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Update April 8, 2012 (patchless tweaks)

Happy Easter!

  • Faction War Bosses will now reward faction points to all players dealing 5% damage (effect for bosses defeated after this post)
  • There will be maximum of 48 Easter Bunny encounters for the last 2 day of the event (starting today after this post)
  • Maximum of banker storage slot is now 30 (can be extended 5 times instead of 3)

Update April 9, 2012

  • Easter Event has been extended an extra day to end on 11:59PM Tuesday server time.
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Update April 27, 2012

“Social” Update (part 1): Now that Kongregate added some basic platform support for social feeds (not fully completed at this point), we ported couple social features to the platform. (We may port more social features in future update/expansion when the platform features become more mature)

  • You can now “Share” blue/green/red/yellow crystals you find in treasure chests, by clicking on the “Share” link once you receive them. This will post a shout to your profile that first 5 players can use to claim for a free crystal. Please note once you click on the “share” link, it will count as you used up your daily share even though if you cancel the post preview (due to platform restrictions). Each character can only redeem up to 8 crystals from share feeds per day to avoid abuse.
  • You can now “Request Help” to finish the demon bosses and the alien portal boss, by clicking on the “Request Help” button on the screen when fighting the boss. This will post a shout on your profile that anyone can use to attack your boss, so please use it when you (and your guild if you belong to one) are not strong enough to defeat the boss or your guild leadership is okay with sharing boss rewards for faster kills.
  • Using the “Invite Friends” link at the lower right corner of the home page to bring new players to the game will now result in some Bonus Free coins rewarded to the referrer when they start playing (limited to 20 bonus redemption per character to avoid abuse).
  • Minor bug fixes.

Please note the above feeds and invite links are server specific. The feed stories will contain either (S1) or (S2) at the end to specify which server the share or help request is for.

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Update June 4, 2012 – patchless update

  • Faction War’s Exp bonus cap increased to 20% for Zone 1 and 40% for Zone 2. (Server 2’s Zone stays at 30% cap)
  • To allow more players to reach 100M damage, Server 2’s Fallen HP now increased to 2B.
  • Battle Fatigue for PVE now starts after round 15.

The next expansion is currently planned for around end of July. The contents of the expansion has not been finalized yet and will be announced later.

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Update July 31, 2012

“Atlantis Expansion”

A Dream World explorer has stumbled upon a ancient map that marks the location of an ancient civilization. Based on the map, geologists have located the lost city of Atlantis, which is located just offshore from Oceana, below the waters. It has been reported that the guardians of this underwater city still exist, and they use advanced positron based weapons and technology to defend against intruders.

