitting a well placed connector cutie. Note that you will have to race for the group before that cutie re-hatches.

Fire Blast: The skill is one that should always be saved until useful. The three uses for this skill are: 1) Single turn no-questions-asked Golden Egg destruction. Highly effective. 2) Grabbing a large group of reds to extend life expectancy. Only do this when you do not think you will last long enough to reach the reds by normal means. 3) Killing groups of blues or yellows across the map to set up for a move like Harvest or Transform. This should be done only when you can be certain of getting any new Golden Eggs by another method, either Jump Slash or Eye Lasers.

Note that this skill can also be used like a mini Transform to expand groups of 8 – 9 up to 10 by blowing up stuff around them without leaving giant holes. This strategy is highly luck based, so use with care.

General Strategy:

Health: Not dieing is highly important, obviously. The bigger concern is that the fear of dieing prevents you from exploiting valuable situations. Always try to keep your health between 20 and 40, either by killing reds or with Vampiric Touch.

If you get under 10 health, ignore everything in favor of survival. Staying alive by killing many tiny groups of reds is a very hard task, try to create a big combo with Harvest, Transform, Vampiric Touch, or Fire Blast ASAP. If your health gets down to 5, you will hear a change in the music and notice a dramatic decrease in your odds for survival. At 0, you die.

Movement: Getting trapped is death. Getting nearly trapped such that you must kill normal Eggs to free yourself is generally also bad news. Plan ahead so that you can continuously kill things until a new hatching occurs. The later in the game you get the harder this may be. Remember that killing eggs is not actually deadly, it just makes groups less likely to form and costs you another turn, so only do it when it opens up a much better move (Such as forming or destroying a Golden Egg, or just keeping yourself alive). Jump Slash is very useful for avoiding egg kills and single cuties, who are generally better left alone.

Large Cutie Groups: Having large groups is essential to survival. Having groups of 10+ is essential to winning. Although a lot of this is luck, you have some say over how good your luck is likely to be. First, try whenever possible to make as many of the newly hatching eggs will be next to each other and current cutie groups. This more you leave your eggs scattered, the less likely they will create a sudden large group. To this end, try to use Jump Slash when crossing the middle of the board, try to kill cutie groups in ways such that the majority of the dead will touch other eggs, and try to move around the side of the board as much as you can when a new hatching is about to occur, so as not to disrupt the middle. Note that since Fire Blast and Eye Lasers do not destroy spaces like your other attacks do, they can be useful for clearing out a large group just before a hatching, to increase the possibilities of grouping. Transform is obviously also helpful in forming large groups.

But remember that while large groups are good, very large groups may not be. In a group of 30 or more, you may have trouble retrieving all 3 Golden Eggs before time runs out. Sizes of 10 to 20 are ideal.

You’re Doing It Wrong:

Strategy Based on Group Size:
Size 0 (egg) to 1: Ignore or Jump Slash over unless it would charge a skill you badly need, happens to be in your way, or would give valuable health.

Size 2 – 5: Kill along the way for skill charging or Health. Only Harvest if it would be highly useful.

Size 6 – 9: Transform if possible. Vampiric or Harvest if necessary. Note that if you don’t have Transform you can just try to clear stuff around the group and hope it expands. Laser Eyes and Fire Blast are good for this as they don’t destroy spaces.

Size 10 – 19: Transform if you think it might get you over 20, otherwise Harvest/Vampiric/Kill.

Size 20 – 29: Vampiric or Kill based on health. Transform only if you need health badly and Vampiric is charging. (Hoping to create a red group)

Size 30 – 39: Vampiric this thing now if you have any health issues. Otherwise kill normally. You may want to use Eye Lasers to break it up for a better chance at getting all three Golden Eggs.

Size 40 – 49: You have failed completely to understand what the point of this guide is.

Size 50+: Go away. Now.

Golden Eggs: The objective is to form them and destroy them. Use whatever you feel necessary to accomplish this goal without endangering your life. Remember that the longer the game drags on, the harder it gets. Make sure to only kill Golden Egg making groups (10+) when you are certain you can get the Egg before it hatches. If you do not have Jump Slash, Laser Eyes, or Fire Blast, try to kill the most centered Cutie of the group. This gives you a higher chance of being next to the newly formed Golden Egg.

Score: Get it over 100,000 any way you can. 5,000 per Golden Egg, -2 per normal egg (note that this is a completely insignificant penalty and can be ignored). For cutie groups, the formula is:

2.5*(# of Cuties in group) + 2.5*(# of Cuties in group)^2 = Total Score.

Obviously, killing larger groups gives much larger payoffs.

That’s all for now, will add more as I think of it. Good Luck acquiring your new Badge!

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This is very good strategy guide IMO. I used quite similar strategy to get the hard badge earlier today.

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Yeah, that looks pretty similar to how I got the hard badge. A few notes:

- Late in the game, you will almost always want to follow Transform with either Harvest or Vampiric Touch (depending on whether you get reds or not), so probably shouldn’t use it when these abilities are uncharged, unless you’re in an area that you can afford to leave and come back to later.

- The skills that keep you alive are Harvest, Vampiric Touch, and to a lesser extent Transform. Notice that none of these are black. So black is the best color to Transform.

- In the early game or when fortune is favoring you, stockpile. Fill up your health meter and the three survival skills, and leave some large clumps of reds sitting about.

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I just killed everything around me not an egg and I got the badge. Apparently I got lucky. =/

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Third Party – Actually, I’d generally go Harvest on Yellows for faster Transform, then Transform on anything for group of 10, then Vampiric the group or kill if reds.

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Ah, I guess that makes sense. My strategy’s geared toward endurance, surviving even when eggs only hatch every 11 or 12 turns. Your strategy’s geared more toward speed, getting 100k points before reaching that point.

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Yea. One game I got to 100,000 points on level 7.

I find that the less you involve luck in a game that can be based on the skill, the better things turn out. Long hatching cycles can mess you up a lot more then short ones.

Edit: Just got one better. 100k on level 6:

Aaaand 160k total.

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One thing that I have used is when I have a group of 7-9 if I can’t transform it, is trying to get as many eggs around the group so that I with luck will get a group with 10 or more when eggs hatch. Also I found I had to time my groups of 10+ to get golden eggs.

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I agree, that works quite well when Transform isn’t available. Adding to guide, since I do it a lot myself.

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So far the largest group I have managed to slaughter was 36 reds (without the double-soul skill). That was also the run that I achieved the Hard badge.

(Note that I used Transform and got EXTREMELY lucky.)