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Getting Started on Dream World: The Right Way

There are two different sides of the issue. Should you play how you want to and learn as you go, or should you follow a strict set of rules to optimize your effectiveness later? Those of you who believe the former can move along. The people out there who want to do it right can read on. This guide is for those people new to Dream World that want to be the best at it.

Restarting Your Character

It's likely that at some point you made some irreparable mistake before you got here. Restarting is easy. Go to your Character Screen. In the upper right corner, you should see the word "Restart" If you're offended by the suggestion of wasting all that "hard work" please note that the earlier you start playing the right way, the less time you waste later. Consider it an investment. When you restart, you reset your level, stats, and crystals, but keep your gems and any premium items you had. You also remain in your guild. Note: This is mostly advised if you've spent LP in anything other than your main weapon skill up until 60 skill, especially stats, or if you're very late in starting to buy con and strength, as explained later. Read the rest of this before you decide.

Choosing Your Class

This is a matter of preference. If you want to play with a certain style, feel free to choose what you want. However, as of the current patch, mage does the most overall damage, especially at later levels. This may change, however, so don't feel you have to play mage.

The Tutorial

The first trip into the Dream World comes with a simple yet very effective tutorial. Actually pay attention to it. It's quite helpful. During this you will get an ally, a Kitten. Do not accept a new ally until Priestess, and then Phoenix.


Quests in this game are simple. Go to town and click each of the tabs on the fencepost. If you see an accept button, always click it. Never a reason not to accept these. Otherwise they will accept automatically. You can look at quest progress with the button appropriate labeled "Quests". Check this often. On the far right column is where you'll get a link to fight the opponent the Imp will ask you to kill (if in arena). In the middle are the repeatable quests. Scroll to the bottom and click repeat on all of them whenever you finish one. To turn in a quest, simply go where it tells you and it will turn it in automatically.

Soft-Capping. It matters.

This guide will apply until all of your stats are "soft capped". No sooner, no later. Soft cap means that the methods in increasing the stat are significantly limited. Those soft caps are:

50 Strength, 120 Constitution, 32 Intelligence, 32 Dexterity, and 32 Quickness.

Once you have all of these numbers, not counting bonuses from gear, you can ignore most of this. The sooner you get these, the easier your overall experience with the game will be, and the sooner you can work on improving your character by other means.

Strength and Constitution:
Both of these stats can be increased by spending coins at the healer in any town. The cost increases based on your character level and the current value of the stat. Yes, it's expensive, but this is your top priority. Increasing con will have a far greater impact on your survivability than armor, or other base stats. The best way to get them capped quickly? Spend every single coin you get on them. Do not buy anything that is not strength or con until both are capped. You'll want Strength at 50 before level 56. There is never a reason to buy gear from town. You will find better exploring. There are, however, a few cases in which you will spend coin elsewhere, which will be covered later.

Intelligence, Dexterity, and Quickness:
These can be found in puzzle boxes if you answer them correctly. Having trouble with the puzzles? Click here for all the answers. After 32 in each of these stats, you can no longer find the stat pills in puzzle boxes, but you should continue to open them for the exp and coins.


Note this does not say "leveling", first off. Increasing your character level is NOT the goal. The goal is to use your energy efficiently to soft cap. You found an ____ and don't know what to do? Well, here you go:

Monster: Kill it.

Mushrooms: Eat it. It's delicious.

Treasure or Puzzle: Click here.

Imp: Click the Accept button. He will give you one of two quests. If he tells you to fight someone in the arena, you should. However, this is the ONLY instance in which you should ever visit the arena, as you cannot get pills or random encounters there.

Girl In Red: Fight her. You would have to choose between her quests and the Imp's. Imp's are easier. After a couple of times, she will no longer give you a choice but to fight her.

Gambler: Accept. Logic would tell you otherwise, but the developer has rigged the dice in your favor so it is much more likely than it should be to triple your money, especially at lower levels. There is a quest to kill him as well. Feel free to complete it once.

Magic Elf: Fight her. The potions are good, but much more so at higher levels and not nearly worth the cost to you right now.