  • New area: Atlantis
    • Similar to Hell Gate but for high levels (level 88+)
    • 7 new super mobs and newest super boss: lvl 103 Poseidon
    • Unlike Fallen, level penalty is fixed so being at higher/lower level does not make him easier/harder.
    • Buy diving kit with coins or gems to enter once per boss instance. There is no boss to defeat to gain entry.
    • Similar encounters (GoD, chests, etc) except wishing wells are replaced by mushrooms (no wells underwater). Atlantis mobs will give higher exp than Fallen mobs.
    • Reward mechanics is similar to Faction Wars and is based on level (with new Positron gear rewarded to level 98+)
    • 1st place has 100% chance of extension upgrade IF received a max-level non-extended item in a set. 2nd has 50%, 3rd has 30%, and rest have 10%.
    • There are similar (but higher) exp bonus for player and guilds. HOWEVER, all player/guild will only earn the higher value of their Fallen/Atlantis bonus.
    • Top 5 players will get 20%/18%/16%/14%/12% exp bonus and rest will receive 1% per 20M up to 10%. Top 7 player’s guild will receive 20%/18%/16%/14%/12%/10%/8%,
    • Fallen is no longer accessible by level 95+. All 95+ player will receive honorary 10% bonus (assuming they don’t get higher bonus in Atlantis)
  • New positron item set
    • Drops for level 98+ in Atlantis and in MBs.
    • +45% boss damage, +20% boss absorb
    • Positron ring is a rare MB drop only, +100 max energy
  • Black Market auctions
    • Use coins to bid on premium items, extended post-game equipments, and rare rings.
    • Auction items not usable and rings not receivable by the player are hidden from view.
    • Up to 10 items are auctioned at a time. Every bid must be 10% higher than the previous.
    • Each auction has a 180 minute timer and new bids placed below 30 minute remaining will reset the timer to 30 minute.
    • Won items are sent to the winner via mail and returned bid is refunded to the player’s bank.
    • Accessible via mainland towns (below arena button) for level 40+, though players will need to be 50+ to see any equipments.
  • New Level Cap
    • Level cap increased to 100
    • Amount exp required from 99 to 100 is same as level from 1 to 99.
    • After more than 1 player reaches level 100, faction point becomes tie breaker again.
  • New Allies
    • Huntress, the female cyborg – skills: visionscope (increase damage), nanoshield, copy
    • Eli, the mermaid princess – skills: beauty (increase exp), mermaid’s kiss, weaken
    • Available for purchase/use for level 75+
  • New Side Quests
    • “Arena Business” – Lakeview Healer – Defeat 20 opponent in monster arena.
    • “Faction Wars” – Juncton Trainer – Deal damage to 20 different Mobile Fortresses.
    • Both new side quests are repeatable.
  • Guild Merge Function
    • The guild master can choose to merge their guild into another guild if following are true.
    • The guild to be merged into must have open admission and have at least 5+ members.
    • The result total members will not exceed maximum member limit of the merged in guild.
    • The members of guild merging from must all met the minimum level set by the to be merged guild.
    • The donated fund will be merged but all vaulted items in the merge from guild will be lost.
  • Improved Faction Bonuses
    • Faction levels = experience bonus (eg. faction lv 10 = 10% exp bonus)
    • Faction points = max SP bonus (eg. 300 faction point = 300 max SP bonus. max still capped at 32,767)
  • Game improvements and fixes
    • Drow items are vault-storable but will lose all enhances. Also, players will need to be within 6 levels to request/take instead of 8 for Drow items.
    • Added confirmation when navigating away from special encounters.
    • Confirmation for switching from one premium ally to another has been suppressed.
    • Added “purge” link on home screen that deletes all excepted unused claim links. Messages with item content cannot be purge/cleared. However all message will be deleted when expired as they are right now.
    • You can now see whether a guild has open admission the rank list (marked by X for “Auto Join” column).
    • Mothership HP has been significantly boosted so the don’t accidentally “die”.
    • Fixed a bug where Possessed Jawba is counted as an alien instead of possessed boss (now it counts as both).
    • Fixed a bug where faction level and points are displayed incorrect for offline players.
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Update August 2, 2012 (patchless)

  • Increased maximum bank storage to 40 (7 extension purchases).
  • Battle fatigue for melee weapons will not start after round 16 (previously 15).
  • Talisman’s sword skill will now reach the max 6x damage at round 20 instead of 30.
  • Black Market buy now gem price slightly tweaked lower for some items.
  • Black Market’s Dream World and Positron gears is now longer biddable by players who cannot acquire them in game (need to be level 95/98).
  • Fixed a bug where items with apostrophe in their name cannot be bought with gems.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update January 11, 2013

  • 3-Year Anniversary Event
    • Free hourly MB during the event in addition to other bonuses.
    • Ends on January 14 11:59PM server time (PST).

The next expansion is currently planned for mid-February. It will include a brand new multi-tiered dungeon with new mobs and bosses, new hardcore badges, new features such as premium guild storage extension and new class avatars, and many various improvements.

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Update February 13, 2013

“Go to Hell” Part 1

The brave warriors of Dream World has kept Fallen under control at Hell Gate, but the only way to stop the chaos of the unleashed hell is close Hell Gate. The magical switch that can close the gate lies in the depth of Hell itself.

