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Hello and Welcome to the Hero’s Arms Guide

WARNING: This guide contains many spoilers! Do NOT read if you want to figure out the beautiful puzzles by yourself!

Get used to the keys. Use WASD or arrow keys to move; Z or N to interact/attack; X or M to use your weapon’s magic attack and spacebar to pause/menu.

Things you need to know:

Skill upgrades

  • Weapon skill increases damage (most useful)
  • Magic skill decreases cost from magic attacks (and maybe increases magic attack damage too)
  • Health skill decreases damage recieved (when upgraded you are fully healed)


  • Bandaids heal ALL your health when your current health reaches zero
  • Alcohol gives back full mana when that bar reaches zero
  • Turkey can be found by killing enemies and heals a part of hp and mp


  • Swords can slash bushes
  • Boomeraxes can trigger switches
  • Staffs can extinguish fires
  • Shields can stop projectiles, or even reflect or absorb them as mp! (as long as you are not attacking at time time you get hit)
  • Armours reduce a percentage of damage (0,10,25,50)

    Badge notes

    You do NOT need to get all HP and MP upgrades for the last badge. Don’t worry if you think you forgot something in world 1.

Health and MP do NOT regain over time (unless you have beaten the collosseum – see further)

  • Using a magic attack will render your character invisible for a very short period
  • Attacking an enemy will push it back for a second. If you are close enough you can hit it fast twice. If you push the enemy against the way you can keep hitting it.

NOTE: ALWAYS level up your highest skill when possible, otherwise you might need to get 99999 xp before you can level up. You will be able to invest all the xp in levelling but you will be unable to level up for a while – this bug might be fixed later


The map automatically saves your xp, gold etc.. except your location. If you run around the world you get sent back to your home (but lose nothing). If you are in a dungeon you get sent back to the start (all used switches will still be there – you don’t need to toggle them again).


Just like saving: If you die in the main world, you can choose to pay 300 gold (pretty expensive) to stay at your location or you can return to your home for free. If you die in a dungeon you will get sent back to the start. Nothing you did will change – you keep your xp and gold.
If you have a band-aid in your inventory, it will save you from death

World 1

For the first world, I suggest looking in the following topic:

The easiest way to finish the first world is by following this path:


(look at the above link for dungeon overviews)
No need to buy bandaids for now. If you die in a dungeon or castle you will respawn without losing anything at the beginning of the dungeon.
1. Get the sword
2. Get the mana upgrade (buy for 500 gold)
3. Get the boomeraxe and the first item GOLD FARMING SPOTSEE BELOW
4. Go to the next area using the following trick:

(image) http://img91.imageshack.us/img91/9725/hastairs.jpg
5. Get the shield
6. Get the health upgrade
7. Get the ice staff
8. Get the mana upgrade
8b. Use your ice staff to cool down the river (image?)
9. Get the health upgrade
10. Beat the boss to go to world 2. The first door has to be opened by hitting the switches in the correct “Z” order.
Before you beat the boss in world 1, make sure you have 600 hp AND mp!
Bandages might be useful but are far from necessairy to beat the boss.

Boss advice:

Look at it from safe distance for a while and learn its moves.
First Boss, Squid: Hit at it with your normal sword

  • When it pulls in its teeth, move backwards
  • When it blinks its eye, move backwards diagonally
  • Beat up any creatures that spawn and get too close
    Second Boss, Golem:
    Third boss, Ghoul:
  • Avoid the red balls he throws by moving away far enough.

World 2

Same maps, different monsters, different dungeons, better weapons. While you’re here and if you haven’t done it yet: Buy one of the 5k items at the shops: I suggest starting with the sword. (see Shops section)

First we need to beat two small easter eggs: go to the area Left of your house and cut down a bush at the top of that map. A spider will appear that keeps casting a lightning attack. You can easily avoid this by moving around and occasionally looking back and hitting the cutybunny. It will award around 3k xp.
Then go to area nr 2 (map) – cut down the bush at the top left of the map and beat the butterfly (4000 xp).

The rest of the map goes exactly the same as in the first world.

First Castle (nr 3)

At one point you need to toggle four switches at the same time. Use the magic attack of your second boomeraxe.
The boss works exactly the same as its world 1 counterpart and should die quickly.

Colloseum (nr 6)

This is the COLLOSEUM (see further for instructions) – you might want to do everything up to 9 first.

