GUIDE : How to know the components of every recipe or how to use knarfbot

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This guide will cover the use of the tool knarfbot, available on the Kong chat. If you know who created it please tell me so I can give due credits.

Basic use

First you need to go on Kong chat, on any room available for Swords and Potions 2. To get there you only have to click on the “chat” panel to the right of the game :

If you’re using another language on Kongregate, the names of the panels may be different.

Once you’re in chat, you can use knarfbot to ask him for components of recipe, use of rare components, use of items and prerequisites for building upgrades. There are two ways to do it :
- either use the command directly, e.g. “item:dagger” :

- or whisper the command to knarfbot, e.g. “/w knarfbot item:dagger”

In either case, when you hit enter, you’ll receive that answer:

You can also click the “reply” to answer by whisper each time after the first one.

There are three downsides to the first method :
- knarfbot isn’t on every chat room, meaning you may not always have an answer,
- Some people find it annoying to use it in chat, wether or not a discussion is ongoing,
- if knarfbot is unavailable, you aren’t noticed automatically.

For these reasons, I won’t use the first method for the rest of the guide.

Concerning the second method, here are two tricks :
- you can just whisper to kbot instead of knarfbot, e.g. “/w kbot item:knife”.
- if knarfbot is unavailable, try whispering to knarfbot2 or knarfbot3, e.g. “/w knarfbot2 item:knife”. It may work sometimes, even if knarfbot doesn’t seem to work.

The commands

item works on craftable recipes :

use works on craftable recipes and rare resources :

rare works on rare resources :

building works on buildings :

As you may have noticed, rare is redundant with use, and every “item” command is followed by an automatic “use” command.

When you see something like (1/5) or for buildings (lvl1/9), it means there are several answers to your request and kbot is displaying you the first one. To navigate between answers, add a number after the name :

You don’t need to add spaces, ’ or – to your recipes, meaning the following works:

Finally, there’s a search included in the requests, meaning you can only type enough letters of the object name to be distinguishable and still get an answer :

Understanding the replies

We know how to make kbot answer, but it doesn’t make it intelligible. Let’s understand what it means with the “item:dagger” example :

- (1/5), as we’ve seen, means there are 5 results to our request, and that only the first one is displayed.
- (lvl1, very fast) are the level of the item and its crafting speed.
- Crafter: blacksmith is pretty self-explanatory.
- Unlocks : Main-gauche(x20), Hand Axe(x16) means you’ll unlock the Main-gauche recipe after crafting 20 daggers, and the Hand Axe recipe after crafting 16 daggers.
- Tannery(building lvl2, 50) means you’ll need to give 50 daggers to get the city building from lvl 2 to lvl 3.
- *°Fire dagger(5, 16,000) means that Fire dagger uses 5 daggers to be crafted, sells for 16,000, is used either by another recipe or for a quest ( * means that) and uses a rare to be crafted (° means that).
- *Assassin’s Dagger (10/U1200, 10,000) means that Assassin’s daggers uses 10 daggers to be crafted, sells for 10,000, is used in another recipe or in a quest, and that you’ll need 1200 daggers to craft enough Assassin’s dagger to unlock another recipes (U1200 means that). In other words, you’ll need to craft 120 Assassin’s Daggers to unlock another recipe, and since each Assassin’s Dagger requires 10 daggers to be crafted, you’ll need a total of 1200 daggers to unlock that other recipe.

To know what is that other recipe that Assassin’s dagger unlocks, you can just use “item:assassin’s dagger” (“item:ssi” would work too) :

As you can see, Assassin’s dagger unlocks 2 daggers (one after 60 crafts, another after 120), but only the one needing the most daggers was taken into account when you did “item:dagger”. It’s best that way cause you won’t craft less than needed.

When to use knarfbot

You probably guessed it, but knarfbot has a lot of applications. I’ll give a few examples.

If you have a rare and don’t know if you should keep it, running a “use” will tell you if it’s used in a quest :

Even though Enchanted labrys doesn’t have an *, it’s used in two event quests and you should keep 2.

If you just unlocked a recipe that has an * before its name, which means it’s a component for another recipe, run a use:recipe on it to know if you can sell them or if you want to keep them :

Heater shield is used (amongst other recipes) in Mirror shield, which is not a rare recipe (no °) and unlocks something else (U192), so better keep them.

Frost protector is used in Icebrand, which uses a rare (°), and icebrand itself is used only for a quest, so I can sell them without worrying.

If you like to precraft objects, knarfbot is an invaluable tool to know how much of an item you’ll need.

Fireball scroll is used in Blaze scroll, so I need to precraft 224 of them, and in Firestorm scrolls, from which 128 are needed for the Fireshield scroll, which mean I need to precraft another 256 Fireball scrolls. On the other hand, I don’t need to precraft Lava scrolls, since they use a rare and don’t unlock anything.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. If you liked that guide, you should check out my other one : How to get in a good city from the beginning.

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Useful guide for newcommers and people familiar with kbot alike

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Thanks a bunch for this guide!

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bumping this because its being lost in the 4th page.

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will someone pin this please?

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knarfbot is love

knarfbot is life

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wow, good work. must be sticky.


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Great work to whoever coded that!


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Sadly it seems this bot is no longer available, unsticky’d.

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KNARFBOT WE WANT YOUR SOUL. BABY COME BACK. im so lonely without your loveeeeeeeeeeee (knarfbot please come back.)

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Guys and gals, consider telling Kong or the developer, as they will think it’s the bee’s knees and help to find who made it.

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Knarfbot was made by Knarf, a player who used to frequent room 4. I haven’t seen her playing anymore though.

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I’m going to see if I can find out who did made it and take up the mantle, it’ll have to be updated as well though…

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Could be really nice! Missing kbot a lot!!! It was a wonderful tool…

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Huh so it went down. Didn’t have time to implement any monitoring so I didn’t notice it, because I don’t have the time to play right now.
So a few things:
- If Kbot is down just message me :)
- When I have more time I’m going to implement automatic updates and monitoring etc. but that’s a bit off.
- Feel free to post / discuss suggestions – I’ll try to visit this thread frequently. :)

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1 with the knarf

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Yay kbot is back, Thanks Knarf. I just noticed that Ice brand doesn’t show that it’s needed for the war college.

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Some recipes, perhaps all of them, that had prices or ingredients changed in the Thanksgiving update are reporting correctly already. Somebody give Knarf a cookie for quick work.

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knarfbot is currently down. :(

@knarf please bring him back to life.

thanks in advance,


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Knarfbot is working fine at this time. The bot is no longer down.

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12/5/13 Knarfbot currently down. Knarf if you can please bring him back to life. Keep in mind that if there’s something you need the community to do to help you just ask us!

thanks in advance,


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Both kbot and knarfbot are working fine for me. Maybe you’re doing something wrong?