  • "Hell"o World
    • Enter “Hell” from Isendel for level 92-100 players
    • First 3 levels of Hell now open.
    • Guilds must defeat current level before entering the next, after defeating 3rd level, 1st level is available again.
    • Fight 400 mobs before fighting boss. Can run/explore from the boss like other areas of Isendel.
    • Unlike other raids, there is no training wheel or guard rail. Level 92s fighting in “Hell 3” will face mobs 8 levels higher and boss 10 levels higher.
    • Boss reward for members dealing 10% is pre-enhanced Drow items, Dream World items, and Positron items respectively.
    • Guild is rewarded 25 fame and 4 Mystic Stones on completion of each level.
    • Girl in Red only give quests to defeat Gambler/Wiseman in Hell due to moving levels.
  • 5 New Hardcore Badges
    • Atlantis Badge: deal 500m damage to Poseidon
    • Behemoth Badge: defeat 100 “Hell 1” boss with 10%+ damage
    • Deumos Badge: defeat 100 “Hell 2” boss with 10%+ damage
    • Mormo Badge: defeat 100 “Hell 3” boss with 10%+ damage
    • Badge Master Badge: collect 39 or more badges (=5 max energy, no refill)
  • New Side Quests
    • “Disturbing Water” – Available at level 88 from Oceana armor dealer, Mr. Whale.
    • “Atonement for Hell” – Available at level 92 from Oceana weapon dealer, Mr. Shark.
  • New Possessed Boss
    • Added a super-powerful 10th possessed boss: “Demon Dragon”.
    • Increased second special attack of 9th possessed boss (Demon Jawba) so it’s stronger than the first.
    • Possessed bosses’ armor value no longer jumps up when player levels from 99 to 100.
  • Guild Storage Extension
    • In addition to base slots given to guilds based on member size, guilds can purchase up to 50 more slots.
    • Each guild slots cost 24 Gems. Only level 70+ players may extend guild vault.
    • Free energy refill and LP bonus is given to the purchaser.
    • Purchased guild slots are not transferred during merges.
  • Atlantis Improvements
    • Increased Poseidon’s exp in Atlantis by 20%
    • Players no longer need obtain a weapon right below the extended level to take advantage of the extended upgrade chance.
  • Class Balancing
    • Removed PvE Battle Fatigue (still applies to PvP)
    • Fixed a bug where sword’s invasion block bonus wasn’t properly removed
    • Sword and skill damages raised between 10-30% (depending on skill)
    • gun skill damage raised between 10-35% (depending on skill)
  • Drop Improvements
    • Keys no longer dropped in chests for level 71+ who completed the Demon Gates badges
    • Genius will no longer drop for level 100 players, Heroic chance doubled instead.
    • Orc ring no longer drops for Positron Ring owners
  • Game Improvement & Bug Fixes:
    • Increased maximum extended bank storage by 10 slots.
    • Black market now may sell some pre-enhanced items; ring and base item buy now price lowered.
    • Added a Black Market button to Isendel
    • Added Max Explore option for auto exploring
    • Drow Mine’s extended drop chance for top place doubled to 20%
    • Guild information pane rearranged for better readability.
    • Misc bug fixes
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The current Time World Challenge for 20 Free Gems will expire on 7/18. So get them if you haven’t yet!

On 7/19, we will start a new Time World challenge that will reward 100 Free Gems for completing chapter 10 of Time World!
(Everyone will be eligible regardless of whether previous one has been completed)

The next Dream World expansion is tentatively planned for the end of August (depending on availability of art and engineering resources).

