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Err you don’t really need to bump at night right? Just send people with actions a reminder or something.

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you’ve bumped threads while in Night phase yourself before…

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well? is this dead?

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Night 3

The full moon rises, some think this is a sign of evil, but not tonight. Tonight the citizens of Blackknife can finally breath easy.

Day 3

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Wut, Mafia was afk? Hah! Stroke of luck for us.
We just need to see who looks like they could be inactive? Yes.

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Wow. I was expecting a kill. So, do we have any evidence or FoS’s on anyone?

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FoS on CoolNoah. He is the only person who would have missed that entire night, based off his posts. Most other people who were simply appearing inactive would have sent in a kill action but he missed about 8 days of FGF so far.

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I’m sure he didn’t say he was going to be gone for a while, did he? I wonder where he went, but of course, back to the topic. Is there any other People inactive? Then again, the mafia could just play it off and don’t kill anyone so then we will lynch innocent Noah because he’s the one inactive. But we won’t know for sure.

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I’m not sure the mafia has to think about it that hard at this point. No, looking at how inactive this mafia has gotten I realise that the mafia is not active. They would have killed. Standing by my FoS.
But there is no reason we should think Noah is Innocent. It makes sense that the mafia didn’t kill because they completely missed this night.

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Alright then. So who should be lynched today? if any? FoS on CoolNoah and that’s it.

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I’m pretty sure Vara is town. We may even count as a clear town. One more thing: If this mafia team only gets a kill every 3 nights why would they skip? They’d have to wait 3 nights (3 potential lynches and 2 potential kills. This could be thier doom.).

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I don’t know anyone who has acted suspiciously, but Ocelot brings up a good point.

CoolNoah could definently be a mafia.

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Originally posted by ocelot:

I’m pretty sure Vara is town. We may even count as a clear town. One more thing: If this mafia team only gets a kill every 3 nights why would they skip? They’d have to wait 3 nights (3 potential lynches and 2 potential kills. This could be thier doom.).

True. Having to survive through 5 more deaths would be hard. Now that I think about, it would be best for them to take any killing chance they have.

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Meaning all the mafia who are just playing inactive to disguise it wouldn’t risk the inactivity to prove a point.
Voting CoolNoah for said reasons.

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I know I aint supposed to post again but J.C. High on Ze Weed!!! If he is inactive mafia, why lynch him now when you can get him later!?!?! He couldn’t even do anything for 5 phases!!!!!

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Because it’s better than getting rid of a town player. An accurate Maf lynch, if executed multiple times is better than a random one. Especially if unsure, as we are now.
Also no, you aren’t supposed to post again are you?

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Voting CoolNoah for reasons said before.

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There are a few more people who haven’t logged in since yesterday: (based on their profiles)

  • CoolNoah23;
  • Hyped;
  • Anime_Shadow;
  • therealsirmark4.

All their (including CoolNoah’s) login dates were yesterday. Nobody here has a login date older than that, so it does seem a little bit unlikely to me that the mafia didn’t carry out an NK because of inactivity. For that to be true, both mafia members would need to not care about this game. If only one mafia member is active, then he’d probably whisper the other NK’er to advice him. which would remind him about having to NK somebody. It’s unlikely that no NK occured because of inactivity.

To me, it seems most likely that the NK target was either protected, or the NK’er was roleblocked. (On the contrary, the night did last extraordinarily long, which might point toward reaper waiting until he recieves the NK decision, but I guess then he’d at least have whispered the nightkiller if that was the case.

Besides lurking, we don’t actually have evidence against him. And, like stated before on day 1, there’s a lot of mafia so we should be careful about our lynches.

Lurking is a problem though. We can’t afford having the entire mafia lurking while the living town is killing itself. I’ve made a list of lurkers:

  • CoolNoah23;
  • Zzzip50;
  • Drovoxx;
  • EPICLiLdEaTh;
  • therealsirmark4;
  • Helltank.

Everyone on that list hasn’t posted on day two. If we’re going to lynch people for lurking, maybe we should try to get them to become active first (by whisper spam) and demonstratively lynch those who refuse to become active (aka. “post something insightful”)? It’s more efficient than just lynching some random guy for lurking, because that way, you don’t make anything clear to the other lurkers.

