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[What, nobody?]

[I was waiting for Knoob.]

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You need to learn patience. Thanks for encouraging me to NOT abandon then.

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Rina Adams

Suddenly the giant bear tensed, and turned its head toward us. A shudder went down my spine as I saw its eyes, glinting with savage bloodlust. No, it’s not quite the same as the eyes of a Demon who longed for nothing but destruction. Those were the eyes of a hungry wild animal, seeing us as nothing but food…

The bear roared, causing a ripple to appear in the air before it. The next thing I knew, it felt as though I suddenly slammed into a brick wall, knocking the spiritual air straight out of my lungs. Those of us at the front of the group were pushed back at least a meter, all of us knocked down painfully by the shockwave. “Agh…” I cried out in pain. Then I remembered that I had a healing ability, and made a wave of soothing energy wash over myself to clear the pain. At least no bones in my body felt broken…

“Well, this is… unfortunate,” Romulus murmured as he got to his feet. I felt him gathering energy. A glowing cyan scimitar, made of some jade-like material, appeared in his right hand. A gauntlet with claw blades attached to the knuckles, made of something similar except dark blue, materialized to cover his left hand. He bared his large wolf teeth and growled at the bear.

Realization suddenly hit me like a bucket of cold water. They’re going to kill this poor bear-like spirit! Just because it got in our way! I… There’s no way I’d let that happen! What do I do… Then an idea hit me. It’s unbelievably rash, but what other choice did I have at the moment?

I spread my wings to their full span and flapped to float in midair. “Don’t hurt it! I’ll lure it away!” I shouted. Wincing and hating myself for doing so, I hurled a large blast of liquid light aura to bash the bear on its head. It roared once again, but this time I created a layer of watery energy in front of me to absorb some of the shockwave. “Catch me if you can!” I yelled as loudly as I could, then gave my wings a strong flap to dart toward my left where the trees were relatively more sparse. Away from the expedition group.

The bear snarled and followed me.

Oh god. I did not think this through. I lured away the bear, sure. But how was I going to shake it off, and how was I going to return to the team? Dammit, no time to think about that right now. I kept flying as fast as I could without bumping into a tree, hoping that there was something along the way that would distract the bear, maybe make it stop chasing me…

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“What a pleasant surprise!” The largest Demon of the three, apparently their leader, sneered. “One of our own, disguising himself, mingling with Neutral Spirits and accursed Angels!” He was evidently speaking to Proctor, whose appearance resembled a Neutral Spirit at the moment. “The Infernal Legion may yet forgive you if you explain yourself!”

“Was it you who destroyed the lava golem that usually guards this Doomcave entrance?” Blue asked calmly.

“Oh, you mean my dear friend here?” The large Demon made a casual gesture to one of the other two Demons. Except that one was not a Demon at all. Its skin was darkened, swathed in the energy of Darkness, and black stony veins ran crisscross all over its body, but that creature was none other than the same lava golem that Blue spoke of. “Would you like to join him? Not you though,” he glanced at Ralsael with contempt. “You should just die.”

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That girl had just flown off with the bear in tow. They were just bounding off when I felt Fenix’s gaze on me. Without even so much as glancing at him I said, “No, we can not get involved in that. One of the expedition guides should be the one to go after her.” But even as I said it, I realized that, at least morally, it wasn’t right for us to leave her safety to someone else. Plus she had helped us all at the medic station a little while ago…“Okay, I guess we’ll go after it. With any luck we can all get back with our afterlives intact.”

I morphed into full wolf form and loped after the bear alongside Fenix. We soon caught up and I realized that I had no idea what I was going to do. Usually I plan before going into battle, but now I was just acting on the moment. I leaped up into the upper branches of a tree and then launched myself at the bear, throwing to balls of Icefire at it. It stumbled for a moment and I latched onto its back and began trying to spread Icefire, which would draw energy from it, all along its body to subdue it long enough to get away. Just then one of its legs gave way and I barely rolled out from under it.

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I had formed shields of ice on my arms and I ran into the bear’s leg, knocking it down. I heard Feralsin curse, and then saw his head poke up from the other side of the bear. I scrambled up the bear’s furry stomach and bashed the bear in the head with one of my shields, which then dissipated to be replaced by a sword. I set the sword just below the bear’s chin, resting on its neck. But from the look in its eyes it didn’t look like it would be surrendering so easily.

