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Here is a list of all the words. A ♣ after a word means it is starred.

Level 1 – Cat, fish, mouse, dog♣, bird♣, rabbit♣, dogfish♣ catfish♣.

Level 2 – Triangle, cube♣, square, hexagon♣, octagon♣, pentagon♣, oval, ellipse♣, circle, Arctic circle♣, Bermuda Triangle♣, ice cube, dance♣, rap, hip hop♣, Madison Square Garden♣, Times Square♣, New York♣, Oval Office♣, government, military, White House♣, Washington D.C.♣

Level 3 – Boxing, knockout, gloves, fights♣, ice hockey, hockey, hooligans♣, soccer, basketball, slam dunk, time out♣, baseball, Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, home run, homer, Homer Simpson♣, donuts, food, beer, Baby Ruth♣, celebrities♣, Paris Hilton, Kevin Bacon, bacon♣, spider pig, Martha Stewart♣, Tiger Woods, O.J. Simpson, football, golf, bunker♣, wood♣, rough♣, green, lawn♣, croquet♣, table tennis♣, tennis, court, badminton♣, racquet, Gordon Ramsay.

Level 4 – Blue, berry♣, fruit, sky, fly♣, bat, moon♣, rocket♣, plane, tides♣, sea of tranquility♣, vehicles, bike, car, boat, sea, steamboat♣, seaweed♣, river, Thames♣, Amazon♣, Mississippi, bus, London, red buses♣, Tower of London, beefeater♣, The Crown Jewels♣, red, green, pink, jewels♣, ruby, emerald, diamond♣, The Pink Panther, emerald city, Diamonds Are Forever♣, Pretty In Pink, Pretty Woman♣, yellow, banana, orange, purple, yellow brick road, ruby slippers, The Color Purple♣, grape, Mr. Orange♣, The Wizard of Oz♣, The Green Mile, films♣, A Clockwork Orange, brown, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape♣, Fried Green Tomatoes, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes♣, Kill Bill, Death Wish♣, Death Proof♣, Jackie Brown, Reservoir Dogs, Quentin Tarantino♣.

Level 5 – Texas, oil♣, don’t mess with Texas, catch phrases♣, Colorado, Rocky Mountains, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Vegas, Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, The O.C., Television Programs♣, Miami, CSI Miami, Dexter♣, murder♣, death, accident♣, drowning♣, Hamlet♣, suicide, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare♣, get thee to a nunnery♣, California, San Francisco, Big Gay Al♣, South Park♣, Kenny, Kyle, Stan, Cartman, Butters♣, south, north, east, west, south pole, north pole, Santa♣, sleigh, Christmas♣, tree, presents, reindeer, islands♣, Rhode Island, Montana, Hannah Montana, Nevada, desert, Mountain Ranges♣, Alps, Himalayas♣, Andes♣, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Paris♣, Europe, cuckoo clocks♣, Sicily, Easter♣, egg, eggnog, Rhodes♣, Asia, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Bollywood♣, Lone Star State, The Lone Ranger, hi ho silver♣, Ellery Queen♣, northern lights♣, banks♣, Monaco♣, Texas Hold’em♣, safety in numbers♣, pie in the sky♣, hedge your bets♣, bets, get well soon♣, all’s well that ends well♣, every cloud has a silver lining♣, pi♣, Richard III♣, Twelfth Night♣, knight, chess♣, queen, king, bishop♣, nun, Monk♣, sickness♣, killer♣, birdman♣, Alcatraz♣, bee, honey, honey trap♣, prison, casino♣, chips, slots♣, poker, bluff, roulette, even, odd, numbers, 21♣, black, blackjack, games, cards, magic, Caymen, Dallas, Miami Vice, checkmate, lights, East Timor♣, chocolate♣, Belgium, Greece.