Dust Merchant: Fight her, in most cases. It may be cost-effective to purchase her discounted Fairy Dust at some point, but only if you're far from leveling and are very low on Skill Points. If in doubt, smack her around.

Guardian of Dreams: Fight her. Always. She will give you great rewards at any level and will heal you for free afterwards. From level 56 onward she will give you a mystery box. This is why you want your strength at 50 by then, so you don't waste the potential strength pills.

Beggar: Level 10 or below, explore. Above level 10, donate a certain amount according to your level and whether it's an event or not. (Click on the Home Page. The first line or two will say Event if it is one.) You want to give her the High value (High x1.5 on events). This is because she will then give you an item worth far more than what you gave her, which you can then use, or sell to buy con and strength. Click here for the chart. To use it, you find your level in the drop-down box marked "Level" and in that row, you find the High Value or High x1.5 (if during event). Give her that amount or more (round up if lazy) and she will give you a decent item, or at least a valuable one. There is a point where you'll want to give her the low value, but that doesn't come until the value of the item is less than the cost of 4 energy, and even then, only once soft-capped. If in doubt, pay her the high value.

Well: Level 10 or below, dive in. Otherwise, it works much like the Beggar. In this case, you'll want to give it the Low Value (Low x1.5 for events) on this chart. This will either double your money, or give you 4 energy, which will very likely at least allow you to break even.

Wise Man: It's a toss-up, really. All options are acceptable, but keep in mind that the trivia will require you to use Google rather than ask people in chat inane questions. (Please don't.) A repeatable quest from Metreon, Mind Training, will have you talk to him by using the Accept option. Do that as often as you can.

Allies: Sometimes you'll come across a creature that sees things your way. It's a trap. Most are worthless. There are three exceptions, however. First, the kitten you find in the tutorial is a pretty good pet. Once you get rid of it, though, you won't be getting it back, so consider the Banker's Guild early if you're sentimental. It won't have any actual purpose later, other than being adorable. Next, you'll want the Priestess, and then the Phoenix. Your final non-gem ally will be Demon Wings, but by then you'll be reaching the end of the usefulness of this guide anyway. Any other ally you encounter, just walk on by. It's not better than what you have.

Treasure Map: Find will give you a chance at a piece of gear relevant to your level, an enhance potion, or less gold than you'd get if you'd have sold the map. With the potential value of the gear you'd find, this should make it the best choice mathematically, though hard numbers are still required to confirm.

Possessed Boss: These appear after you complete the game the first time, and likely before you soft cap fully. Go ahead and try, but it will probably destroy you.

Learning Points

You gain these every time you level up and for turning in a set of 5 yellow crystals. Spend them on the weapon skill for your class. Sword, Gun, or Magic. The first goal here is to get it to 60. That will unlock a new class with your 60 SP ability, giving you many bonuses. Do NOT spend LP on stats. It's a huge waste until much later in the game. Once you are at 60 in a skill, and if you are not a mage, level magic to 39. That will give you the ability to heal yourself in combat. Note, however, that you will need a staff to do this, but any will work. If you meet those conditions, put extra LP into your lowest weapon skill to raise Skill Points, or you can further raise your main weapon skill to increase effectiveness by small increments.


Most importantly, at this point in the game, it is not wise to start a new one, for anyone. At low levels, a guild can potentially work against you. The benefits to joining a guild are increased experience gain, more skill points, and access to the guild vault. Once every 4 hours, you can withdraw one item no more than 8 levels above your character level. This requires the guild members deposit items and allow members to take them. If you are not soft-capped and the guild doesn't give you items to sell to reach that goal fairly regularly, leave it. The increased exp will make soft-capping more difficult without offsetting it by taking from the vault. Additionally, do not donate to a guild before soft-capped. They will benefit more from you being stronger.


Because so many people think that leveling in the arena is a good idea... It's not. It's one of the worst things you can do for your character. You level more quickly, but as you've read, that's not necessarily a good thing. The arena has no random encounters, which means no pills for one, as well as no free energy or cheap gear. Also, the exp and coin you get is misleading. Each arena fight costs two energy. The only time you should fight in the arena is when the Imp tells you to. Fight that player only once, and then leave the arena.