Second Castle (nr 7)

Boss: You might need a few baindaids here. Try to hit him towards a wall
The most important things for this boss are his colours:
*Red: You hit it, it spawns an evil eye
*Green: Stand back for a second. Something comes towards you.
*Blue: It’s invincible for a moment and strikes lazors clockwise everywhere. Avoid these by moving below him
*White: A red orb spawns and follows you for a moment
*??: The boss teleports elsewhere.

Third Castle (nr 10)

*Use the stairs, get the key at the end
*Use the key to get the ring (it reduces the cost of your magical attacks by half – cool!)
*Go right, get the key (some of the switches require boomerang power – try using your magic if it doesn’t work)
*Go left, beat the strange boss by attacking its face untill it flashes, then move out of the way for a sec and keep smashing it. Kill any orbs coming too close. Get the key
Now you have all keys. Make sure you have some bandaids (3 should do it at least) and maybe a flask of alcohol or two. Keep hitting the boss with your special sword attack. He should die soon enough.


This takes a whooping 30 waves to beat, with around 5 bosses! Be sure to take LOTS of bandaids (the maximum 9 recommend) and maybe you should get your last MP and HP potions too, so you have 800 hp and mp. The second ice staff (nr 7 in world 2) helps a bit too.
Beat every single wave and try not to get hit. Do not eat turkey when you do not need it. The special attack from the second ice staff helps a lot, but might cost you a lot.
If you beat every enemy on the map you get sent to the next level.
Bosses are very simple to beat: stand a bit diagonal to them, try to press them at the wall and keep smashing at them with your sword attack.
The final boss has loads of health (40k) but gives loads of xp too.


  • around 75k total xp (or more)
  • ONE of the following three: (so i suggest you beat this place twice)
    • A hp potion: your hp replenishes over time (4 hp / second – get this first!!)
    • An mp potion: your mp replenishes over time (4 mp / second)
    • If you already have both potions, you get 500 gold

I beat world 2, what now?

Congratulations! Now there happen to be more hidden things..


Create a completely new character, but with the same skillz as you had when you last beat the world 2 boss!

Epic skillz

Try to get all your stats at level 20 first. Then you unlock the level 21 stats. They cost 99999xp each (do the colloseum a few times).

Level 21 Weapon: (!!) Your sword now also shoots THREE beams that deal 3×999 damage each!
Level 21 Magic: All your magic attacks cost 1 mp.
Level 21 Health: You recieve only 1 damage from all sources.


I’m still looking for more hidden stuff.. if you find any – please add them to this topic!


Name: hp; xp

  • Jelly: 30 ; 10
  • Bat: 20 ; 10
  • Evil Eye: 200; 30
  • Spider: 20 ; 5
  • Doombat: 120 ; 40
  • Moth: 250 ; 50
  • Ratman: 30 ; 10
  • Ratman R (ranged): 20 ; 15
  • Ratzombie: 150 ; 15
  • Pigman: 200 ; 50
  • Pigknight: 500 ; 150
  • Pigwiz: 250 ; 150
  • Pigsecutor: 1500 ; 1000 (colloseum)
  • Butterfly: 1500; 4000 (easter egg, in a bush, top left area nr 2, in world 2)
  • Cutybunny: 2500 ; 3000 (easter egg, in a bush, area left of your house, in world 2)
  • Squid: 1300 ; 800 (World 1, castle 1)
  • Blue Squid: 3000 ; 2000 (World 2, nr 5)
  • Golem : 3000 ; 1500 (World 1, castle 2)
  • Ghoul: 5000 ; 2500 (World 1, castle 3)
  • Red Ghoul: 8000 ; 3000 (Collosseum)
  • Abobination: 12000 ; 5000 (World 2, castle 1)
  • Eye Lord: 14000 ; 5000 (World 2, castle 2)
  • Gordzack: 15000 ; 15000 (World 2, castle 3 – final boss)
  • Fleshwall: 6000 ; 5000 (World 2, castle 3 – left key)
  • Brutus: 40000 ; 20000 (Colloseum – final boss)

Note: The rat, the moth boss and the pigknight boss from the colloseum are missing

Shops & Fast Money



  • Sometimes you get a black screen. Just refresh the game a few times or wait a while. I’ve had it four times untill now and it’s always cured after a while.
  • If you get stuck after beating a boss, you might need to retry.
  • If you level up and cancelled, you might need 99999 xp to get the next levelup screen. You will be able to invest everything though. Try logging in again – this can trigger your levelup screen.
  • If you get random “CHEAT DETECTED” screens.. umm – give your info at the bezerk studio forums. They don’t know what causes this yet. (Unless you cheated in an obvious way)

You can find discussions, bugs and suggestions and lots more on this forum:


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Good guide so far! Here are some other tips:

Every time you upgrade life it fills your health, so you might want to keep this in mind if you’re approaching a boss… maybe a little more EXP from random enemies will allow you to go in with full health.