Level 6 – Vanilla, Neapolitan, Naples♣, horse, horses head, mafia, The Godfather of Soul♣, James Brown, Vanilla Ice, tutti frutti, Little Richard, Biggie Smalls♣, Tupac Shakur, zebra, stripes, tiger, animals, cats, lion, Catwoman, Batman, superheros, Spider-Man, superman, Lex Luthor, Martin Luther King Jr., Professor X, Malcolm X, X-Men, X-Ray, jail stripes♣, musicians, Lou Reed, Louis Armstrong, Joan Armatrading♣, Walk Under Ladders♣, Walk on the Wild Side, Perfect Day♣, superstition, black cats, Cat Stevens, Yusuf Islam♣, The Nation of Islam, Broken Mirrors, Morning Has Broken♣, Night Train♣, Peace Train♣, The Great Train Robbery♣, crime, The Black Panthers, panther, The Weather Underground♣, Storm♣, Timothy Leary♣, animal man♣, warthog♣, armadillo♣, hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, Computer Games, Luigi’s Mansion♣, Civilization♣, Luigi, Mario, ghosts, donkey, Donkey Kong, monkey, The Monkees, bands, The Beatles, The Cars♣, Gorillaz, coffee, Television, Coffee and TV, Blur, Britney Spears, (You Drive Me) Crazy, Crazy Horses, The Osmonds♣, Madness♣, Talking heads, Head, arm, brain, skull, body, nose, skunk♣, Alpha Centauri♣, stars, The Sun, Earth, The Milky Way, candy♣, galaxies, Super Mario Galaxy, Betelgeuse♣, Star Wars, Hoth♣, Wolf 359♣, Star Trek, Death Star, Spock, Baby and Child Care♣, Starship Troopers, bugs, brain bug♣, ant, spider, spider monkey, anteater, Blondie♣, atomic, Yellow Submarine, Octopus’s Garden, travel♣, Abbey Road, Koopa Troopa♣, Science Fiction, Dune♣, Halo, Fahrenheit 451♣, books, Left Behind♣, Dracula, horror, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein♣, Rosemary’s Baby♣, wedding, anniversary, gold, silver, metal, Rapture♣, Paperback Writer♣, Norwegian Wood♣, Ticket To Ride♣, Ocean’s Twelve♣, Brad Pitt, Brad, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, time travel, time, The Time Warp, age, stone age, ice age, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button♣, Big Ben♣, clock, The Pit and the Pendulum♣, The Picture of Dorian Grey♣, bell, Baby Bells♣, ring, The Ring, Japan, moshi moshi♣, telephone, Mercury, gods, planets, Uranus, uranium, Saturn, Titan, titanium, Satan, heavy metal♣, cities, houses, rooms, Max Headroom, Wolverine, What A Wonderful World, Stevie Wonder, strawberry, Strawberry Fields Forever, rocky road, Janet, Twelve Monkeys, Ender’s Game, Burning Down The House, An American Werewolf in London, American Psycho, Psycho Killer, Our House, Pacman.

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Blegh… I only need 4 stars on #6.

Bands – 3-7 and 7

Animals & Stripes – 5 (not tiger or zebra)

I can’t find the 4th one XD

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Selly, those would be: The Osmonds, Madness, and skunk.

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Maistlin, thanks for the help!

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hey on number 3 you forgot one theres a Babe Ruth and a Baby Ruth you forgot babe HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!!!!

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Awesome, this REALLY helped!

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Thanks for this – I had 5 to finish the whole game and knowing the answers now I could only have got one really – apart from the Caymen / Cayman nonsense….. that would have made two. Fantastic game – loved every second of it. Thanks Maistlin for this list.

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I felt that the subjects went way off topic and did not stick to the main starting point. If you were going to start a second version, I suggest that if you are going to start a whole new subject such as “military” off of “Pentagon” from “shapes” it opens as a whole new level. Also, in pets, you did not list all the pets such as snakes, reptiles, farm animals, and basic care. This needs to be totally redone.