Balloon Invasion help?

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Hey all, have some questions about this one.

-Is there any reasonable way to take down zeppelins without resorting to spamming airstrikes or bombing them with EVERYTHING for their whole flight (which often only leaves them mostly dead if that, and is generally useless if there’s other balloons and/or zeppelins around. Which there usually is.)? I have nearly full damage boosts on my main gun for the record.

-What, precisely, is the point of the thunder towers? They cost more than anything in prestige and upgrade points, take longer to respawn, and yet have a horrendous firing rate and do laughable damage, even after a few levels. Is there something I’m missing here?

-Is 5 stars the highest ranking for a mission or does something better exist?

Any help would be awesome thanks! :)

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I heard that these Thunder Towers work well against the Zeps, never tried it though. I could use some tips as well.

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OK, I’ll try to help out a bit, but this will be brief as I have little time. First 5 stars is the highest I have seen, but don’t know exactly. OK, I have had no use for the thunder towers as of yet, unless later in the game there is an enemy that is weak against them, but so far (on level 16 on elite difficulty) have seen no use for them. Air strikes are the way to go in my opinion, upgrade them so they take away less prestige when you use them, also the rocket towers are ok against them but often to slow. So I just upgrade and go crazy with air strikes (and max out anything that yields prestige so you always have enough). This has gotten me this far without dying yet on elite. I abandon the easy setting after the badges, but will repost when I get to higher levels and see if the thunder towers are worth anything.

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i have also gotten 5 stars; haven’t seen anything higher yet. Lightning towers are way too slow… Maybe they get exponentially stronger as they level up? but for the beginning levels, they’re effectively useless.

I’ve been trying a myriad of “extreme” strategies if you will, like constantly making the rocket gun, and constantly making the machine gun. the machine gun got me pretty far, except it couldn’t handle the boss.

the rocket gun is decently powerful but unbearably slow and therefore unreliable in mass swarms. unless the flak gun gets the same upgrades as you, i don’t see it being particularly useful, although i have yet to try it.

the slow gun, if the desc is correct and it only slows down one blimp, i can see it might be good for random situations, but overall, i dunno; it still seems unusable.

one of the other strategies was focus on my main gun; that proved useless seeing as it hard an incredibly hard time against the normal big white blimp.

i think this time i’ll focus on upgrading and making all 3 air things cheaper and faster to call, as well as upgrading prestige per ship, maybe this’ll be good.

the kamikazes are incredible against bosses, overkill for the smallfries.
air raid and the normal bombs are great for just the normal guys.

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The developer’s website states that 5 stars is the max. It also says that getting 5 stars on certain battles is how “secret” levels are unlocked, which is the secondary way of getting the medium badge. I don’t know which battle requires the 5 star rating, though.

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what about the medium badge (Boss defeated – There’s an alternate, secret way to complete this achievement), anyone know the alternate way?

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i just went to the developer’s site and scanned his tips and tricks, they’re like gold dust, practically useless.

i’ll say what everybody knows, getting gold badges are key for high stars.
easy gold badge = don’t let them drop a single bomb

other easy achievements, don’t let them get past 80% of the screen.

now i’m not sure about this, but calling in a number of airstrikes (any of the 3) nets you a badge, are these worth it? maybe if you have upgraded them, and they cost cheaper.

whatever the case, make sure they don’t get past 80% of the screen map and you should get a high score.

just got 5 stars on the 2nd stage (replaying it) 106k was my score.
used 3 machine guns

i was trying a strategy where i had 6 machine guns, albeit powerful, completely unnecessary, seeing as they cost a chunky amount to build.

3 stars on lvl 1 = 86k


3 stars on lvl 3 = 144k

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if i remember right, either the small gray balloon stage, near the bottom, or the large double balloon stage near the coast, if passed with 5 stars, will open up a red balloon, ‘covert attack’ stage. if you pass that, it counts for the medium badge. I got the badge that way without realizing it counted ’til I got the badge completed message.


I forgot to mention that I’d 5 star’d all the other available levels, by that point. had gotten mauled by the boss, and, having seen a suggestion to get freeze rays, was doing every available level (did the small gray after being mauled by boss) to get enough points to afford the freeze ray. I also got a Career award for 1000 kills the same time the red stage opened, but I don’t think that matters.

what’s gotten me pretty far, at least in the easy difficulty, is to build 1-2 oil rigs first, then 3 aux flaks, and lastly 2-3 freeze rays. spamming airsupports whenever a zepplin shows up, while keeping up the flak barrage worked pretty well so far. Mind you, I passed the first boss because I had freeze rays, backed up with aux flaks (my only other gun at the time), of course. With that, the boss didn’t even pass over the main cannon once. Having just gotten Rocket Launchers, am switching to oil rig, 2 launchers, 2 aux flaks, 2 freeze rays, and will continue to use as long as it still works.