You start with 20. Do not spend them yet. The first purchase you should make is the Banker's Guild. Save up for it. You'll get a pink crystal a day once you've logged on every day for a week. Currently you can get 20 free from the link on the Home Page to Time World, for completing Chapter 5. You will also find white and pink crystals in boxes. Trade in 5 and you get 20 or 6 gems respectively. Another option is to pay Kreds for them, which, in turn, cost real money. Not necessary but always an option. After you have the banker's guild, you'll want to buy Elf Princess or Valkyrie (but not both), Protection Charm, and then Cap of Wisdom (after you've soft-capped or it will make it more difficult). There are only 3 allies you should spend them on: Elf Princess or Valkyrie (again, not both) and Lilith. The rest are useless at best.


Crystals can be found in treasure chests or can be gained from Shares. You need 5 of one color to be able to trade the set in. (Inventory > Crystals) Once you have 5 you can no longer find that color in chests so use them fairly quickly after getting them. You can also get up to 8 a day from other players on Kongregate. You don't have to be set to follow or friend. Go to their profile. From there, you will see an option to view their full profile. In their shouts, you may see a link with a picture of a chest. That shout will say what color it is, what server it's on, and when they posted it. If you want it, click the "Play Now" button. Each link will have a total of 5 crystals that can be taken and each person can grab 8 per day. For the purposes of this guide, yellow are best by far. Also, be sure to share one every day to contribute. You will not lose anything other than the second it takes to click.


As mentioned above, for the most part you'll sell what you find but some stats are quite useful for your class. I'll discuss the valuable stats by class, with the exception of con, which is great for survivability for anyone. However, its effectiveness is reduced the more you have.

Sword: Strength and Quickness contribute equally to your damage output. Since you will be buying strength, you'll benefit greatly from a piece of armor with a lot of speed on it. Increasing the lower of your two base stats will give the best bang for your buck. As for weapons, you want one with the Guardian's prefix. This will increase your chance to completely avoid damage by 20%. Until you can find a guardian sword, the one with the highest weapon damage will do. Dex isn't completely wasted, just mostly so, as it will only increase crit chance for you. Int is even less useful. Don't need to be smart to hit something in the head.

Gun: Quickness and Dexterity are your primary attributes. Like Sword, increasing the lower of the two will give greater benefit, but Dex also increases crit, which is pretty much what gun revolves around. You want to find a Scoped weapon, as it will give you a bonus of 20% crit. Also like Sword, your damage output will depend on the weapon damage. Strength is only useful to meet minimum equip requirements (but should still be capped).

Mage: Intelligence and Dexterity are your goal here. Mage, however, works differently than the other classes in that the damage on your weapon is completely worthless. There is no reason for a mage to ever attack something. Always use skills. More so than the other specialized weapon prefixes, Enchanted staves will have a huge impact on your damage. Always use the staff with the highest bonus to magical damage. Again, strength is only to equip gear, but should be capped nonetheless. Quickness is worthless but is better than nothing, if only barely.


There are several different items you may come across. Most are much more beneficial to higher levels but you can still find them as you're soft-capping.

Fire/Ice/Thunder Key: Opens a demon gate. If your guild has people at or above 54, you should use the key to open the gate. Otherwise the decision, like many others, will depend on your inventory space. It's alright to sell it if you have to but keep in mind that you can get people outside of your guild to kill the boss for you, by clicking the link you see when you fight the boss. Make sure you accept the quest before you use them, found in Mt. Killjoy.

Fire/Ice/Thunder Orb: Just like the key, it opens a demon gate, but this one will be higher level. If you or your guildmates are level 60 or above, use it. The first time you open a gate with an orb, you get a free Demon Wings ally, but only after the boss is killed.

Mystery Box: At level 56, the Guardian of Dreams will drop this every time you beat her. It can contain many different items, including some of the capsules that you'd have to spend gems to get otherwise, or other rare items. Or it could give you coins, a fairy dust, or a piece of equipment to sell. Some of the most important rewards are stat pills. Open the mystery box when you get it. You will also get a free MBox every day by clicking on the Guardian button.

