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I would like to see the tesla tower improved. It should be more like a superdeath laser as its the strongest defence but atm even I can kill one lol

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alone tesla is useless b/c of it’s low fire rate. put it in a large group of turrents and it is an effective deterrent to a high hp unit rush.

imho, same clan blocking by alts needs to be seriously addressed – simply no reason why this should be allowed. player should be allowed to designate who is considered a defender b/c of abuse of clan system or at least exclude some people from being considered defenders.

to state the obvious, for this game to survive you need either make it easier for beginners (player retention) or more pve content.

i stopped playing b/c it got boring – same people using same strategies all the time. perhaps have an experience point system and levels for individual units (make you think twice about losing that leveled unit) or limited time only special troops (for gold) or have a league play where people can compete in the wastelands to win non-OP prizes like the decorations or special decorations or maybe speedups for training.

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Another new idea.

Since a lot odf the new player don’t have chat or forum, wich not only sucks but puts them at a massive disadvantage against the kong players… and the automatic alerts go out to everyone, after 5-10minutes or so…

New building: Raid Siren An upgradable Siren that can either be manually triggered or goes off automatically (only) in case of attack. Function: It pushes the alert to online clanmembers only, but that immedeately. On site with the classic air-raid wail, for online members with a buzzer. Only works as long as the building stands and can be turned off for a agreed upon fight. Upgrades of the siren increase HP and speed of the alert. (1min on lvl 1, -12 sec’s + 20hp for each upgrade until a maximum of lvl 6. Building and upgrading for gold and hardware.

How about it?

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Just to make it known: The alert system is so laggy that it’s completely worthless now. While I was fighting at a clanmates base my own base was razed and the alert never went off. If YOu want to know whether an ally is under attack You have to manually rotate through the 25 allies in the tab that are offerd. Likewise only 25 actives are shown, even if more ppl are active/under attack. The active tab lags at least 5 minutes, too. Often more like 10-15. It’s not getting better, it’s getting worse. (1 star rating by now, I don’t really know why I’m still playing but I guess I will quit soon, too).

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yeah, i noticed it starting to become so slow its obsolete. sort it out!!!!!

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yea i might b quitting soon myself there’s a f2p;er who uses glitches or a hack n a alt it annoys me
i mark this game down 1 star now
any1 no any good games for ww lol?

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Hi guys,

We have a new update coming in the next few days, here are some of the changes that will be included.


Femborg – Max cap decreased to 12, Train Time increased to 1 hour

Field Medic – Cost decreased to 1200, Train Time decreased to 30 minutes, Ammo Capacity increased to 50, Ammo used increased to 25.

Butcher – Health increased to 45

Incinerator – Health decreased to 50, Total Action Points increased to 4, Ammo Capacity increased to 80

Renegade – Train Time increased to 3 days, Cost increased to 12000, Withdraw Time increased to 3 minutes

Liberator – Train Time increased to 5 days, Cost increased to 19000, Health decreased to 220, Withdraw Time increased to 4 minutes

Howitzer – Health increased to 42, Damage vs Buildings increased to 145

Medibot – Total Ammo increased to 160, Ammo used increased to 40

Gravibot – Health increased to 800


Sniper Turret

Level 1 – 14 damage, 15 range, 50 second shot time, 26 health
Level 10 – 30 damage, 18 range, 50 second shot time, 35 health

(good for open ground defence, used more for dealing with far away targets)

Missile Turret

Level 1 – 40 damage, 12 range, 60 second shot time, 50 health
Level 10 – 100 damage, 13 range, 60 second shot time, 75 health

(The heavy mech killer, designed to take down the heavy targets)

Heavy Turret

Level 1 – 24 damage, 9 range, 25 second shot time, 120 health
Level 10 – 60 damage, 9 range, 25 second shot time, 180 health

(same role as before, expect its range doesn’t go up when it levels up, instead does a bit more damage than before and has increased health )

Tesla Turret

Level 1 – 14 damage, 11 range, 15 second shot time, 140 health
Level 10 – 45 damage, 11 range, 15 second shot time, 200 health

(Now a monster at dealing with mass attacks, can fire 4 times in a minute)

New Features

Build Slots

Can now purchase additional Build Slots (up to maximum of 5) each one costing 50 diamonds. This now means you can have multiple things building/upgrading. Training Slots have had their price reduced to 50 diamonds

Recall All Units

You will now have a global button enabling you to withdraw all units on all maps back to your Transport Buffer.

Hope these look good guys. All these changes have been designed to make the game more balanced, we hope you agree.

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this is epic

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i was wondering maybe if you could make our maps bigger and make the exspansion cost less, a lot of us “freebies” cannot get much land.

