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Sorry I’m late. I’ll just go through with the assassin’s request, although I don’t know if it was sent before the deadline. Also, a slight edit to what turning into the Mafia Apprentice does. It reveals your former role.

Late in the night, the mafia were active, although some had managed to get the night off. One such man was about to learn why not to do so. In the small remaining square where the mafia and their two remaining enemies stayed, a house was picked out at random. Two mafia went in and gave the occupant an injection. The injection was to be sure they would sleep until they were wanted awake. The two men each took one of the limp man’s arms and dragged him to an abandoned warehouse far into the wrecked town. The two men dragged him inside and then shoved him into a large octagonal room. One of them gave him another shot. He then ran out before his partner hit a switch. The door sealed shut as the occupant was waking up. From outside, the two mafia backed away from the room. One of them glanced to the other and said, “Sheesh. The boss sure is pushy. I mean, really?” He mimicked the assassin. “Don’t even bring in a water bottle.”
“Well, this thing sure is touchy,” the other replied. “Even if he is being a bit extreme, he’s still somewhat justified. This thing is unique. If it broke, we would have a hell of a time making anothe-” A horrible scream rose from the octagon. This was followed by a buzzing sound and a wave of sparks. Similar things went on for about two minutes, then stopped. A few seconds passed, then the door swung up. A figure of metal and flesh emerged, seeming to exist only to make an unnatural contrast between steel and bones. One of the two men went into a corner to puke. The cyborg asked the other, “Who am I to kill at this time?”
“Oh, nobody. Not yet. You’re our secret weapon…”


You know what happens now. Let the voting begin. In 24 hours or when a majority is found, someone will DIE. Also, the night is now going to be 18 hours long, since that just fits better and we’ve already had an extended night.

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I vote sellyme. He is too smart for us.

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…wow. This is dead. GAME OVER, CLOSING. Sorry, Wii and anyone else who’s still playing. This thread is just too dead.