Arena Pass: Found in mystery boxes, it gives you one-time access to the Monster Arena in Lakeview. You will probably die here, but if you feel the need to attempt it, bank your coin first, and bring plenty of fairy dust.

Health Potion: Has only one purpose. To show a base price for the equation of several coin-related math problems, like the ones laid out in the well/beggar chart. Do not actually buy it, ever.

Fairy Dust: Instantly fills your Skill Points. Very useful as you get higher in level. At around level 50 or so you'll want to make sure you have one on you at all times. Don't waste them, though. They're not cheap.

Enhance Potion: Increases the effectiveness of your weapon, armor, or ring. If the listed level of your weapon is below 50, use them on your ring. Otherwise you can put them on your weapon to increase damage output.

Ally Skill Book: If you don't have Elf Princess, Valkyrie, or Lilith, sell it to a vendor. If you do, use it on one of their skills. Eventually you'll want them all capped, but it will take a while.

Mist Potion: Only found from one boss as an actual item but you can buy them from the healer. Do not buy them until soft-capped. Once you reach that point, these are where most of your coin will go. You can buy up to 5,000 a day.

Guardian Doll: If you would die while this is in your inventory, you instead gain twice your maximum hp and the doll is destroyed. This is the only way your hp can go beyond its max. Heals will not work until you're back below your max. Save them for those Possessed Bosses by keeping them in your bank until you think you may need them.


It's not possible to directly trade items or coins with another player in this game. The only way to transfer items is to deposit them into your guild's vault. Each player can take one item from the vault every 4 hours, but it cannot be more than 8 levels above their own.

Black Market

Players cannot post items on the black market. The items are random-generated by the game. It's mostly a way for people that don't spend coin wisely to spend their extra. Do not buy anything on the black market until well after you softcap.

*Disclaimer: While the large majority of this information still applies with the new patch, you may want to hold off on spending gems on allies for now. I will update the relevant sections once things have been tested a bit more.


If you're a veteran trying to help out the new folks and want to save some time, feel free to link to this. If you have anything to add, or any corrections, or suggestions on format, please let me know. Do not, however, respond to say that I'm an elitist, nerd, etc. and that people should play how they want to, because you're wrong (at least on that last one). If you need to find me, I am NamelessMinion in the guild ABC on both servers.
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Soft capping category, last sentence: The stat pills come from puzzle boxes, never chests. Chests have crystals, coins, or keys after a certain level and only those things.

May want to include where to use the enchants at. (Mainly, early on probably on a ring, since weapons are upgraded so often. Also may want to suggest particular rings and where to find them). Also you’ll want to mention puzzle boxes other rewards, what they do, and recommended uses for those items. (Guardian dolls and when they’re useful if someone has the choice of when to use it, along with ally skill books, which allies are worth upgrading and what skills are worth boosting on those allies).

Probably would recommend that, if the elf is too tough to kill at one level (after about 3 tries) and you haven’t upgraded your weapon or armor since, you might want to consider running until you find new gear. You won’t be much stronger and she’ll keep leveling with you.

Otherwise, I think this should give people the general sense of how to start off right.

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Good catch on the boxes. Fixed that. I’m on the fence on rather to include stuff like that since, like you said, all the items are replaced so quickly and in many cases just take up inventory space. My main goal here is to cover the stuff that will have an effect later on. As far as the difficulty of the random encounters, I would hope following the rest of the tips would make that a non-issue. I may update later on what to do with the non-equipment items, though most you may as well sell before soft caps. For rings, I’ll wait to see if that’s an issue new players are concerned with. I’m in chat room 1 and we have a lot of people asking these questions. But thanks for the reply, will take it into consideration.

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Very nice guide!

Just a few things:

1. I don’t remember if this still happens but mushrooms used to have a negative effect at lower levels. Even so, it was always good to eat them for that energy boost.

2. I would say to bring up staff skill to 60 (if you’re not already a mage) for Divine Light, it totally increases survivability against bosses.

3. Warn against buying the capsules since they can be found in mystery boxes.

4. With the introduction of crystal sharing, I think it’s pretty important for starters to know they can get even more yellow crystals for their learning points.