Without looking back I called, “Um, Feralsin? Rina, was it? Any ideas on how to get this thing away from here and us back to the camp safely?” Feralsin mumbled something about having a plan before, but then he trailed off, sourly.

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Rina Adams

“What are you doing!” I cried out. “Don’t hurt it! It hasn’t done anything wrong!”

The bear roared again. Except this time, a shockwave spread out from its whole body outwards in all directions, pushing the two Angels away and snuffing out the icy fire that one of them conjured. It held out one of its paws; its claws turned from dark brownish black to bright white and became more than twice as long. It then made a wide swiping gesture, once again creating ripples in the air that signalled the coming of a shockwave.

Again, I made a barrier of liquid light to absorb the shock. But this time the shockwave sliced through my barrier like a sword, and cut into my ribs like a sword. “Argh!” I screamed in pain, and fell to the forest ground. Panting and gasping, I applied shimmering green and blue healing energy to the wound to heal it. But the phantom pain was still there. I had never gotten injuries like this when I was alive; I didn’t know if I’d ever get used to it… Glancing around, I saw deep cuts on the trees around me, no doubt done by the bear’s shockwave just now.

The bear growled, looking like it was about to tear me apart. Dammit, what kind of mess had I gotten myself into…?!

“Ugh… Don’t hurt it…” I croaked out despite the situation. “Just scare it away… or something…”

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Aeden Silverrain

Aeden sighed as not one, not two, but three of the Angels on the expedition just ran off like total morons. If they were Neutral Spirits, he would simply ignore them and move on, but he would not leave three of his own kind in the wilderness. “Hey, you two,” he gestured to the first two random spirits he saw. “Go after them. Take these; it will allow you to locate us even from afar.” He conjured two pendants, shaped as eyes made of silver metal with white crystal irises, and handed them to Icarus and Joshua. “Find them as quickly as possible, and bring them back.”

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I was nearby the Angel girl when she said not to hurt it. I groaned as I managed to work myself to my feet, having just barely escaped that shockwave with a minor cut on my right arm. “I wasn’t trying to hurt it, sweetheart.” I grumbled to myself, “But it obviously had a different idea.” I took a moment to examine the bear. IT didn’t really seem to have many noteworthy weaknesses to exploit. But she had said to scare it away…“Fenix! Can you dance with it for a bit?” I called. I got a grunt in the affirmative from Fenix.

I melted into the forest as Fenix stood up and summoned a shield and spear. The bear went the smash him with a fist, but Fenix rolled out of the way. Then, as I started to circle around, it let out another shockwave. Fenix attempted to simultaneously roll and keep his shield between him and the shockwave at the same time. He almost succeeded. The shockwave skimmed the shield, but it was enough to send Fenix back into a tree. I grimaced, he hit the tree pretty hard.

Quickly I finished circling around the bear and found two trees close to each other with just enough room to walk through. I released some Icefire and had it circle itself around the base of the trees. There was enough there to cover nearly the whole bottom half of the tree in a thin layer. I also got a smaller amount ready and in a ball to float right in front of me. I didn’t need it just yet. Taking a deep breath, I covered my entire body with Icefire. I saw the bear about to descend on Fenix, who was just struggling to get up.

Right before the bear got there, though, I threw the ball at the ground right between Fenix’s feet, careful not to get any on him. It impacted on the ground and I mentally made it climb its way up the tree, so that it was engulfing the whole of it minus my comrade. The bear snarled and whipped around. Taking one last breath, I slowly walked towards it, causing the flames to flare up around the trees with every step. “Hey, I don’t like you charging around here and messing with my friends.” I bared my teeth, and continued, “And I sure as hell hope you can understand me because I am not going to say this twice.” Every time I emphasized a word, the flames would flare up. Now, as the distance between us began to close, I called the flames from Fenix’s tree to gather in a circle around me, where I stood defiantly. I snarled, “You will leave. Now!” At the very end the two trees were fully engulfed.

At the close of my speech I called the fire from the trees to join the rest at my feet and, overall, hopefully give me a more menacing appearance.

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Rina Adams

Wow, that guy’s display of power looked really impressive! Maybe it’d scare away the bear and-


-or not.

