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angelo runs the monster over with a tank. japan, not wanting another monster on them use there only nuke and kill the monster…

1)take the girls, your a hero now, remember.\
2)press a red button
3)kill Justin bieber

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angelo presses the shiny red button since it said “destroy” what he did not note was that it said “self-destroy”, the tank exploded with angelo inside, the explosion was seen everywhere, angelo was taken to the hospital, there he was being operated because he lost his right arm and part of his brain (ya’rly), he then blacked out, and found himself on a weird laboratory, he woke up and found out that he had bionic implants, no one was around, he then…

1)checked those important looking papers
2)break free and go to soviet russia
3)try to fly like iron man to his home

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Angelo tryed to fly like iron man, jumping rather high and ending up landing flat on his face and breaking his arm. he then….

1) passed out.

2) passed out.

3) became a zombie.

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Angelo became a zombie, but was killed shortly before that by DANTE :P
he was dead… or not?

1) watch around
2) run in circles
3) sleep… forever… until tomorrow…

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Angelo watched around.Now he want’s revenge!

Should he…
1:Destroy the sientist who made this all hapen
2:be at the mcdonalds line
or3:run away

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he seeks for the scientist that made all his life ruin, but then remembered he died, so he gone to get revenge on EVERYONE on the USA, not UK since UK is awesome :P

he first goes to kill…
1)the president
2)common people without importance
3)his co-workers

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As he goes to assasinate the president, the guards see him (Well duh, he is rather stupid.) and arrest him. he then…

1) Trys to escape.

2) Rots in jail.

3) ??? (you choose)

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He trys to escape, and he is succesful, he then runs into a big open field of corn. Suddenly he sees a bright light in the sky. Soon he starts floating and then wakes up in a dark room surrounded by little green men. He then……

1) tries to start a conversation
2) try to beat up the little green men
3) Fall back to sleep (he is rather tired)

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He trys to stomp them, but they nimbly jump out of the way, and then they bring out a catapult, loaded with razor sharp nails, and fire it towards his eyes, permanently blinding him he then…

1) Falls on the little green men.

2) Trys to keep fighting.

3) Sits down peacefully.

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He keeps fighting and surprisingly kills all 5. So he stumbles into the controls and causes the craft to crash into the field. He then somehow finds his way out so he then…..

1) wanders aimlesly
2) Lies down
3) prays to the flying spagetii monster

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Angelo prays to the flying spaghetti monster with pleading voice, and gets teleported to his house! His mom is angry when he died and killed everybody.

1. Slap dat bitch!
2. Get grounded to hell
3. ESCAPE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 1 1 ! ! 1 ! 1 ! one one ! ! ! ! 1 ! eleven 1 1 ! 1 ! ! ! one !

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Angelo ESCAPES! !!! !!!! ! !!! !! !! ! 1 ev en ! !!!!!!!!
he escapes and goes to…

1) try to kill the president again
2) program a game
3) discover who done THIS to him

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Angelo goes to find out who did THIS to him!

He asks 13182371923 people on the street!

“Did you do THIS to me?”

They all instantly explode!

Except one!

He smiles and says “YEA BRO

1. Kill the bro who did THIS to you!
2. chillax
3. Escxape again!

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Angelo KILLS THE BRO WHO DID THIS TO HIM. But the bro had an ace under the sleeve! He throws the ace on angelo,and it cuts his neck. He bleeds like hell!

1. Create Magical Bandages

2. Use your blood and make a voodoo ritual to kill the bro

3. Stab yourself in the neck with a magical healing knife

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Angelo heals itself, and prepares to fight, however, the “bro” used a giant arm cannon to attack!

1) avoid at all costs
2) try to slice the laser in half to pass
3) BE AWESOME! jump and try to cut his head.

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Angelo tries to jump and cut his head but the ‘bro’ was too fast and ducks Angelo then
1) sill stands there to fight
2) runs away
3) gives the ‘bro’ cheese in hope that they will stop this fight

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Angelo runs like the pussy he is!
1: Rape everyone
2: Piss your pants
3: Go back and kill the “bro”

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Angelo goes back and kills the “bro” before proceeding by:

a.) ressurrecting the “bro”;
b.) having sexual intercourse with the next user;
c.) learning advanced calculus for years upon years on ends.

:P Betcha gonna pick a.)- xD.

*P.S. This was a troll post with the full intention of pissing people off. For that, I apologize… and laugh simultaneously.

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Angelo learns and masters calculus. A man rushes up to him and says that his calculus skills are needed.
A: Help this man
B: Rape him
C: Say “Piss off”
D: Explode

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Angelo helps the man do calculus. Afterwards, the man masters calculus and you decide to:

a.) study trigonometry together;
b.) matrices together;
or c.) Einstein’s Relativity theory together in all of its mathematical effulgence.

“We all love math.”

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The two decide to study Einstein’s Relativity theory, but then they got bored looking at some errors in it. They decide to do…
A: Form a mafia to kill cops
B: Shoot up a mall
C: Jerk off on women from balconies

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Angelo grabs his trusty 45. revolver and begins shooting people in a mall. Then the flying spaghetti monster breaks open the roof. You…
A) Beg for your life
B) Shoot it!
C) RUN!!!

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Angelo shoots the Spaghetti monster’s meatballs out.

He notices a man wearing a black hoodie with a knife behind him….. Wat do?
B) Commit Suicide
C) Talk to hoodie guy

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Angelo talked to the hoodie guy. Angelo suddenly became a serial killer!
A: Murder everyone by hitch hiking
B: Fart lethal nerve gas
C: Surrender to the cops.

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Angelo surrenders to the cops. Angelo gets sent to jail

A) Try to escape.

B) Bribe the cops.

C) Wait until your time is up.