The random text misadventure.

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You wake up in a room. Nothing mysterious at all, just your bedroom. Your TV is being a total idiot. Not that it’s alive, because that doesn’t make any sense. It’s making crazy noises. You decide to tell your weird brother without a name yet about it. He sees the crazy TV and explains to you that it’s just on Channel 99. You have basic cable, which explains the issue. You then go to get breakfast, even though you weren’t even fasting. You can’t decide whether to toast a few cinnamon swirl waffles or go get somethin’ at your local McDonalds (which, for some reason, is one from the 80’s).

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(Just warning you, you might recieve some criticism because you’re new here. However, i think this game could go well.)

Go to the local McDonalds.

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note: i continue the story at this one point because me and Sub are the exact same guy

You wondered why the menu isn’t greatly updated, making it hard to know what to get. Anyways, you decided on getting 5 Hash Browns and a Parfait. But you didn’t want anything in the parfait at all, pretty much giving you a free cup. The guy at the window was doing his worst Christopher Walken impression, which was so irritating you decided you should just go home and have waffles instead. So you drove back home, duh. When you turned on the TV, some stupid kids show was playing. You suspected it was because your little brother who also has no name changed it so he could watch something that he thought was “funneh”.

what do you do?
A//Yell at the little guy.
B//Ask him why he couldn’t have just used his tv.
C//Tell him to not do it again.

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D. Kill that whore.

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You tell him to turn the station, even though you aren’t even inept at doing it yourself. He refuses to do the simple task, so you yell at him a lot. He then does it because you threatened him to change it otherwise you’d stick a plunger in his face for no discernible reason. As he walks to your room to change it to the news channel, you hear a noise in the bathroom. Amazingly, it wasn’t a flush, but the sound of a dimensional portal. You stupidly wanted to jump in, but first you told your brothers about it. Even stupider than last time, you actually did jump in with your brothers, too.


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[this is the part where we pull a bit of a Homestuck and switch gears to something irrelevant to the storyline.]

&: hey ?

?: what

&: why are we doing this

*:i know i’m not ? but we’re doing this whole “X Amount of Y is your name thing to be shady” thinger

&: i was looking for an answer of why this discussion is happening

#: maybe we’re just here to be obscure and absurd

+: great theory octothorpe man duder guy

-: ditto