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Since this information is missing from the wiki at this time (at least for the vast majority of items as far as I can tell). Some of this information is from the wiki. If anyone knows any items to contribute, I’ll try and keep up with this thread and update it as often as possible. For my format I’m going to list the end product followed by what other CRAFTED items you need to make one and any rare resources that need to be gathered per craft, and where I remember or can find the information on the wiki how many of the more difficult to make item you need to craft for the follow-up recipe (i.e. 40 fire swords unlock a recipe).
Fire Sword requires 2 short swords and 1 volcanic rock(note 40 fire swords are required to unlock an Enchanter recipe)
Templar’s Blade requires 3 Highlanders
The One Sword requires 2 White Great Swords (100 The One Swords to progress)
Excaliber requires 10 Long Swords and 1 Divine Leaf (160 Excalibers to progress)
Ice Brand requires 2 Frost Protectors and 1 Eternal Ice
Lonewolf requires 5 Long swords and 1 Roaring Powder

Pirate Axe requires 1 Broad axe and 1 Abyss Shell
Sturdy pole axe requires 2 Stone axes
Frost Axe requires 5 Broad axes and 1 Eternal Ice

Corrosive Trident requires 1 Acid
Knight’s Ranseur requires 2 Ranseurs (72 to progress)
Gladiator’s Trident requires 1 Trident (68 to progress)
Transmundane Pike requires 1 Floating Lance (80 to progress)

Poison Blade requires 1 Acid
Purse-opener requires 1 Steel Blade and 1 Bandit’s Dagger (60 to progress)
Fire dagger requires 5 daggers and 2 Volcanic Rock

Ebony Staff requires 1 Oaken Staff (32 to progress, also 150 for Level 3 Fissure)
Dryad Staff requires 1 Oaken Staff (32 to progress)
Combat Staff requires 2 Oaken Staves (60 to progress, also 250 for Level 5 Fissure)
Brightest Rod requires 1 Ebonystaff
Earth Staff requires 1 Enchanted Staff (68 to progress)
Skeleton Staff requires 2 Wood elf staves (68 to progress, also 500 for Level 8 Fissure)
Healer Staff requires 1 Enchanted Staff and 1 Regen Herbs (68 to progress)
Dark Staff requires 1 Skeleton Staff and 1 Demon horn
Elemental Rod requires 1 Enchanted Staff and 1 Salve of Protection (80 to progress)

Crushing Sledgehammer requires 1 Sledgehammer and 1 Volcanic Rock
Great Mace requires 5 Soldier’s Maces

Harmonious Harp requires 1 Phoenix Feather
Performer’s Lute requires 1 Lute (80 to progress, also 500 required for Level 6 Mysterious Pillars)
Harmonious Flute requires 1 Eternal Ice
Twin Flute requires 1 Flute (72 to progress)
Bugle requires 1 Flute (72 to progress)
Celestial Flute requires 1 Celestial Harp (80 to progress)
Double flute requires 1 Elven Flute (80 to progress)
Dragon Pipes requires 1 Roaring Powder
Bagpipes requires 1 Bugle and 1 Drum (80 to progress)
Celestial Pipes requires 1 Celestial Harp

Fine Boomerang requires 1 Boomerang (48 to progress)
Storm Knives requires 1 Shock Dart (68 to progress)
Lightening Bolts requires 3 darts and 1 Abyss Shell
Wounding Knives requires 1 Throwing Knives (60 to progress)
Frost Shuriken requires 3 Eternal Ice

Fiery Dragon requires 1 Dragon and 1 Volcanic Rock
Gold Dragon requires 1 Dragon (48 to progress)
Quickdraw Pistol requires 1 Sharpshooter (32 to progress)