Oh no, the bear looked really pissed now. I could feel a sudden burst of power, as the bear grew even bigger and its fur turned shimmering white. A blast of visibly glowing white shockwave shot out of its mouth, slamming into the guy with the icy fire and flinging him backwards like a piece of cardboard. He hit a tree with a sickening crunch.

No… My allies were getting hurt… I had to do something about it! Standing up, I conjured my bow, and pulled the string to generate an arrow of iridescent blue light. “Hey ugly, over here!” I shouted and let go, the arrow striking and exploding against the bear’s head.

The bear turned toward me, growled, and made another swiping gesture with its paw. Frantically I transformed the bow into a large tower shield, and expanded its edges with a wall of blue crystal, barely in time to block the shockwave as it dug into my hastily constructed defense. It roared again, and slammed its paws against the ground. The air around it shimmered, and coalesced into two glowing white transcluent normal-sized grizzly bears. They snarled in unison.

No… Was this fight unavoidable?! I internally cried out in anguish, even as I began to gather ambient energy to make those exploding crystals that were my hardest-hitting attacks. “Can we… knock it unconscious or something!” I said to the two other Angels.

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“Well, sure. I’d like it if Rina remained ‘alive’, and I don’t exactly want the others to be slaughtered.” I kind of have to go if I want to help with that. So I fly off between the trees to get to Rina. Hopefully.

And lo and behold, an indeterminate period of time later, there’s a giant bear. And Rina. And two other spirits. I proceed to unload my gun thing’s bullets into the bear while trying to avoid the bear’s attacks, whatever those are.

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“I don’t really like it, but if someone attacks you, you do what you aughta do. What you need to do. I was with a really strong Demon-Cliffe, was his name-and he gave me this ring and said a bunch about Infernus and the Infernal Legion, including how he had some sorta… Elite force? Commando force? I’m not really sure. I didn’t really understand, but that’s ’cause I lacked the context, I guess.” Maybe I’ve been thrown into something much bigger than I thought, before. They have organised tournaments to kill things and get stronger. Survival of the Fittest, wasn’t it… I can’t really brood. I’m going with these guys, if they’ll have me, and I should be fine.

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Some help showed up, thankfully, and gave me time to get up. With the fire and the bear…bears I hadn’t had time to regain my footing. One of the newcomers was shooting at the bear, and I really hoped that Rina would let us all take care of the bears now. Hopefully she would help. “Rina,” I shouted, “Are you gonna let us deal with this guy or help us now? Cause not hurting it is all good and well, but we can only give it so many chances and I think it just ran out of chances.”

I summoned my shield and sword again and faced one o the new bears. Feralsin took up a position in front of the other new bear, farther away from it than I was, with a rifle in his hand, ready to pelt the bear.

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[One, do not shrug off your injuries like nothing, or I will dish out punishments. The last shockwave hit Fenix pretty hard.]

[Two, please read this. As usual, keep OOC discussions in the signup thread.]

Rina Adams

“I don’t think we have much of a choice-” I began to shout back, before another razor-sharp shockwave cut into my shield and nearly sliced it in half. Grimacing, I began to pour energy into the shield to repair it. Wait a minute, I could absorb ambient energy in the air too! So I did that, and the shield started glowing iridescent blue. The next burst of slicing shockwave didn’t do much other than scratching the surface. Good, at least now I wouldn’t get chopped in half in the next five minutes…

Then I saw Icarus, aiming at his gun to shoot at the giant bear. There was another spirit with him, a Neutral one who looked mostly human. The bear cried out in pain and rage as Icarus’s glowing yellow bullet hit its left eye, with his always accurate shot and what not; it made me cringe. I really didn’t want to see a wild animal getting hurt, even if said animal was about to eat us alive.

“Try not to kill it if possible! Please!” I shouted.

The two comparatively smaller, normal-sized bears made of energy pounced at the two other Angels whose names I didn’t know. Wait, can bears pounce? Either way, those two did, propelling themselves forward using bursts of air. The main bear was even angrier now, if that was still possible, and opened its jaws wide to shoot a blast of nasty-looking drill-shaped glowing white shockwave, directly at me. My heart nearly skipped a beat as the attack hit, almost boring through even my reinforced shield. Dammit, I couldn’t let it do that again.