You don’t have to upgrade strength, magic, and life all at once, of course. I fully recommend upgrading only strength and life only, until your magic bar is huge (world 2, castle 2); then start upgrading magic too. Well before you get the second staff or the ring that halves magic cost, it should be within a few levels of your strength and life.

The only problem I found with not upgrading magic is that the ice staff does pathetic damage, so you should avoid using it.

Do you have any idea when exactly the game chooses to save, and where it puts you when you load?

EDIT: in fact, does upgrading life do anything other than filling your health bar? I haven’t really been able to notice any other effect.

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Yes, there should be a very small effect on the % of damage you get.
You are right on upgrading health. It’s very effective. But i would WARN everybody: ALWAYS upgrade your highest skill if you can, otherwise you’ll have to get 99999xp before you get the skill window again!

The ice staff is useless. Only the fire puzzles do something. The second ice staff’s special is great though – for example in the collosseum when you’re surrounded.

I’ll add a part on saving and loading.

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Originally posted by Karasu:

Yes, there should be a very small effect on the % of damage you get.

You are right on upgrading health. It’s very effective. But i would WARN everybody: ALWAYS upgrade your highest skill if you can, otherwise you’ll have to get 99999xp before you get the skill window again!

The ice staff is useless. Only the fire puzzles do something. The second ice staff’s special is great though – for example in the collosseum when you’re surrounded.

I’ll add a part on saving and loading.

I’ve not experienced the 99999xp thing! Nasty. But, I did notice that if you quit the game and load it up again, it’ll trigger the level up screen for you, which I guess might be useful if you chose cancel… in fact, depending on how saving works, it might be abusable by allowing you to level up health exactly when you choose to.. (This is anecdotal from one occurence, it may not be reproducable.)

I’ve been tending to use the ice staff on the butterfly things, but now that I’ve tried, just whacking them with the sword works great. Maybe I should have stuck with no magic build until I’m coming up to the colosseum. :)

EDIT: your missing creature is Butterfly: 1500; 4000. It is located in a bush in the top left corner of the square labelled ‘2’ in world 2.

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We’ll, I’m lvl 20 on all my statistics, and will slowly work my way towards those lvl 21 skills. Anyway, I do believe that the coliseum bosses (the giant sized reg enemies), are most likely counted as regular enemies despite the higher hp and potentially xp.

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I don’t get where the butterfly is. Nr 2 world 2. What?

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Look at the map picture further up in the thread. The square labelled 2 with the dungeon graphic on it, in the far north. At least, I’m pretty sure it’s that square. It could be the one to the left of it; and I can’t exactly check any more. But, pretty sure it’s that square. If my location isn’t quite right please let OP know. :)

BTW, you can remove the “one creature missing” note in your thread now. :)

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Ok. I found the butterfly. Gonna wait for badges now.

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Originally posted by NintendoGuy:

Ok. I found the butterfly. Gonna wait for badges now.

Same here… I misread how Karasu mentioned the location. I was assuming your own house.

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updated the lot.. it’s confirmed to have badges

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There was a bug at the coliseum where an enemy doesn’t move, doesn’t attack and doesn’t get hit. It froze my game and I have to reload, must have been a lot of effects at the time.

Anyway, I was able to get the lvl 21 attack, makes brutus hell a lot easy to take out. This should make future coliseum runs a lot faster.

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Perhaps you have used the staff magic a lot. I had that too once. I moved away for a while and the guy started moving again. My guess is he was kind of frozen.

Yup, the lvl 21 attack sure is epic ^^ im glad i chose that one first

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I don’t like this guide because it just tells you what to do. This guide doesn’t say where to get anything, and it doesn’t have that much detail to the bosses, and items.

“At one point you need to toggle four switches at the same time. Use the magic attack of your second Boomeraxe.”

What if the reader, doesn’t know where the second Boomeraxe is? In lack of better words, they’re screwed. On World 1, I had no clue where the desert switch was and I was literally stuck for an hour.

“5. Get the shield
6. Get the health upgrade
7. Get the ice staff
8. Get the mana upgrade
9. Get the health upgrade”

You should update your guide with more pictures and a better detailed guide. Sorry for the criticism but it’s what you need to know to make an excellent guide.

I was always taught that when ever writing some, whether it be an essay, a guide, or what have you, you should act like the reader knows absolutely nothing about the topic.

Hopefully you’ll update your guide with more pictures and more detail.