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this a joke
increase training times on fems to hour cap at 12 4mins withdraw times on a 5 dy training unit theres so much wrong with this i dont know were to start

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To open up, it’s nice to see some changes. And I think most of them will probably work out fine, especially the medic and the femborg. I’m a bit afraid that the new supertesla and longlife-butcher will make the game even more pay to win, which would be bad, as no FTP in their right mind attacks a WW base as things are atm anyway and those changes will make it worse.
Especially in the light of the 3-butcher-throwaway alts and ww’s who just chuck out a few dollars to dominate any fight on the spawn line. FTP’s will now think twice as hard before they pull out renes and libs or learn the hard way not to. Since attacking becomes more dangerous and costly, even more FTP’s will probably turtle up. (If You get them to stay at all. The retention rate is …. very much improvable)

I really hope there will be more map, much harder walls, gates and some pve, so FTP’s have something to do rather than just sit and wait to get attacked by a wallet warrior.

So, somewhat wary, I look forward to the patch… ^^

PS:I You could do something about the various known exploits and downright cheats, at least a firm statement, would be a great help. Blockers, Lockers and Throwaway Alts are really bothersome

PPS: Gold bought or really low diamond cost decco items would be nice, provided we get the space for it.

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ur not in the right mind are u beli i think uve attacked me more than any 1 in the game lol. and this is only part of the update. theres more not listed

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Yes, I have counterattacked You. The corner of the base to destroy the HQ there. No chance to get in to the center through the turret rings without unreasonable losses though. And that was another fight where You sent in Your Yutari locking alt… So: a very fitting example, thanks for reminding me :)

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well turret upgrades are sweet. light turrets could of done with little tweeking. expes coz the f2p only have 7 of them normaly. incin reduced health not so good. butcher increase is good. lib health reduce isnt much. for such a strong dps unit. but the increase in training is better. fem cap disgracfull it should b upped not lowered. or at least increase marines and partisons or some thing to give people more incentive to fight. there should b some throw away troops to have fun with. wich personaly fems was. field medic a blessing for f2p as they cant afford medibots.

howies a very very bad idea. 145 dps. huna pillairs gone in 1 shot. massey wals in 1 massey pilliars 1 shot and a tickle of a lib. lol 100 dps tops i think personaly
but ill hold judgment on rest as i find it :))

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dont u mean the wife came into help lol. realised she coudnt coz u were same clan. but u shot her any way. yea thnkz for the reminder. and this aint a arguement post so shhh

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Well Belizeth you may like that Femborg change (I agree, there are reasons to like it). But I use also them as a part of my base defense and now I won’t be able to. And imo they were the only units besides snipers, with a decent enough damage/training time that could be used for offline defense.

About the butchers. Without a ton of Femborgs to throw at them, I really can’t see what I’m going to do about them at all. If their training time 6 were hours or so, they could be usable by everyone. Since I usually don’t like throwing away 1d+ units in some random border fight.

Increased withdraw time. Wtf? It’s gonna suck even more to be a small clan. It will almost be a 100% chance that I will get ambushed now, if I use a renegade or a liberator. And increasing their training time as well doesn’t help. (Although, I do like the fact, that you would actually take a risk if you bring them to some new guys base).

The only thing about this change that would make me attack more is the howitzers increased damage. Since you would still be able to deal a decent amount of damage even from the teleport area. This will of course suck for everyone that doesn’t have the full map.

About the Recall button. I assume withdraw time still counts when using it. I Can’t way for the day when I use it, just to realize my liberator still has 1 minute of withdraw time left :)

Build slots? Yet another reason not to attack anyone with a lot of diamond turrets, since they all be high level (instead of just lvl 6-7, which is hard enough).

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Yes, I have a very bad feeling about the butchers, too. WW’s and throwaways already use them heavily, but up to now they are countered easily. If I read the changes right, it will mean that freebies will be more or less reduced to snipers and below, and risk a very severe training time penalty if they loose anything above. So they’ll be ground under by the diamonders even more. Can’t see myself risking a howitzer if I know that any bored ww will ambush it and any escort. Even if I kill more units in worth than I loose it would be a phyrric victory, costing me a training slot for 1 week minimum.

If You have the choice to sacrife units in defence for a weeks traning time or surrender Your avatar, You’ll probably do the latter… most probably either by suicide pact or ninja trick. Can’t really blame a freebie if faced with such odds. I guess that will change the dynamics of the game… hopefully it will starve the infamy hunters out.

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Well, about the howitzer. The max distance for an avatar is 20 spaces away from the closets teleport area. If you want any walls protecting your avatar from an attack from behind or other defense, you’ll have to move it closer to the front teleporters. Likely around you’ll end up at range 16-18, which is within a range were the new howitzers will cut through the walls like butter.

Edit: But I guess they’ll be needed to destroy those new diamond turrets.

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I understand that these might not be all the upgrades but heres my initial opinion.