Teeth gritted, I caused my liquid aura ability to suck inwards, as hard as I could manage, sucking in all that excess energy the bear and everyone else threw around. When I couldn’t hold it in anymore I released it all in one blast, a wide beam of rainbow bluish light that slammed into the bear and even pushed it back a little. With that opening I quickly flew backwards, toward where Icarus and the others were.

“Hey, if you guys can distract it for a moment…” I said, ever so slightly tired from the exertion just now. I didn’t think my crystal bomb thing could be prepared so easily in the heat of battle, or at least I wasn’t that good at it yet. “I can prepare something that might knock the bear out…”

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James Hawking

I clenched my teeth at the thought of this Demon named Cliffe who made a little girl like Violet join the Infernal Legion. Heartless bastards, the lot of them. It’s join or die, so what choice did we have?!

In the beginning, when I first got here, I didn’t care about anything other than getting my memories back. Now, looking at the state this hellhole was in… There was a voice at the back of my head that kept yelling at me to do something about it. There wasn’t a damn thing I could do though, not against those insanely powerful spirits who could erase me with a blink. Unless I were to get stronger…

“Well then, if you’re okay with it, back to the pits we go,” I said. “When we get stronger, we’ll actually be able to do something about this pile of shit we’re in.”

[One more pit fight, then plot.]

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[Ugh I’m sorry about the absence it’s just I have been pressed for time lately and alot of the time I’ve spent here for a while is helping with the D&D or quick stuff (like mafias).]


“No doubt if it came to combat I would just be a liability like last time, but when I decided to enter these caves I knew I had little chance of returning alive. This is why I’m going to deny you answers and I’m going to declare myself my own person, demon or no, I am free. And I’ll die free.”

I rip the palms of my hands open and summon scalpels into my fingers, then I unravel alot of bandage and throw them outwards, wrapping around the spirit and the angel’s wrist, but then loosening to allow freedom of movement. “I’m also going to put up a fight, if the first bit was too smart for your thick skulls.”

[Err so I’m getting ready to be royally stomped to death? Sure that’s basically it…]

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I was…stunned when I saw the bears attack, even more so when they attacked the two angels I was walking behind. As usual though, fear makes someone either a coward, or a brave man (Spirit). To me, this seemed like a good chance to prove myself, to do SOMETHING to help. Hearing the angels request, even if it may not be directed towards me, I decide to heed it, to become better than what I was in life.

Hopefully this doesn’t end as badly as I did.

I run at the two smaller bears, deciding to take them out before attacking the main one. In mid-run, I realize I have no weapons to fight…unless I could just attack with my teeth. So I leap forward at one bear, hoping to sink my teeth into it, to see what the flesh of another would feel. Thankfully the bear was still busy with its probably dead prey, so I was able to smash into it. The collision hurt, but didn’t knock it back to much. So I happily opened my mouth, wider and wider, until I leapt at it again and began to…devour….it…

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Rina Adams

Using my liquid aura, I sucked in energy from the surroundings as hard as I could. It was a bit like trying to hold in water with nothing but my hands, except water wasn’t likely to explode if it ever leaked out. I managed to make a relatively large chunk of glowing blue crystal stuffed full of ambient energy. But I kept trying to put more energy into it; what if the attack wasn’t powerful enough to knock the bear unconscious?

As one of the new, smaller bears pounced, one of my friends pounced too, tackling the bear and… sinking his teeth into it. The bear didn’t bleed, since it was basically made of air, and I was glad for that. Despite being made of air, the energy making up the smaller bear was still being consumed. The other bear slammed into an ice shield made by one of my other friends, and got an ice sword thrust into its side. Again, I was glad that it didn’t bleed; I wasn’t sure if I could bring myself to harm it if it did.

Icarus and one of my other friends, the Angel with the icy fire, aimed their guns at the main bear and pressed the trigger. No animal liked being shot, the bear howled and made a really big wide shockwave that expanded outwards. When I was hit by one of those before, it really hurt a lot, so instinctively I used whatever I had available to block the attack.

Wait, no. That’s the explosive crystal I was making! Oh cra-

To use the same analogy, the water that I had been trying to hold in my hands spilled violently. But I wanted to salvage it as much as possible. So I drank the water. The energy contained in my aura was somehow sucked into myself. I felt a rush of power, and everything went white, and…

[From the outside this looks like a bright white flash engulfing Rina and disappearing after a couple of seconds. This will at least somewhat surprise everyone, including the bear.]

