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Blitz Op Skill?

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Scorpion Charmer (4 stars) / Commander (5 stars)

First of all, I’m not here to complaint since I own 2 scor already but after experience them, playing just one of these like winning the game or completely turn the tide of table.

My opinion is those card summon by blitz skill should be half level of its summoner or having stun.

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Yeah, it strikes me as a pretty powerful move, but I’ve never lost in a match that used it before, and I think I faced it 3-4 times during the campaign. Overly-powerful, maybe, but far from a game winner.

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I don’t think so, because of their real maximum level.

Sure, you can train Scorpion Charmer or Commander up to lvl 50, but it is useless. Because of the summoning cards (Scorpions and Cavalry), which have only 2 stars and cannot be trained over lvl 30. So, even maximum upgraded, Blitz cards will work like they’re still level 30.