5. No information on guilds? Despite the EXP bonus, getting into a guild for vault items to sell for CON/STR might be helpful. I can see why you might omit it, looting and etiquette…

I like this guide, I’ll consider stickying it over the weekend. :)

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As far as I know, there are no negative effects for eating mushrooms currently. If someone finds differently, please report it.

While having staff at 60 is definitely useful, I didn’t really want to get into bosses in this guide. That’s more an end-game thing and is covered in the other guide. I want to keep it to the basics to not overload the new players more than it already does.

I made suggestions on what to buy with gems, and alluded to what not to buy but when real money enters the picture it’s a touchy subject on all sides. I don’t want to cut into any income Kongregate or Kingk could make.

Crystal sharing is something I could consider mentioning, and I may include that soon, though the whole process can be time-consuming. I don’t even get all 8 every day. If there was a way to make it easier, I’d be all for it. I also don’t know whether or not it’s alright to suggest “repainting”

As for guilds, the exp bonus can work against you early on. If you can get into one that doesn’t mind you looting often, that’s one thing, but I don’t know how to word the idea of getting into a guild for the sole purpose of selling off their vaulted items. I’m a relative lowbie in mine at 75, and they toss items in there specifically for me to sell, but not everyone will be so lucky.

And finally, a sticky would be much appreciated. I want people to be able to easily access this for when the lowbies ask the inevitable questions, to save the time and repetition. I restarted twice while I was learning all of this. Could save others the hassle knowing it up front.

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there were some letters that’s no need for anymore

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Originally posted by Player609:

- would be really great (no kidding) if you dig up the forum for all in-game math amidst the Dream World Wikia, Announcement thread and user-created threads. Yes, it’s a horrible work. Yes, it’s worth real money payment. Yes, if you try and succeed you’d get a bookworm celebrity status among community. :D

Ok, I can help you with the attack/spell damage formulas if you want them:
Sword attack: Sqrt(Speed * Strength/156.055) * Weapon dmg
Gun attack: The same as sword attack, but replace strength with dexterity.
Magic power: Level * Sqrt(Intelligence * Dexterity) * (1+Class bonus/100) * (1+Staff spell damage/100)

Btw if you’re wondering about the class bonus and staff spell damage then if you have the Divine sage class then it would like this: (1+64/100) and if you have maybe + 170 spell damage on your staff then it would be (1+170/100)

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Well, letting them know where to put enchants, demon ring may take a while to get, so putting them on an energy ring early on till you get into regular demon gear at least would be worth it. Also a damage boosting ring, attack ring for gunners and sword users, magic ring for mages. Which between the energy ring and the damage increasing one depending on class, those are the only 2 rings someone should be concerned with until at least 51 and up. Ally skill books, since new allies are on the way with a few level ups and maybe some extra gems, they don’t matter too much. Though additional ally block never hurt anyone.

The box issue is only half fixed currently. The “other rewards” are the ally skill books and guardian dolls. Crystals come from chests only (well, and friends’ profiles if they get them from chests) and pills are never gained in chests.
Still a very nice informative guide. :)

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On the topic of math: In most cases new players couldn’t care less. Again, the focus here is to get new players started out right, not to give every tiny detail about theory-crafting and min-maxing. I, personally, find the math useful but they’re more likely to find it intimidating. I think there is definitely a need for a guide on all the minutia and details to maximize game effectiveness. I don’t find myself qualified to write that one yet. Perhaps in the future, or someone more experienced in the game could handle that one. I don’t claim to be an expert, just the guy who replies to all the countless questions first-time players have. My information is gathered mostly from the higher levels that took me under their wing, and fueled by the sick feeling in my stomach from those people who refuse to believe that leveling only in arena is not the best way.

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what is the point of this guide when there’s a already one?

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there were some letters that’s no need for anymore

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I’m not Jester or Dragonlord because I prefer mage, which is arguably better.

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Eating mushrooms before hitting level 10 might cause to lose energy or to gain 1 point of constitution.

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Interesting, well worth it then, especially with as little E needed to level then.