My Lvl 22 (Easy): 7 Acc, 6 Speed, 9 Damage (max), 5 Firing Rate, 9 Reload (max), 5 Ammo, 6 Build Speed (max), 6 Build Discount (max), 3 Armor, 6 Bonus Kill Prestige (max), 2 Auto Repair, 1 Starting Prestige, Aux Flak, Rocket Launcher, Freeze Ray, Oil Rig, 3 Winged Bomb, 2 Airstrike, 3 Support Fire.

seeing that Lvl 24 is apparently max, I’ll obviously do things differently if I try Elite, but I passed the 2nd boss (Easy) with the above, so it works to some extent, at least.


Seems there’s a new update to the game, as I just hit Lvl 25, and in the Stats screen, there’s a threshold for the next (26) lvl… Also, buildings seem cheaper, ie Triple Guns are now 3pts instead of 4, and Thunder Globes are 4 instead of 6. Didn’t get refunded any points (have bought all other buildings), but am now tempted to start a fresh game to see just what got cheaper.

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if i remember right, either the small gray balloon stage, near the bottom, or the large double balloon stage near the coast, if passed with 5 stars, will open up a red balloon, ‘covert attack’ stage. if you pass that, it counts for the medium badge.

cries Thank you, so, SO, much.

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I’m playing easy. I have 5 stars on the first five levels. I’ve upgraded my wep dmg and accuracy to level 6, everything else on my main flak to lvl 5. My air supports are lvls 3,2,3 respectively, and my balloon gain is lvl 3 as well. I also have 4 points to spend freely. The alternate way must not exist on easy, because I have 5 stars on everything before the first boss.

I have tried speccing and buying multiple triple cannons, that didn’t work against the first boss. I’ve tried rocket launchers. I’ve tried armor lvl 2 and regen lvl 2, that didnt’ work either. No matter what I’ve done, the first boss shows up, blows up everything I’ve built and kills me.

This is some kind of bullshit. As far as medium badges go, there’s something wrong with this game.

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Though it's easily found by playing the game a bit, I'll mention the ingame badge requirements I've found, since I just got the last of the battle badges. Still have a few career badges to go. (Listed by type:) *Battle Badges* (on a per battle basis) Shell Conservation: #Bronze - less than 160 main flak shots (+12k) #Silver - less than 80 main flak shots (+18k) #Gold - less than 40 main flak shots Structures: #Bronze - build more than 9 (+12k) #Silver - build more than 12 (+18k) #Gold - build more than 15 (+24k) Air Support Use: [sum of Airstrike, Flying Bomb, & Support Fire] #Bronze - more than 10 (+8k) #Silver - more than 30 (+12k) #Gold - more than 50 (+16k) Kill Combo: #Bronze - more than 8 in a row (+10k) #Silver - more than 12 in a row (+15k) #Gold - more than 16 in a row (+20k) Keep Away: #Bronze - no enemy crossed 80% of screen (+15k) #Silver - less than 60% of screen (+22.5k) #Gold - less than 45% of screen (+30k) Bombs Dropped: #Bronze - fewer than 8 bombs dropped #Silver - fewer than 4 bombs dropped (+22.5k) #Gold - no bombs dropped (+30k) Main Flak Accuracy: #Bronze - better than 70% (+6k) #Silver - better than 80% (+9k) #Gold - better than 90% (+12k) Oil Production: #Bronze - more than 15k prestige via Oil Rigs #Silver - more than 30k prestige via Oil Rigs #Gold - more than 45k prestige via Oil Rigs (+20k) Pure Prestige: #Bronze - earn more than 150k prestige #Silver - earn more than 300k prestige #Gold - earn more than 450k prestige (+30k) *Career Badges* (only get once) (still missing 3 from what seems to be the boss set, 1 other set completely blank) Bosses (yellow stages): #defeat the 1st boss #defeat the 2nd boss #defeat 3rd boss (+200k) Battles Won: #Bronze - win 40 battles (+100k) #Silver - ??? #Gold - ??? Commander Levels: #Bronze - be level 12 #Silver - be level 18 #Gold - be level 24 (+160k) Total Kills: #Bronze - more than 1000 total balloons shot (+150k) #Silver - more than 5000 total balloons shot #Gold - more than 10,000 total balloons shot (+250k) EDIT: listing new badge info as I acquire it.
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Thanks for the badge info

If anyone can give out a more comprehensive guide with the stat allocation, etc, especially for elite mode, is greatly appreciated.