Femborg>> one hour training time is an annoying amout of time. Inless you play for 6hours straight it will just block a slot the whole time your playing. This makes the unit much harder to use. A better soloution to it being too strong would be to decrease its damage to 15. still heavy enough but makes it just right.

Field Medic>> great changes that make the unit more useable and increase tactical plays, exept the ammo cost will be extreme for a low level player reversing this and making the unit again not very useable.

Butcher>> great change

Incinerator>> why lower its health?? they die easy enough already.

Renegade>> soon to be extinct. 3 days of training, that makes this unit a high cost to lose. 3 minuites to withdraw. That means alot of players will avoid using this unit as the time to replace one is too high while attacking with one is more risky.

Liberator>> 5days to train?? thats forever for a now weakened unit that is simularly to the renegade more vunerable. also the cost of 19000 for one could cause issues with lower levels as they can’t hold much more than that on their account.

Howitzer>> good changes.

Meditbot>> unknown

Gravibot>> I like the increase but im not sure if its too far. 800hp that sounds like it could take all of the punishment you could ever need plus more. I know your looking to make it worthy of buying but its not so fun if you can just buy it as a “win card”.

All diamond turrets are stronger.
If you look at the top of the most wanted he doesn’t have any diamond turrets for the reason that they stop players from attacking him. Therefore making the paying bases too strong probly makes it less fun to play for everyone.

Building slots.
Being able to build two things or build and upgrade two seperate things at once should be a basic feature.
If you want people to pay to upgrade or build things faster shouldn’t you just be directing them to instant with diamonds button. I think you will just be giving paying people a cheaper option of paying to upgrade something they would have previously paid to upgrade.

Recall all units>> great idea. If it works. .. ..

In the end with these comments we will have to see, the change to the femborgs might make ambush concerns reduce and so attacks higher. I think theres a risk that this might cause a artillery war with more big fights being between howisers and walls furthering the fighting of just plowing a line through a base. Also free bases will be soo much easier to attack. Currently the main thing slowing down paying players is the femborgs. without that im not sure theres a big enough challenge.

The main thing I see is that there is a huge gap in the middle of training times, you have ninjas that take 4hours and the next unit takes 24hours. In playing these times can be awkward. As the next unit only trains if your online you want units that will keep training overnight and over times that your offline. Basically what Im saying is that it would be great to see units in the middle. Im not just saying make the butcher take 12hrs. You could make a new unit that takes that long, anything in the range of 6hrs to 18hrs would be great.

also soz bwt writing too much.

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I agree with a lot of changes (yes, even the longer build times for reng/lib) because I actually recommended that a long time ago way back somewhere in this thread. I also did recommend shorter times on a lot of the 1d units… sad to see that not here.

Medics. 30 minutes. WOAH. BRILLIANT. New players will more than definitely stick around a lot more likely with these medics rocking out whenever you need one. Problem? Ammo cost. Seriously? Even that would hurt me, a level 56, pretty decently. I would still manage but I can’t even imagine how painful it would be for level 11-30.

Undecided on medibots. They are too overpowered so the ammo cost changes seem reasonable. Keep medic ammo costs the same please! I don’t even mind the lower max ammo.

Incinerators with 4 AP and 80 ammo? Hot diggity damn! that will be so fun to use now. 50 hp is kinda meh, but still takes 3 femborg shots (which everyone just uses anyway) and femborgs got nerfed, so it all balances out.

Butchers at 45 hp… hmm… 25 hp was unacceptable for sure. So i’ll be interested to see how that change things. Still takes one lib shot.

Howie at 42 hp… reasonable. 145 damage? where did that come from? The health buff was enough.

Turret changes… seems okay to me. Tesla should be AT MOST A RANGE OF TEN. Woah, that’s one insane tower. Tesla should have lower health and Heavy needs more health. Switch the two numbers?

Build Slots… couldn’t we at least have the opportunity to get a second one for free? maybe through a really hard mission? Really, lol.

Overall looks good.

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This is convincing me to quit game after patch.

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lvl10 heavy turret range only 9 not 10 range?
gravibot too high hp 500 or 600 hp sounds better bc too many gravs use on the field is bad as it is lol
howi health hard to def off line when sniper turrets are the only 1 that could it hit n sniper unit wastes so much res on manas con spam lol mayb drop the range on howies 2 15 lol
n wth the fembot that the unit mostly use to defend allies so cap anit too good

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put the cons build time up

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“any1 no any good games for ww lol?”

The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Lots of fast-paced action vs zombies. You can spend a lot to make things easier(mostly faster), upgrade, create or buy/trade weapons but game well balanced between FTP and WW. Developer is on the forum everyday answering questions/discussing problems/implementing good suggestions.

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And they had a nice haloween event, too. My base there is almost built out :D You don’t even have to pvp if You don’t want to.