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Originally posted by mrwiggs8:

Well, letting them know where to put enchants, demon ring may take a while to get, so putting them on an energy ring early on till you get into regular demon gear at least would be worth it. Also a damage boosting ring, attack ring for gunners and sword users, magic ring for mages. Which between the energy ring and the damage increasing one depending on class, those are the only 2 rings someone should be concerned with until at least 51 and up. Ally skill books, since new allies are on the way with a few level ups and maybe some extra gems, they don’t matter too much. Though additional ally block never hurt anyone.

The box issue is only half fixed currently. The “other rewards” are the ally skill books and guardian dolls. Crystals come from chests only (well, and friends’ profiles if they get them from chests) and pills are never gained in chests.
Still a very nice informative guide. :)

This would definitely be worth putting in Guide, along with where to get quests:

Attack Ring: Daily Dreamer Quest – Lakeview: Uncle Bob’s
Energy Ring: Extra Credit Quest – Emerald City: Trainer
Magic Ring: Mind Training Quest – Metreon: Trainer

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Originally posted by NamelessMinion:

I’m not Jester or Dragonlord because I prefer mage, which is arguably better.

Jester / Dragonlord have additional block. Sometimes facing Boss that 1-hits you (common Boss due to your lower lvl or those Mothership / Fallen / Mystic / Fortress) it may be better to switch from base class to Jester / Dlord. Thus in case of mage / gunner dealing less dmg per hit one gonna deal more dmg overall due to more rounds per E. In your case with your stats dmg reduction may be insignificant but survivability may (or may not) improve (subject to testing, case-dependent).

Also Jester / Dlord is the only class that gives block regardless of the weapon held. So to improve chances of survival it’s practical to switch to them from main class when healing. It’s handy more often than the abovementioned case.

Jester / Dlord also have critical but I’m not sure how it works with mage as a base class, better ask guys who know.

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Even if I had the LP to swap to Dragonlord, I’d still prefer Divine Sage. Jester is out of the question at this point.

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Unless you put LP in attribute before soft cap, “Restarting Your Character” is a waste of time…

Other things you could talk about, are:
- Free energy refill (by leveling up or by the badge).
- Power Finishing bonus (after having 120 CON and 50 STR).

( waiting for a “Level 70 in less than 3 weeks” guide :p )

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Originally posted by NamelessMinion:

Even if I had the LP to swap to Dragonlord, I’d still prefer Divine Sage. Jester is out of the question at this point.

Jester unlocks Call Bunnies and safer heal. So unless it’s one’s personal bias being pure mage there’s really no rational reason discarding Jester altogether.

(It sounds like Captain Obvious, I know)
upd Just curious: what choice bears more benefit to dmg your char deals atm: spending LP’s on unlocking Jester or spending them on primary stats? It’s 1316 LPs if so choice seems stats (may be wrong, math needed here)?

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Great guide! Even though I didn’t use it it looks quite simple.

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Some questions considering restarting a char:

As we all know, gaining E on lower lvls is fast due to quick lvlups. Also we know that char keeps his gems.

Now plz refresh my memory:
- does char keep premium items / Allies?
- if at restart moment gems<20, does restarted char receive gems up to 20?

If both or at lest one of the answers are “yes”, then the next question would be:
- could playing some time and then restarting be used as a loop to boost one’s gems / premium items? How it could be (or why not)? If yes, how considerable a boost could be?

Also: if a restart was made after some days played in succession, does free Crystal from Daily Chest count resets?

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If you spent your gems only on non premium items, you should be reset to 20 gems. (anything from the guardian tab and the top 2 rows in the inventory screen, I don’t think anything else allows gems to be reset to 20.) If you buy an ally or the decoder or something like that, you keep your current gem count and whatever item/ally you got. If it’s one you need to be a certain level to see, you must gain to that level to use that ally.

I do not know the information regarding daily log ins.

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OK, from now on I will dump all game related questions here using the topic as one notebook instead of creating 100500 topic.

Today’s question from chat: do weakens from different Allies stack, if one switches between EP and Valk in same combat? Or does second Ally “overwrite” weakens from first one?

Can’t check atm with 100% error-proof result cause my EP and Valk have weakens at different lvls.