Bow of Precision requires 1 Hunting Bow (64 to progress)
Silk Bow requires 1 Phoenix Feather
Fairy Bow requires 1 Long Bow and 1 Faery’s Tear (25 to progress)
Elf Bow requires 1 Piercer (40 to progress)
Civil Bow requires 1 Small Bow (96 to progress)
Gemini requires 3 Long Bows (35 to progress)
Calamitous Bow requires 2 Piercers (96 to progress)
Double Shot requires 1 Gemini and 1 Roaring Powder
Leaf Bow requires 1 Golden Silk
Hunting Crossbow requires 3 Crossbows (112 to progress)
Heavy Crossbows requires 5 Crossbows (140 to progress)
Vicious Crossbow requires 3 Hunting Crossbows and 1 Rising Sun
Moonlight Fairy Bow requires 1 Fairy Bow and 1 Moonstone

Heavy Armor:
Light Lorica requires 1 Faery’s Tear
Guard Mail requires 2 Chain Mails (60 to progress)
Plate of the Moon requires 2 Half-plates and 1 Moon stone
Full Plate requires 1 Half-plate (68 to progress)
Demon plate requires 5 Half-plates and 1 Shadow Essence
Lionheart requires 8 Pendants of Safety (112 to progress)

Medium armor:
Soft Leather armor requires 1 Faery’s Tear
Barbarian Chief Armor requires 1 Fur armor (72 to progress)
Cow leather armor requires 1 Gambeson (100 to progress)
Noble leather requires 2 Leather cuirass (128 to progress)
Divine Leather requires 1 Divine Leaf
Plated Leather Armor requires 2 Studded Leather Armor (80 to progress)
Yeti Armor requires 3 Barbarian Chief Armors, 1 Eternal Ice and 1 Roaring Powder

Treated Cloak requires 1 Acid
Conjurer’s Robe requires 1 Faery’s Tear
Apron requires 2 Cloaks (60 to progress)
Smith’s Apron requires 1 Apron (48 to progress)
Cloak of Concealment requires 1 Rich Cloak and 1 Phoenix Feather
Guideon Robe requires 2 Cleric’s Robes (80 to progress)
Sky Mantle requires 2 Priest’s Robes (80 to progress?)

Heavy helmets:
Kabuto requires 1 Full helmet and 1 Abyss shell

Medium helmets:
Demon helmet requires 1 Demon horn
Grim Reaper requires 10 Leather helments and 1 Shadow Essence

Noble tiara requires 1 Circlet and 1 Phoenix feather
Streamlined Conscience requires 1 Cleric’s Hat (96 to progress)
Frozen Feather requires 1 Feather hat and 2 Eternal Ices

Shell Gauntlets requires 1 Phoenix feather
Spectacular Gauntlets requires 2 Fine Gauntlets (80 to progress)

Heat gloves requires 1 Volcanic Rock
Resistance Gloves requires 1 Long glove and 2 Moonstones
Duel Wielder’s Gloves requires 5 Leather Gloves (96 to progress)

Abyssal Arm-guards requires 1 Abyss Shell
Elfwood Vambrace requires 1 Iron Bracer
Elven Vambrace requires 3 Elfwood Vambraces

Heavy Boots:
Spiked Boots requires 1 Volcanic Rock

Floating boots requires 1 Faery’s Tear
Courier’s Boots requires 1 Riding Boots and 1 Phoenix feather
Insulated Fur Boots requires 2 Fur Boots (84 to progress, also 600 for Level 8 Steel Foundry)
Combat Boots requires 1 Soft Boots (96 to progress)

Courier’s Sandals requires 1 Golden Silk
Grounded Shoes requires 6 Sturdy Shoes (64 to progress)

Hardwood Buckler requires 1 Wooden Buckler (48 to progress)
Spider Shield requires 1 Bone Shield and 1 Demon Horn

Health Vials requires 1 Health Potion (20 to progress)
Cooling Aid requires 1 Antidote (68 to progress)
Mana Potion requires 1 Vial of Mana (48 to progress)
Revive Potion requires 1 Vial of Mana and 1 Phoenix Feather
Potion of Return requires 1 Brisk Beverage (68 to progress)
Energy Drink requires 3 Brisk Beverages
Rebirth Potion requires 1 Brisk Beverage (40 to progress)
Magic Drink requires 2 Vials of Mana (80 to progress)
Holy Spray requires 1 Moonstone (112 required for Enchanter recipe)
Acid Vial requires 5 Acid
Soft Potion requires 2 Brisk Beverages (96 to progress)