…and cleared after a couple of seconds. I instinctively knew that I got stronger. I looked a bit different, too; there were now blue runes on my clothes and jewellery, new patterns that weren’t there before. There’s now a shimmering, translucent blue aura around me, a soft glow that changed shape in response to my thoughts. I didn’t quite know what it was supposed to do, but I did have a feeling that it might help me calm down the bear… So I extended it experimentally, toward one of the smaller bears that one of my friends was biting and wrestling with.

The effect was immediate. I felt a rush of energy into me, the same rush I felt just now. Streams of iridescent energy could be seen leaving the bear, travelling visibly through the translucent blue aura, and reaching me, where it melted into my skin and gave me that feeling of rushing power. The bear let out a yelp of surprise, but it quickly died down as if in fatigue. The guy wrestling with it took this opportunity to tear a few more chunks of energy off of the bear to eat. Very quickly, the bear shrank, then disappeared completely, as all of it was either eaten or siphoned off as energy into me.

Dread and revulsion still managed to grip me amid the slightly euphoric power rush. This ability… it drained energy from my enemies and gave the energy to me! An ability that sucked the life out of things… Why would I get an ability like this…?

The main bear looked angry that I killed its summoned minion. Seemingly obeying a growled command, the second smaller bear detonated itself in a huge white shockwave spreading out in all directions. The Angel it was attacking was violently thrown back, his shield broken and his sword shattered. The main bear let out a terrifying roar again, as though about to do something dangerous.

No, I couldn’t let it hurt us again. Almost without thinking, I told my new energy-draining aura to reach forward and touch the bear. The aura spread itself to coat the bear’s white fur, and energy immediately began to rush out of it. Evidently, the bear was already pretty spent, and it only took a few seconds for the creature to collapse in fatigue and begin a sort of premature hibernation. At the same time, the refreshing energy kept pouring into me. Ah, that felt good…

Wait, no. This was enough; the bear’s already unconscious. No… Stop!

I internally yelled at my ability to stop sucking the life out of my defenseless victim, but the ability wouldn’t listen. Energy continued to rush into me, while the bear’s spirit energy signature felt weaker and weaker. Only after a second did I remember that I could control the aura’s movements; I tore the shimmering blue glow from the bear with force.

But any spirit would be able to sense that the bear was nothing but a dead body now.

“No…” I stared at my hands, numb with shock. “I didn’t mean to…”

[New ability: Konshokuki (魂食気, Soul-Eating Aura), White-Blue level 1.]

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A brief flash of pain as Shadow’s and Brauner’s rings once again burned red. Then they felt power, power like they had never felt before, power literally thousands of times larger than their own, power that could crush them like ants and fail to notice. A flash of black, and someone else was now standing beside them.

It was an unassuming figure, a minimalistic humanoid shape made of nothing other than featureless, inky black liquid. Had it been a statue, sculptors would likely scoff and mock the laziness of the person that made it. It fixed its nonexistent eyes on something beyond the trees.

“Unbelievable. Asking a clone of me to do such a trivial task…” The figure murmured in a somewhat monotonous, bored voice. With a casual gesture, a pool of liquid blackness rapidly spread out from under its feet. Without warning, thousands of massive liquid black spikes and blades erupted from the dark pool, completely shredding a large section of trees into tiny pieces of wood. With that cleared, the expedition group sent out to find the Green Guardian could be seen, a collection of weak Angels and Neutral Spirits led by a werewolf and an elf.

The shock on their faces were palpable. “W-Who are you?!” The elf asked.

“Belphegor,” the inky black figure shrugged, as though too lazy to waste words.

Shock turned into disbelief and terror. “What…?! A member of the Dark Cov-”

“Yes,” the figure said casually. A cloud of dark yellow and black electricity expanded from it, completely paralyzing every single spirit in the group. “Now die.”

RU- The elf mentally screamed into something, moments before the mass of spikes and blades erupted again, violently slaughtering him and all of his companions.

It then turned toward Shadow and Brauner. Reaching out with both hands, it lifted the two insignificant Demons with ease, and injected into them such massive amounts of Darkness that they both exploded immediately. As the burst of black energy quickly dissipated, the figure dropped the two Demons, now both stronger, to the ground.

“Four Angels and a Neutral Spirit escaped,” the black figure said, again sounding bored. “Hunt them down.”

