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Name: Kingmakers
Initial: KMS

Bonuses: 100% Exp, 930 Max SP
Gates: 7 (854) recent (total)
Portals: 10 (651) recent (total)
Isendel: 15 | 20 | 17 | 16
Mine: 13 | 23 | 2
Fame: 3840 / 1086 total / offensive
Faction Power: 3440
Level Requirement:65

Description: ( chars left)
Founded 01.14.12:fun, active,guild,our goal: strong community, players & vault.hit everything, have fun. A great team is stronger than the sum of the individual parts, so u must visit ChatRm17 or talk(whisper) to GM/GO to apply.Invasion:Emerald No cursing pls

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WHN – why not …

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Name: Damn guild Name change
Initial: D*N

Bonuses: 99% Exp, 900 Max SP
Gates: 2 (1170) recent (total)
Portals: 1 (828) recent (total)
Isendel: 17 | 5 | 5 | 39
Mine: 21 | 6 | 2
Fame: 4032 / 879 total / offensive
Faction Power: 14020

LA gilda italiana di DW. Sei italiano? Vuoi parlare italiano? Vieni da noi in chat #18, abbiamo i biscotti!
WANT TO JOIN US? Come talk with us in Room 18! We have cookies!

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Name: They’re All Mad
Initial: TAM
Bonuses: 102% Exp, 900 Max SP
Gates: 6 (1319) recent (total)
Portals: 1 (639) recent (total)
Isendel: 9 | 11 | 15 | 17
Mine: 22 | 16 | 3
Fame: 4026 / 893 total / offensive
Faction Power: 13620
Level Requirement: 55
We are looking mainly for team members who more than anything are active players. We can provide help to younger players so they can reach their potential. Our moto is: Play hard and chat Mad!
Interested applicants can talk to us at chat room 5 for a friendly conversation.

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Name: Chili Cheese Fried change
Initial: CCF

Bonuses: 191% Exp, 1050 Max SP
Gates: 2 (2836) recent (total)
Portals: 2 (1053) recent (total)
Isendel: 2 | 3 | 2 | 11
Mine: 15 | 65 | 52
Mystic Phoenix: HP
Fame: 5103 / 2271 total / offensive
Faction Power: 5990
Level Requirement: 59

Dumb name, good guild. Easy to get along with, harsh when taken for granted. Did you know that raw toast is an excellent alternative to bread? Now you do.

Stationed in room 13. Stop by for a few beers. Find Cuthar, Lockeras, zet22 or FAKELEFTY to join.

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guild happy
initial: hpy
we’re recruiting :D

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initials: KMS

if you believe that a game has to be a balance of fun & ambition, and that community & team play are more important than self-oriented goals, read om. if you believe in learning the game at a high level, and have the patience to develop your character properly, you may be a fit

what do we offer? wicked gear, a super cool team, advice, and help in completing your own quests and the guild’s targets.

What do we expect? desire to play with the team, regular activity, or letting us know if you wont be able to for a period, regard for your team-mates, and a love of winning! also because we have many young players, we ask your for your best effort to not curse in chat (save that for pm-ing). Finally, in order to know that this is the best fit, not just for us, but also for you, you must talk with one of the guild officers (private message us or come to chat room 17) before applying. if we receive an application without talking first, we will reach out by pm, otherwise we will have to deny the application. Enjoy the game!

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Name: French Dream
Initial: FD

Bonuses: 104% Exp, 950 Max SP
Gates: 12 (3341) recent (total)
Portals: 2 (1186) recent (total)
Isendel: 10 | 10 | 11 | 22
Mine: 27 | 16 | 14
Fame: 3936 / 1160 total / offensive
Faction Power: 10080
Level Requirement: 25

Guilde francophone (mais pas que), navigant autour de la 25eme place, nous sommes en chatroom 13. Bonne ambiance, pas d’objectifs autres que ceux de s’amuser, de s’entraider et de pas se prendre la tête. Une bonne guildounette à la française, qui tient plus de la 7eme compagnie que du commando d’élite. Si vous avez une vie et que vous voulez jouer à ce jeu sans trop vous prendre au sérieux, venez donc nous voir, on vous fera une petite place, quelque soit votre niveau.