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this is a working strategy SO FAR for elite, i haven’t beat the boss yet, but as a general guideline.

someone suggested Flak gun turrets, i tried that, they’re … nice; but nice [turrets] finish last. so far i’ve been getting 5 stars with this strategy:

3 machine guns, pump them out asap to level up them asap
max prestige per ship
mix it up with upgrading the 3 airstrikes at least once each.

knowing when to use which airstrike is key
winged bomb is key to destroying white blimps

i’ve noticed that if you aim in front of the little thing underneath the balloons it seems to do more dmg
whenever you think you can’t handle a swarm, use support fire (usually 7-9+ ships)
the wing gunners are really good to kill everything, so when do you use them?
use them when you see a white blimp coming, use it to clear everythign out of the way for winged bombs

ALWAYS check how many blimps are going to be coming, it’s listed under the wave number.

reducing costs/speeding up airstrikes are very important, but i’m still at lvl 2 for each.

YOU MUST NOT LET THEM DROP BOMBS. 3 machine guns and well timed winged bombs will easily help you clear the white blimps

the moment you see a white blimp, you must clear the path and let the winged bombs fly, so it can recharge in case there’s another white blimp coming

more strategy to come, but work with that for now.

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I think you need 5 stars on all of the first 5 levels before you get the secret level.

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I think you need 5 stars on all of the first 5 levels before you get the secret level.

i think this might be correct

i have lvl 2, 4, 5 (4 and 5 are the ones opened by lvl 3) with 5 stars

number 4 and 5 are the small gray balloon stage and the large double balloon stage

i have both of them 5 stars but no red stage yet.

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I unlocked the bonus stage by just having 5 stars on all and at the time I was just trying to get points. Anyone know how many secret levels there are?

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Well, I was starting to lose hope of ever finishing when I was entering the last 1/3 of Elite, since levels were already really hard and there just weren’t many upgrades left that would help me dish out more damage. Then I discovered how awesome leveled machine guns are! I put a bunch of points in build speed to help out, and building only machine guns seems like an excellent strategy. My full build at level 22:

Accuracy 3, Shell Speed 5, Shell Damage MAX, Firing Speed 5, Reload MAX, Ammo Capacity 5

Build Speed 4, Build Price 0, Building Armor MAX, Balloon Blast Prestige Gain 5, Auto Repair Buildings 5, Start With More Prestige 0

Auxiliary Flak, Triple Cannon

Winged Bombs MAX, Airstrike 4, Support Fire MAX

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i already posted earlier the machine guns were they way to go

Beating the first boss:

for those in elite who have problems beating the first boss, it turns out he also runs out of ammo.

if you constantly make machine guns, you will find that your last gun “should” survive alongside with you, not to mention if you have lvl 1 armor, you can survive one round of his fire

after you survive the first onslaught, continually bombard him with winged bombs and you should be able to pass the first boss.

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I’ve have lvl 2 armor, and lvl 2 regen, and was never hit until the boss came (first boss). He took me out in one hit.

I’ve had 5 auxiliary flax built. He took them all out, including myself.

I’ve attempted the first boss, on easy mode only, with auxiliary flax, triple cannons, rocket launchers, lvl 8 flax dmg. Many many times. I have 5 stars on the first five levels, lvl 9 commander, and I can’t beat it. In general, I’ve upgraded my wep dmg and accuracy to level 6, everything else on my main flak to lvl 5. My air supports are lvls 3,2,3 respectively, and my balloon gain is lvl 3 as well. I also have 4 points to spend freely.

It’s about the stupidest fucking cockblock I’ve encountered in a game yet. This is up there with Atari’s ET M&M bug, Matrix Revolutions unbeatable game, Superman for the N64. This first boss is inane.

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i understand that the boss is ridiculously broken, but if you were smart enough to post here, you should also be smart enough to read that there is a working strategy to beat him even on elite. i don’t see why there is a problem anymore.

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i already posted earlier the machine guns were they way to go

Your advice about levels 1-6 has no bearing on level 20+. Triple Cannons don’t really come into their own until they gain 3 or 4 levels. Auxiliary Flak is notably superior at lower levels because they level up so much faster, though I’ve found now that I’m near the end of Elite that I wish I had those 3 points back to spend on something else.

So for anybody looking to beat Elite, I’d recommend buying Triple Cannon the first time you gain a level and never buying any other structures. Put points in Build Speed if you can’t build cannons fast enough.

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Define “working strategy.” And where?

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You need max weapon damage, period. For the first boss, I’d recommend putting points in a structure, max weapon damage, a few points in armor, and whatever’s left in reload and firing speed. Build speed may help if you only have 1 structure type. Fire away and spam all your specials at the boss.

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Define “working strategy.” And where?

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I agree with guided by lemons in that triple cannons are the way to go as far as structures, put points in build speed , put a point of so in armor, and then max out the air strikes.