Rule clarification on multiple accounts and character names (locked)

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I have received few questions in the past couple weeks and would like to clarify couple of game rules.

Rule A – “9. Do not use multiple accounts to gain the guild system.”
1. This Dream World rule does not prevent player from having more than one character (though Kongregate may have rules against multiple accounts).
2. This rule states that you cannot control more than one character to bring unfair advantage to your guild.
3. Previously some players who promised to play accounts completely independently were allows to control more than one character. However with the new invasion system and to insure fairness, it should be made clear that you should not own more than one level 56+ character in the same guild and both doing damage in the invasion mode. (You should avoid having two characters in the same guild period, so there is no possible ways that create other unfair advantages outside of the invasion mode)
4. “Inheriting” your guild members account because they stop playing is not an excuse to break this rule. If you are just babysitting their account, make sure the character is not participating in the invasion. (NOTE: Kongregate may have their own rules on taking over another player’s account)
5. Now this rule has been explicitly explained, any new violations reported after this post will result all your characters damage removed and suspension. (If you have family member sharing the same IP and in the same guild, submit your information via a bug report and we can verify that the play patterns belong to different persons).

Rule B – “2. Do not use offensive or sexual explicit language. This includes character names.”
1. This rule applies to all game messages and customizable text, including character name, guild messages, and battle messages.
2. First time reported, the offensive text will be forcibly changed for you (which means you have been warned). Second time, your character will be suspended.

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One more clarification on game rule #9 based on recent events. If you are controlling an alternate account (which might not be permitted by Kongregate’s rules), you play them must independently as stated above. If your alternate joins a guild, the characters loyalty must lie 100% with that guild and should not be affected by any outside factors.

This also includes sending alternate accounts to another guild for the purpose of spying or looting other guild. Basically, if you can’t perform the same action to negatively affect other guilds OR positively benefit your own guild if you only controlled one account, then that action not allowed by this rule. If you are unable to play your alternate accounts independently, then do not use alternate accounts.

Note that above examples shouldn’t require clarification nor are they gray areas to start with, as they are obviously abusing the advantage of multiple accounts within the guild system. However, if they are other actions that falls into gray areas of any rule, best action is to not to do it.

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It seems after many clarifications and warnings, some players are still breaking rule #9, thinking perhaps they can give away with things.

While performing inspection on database and server logs, we have found a few players that are logging into other players’ account (either players who stopped playing or another guild members account) using special login links, then contributing to invasion damage using the shared characters. This is an obvious violation to rule #9 and a clear example of point 4 in this thread’s initial post.

All accounts identified as violator’s main account or as a shared account used in violation of rule #9 will be suspended indefinitely, duration to be determined when when the investigation is completed. In addition, since the characters we identified so far are all from the same guild, their guild will receive a -25% invasion bonus penalty for this week, this amount may be increased depending on behavior.

Let this be a final warning as well to players who are sharing their account info/links. The moment you share your account access with another person, you are fully responsible for whatever that person do to your account. If another player violate a game rule using your account, your account will be subjected to suspension regardless if you knew the violation will happen.

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While this is should be fairly implicit, we will make this clear as well. Using names such as “playmage”, “kingk”, etc to impersonate game devs or staff will not be tolerated.

While common sense rules like this are not listed explicitly in the ToS, they fall under rule #8 and can incur heavy punishments depending on severity.

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I am going to necro this thread briefly to clarify something that recently have been brought to our attention.

  • It’s “okay” by Dream World ToS game rules to have alt accounts that you completely play separate in a different guild with ZERO interaction with your main character. (Note this might not be compliant with Kongregate’s ToS)
  • It’s okay to have “wing” or feeder guilds when you have more members than you can fit into one guild, assuming the members of the wing guilds are different players than those in the main guild.
  • It’s NOT okay to create a “wing” guild with alts from the main guild, then collaborate with that “wing” guild to take advantage of competitive features such as Mystic Wars or Faction Wars. This is considered a direct violation of game rule #9.

Alts must behave completely independent of each other with zero collaboration, and having them in separate guilds can still have both accounts suspended if they are collaborating.