Magic Leaves requires 1 Acid
Alert Dust requires 1 Suple Dust (36 to progress, also 500 for Level 7 Fabric Mill)
Elemental Dust requires 1 Regen Herb (64 to progress)
Dust Triad requires 3 Alert Dusts
Soothing Herbs requires 5 Regen herbs and 1 Phoenix feather
Magic Dust requires 1 Strong Herbs (45 to progress)
Strength Seed requires 4 Magic Dusts
Cleansing Herbs requires 3 Healing Herbs and 2 Regen Herbs (72 to progress)
Seed of Skill requires 3 Skill Seedlings and 1 Shadow Essence

Scrolls (ugh):
Fireball Scrolls require 1 Magic Scroll (32 to progress, also 150 for Level 2 Ironwood Factory)
Earth Scrolls require 1 Magic Scroll (32 to progress, also 300 for Level 5 Ironwood Factory)
Luck Scrolls require 1 Magic Scroll (48 to progress)
Protect Scrolls require 1 Magic Scroll (68 to progress, also 500 for Level 7 Ironwood Factory)
Evil Scrolls require 5 Magic Scrolls and 1 Demon Horn
Lava Scroll requires 1 Fireball Scroll and 1 Volcanic Rock
Earthquake Scroll requires 2 Earth Scrolls (96 to progress)
Fortune Scrolls requires 3 Luck Scrolls
Blaze Scroll requires 2 Fireball Scrolls

Ring of the Dice requires 1 Acid
Scholar’s Mark requires 1 Ring of Wizardry (72 to progress)
Majestic Ring requires 3 Thief’s Mark (88 to progress)
Archmage’s Mark requires 2 Rings of Sorcery (96 to progress)
Foundation Ring requires 15 Rings of Dexterity and 3 Rings of the Dice (120 to progress)
The One Ring requires 1 Foundation Ring and 1 Divine Leaf

Amulet of Darkness requires 1 Lucky Amulet (68 to progress, also 500 for Level 6 Crystal Quarry)
Amulet of Life requires 1 Lucky Amulet (72 to progress)
Amulet of Light requires 2 Lucky Amulets (76 to progress)
Elemental Talisman requires 1 Moonstone
Storm Pendant requires 1 Elemental Rod
Sage Amulet requires 1 Clerical Mark (60 to progress)
Amulet of Evil Protection requires 2 Moonstones
Pendant of Thunder Immunity requires 2 Pendants of Safety (96 to progress, also 750 for Level 8 Crystal Quarry)
Pendant of Ice Immunity requires 1 Golden Silk
Rage Token requires 1 Roaring Powder
Holy Talisman requires 2 Amulets of Life (100 to progress)
Unholy Talisman requires 8 Zazen Amulets and 1 Dragon Scale
Symbol of the Gods requires 20 Priest’s Marks (120 to progress)
Death Token requires 10 Amulets of Darkness, 2 Talismans of Fear, and 2 Shadow Essences

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nice list – but if you know it’s missing from the wiki, why don’t you just write to edgebee for editing rights and update the wiki…?

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I could and probably should but I don’t have the energy to go back and forth to update that many pages so I thought it would be easier to just make one central list; I already work 13 hours a day, when I get home I’m a zombie this list was just a result of boredom on a rare day off. Also, some items like Sturdy pole-axe and Fortune Scroll I’ve gotten past but can’t remember how many of them I had to make, these items aren’t even listed in the wiki at all yet; to put the missing data in for them would be to create the entire page and I’ve no desire to try and figure out how to link the pages follow the format established. Maybe the next time I’m off I’ll try and do that but for now I’ve made this list and there’s others who update the wiki when they’re able.