… that is, of course, if we’re going to policy lynch the lurkers at all. It’s not efficient to find mafia (remember about the careful lynches?), but it may at least bring across the message of “Get active or die!”, which may be necessary to pick out the lurking mafia.

Either way, the current bandwagon against CoolNoah isn’t going to help.

I’m actually suspicious of OmegaDoom: he has been eager to see when the night ended, yet now it has ended, he doesn’t have anything to say (or at least, hasn’t said anything). He is right that the night lasted too long, but sending a whisper to the hoset (reaper) should be enough in case you think the host forgot about the game.

It may be possible that he was so eager because he wanted to see the result of their night actions, which could point towards scum. It’s nothing conclusive, but scum is usually more eager to see the night results than the town, I guess. The town is more likely scared about whether they got NK’ed.

He was also the one who started a bandwagon against ocelot yesterday:

Originally posted by OmegaDoom:

what do you mean by ^that? you were unable to Roleblock or Investigate?

oh wait, you mean it as “proof” that you aren’t Niko, is that it?

oh, wait:

The only thing I will say is that Devourer isn’t a cop

fail! vote ocelot. and i bet he’s Niko.

dangit, why’d you have to be stupid? if you did a better job and we believed you to be Cop, you’d be NK’d. but even i can’t make you look Cop now.

Line #1, he clearly doesn’t mention anything about the obvious “unable to protect”.
Lines #2-4 are entirely baseless.
In line #5, he acts as if it’s impossible that ocelot is a cop, and that the mafia must have NK’ed him if he wasn’t.

And then later when proven wrong:

Originally posted by OmegaDoom:

oh, yeah, ok. i didn’t think of it that way.

unvote ocelot then. because he’s Cop.

The only other thing I can think of is that Mafia wanted me to be lynched, so they left me alive last night because they knew town would lynch me.

i know, that’s why i hammered on about it. if Town was gonna policy Lynch you if you didn’t get NK’d, you wouldn’t get NK’d. that also why i gave up and voted you. but there are new developments now. you’re a “Cop”, for sure.

The last paragraph is self-contradiction at it’s finest. “that also why i gave up and voted you” implies that he held it possible that ocelot wasn’t NK’ed because of trying to get the town to policy lynch him and just wanted him to die because they’d never get proof of ocelot being cop, while he in his accusation stated that it was impossible for ocelot to be a cop and if he was a cop, he would’ve been NK’ed for sure.

This means that he did not describe crucial parts in his accusation of which he was aware in order to get the town to lynch ocelot. That is scummy, because not telling such things even if you’ve thought of them means you’re trying to inconsiderately get somebody lynched. (In this case, he even held it possible that it would be a cop lynch while saying it wouldn’t.)

FoS Omegadoom.

So, to discuss:
+ What to do with the lurkers?
+ What about Omegadoom?

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Unvote CoolNoah

Someone was using the excuse that OmegaDoom looked like a cop before but he isn’t one of them. Unfortunately one of the inactives is also a cop. I don’t think Omega is mafia though, he usually does this kind of thing.

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Unvoting CoolNoah.

Omegadoom does that sort of things, but he may have been trying to get rid of Ocelot since with the knowledge that he is a cop, he would be able to take out one of the 4-7 people (Depends on how you look at it.) that have a power role. Now, Omega may have just been completely confused and maybe not reading all the posts thoroughly and scanning, but that isn’t the best excuse for voting a known cop, now is it?
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@Vara, I haven’t logged in since yesterday since I spend 12-16 hours sleeping and school. So, that’s my reason, about Omega; I feel like Omega doesn’t fully comprehend some posts, that could make him confused, like what Aedan said. Though, everyone here is innocent until proven guilty, as we don’t have any solid evidence on him, yet.

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In mafias it’s the other way round. Guilty until proven innocent. You’ve seen bandwaggons before right?

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Ahh right, that’s what I meant. Guess I was thinking about the original quote thingy.

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lol @ everyone calling me a quack.

i wasn’t trying to get ocelot lynched, but i thought it would be inevitable, because everyone wanted to lynch him the first Day, and only switched to GotterakaThing because of his obvious false role-claiming.

but i’ll stick with him being NK’d soon enough, anyway.

that was all i did, but i can see how it looks kinda eratic.

i’ve also been kinda occupied lately.