Brauner and Shadow waited for further instructions, but the inky black humanoid simply stopped moving. Fearing its wrath, the two Demons waited. After about half a minute, there was still no response, but just when one of them was about to ask what’s going on the dark liquid figure disappeared in a black flash.

Icarus and Joshua suddenly felt overwhelming terror and despair emanating from the eye-shaped silver pendants given to them by the Angelic expedition leader, Aeden Silverrain. The Angel mentally screamed an incomplete word; then it was cut off abruptly, the pendants shattering like glass and quickly fading away.

[Shadow and Brauner are now both level 4. Get your new abilities and/or upgrades approved by me before you use them.]

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“Ha!” The large gargoyle-like Demon laughed harshly. “As if you have any actual freedom! We’re all slaves to the Fallen One, and he can destroy us whenever he wishes! But the Prince of Darkness does not waste time taking care of trash like you. We can do the job for him!”

“Well, I suppose this is unavoidable,” said Blue, summoning a frosty white rapier and an icy blue spear. The two then fused to form a slender glaive, with a shaft of blue ice, and blade of white ice intertwined with threads of blue. At the same time, the black stone gargoyle, giant humanoid sewer rat, and corrupted lava golem charged.

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… What… What was that? That was…? Like a man dying, I think… A cold shudder had ran through my body, with all the terror of a dying man from the other end. ‘Ruh-’…? If the pendants shattered, then maybe…? Something probably happened. And ‘Ruh’ sounds suspiciously like another word I know, one that would have deadly implications. Maybe something hasn’t happened. I’d like to believe that. But if something has, then it’s better to stay away. If something could harm all those Angels and Neutral Spirits that quickly, then I hate to think what it’d do to us. The leader of the group was probably especially competent, and if he so wished, he could have probably defeated me easily.

It’s pretty scary not being able to protect what you want to. For now, I should try and protect Rina. She looks pretty shaken. I don’t think she’s used to killing-Even if it’s an animal. Animals, I can kill. Humans are less easy to kill. They have their entire lives behind them and they probably fill an important place in someone’s life. I shouldn’t tell Rina that. She’d probably be upset about killing those Demons again, and she looks sad enough. I need to get my priorities in order, though. Our lives are more important than the fact that an animal’s dead. If I tell the others, they might panic. They might even try to go back and help. Rina’s that sort of person, I think.

Assuming that Neutral Spirit that was given the other amulet wasn’t preoccupied or… Plain stupid, then he should’ve noticed it too. My first priority should be to talk to him and make sure he doesn’t… Blab. I sidle up to him, and attempt to be as quiet as possible when I speak to him. I also attempt to make as look as though I’m not talking with him at all, and am instead playing with my hair and muttering under my breath.

“Listen, I know you got an amulet too. Something’s probably happened, and you probably knew that. But if something could happen to those guys, it’s best if we don’t go back. The others might have delusions that they can help, so it’s best if we don’t tell them-especially Rina. Act as naturally as possible. Rina’s a pretty good judge of people’s emotions, but she’s probably too distressed to care right now. If you want to talk about this, it’s better if we do it later, when we’re less likely to be caught.”

I then proceed to walk over to Rina. “Rina, are you okay?” I try and look as encouraging as possible, but it’s difficult to pull that off at the best of times, let alone now.

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The Council of Light

It was truly an awe-inspiring event to behold, one of the greatest Angels of Celestia ascending even higher in power. The pillar of white light was blinding as it stabbed into the sky of the Heavenly Realm, piercing the clouds and reaching places where only “God” dared to explore. As the titanic release of power finally began to subside, Raziel’s resplendent new form could be seen within, his not one but two pairs of golden wings spread wide.

“I must say that this is indeed a pleasant surprise, Keeper,” said Gabriel, the Messenger. “I am sure He will be pleased with this development.”

“Yes. Long have we thought that we have already reached the end of our evolution millennia ago,” said Michael, the Champion. “But the impasse is no more. We now finally have a true advantage against the Dark Covenant.”

“What of Lucifer himself?” Raphael, the Healer, asked. “Even you are no match for him, Supreme Celestiarch, are you not?” He glanced questioningly at their leader, Seraphiel.

“Do not forget that the Almighty is on our side,” said a newly evolved Raziel, the Keeper of Secrets. “Lucifer will be obliterated like the traitor he is the moment He steps outside His sanctum.”