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This is an excellent guide. Well done. :)

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@Xelica: Yes, I know a lot of things (solutions to the puzzles, all bosses strategies) are missing. That is because I made this guide three days after I did all that. I am not planning on any reruns and today is the last day i will edit the guide (for now).

My guess is that you are not seeing the pictures. There are four of them explaining parts of the game. I put a link below them for those people who do not load them automatically.

Also, this guide does not tell everything because the puzzles in itself are easy enough. The guide on Berzerk Studio forums (to which i linked) also show in detail what you will have to do. By the time you near the four switches, you will know enough to figure out you have to get a second boomeraxe in the same castle.

I'll put in a small note about the shops too then. But I encourage other uses to put up the strategies and provide pictures (I am currently looking an animation on how you freeze the lava)



Unfinished.. and unlikely I will ever finish this part.
If you go to the fruit on the map, there are TWO shops there (not always available)

Weapon Shop
Magic Soda: 50g ; Replenishes mana if mp reached 0 (max 9)
Band-aid: 70g ; Full heal if hp reached 0 (max 9)
Chicken: 20g ; Instant hp + mp (exact amount?)
Power Elixir: 500g ; Instant 500 xp
Silver Armor (?): 800g ; 10%(?) damage reduction
Frost Sword: 5000g ; biggest damage boost (+100 ?)
Flame Armor: 5000g ; 50% damage reduction
Shield (?): 5000g ; reflects bullets, fire and absorbs 50 MP

Food Store
Magic Soda: 25g
Band-aid: 100g
Chicken: 15g
Note: The food store opens after you get the mustache (castle 1, world 2).
First time you visit the owner says you are the 1000th customer. You will receive 6 band-aids and 6 magic soda

Collosseum Store
Band-aid: 70g
Magic Soda: 50g
Power Elixir: 500g
Health Boost: 500g

There is another store (witch) at nr2 where you can buy a Mana Boost for 500g and 2500xp for 2000g

Fast Money

* WORLD 1: in castle 1 - destroy vases as described here: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/3/topics/39703?page=3#posts-841034 (fastest)
* WORLD 2: Colosseum (high xp, low money. You have to die or play untill all 30 levels before you can exit)
* Both: Go to area 2 and cut down the bushes, walk to the right and back to refresh : http://www.kongregate.com/forums/3/topics/39703?page=2#posts-839600 (fast)

Other Walkthroughs and Tips

* Complete walkthrough: http://ayumilove.wordpress.com/2009/04/12/heros-arms-walkthrough-tips-hints-cheat/
* Video Boss Walkthroughs: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/3/topics/39929
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good guide helped me with get those easter eggs

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Well, I got to the end of the game now, and to be honest I think that it’s a complete waste of time to level magic, at all. :D

You can beat the whole game including the colosseum without it. Even if you plan to level them all to 21, I would recommend getting strength and life to 20 before getting magic to 2. :)

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Are there any interesting Easter Eggs for giving your character a specific name (something like the Zelda World 2 cheat in the original LOZ, for example?)

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I’m getting a wall right before nine… What’s up with this?

EDIT: I can’t upgrade something more than once in a row. Is this a problem?

EDIT 2: I didn’t do number two for world one…. Is this bad?

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OK, now I understand why the level 30 guy in the colusium is not dying. 40K is nuts. I changed my stratedgy midstream because I started thinking I might have to kill all the other monsters off first. I should have stuck to
my corner and kept using the boomerange. Anyways, now I know better and I’ll go back to this again later.
I really wish they had put on a life bar or something for the bosses.

Good guide.

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Good guide, but a better way of farming EXP for the 99999 upgrades is to farm the final boss. He gives 15k a shot and the process only takes around two minutes. Easiest way for me to get it, plus all you have to do is get in the boss’s face and spam your magic (If using this way, I’d suggest getting the maxed out attack first for a quicker win).

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About your note at the “Food Store” I was only able to enter there after finishing the game once and creating a new player+ then the door guy says “hey you’re the kid that hanged around, you’ve grown fast” or something like that.
(It’s also possible that I could enter ‘cause I had the fake moustache, at world 2, haven’t thought about that before)

The first time I entered the store the owner said I was the 1000th customer and got 6 band-ainds and 6 magic sodas.

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Excellent guide, very well made and a good companion to somebody trying to get the badges or simply trying to get through the game! Thanks for this. :)

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Quickly retrieve Hero’s Arms from safe.

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oh, and that shield that reflects projectiles and absorbs mp (forgot it’s name) it restores 50mp for each reflection, just checked that.

Nice work!