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Hmm ok… So my last posts got deleted. Fine, maybe calling someone an asshole isn’t allowed, but I still stand by my point. A cheating person will ruin the game more than a person who just annoys the forum. Honestly, how many % of the total amount of players actively check the forums? Compare that to how many that check the rankings. You will most likely find out that people care more about the progress players do in game and less about how they behave on the forum.

Surely can a troll/jerk on the forum make people upset, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the game… On the other hand, if you were to realize that several persons in the top 100 are using scripts then you would most likely lose your interest to play the game. So that’s why I rather stand having several jerks/trolls on the forum over having cheaters in the game.

Besides, this thread has completely gone off-thread, so please lock it.

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