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What is your CrunchBall 3000 Team like?
Who Do you Have in your Team?
Who Your Best Goal Scorer?
Whats Your Colours?
Or just talk about anything on Crunchball 3000

Tell Me anything about your crunchball 3000 career team.

Also Crunchball 3000 has 1 badge!

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My Team

My best win

All Teams With Real Names and with Colours

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There are some more badges now. :)

Someone at my workplace was having trouble with this game, so I sent them an email with this guide in it. I thought I might as well post it on here too, so I've padded it out with a bit more detail.

Set up your team approximately like this:

- I've taken points away from PASS and THROW and put them in TOUGH and SPEED. I've also weakened the goalkeeper and put those spare points into TACKLING.

- Don't change your team's primary and secondary colours to the same like I did my first time. When you meet a light-coloured team it's very confusing.

- the 1000 to 1500 training items are not worth buying. Buy the 5000 and 6000 training items instead. Concentrate on speed and toughness, with a bit of tackling. Once speed and toughness are 5 star for most of your players, move on to tackling and throw.

- Don't bother with the drugs or bribe unless your team looks like Noodlez's team and so you have nothing else to spend money on. Since they only benefit your team for a single game, they are a waste of money.

- the game saves your progress after any purchase and immediately after a match ends. So you can refresh the page if you get off to a bad start in a match.

- Really there's no reason you can't win every game. 1-0 wins are perfectly acceptable.

- After seven games the season ends and you'll get promoted. You'll get the option of buying transfer players. I'm not sure this is a good idea: yes, they are reasonably priced, but you'll end up with some 5-star players and some rubbishy players, and you'll have to do training anyhow; some of which will be wasted.

- But, if you see a SPEEDy and TOUGH player, maybe with good TACKLING, you can get him. Also, feel free to downgrade your goalkeeper even more to get some money. If your goalkeeper is getting the ball more than once every few matches, you're playing it wrong. ;)

- I like the counterattack formation the most, it's good against everything. In Division 4 (at the start of the game) you might want to use Narrow Attack just because you don't need a defence of any kind.

- In actual play, tackle by walking into opposing players. DO NOT press pass or throw buttons while doing this: nine times out of ten this will cause the ball to go in a random direction.

- To be honest, passing and throwing are generally overrated. Running with the ball feels really slow, but it's more reliable and easier to control. Also, having less stats to train is very useful.

- You still need to use the pass key binding to switch players when you lose the ball.

- Once you have the ball, move up the field in zig zags. Avoid opposing players. If you run into a few of them, it's perfectly OK to turn the opposite direction and move away from them:

The green arrow is direction my player wanted to go in, but three opposing players have blocked that route. The pink arrow shows how I can spin around and head them off. The blue arrow is the direction they will tend to go in. I know it's difficult to believe this will work, but it will. They tend to head to where you're facing rather than at you. This starts working especially well in Division 1 when the pace is faster.

- If you get really closed in, or your player who has the ball is really slow, a good desperation move is to throw at an angle against the side of the pitch.

- Walk the ball into the net. Avoiding the goalkeeper is easy: head towards him at an angle then suddenly change.

- If you get tackled in the enemy area, they tend to muck about and not clear it right away. You have a very good chance of getting the ball back, leaving them defenceless.
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In my experience, it seems a five star player with full uniform upgrades is better than a one star player with full uniform upgrades; it seems those bonuses stack.

(Also, adding even one five star player in a good position early on [specifically, not position 1, where the bonuses are mostly worthless] makes the game so much easier.)

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I tried buying one good player the first time I played, but I found it was quite difficult to ensure that player actually got the ball. When I played through the second time I didn’t buy any transfer players and kept the whole team nice and even, and it seemed much easier…

What do you mean by a five star player with full uniform upgrades? You mean to say five stars is not an actual maximum? Or that transfer players have some hidden bonus?

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Originally posted by explodingferret:

What do you mean by a five star player with full uniform upgrades? You mean to say five stars is not an actual maximum? Or that transfer players have some hidden bonus?

I’m saying that I believe five stars is not the maximum (in practice I believe that you can get five stars from a uniform bonus and another five stars from the player being awesome and that these actually add.)

And as I said, you really need a good player in a good position: for example a position 9 good player (the middle of the front three in narrow attack) is much more valuable that a position 1 good player.

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I just finished it, buying the transfer upgrades worked well for me. I grabbed as many as I could and used the group upgrades to even things out and max them out. My team wasn’t maxed, but it was close to it and I wasted some upgrades in the beginning figuring the game out.

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The game is rather easy. But if you have a laggy computer it’s even easier, because time goes slower and the speed isn’t to bad and you can score more.

My Most goals scored is now 17-0.

All My teams, i have made them all good teams from soccer/football.
So theirs

Man u
Real Madrid

and more other teams.

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i keep on going to the main menu and back into continue career to get the best players straight up and not buy upgrades till i need to

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I have made a Serie A league by changing the teams’ names and kits. I took Palermo from fourth division to the title and bought Davide Santon, Giuseppe Rossi and Pepe Reina!

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Do any of you know if they are making a multiplayer bersion? That would be sweet.

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@ror444 i dont know if they are. But i agree it would be great

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Did you just have to bump this?
Yes, I realize you were putting your opinion in, and I think multiplayer would be great, but answer that on his profile, not a 5-month-dead thread.

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Well, I just found out about the game yesterday. I beat it today. I spent like 10 hours playing it and following exploding ferrets advice, I won but my team still wasn’t as good as noodlez. The game seemed like it was going to be really hard. But, when I beat division 2 it started to make me nervous but then it started to get really easy.

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Just a note: the mechanics for stats has some hidden complexity to it. If you both transfer players AND build your team up with gear upgrades, you’ll notice that your transfer players are still the best. How is that possible?

Well, if you go the main screen and click “Team Editor”, then find your team, you’ll see something surprising: your team’s UNMODIFIED stats. These are what your players really look like, without all that fancy-ass gear you bought. I speculate that the actual performance of a team member is real stats + equipment bonuses. I do not know if there is a max on equipment bonus or not. I just experimented with training speed six times on a team that already had 5 stars across the board in speed during the normal season, and found that it, unlike gear bonuses, affects the players’ natural stats.

As such, the benefit of transferring in better players is huge. And it means there’s plenty of room to make your team even more terrifyingly dangerous after you’ve become world championships by training up your teams’ base stats.

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Did this really need another bump?? For shame!!

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Originally posted by L_Deathnote:

Did this really need another bump?? For shame!!

3 necros huh? It looks like I’m going to have to bookmark this thread to further the record later.

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Crunchball 3000 is the greatest not-a-real-sport flash sports game ever. Its appeal will outlast the nuclear holocaust, outlast the cockroaches who evolve to take our place, and outlast the best not-a-real-sport flash sports game that the best of their independent game developer cockroaches comes up with.