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Update August 29, 2013

“Go to Hell” Part 2

  • Hell Level 4-6
    • Request level 96+ to enter.
    • Monsters will have higher hp/defense and attack.
    • Bosses will hit extremely hard.
    • Reward mechanism same as Hell 1-3.
    • Bosses for Hell 4-6 drop 8x pre-enhanced Positron, 16x pre-enhanced Positron, and new Devil series respectively.
    • Defeating a Hell 4-6 boss rewards 5 mystic stones.
  • New “Devil” item series
    • Can only be obtained from Hell 6 Boss and Mystery Boxes.
    • Drops from Mystery Boxes for level 100+
    • Devil armor absorbs 24% boss damage.
    • Devil weapons adds 50% damage against bosses.
    • New Devil Ring +35% damage.
    • Positron items now drop from mb for 97+ (previous 98+)
  • 5 new badges
    • Hell 4-6: Death Slayer, Abaddon Slayer, Asmodeus Slayer
    • Novice Collector, Expert Collector (see Card Collection below)
  • Max level increased to 102
    • All level 100 players will starts at 0% exp of the level.
    • Amount exp to reach level 101 & 102 is the same as for 100.
    • Genius will now for lvl up to 101 in Mystery Boxes.
    • All level 102 player will use Faction Points as tie breaker for ranking.
    • Max ally level also increased to 102.
  • New Card Collection Bonus
    • All area specific mobs and bosses will have small chance to drop a card on defeat
    • Each mob and boss will have a star rarity between 1 and 7, with 7 being rarest
    • The rarer the card, the lower the drop chance.
    • Guild based boss drop chance role happens when collecting the reward.
    • Global bosses drop chance happens at end of the battle (regardless of defeat), but odds are extremely low.
    • Poseidon has extra (rare) chance to drop Fallen card since level 95+ cannot access fallen.
    • Players can collect up to 50 cards maximum (out of ~339). After collecting 50, must remove one to before new oen will drop.
    • Players earn extra exp bonus equal to total rarity star of their top 10 cards.
  • Free energy fill for new players
    • Guardian will charge 0 gems for energy refill for players meeting following requirement:
    • Level 60 or below.
    • Less than 20 points of stat over softcap.
    • No more than 50 gems balance.
    • No item with more than 100 enhances.
    • No more than 20 virtual members (FB only)
  • Other game improvements
    • Dream World items are now vaultable (losing all enhances).
    • The ALL-CAP sell confirm will also appear for items over 20 enhances.
    • Added a black market button at alien portal.
    • Added Card Collection exp bonus ranking in the ranking screen. All secondary rankings are now also cached at 5 min interval.
    • You can now view of other players’ badges and cards from their profile.
    • Replaced the “Close” button with “Back” when viewing profile of other guild’s memberlist.
    • Improved bank item sorting for items of same level.
    • Added free Card Collection cards as extra Gem Purchase Bonus. (See link in Guardian screen for details).
    • Minor improvement tweaks and bug fixes.

To celebrate the expansion, there will be extended bonus event from 8/29 thru 9/3.

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Update September 1, 2013

  • Fixed a bug where card collection badges was not awarding bonus max energy.
  • Added “Collection List” to the cards screen (when viewing your own cards)
    • Shows all possible collectible cards in the game
    • A card is counted as “collected” even if it’s removed due to storage limit.
    • Possessed bosses will also now have a chance to drop non-possessed versions.
    • Possessed Dragon may also drop Ancient One or Emerald Princess card
  • Poseidon HP has been increased to 4B on S2.
  • FW1 boss HP has been increased to 1B on S2.
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Server 2 downtime January 6, 2014

We will be taking down Server 2 down after the daily refresh on January 6th, 2014 for roughly 1-2 hours. Approximately 50 active players and 4 guilds from the old Myspace server will be merged into the server during the downtime. Other than not sharing the chat, the merged in players are free to interact with existing players in-game as usual. The “Town Wall” feature will be enabled on the server for all users to allow communication between existing players and the merged in players (self moderation is highly expected). Other than adding more active players, the impact to the server will be minimal.

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Hell Pt3 Expansion will tentatively be released early May this year. It will include the following:

  • A new mini game (involving mob cards) that rewards weekly tournament prizes
  • Hell level 7-9 with biggest baddest new bosses
  • New level 90 premium allies (one with a special always-on skill for free Isendel travel)
  • New Devil Battle Gears
  • New level cap
  • Various game play improvements such as expanding bank/guild storage and monster arena final reward improvement.