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forgotten heroes is accepting new members. We are one of the oldest guilds and have been around for good reason! We have very kind and helpfull members. We look out for each other and try to play together at all times. We have been having some members leave due to RL issues and are looking to add some new members who like to play daily or at least a couple times a week so we can move forward. We hope to see you soon. We are looking for level 59 and up so all members can access all areas of dream world!:)

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Name: Grim Dark Madness
Initial: GDM

Bonuses: 150% Exp, 1050 Max SP
Gates: 1 (854) recent (total)
Portals: 1 (650) recent (total)
Isendel: 4 | 4 | 14 | 35
Mine: 31 | 41 | 34
Fame: 5041 / 2039 total / offensive
Faction Power: 19410

We get about 50 faction points a week, several fallen bonuses each week, full o fame with constantly open mines, a mystic conveniently placed during a weekend day, and a chatroom full of, who could have guessed, chatting.

Come join the soft padded walls of room 7, Come in. Might get a laugh or two and/or a scar

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I’m a level 68 shooter looking for a guild to join. Message me if you’re looking for members.

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Bonuses:10% Exp, 20% Max SP
Fame: 61/0
We’re just guild for low leveling people who just needs a guild to get them started. I put items in the vault whenever I can.

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Name: The Fraternity
Initial: WAR

Bonuses: 64% Exp, 590 Max SP
Gates: 1 (5873) recent (total)
Portals: 4 (1199) recent (total)
Isendel: 14 | 8 | 5 | 4
Mine: 5 | 3 | 0
Fame: 3083 / 324 total / offensive
Faction Power: 3350
Rank : 46

The Fraternity is looking for active members, so if you are 72 or above and seeking for a friendly, helping guild, come see us in room 28.

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Name: Angels and Bonkers change
Initial: ABO

Bonuses: 72% Exp, 660 Max SP
Fame: 630 / 375 total / offensive
Faction Power: 1850

Gates: 1 (4) recent (total)
Portals: 0 (1) recent (total)
Isendel: 0 | 0 | 0 | 0
Mine: 1 | 20 | 1
Hell: 2

Level Requirement: 75

Sometimes the road brings you somewhere unexpected. Have fun and keep slaying!!!!
And love the lower level guy called peeder

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One of the oldest guilds in DW.

Just did some Spring cleaning, and we are looking for new, active members, Level 80 and above.

We are currently Parasite and Drama-Queen free after our most current purge :)

Check us out, we’re in the Top 10, and we chat in room 33.

Stop over and say hello if you are interested. We’re a solid, friendly group.

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Name: Icecream citadel
Initials: IC3

Bonusses: 73% xp, 680 max Sp.

Level requirement: 55+, but we would like some higher-levelled players of around 80 to help us with Faction wars.
IC3 is a top 50 guild with a friendly atmosphere, full vault and a big craving for extended items. Do you like these things? Then apply to IC3 and meet us in chat room 9.

We don’t ask you to do a certain amount of damage or bosses in a week, so if you play Dream World for fun, you’re very welcome in IC3. For GO’s/GM’s, ask for vince9409, goldpro or citrena.

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Name: Forsaken Knights change
Initial: MTG

Bonuses: 65% Exp, 600 Max SP

Void+10 guild looking to fill up. No level req just be active and kill stuff. Chat Room 9 with IC3 if interested.

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Name : DemoNightShade
Level :58.2
Pet : Dark Horse
Pet Level : 57
Class : Starshooter
Coins Deposited : 226,950,811
Xp To Level : 20,019,644,644

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Name: ZoSo
Initial: ZS

One of the topguilds in DW. We’re looking for nice people with decent daily activity. We like to have fun and good teamplay without big pressure. Just enjoy the game and chat.

Requirement: lv85+ (exceptions can be made)
Daily activity (no auto-explorers)

Come to CR31 and talk to our GM or one of our GO’s if you’d like to join us.

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Name: Worlds Justice
Initial: WJ

This guild has just been made at the hour of this post and is recruiting members! First 3 will be our GOs no matter what level! We are here at Chatroom 9!

Level requirement is 1! We accept inactivity up to 1 month! Tell me if you can only be on one a month or once a week and we promise we wont kick you out!
Sometimes i might not come on but its because of the activity i do on Other games! We are also struggling to start but believe me, we are kinda in the top 750! NOTE: This guild is now disbanded so please remove this post

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Originally posted by DemoKoPog123:

Name : DemoNightShade
Level :58.2
Pet : Dark Horse
Pet Level : 57
Class : Starshooter
Coins Deposited : 226,950,811
Xp To Level : 20,019,644,644

This is for advertising guilds, not your status
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Originally posted by Pizzaeater1000:
Originally posted by DemoKoPog123:

Name : DemoNightShade
Level :58.2
Pet : Dark Horse
Pet Level : 57
Class : Starshooter
Coins Deposited : 226,950,811
Xp To Level : 20,019,644,644

This is for advertising guilds, not your status

He’s welcome to advertise looking for a guild (even if it was well over a month ago)… IAX will accept you :)