WARNING: Do NOT Cheat or Exploit! (locked)

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If you attempt to cheat or exploit the game, or violate any of the other rules stated in our Term of Service provided at the upper right link, your account and IP will both be permanently banned from our server. There will be NO excuses, NO second chances.

Accounts banned to-date: 235

In addition, if you attempt to hack the game and cause damage to our server. Your accounts and IP will be reported to Kongregate, your ISP provider, and your local law enforcement authorities.


The recent update revealed several players are using scripts to automatically play the game. Since the script is triggering numerous server errors and is against the term of service, we will be blocking script user’s IP addresses.

If your IP address is blocked, please make sure you are not using scripts to play the game and then send a bug report to request the IP block to be lifted.