We do not have any other information to share at this time, but will post more as we get closer the release date.

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Update May 8th, 2014 – Hell Part 3 Expansion

  • King of Duels
    • New Weekly Card Battle Tournaments found in Juncton’s underground arena.
    • Open to players level 60+ with 10+ cards collected.
    • Each card collected is now assigned 4 elements (water, fire, earth, void) and a power rating.
    • Top 50 players each week receive various amount of Gems!
    • Top winner receives the new “Arena Ring”!
    • Tournament starts Sunday nights and ends Saturday nights (server time)
    • For detail tournament rules and prizes, please visit King of Duels in Juncton
  • New Hell Levels 7-9
    • Requires level 100+ to enter (yes it’s limited to few players now, but it’s incentive to level!)
    • Fight the formidable Baal, Queen Lilith, and Lucifer
    • Hell 7 & 8 rewards pre-enhanced Hell items. Hell 9 rewards Greater Hell Items
  • New Gears
    • Added Greater Devil Set
    • Set Extra Bonus: 56% damage bonus or 28% damage reduction vs bosses.
    • Obtainable in Hell 9. Level 103+ can also obtain through Monster Arena and Mystery Box.
    • Added Arena Ring, only way to obtain by wining the King of Duels!
  • Level cap increased
    • Players can now reach level 106
    • Allies can now reach level 106
  • Added 2 New Super Allies
    • Requires level 90 to use
    • Gabriella: Teleport (block + always on free travel), protect aura (shield), weaken
    • Guardian: Gigaheal (3x more powerful than Eli’s), Cancel (30% base block), Copy
  • 5 New Advanced Badges
    • Defeat bosses of Hell 7-9 to earn 3 badges
    • Win battles in King of Duels to earn 2 badges.
    • Get these to increase your max energy by 10!
  • Black Market Upgraded
    • Max auctioning items increased to 20 (amount visible depending on player’s level)
    • Added devil gears (level 98)
    • Added devil ring (level 98)
    • Added positron ring (level 95)
  • Monster Arena Reward Upgraded:
    • Final boss now rewards up to Greater Devil Set.
    • Level 103+ for Greater Devil Set, level 100+ for Devil Set, level 97+ for positron set.
    • Rewards are based on character level (similar mechanism as FW/MB/Altantis). MA rewards have 50% of conversion to extended if the received item is 1 level below extended.
  • Misc Game Improvements
    • Added ‘Z’ hotkey to toggle last two premium ally (storied on as browser cookie, need press ‘c’ to close)
    • Added ‘D’ hotkey to decode/pick (note: this will make the forced delay to catch scripters more obvious)
    • Max bank storage increased to 80.
    • Max guild extended storage increased to 80 (for total of 100).
    • Positron items can now be vaulted (losing all enhances)
    • Added “Equip” button bank screen if item is equippable and inventory is full (must not be in battle)
    • Add missing drop item confirmation in various places.
    • Fallen damage absorb cap raised to 500M
    • Poseidon damage absorb cap raised to 2B (Kong S2 Poseidon HP increased to 8B)
    • Fixed guild merge exploit, new guilds created in past 24 hours cannot be merged.
    • Misc bug fixes.
  • Guild Chat Rooms
    • Feature pending activation by Konregate
    • Once enabled, players can switch to their guild chat tab/channel as post on guild specific forums.

Update May 14, 2014

  • King of Duels start end time have now been adjusted to the same time as server refresh, so the next tournament will be fair to players in all timezones without sacrificing sleep.

Update May 18, 2014

  • The next King of Duels tournament will reduce the minimum visible opponent selection from 10 to 5 to increase difficulty and competition for top players.
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A new expansion for Dream World has been planned and is currently in development. The content of the expansion and release date will be revealed at a later date.