“Then it will be our job to exterminate Lucifer’s Covenant,” said Zaphkiel, the Sentinel. “The tides have turned. No longer should we allow the Infernal Legion to wreak havoc in the Middle Plane. I believe it is now time for us to fight back, Councillors of Light.”

[More posts are coming.]

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“Greetings, Azira Exiom,” the four-winged golden Angel spoke, materializing from the empty white void Azira suddenly found himself in. It was as though all of his senses were stripped from him. The weaker Angel could sense nothing, not even the power of Informancy that had never failed him before, save for the golden figure before him and the incalculable power he exuded. An unseen force fixed Azira in place, utterly immobilizing him; his Mass Relay ability could not break free no matter how hard he tried. “I am Raziel, the Keeper of Secrets, Sixth Seat of the Council of Light. We have watched your little organization since its birth, Azira Exiom, though I must say it was quite a hassle to ensure that my spies are perfectly hidden from you and your abilities. Would you join the others of your kind, Azira, and help us subjugate the Infernal Legion that even now runs amok in Mediorum? Your own organization is no more, but Celestia will surely appreciate the service of one such as you.”

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Many Angels and Neutral Spirits gasped as a swarm of shiny silvery white blades descended from the sky and coalesced into a clone of Zaphkiel, the Sentinel, and Seventh Seat of the Council of Light. Zaphkiel paid them no notice; lesser spirits like them were not worthy of his attention. An invisible and virtually undetectable aura expanded from the Angel, easily engulfing the whole village of Agribestia and beginning to analyze everything within it.

Zaphkiel frowned as he failed to locate the energy signature of Sabrina Jennifer Adams and her cohorts. Foolish girl, thinking that she could evade him. But no matter; he could feel Renoi Maddor, the child that Sabrina Adams acquainted herself with. Breaking apart into many blades again, Zaphkiel quickly materialized in front of the little girl.

“Greetings, Renoi Maddor,” said Zaphkiel emotionlessly, fully expecting the child to remember who he was. “Are you aware of the whereabouts of your friend Sabrina Jennifer Adams at the moment?”

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The blast rocked me as well, if only at a smaller scale, which still did quite some damage. After I got up and checked my wounds, which were bleeding the same essence as my fingers, the feelings of terror and despair rocked me even further. Both of them combined and happening all of a sudden shook me mentally. However, I got a hold of myself when the other spirit began talking to me, “Okay…” When he walked over to the angel, I took a quick look at her tormented state. Looking at it saddened me, as I never want someone else to feel how I do most of the time…

I didn’t want to bother them though, as my wounds began screeching in pain, so I decided to lean against one of the trees. After this I whistle a tune to myself, if only to calm my nerves from earlier. That, and because I use this tune to block out the world when I discuss things with myself…

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Rina Adams

Am I okay? I just killed an animal by accident! No, I’m not okay, because I’m not a freaking psychopath! “No! I didn’t mean to kill it!” I blurted out. Dammit, the reason I tried to lure the bear away was so that it wouldn’t get needlessly killed by an angry mob of Angels and Neutral Spirits. And now I was the one to kill it! Worse, sucking out its life felt good! “I… I tried to stop, but…” I never felt more horrified and disgusted with myself. “I could’ve let it live, and… And…” James was one to believe punishment. What sort of punishment did I deserve for accidentally killing an animal? Could it be forgiven? What if it happened to a human spirit instead?!

I wanted to hug a soft pillow, curl into a ball, and lie down until I felt better. But we were in a forest filled by superpowered hostile animal spirits, so I wasn’t exactly in any positions to do that. And if I learned to feel better about it… Does that make me more and more like a cold-blooded killer…? I forced myself to swallow all that down.

One of my friends, the Neutral Spirit that was wrestling with one of the smaller bears earlier, looked pretty beaten up. He obviously looked in pain, and probably not just physical pain either. I wondered what was bothering him, but I was too bothered myself to figure it out… Without a word, I walked over to him, and held out my hands. At first, it was the life-sucking blue aura that came out, against my intentions; I squeaked in horror and retracted violently, heart pounding. Then I tried again, and at least the healing blue and green glow came out, bathing the spirit in a soothing radiance. “D-Do you feel better?” I tried to say in a calming tone; it wasn’t easy when I myself wasn’t calm at all.