"I Hate This Game" walkthrough

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To begin click on the doorknob.

1. Slide the door to the left and stop with your mouse over top of the white square.

2. Click the lock till it breaks.

3. Click the gray bar on the left side of the door.

4. Ring the doorbell 5 times slowly.

5. Click the right side of the screen, ignore the code.

6. There is a small box in the lower right spot of the main panel that is off colour. Click it. Drag the key to the lock.

7. Click the door and wait for the black to completely fade.

8. Double click password(so it is highlighted) and press delete.

9. Lose a game of Simon says.

10. Click no.

11. Click slightly beneath the doorknob until the door opens.

12. Hold tab and press space quickly (repeat if necessary).

13. Click and drag the area under the door to the left.

14. Click and drag the doorknob to the left then click again.

15. Click remote and batteries(once they fall from the screen). Click the question mark on the remote. Click the remote to flip it over, then click the battery cover. Drag the batteries into the remote. Click the X, then drag the remote to the door

16. Be like a ninja. Move the mouse quickly one way then quickly back to the door frame and click to go through. It will not work if the door touches the white, so be quick and repeat as needed.

17. Click the monkey until the key drops then drag the key to the doorknob.

18. Enter “your name” into the box.

19. Code is 5693.

20. As the robot lifts itself up, click the white object underneath it(may take several tries). drag it to the gray and black rectangle.

You are presented with the high scores screen, so assume you beat it. You should notice however, that when you click it your click counter still goes up. I am wondering if there is more to this than meets the eye, and if I find anything I’ll update.

Thanks for this guide go to Kkas and hothot689 for there assistance.