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Update April 4, 2016

Mount Olympus

Brave dreamers have conquered the corners of Dream World and brought peace to the civilians. However, their proud actions have been seen as arrogance by the Ancient Gods. The angered Deity on Mount Olympus have declared war on the “vain mortals”, as they opened a path through Mount Killjoy. Do you have the brawn and balls to face angry Gods?

  • Mount Olympus
    • Entrance available to level 104+ players at Mount Killjoy
    • “Bosses only” area with 21 unique new bosses divided into 3 areas.
    • Fight 80 mini bosses in each area before fighting the guild shared main boss.
    • Bosses does not have instant kill the second skill is hard to survive for most players.
    • Collect 18 new 6-star cards and 3 new 7-star cards.
    • Area 2 and 3 drops the new Gods Gear (see below)
  • Level/Cap increases
    • Player level cap increased to 110
  • New Gods Gear Equipments
    • Ultimate item set with highest base stats and attribute bonuses
    • Weapon 64% boss damage
    • Armor 32% boss protection
    • God Ring with 45% damage bonus (Mystery Box Only item)
    • Gods item drops in Mystery Boxes for level 106+
    • Gods armor and weapon drops in Mount Olympus 2 and 3.
  • 2 New Allies
    • Available to level 100+ players
    • Fairy Queen – Gigaheal 3X more than megaheal, shield, block (full defensive)
    • Belial – Evilness (15% base damage bonus), block, copy (higher trigger than others)
  • 5 New badges
    • Master Duelist badge for 10,000 wins
    • God of Monsters badge for 100K Monster Arena Points.
    • 3 new boss badges for killing 200 of each new boss.
    • Rewards maximum energy cap and refills like past badges
  • Black Market Improvements
    • The market may now sell heavily pre-enhanced (200-500) items at small odds
    • Adjusted Buy Now price so lower tier equipments becomes cheaper
    • Adjusted starting bid prices on rings and items to avoid time wasting low bids
  • King of Duels (anti-collaboration) improvements
    • Defender card random shuffled differently per each attacker
    • Setting battle deck to below 80% of maximum power will automatically reset to highest potential deck. (Updated 4/6)
  • New key shortcuts and anti-scripting improvements
    • ‘j’ shortcut added to character screen (updated)
    • ‘f’ shortcut added to guardian screen
    • Removed scripting warning popup during battle but will log silently if player constantly triggers it
    • Added force delay to limit 1 explore action per second. This is very reasonable threshold and will help us easily determine scripters.
  • Bank Storage Improvements
    • Increase bank storage up to 80=>120
    • Monster Arena passes stored in bank can now be used without retrieving into inventory
  • Other Improvements
    • Improved defense formula so defense higher than 900 will receive slightly less damage than before.
    • Improved defense formula so higher defense will receive less damage as when attacked by mobs significantly higher level.
    • Mystery Boxes is now 25% more likely to drop pills (16% drop increase to 20%).
    • Devil equipments (the first set, not the greater set) can now be vaulted with enhances removed.
    • Equipment names now reflect number of enhances they have.
    • Battle results now displays round counts, round count also now increase at start of player turn instead of mob turn.
    • Viewing other players profile now shows their ring as well.
    • Fixed “Back to Area Map” buttons from mystic mine and Atlantis explore screens, added the button for mines battle.
    • Other minor tweaks, bug fixes, and improvements

Since we won’t be getting a homepage spotlight for this expansion, it would be great if everyone can help and show support by spreading the news of the new expansion to past Dream World players!

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Update April 11, 2016

Patches to Olympus Expansion

  • King of Duels anti-collaboration & improvements
    • Increased King of Duels minimum custom deck to 85% of potential power.
    • Added prestige score bonus for fighting high-scoring players close to or above your score.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed incorrect Olympus boss completion count (area 2 was displaying as 3).
    • Fixed attack formula for arena and mystic fights for high level players so they and allies do not deal negative damages.
    • Fixed incorrect arena and mystic fight status lines (eg. blocked stated as misses).