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“Ever heard of steel? 5-inch sheets, in the wall, behind the plaster. I have some rich investors. And YOU ate at the bar. I just drank. But sure, let’s fight.”
I walk into the sparring room.

[Oh, guys, I might stop posting suddenly. Scattered thunderstorms, can’t risk a circut blowing.]

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“And I am all who matters in the end” I said jokingly, “good thing that I shouldn’t do a lot of damage to your sparing room.” My yo-yo starts spinning incredibly fast and even starts sending sparks, “you want to attack first?” I said, my yo-yo sending out a couple sparks.

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I had finished playing after three more songs. The crowd wants more but unfortunately, I have no more time. I must find the man who handed me this violin. Scent tracking is something every potential sniper needs to learn. I remember the scent from the violin. His scent is hard to describe…to me, at least but regardless, I took a bow, grabbed my rifle and headed out after paying so I could follow the scent.

…It leads to a sewer??? Is he a vagrant? He can’t be….

I climbed into the sewer to continue my chase. My camouflage blended in with the walls and ground and the algae and such. I continued to follow, shouting out.

…Mr. Violin player. You down here? I have your instrument. I’m trying to return it…

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“Wait, someone is here.”
I send out my psychic power, and go into their mind.

“How did you find this sewer? You don’t belong here. Leave now, or else I will personally destroy you.”

[For those of you who don’t know, itallics mean thought. itallics with qotation marks means telepathic communication. If being actively communicated with by a psychic, you can respond since they are reading your thoughts.]

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Name: Old Lee Aunder

Age: 39

Element: Tox [Poison]

Starting Weapons: A collapsible Snakewood bow that Old Lee has owned since his birth. This bow is constructed out of Snakewood. The bow is unique in not only the fact that Lee is the only one who can safely wield Snakewood, but each end is sharpened, interestingly enough, it was one of these ends that aided in his cousin’s murder. His other weapon is a snakewood kanabo, with the blunt tips typical on a kanabo are instead sharpened and usually poisoned.

Description: He is average height for his family, 6 feet, and about 200 lb. All in all he is quite healthy. He has a black goatee and slicked back black hair contrasting against his olive complexion. At the age of 39, he has shown little signs of aging, at least not physically. Within his sunken eye sockets sit two eyes, one of them green, and the other one green as well.

Clothes: Old Lee Aunder adorns a dark olive suit with a light tan tie. This may seem mundane, but within it, he is armed quite well, with his kanabo sheathed inside his brown suitcase, as well as his bow. On his head he wears a matching olive fadora with a narrow tan strip around the brim.

Bio: Old Lee Aunder, formerly known as Lee Aunder, was in the bottom of his family’s hierarchy at birth but has thus been granted the title of Old. This path, carving through his family was not always through smooth talking, but through murder and sly trickery. Lee was content with his life as a laborer, working with the poisonous plants and woods until his father sat down to speak with him on a warm summer day. His father was old and aging rapidly and begged his son to help him find a way out and to the top. Step by step Lee’s father manipulated him and eventually Lee slaughtered or contributed to the death of most of his own blood. Upon his father reaching the top, Lee was murdered.
Or so his father thought, Lee in reality knew of his father’s murder attempt and managed to hire a double to take the bullet, and nobody ever knew until the day Lee’s father died and the title was passed down to Lee who to the shock and angst of all was at the funeral. [This was real rushed and choppy, I will elaborate in game if accepted…which I doubt.]

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[This is moving ahead quite quickly… And I won’t have time to post until at least three hours. Guess I’ll have to catch up later…]

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Originally posted by Blood_Shadow:

[This is moving ahead quite quickly… And I won’t have time to post until at least three hours. Guess I’ll have to catch up later…]

[I haven’t even signed yet]

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A voice…not friendly at all. The dangers of tracking my target are great. I speak back out.

…Vengeful spirit, I am here to return something to it’s rightful owner. It’s a violin. I am aware of your warning but I must return this to him. After I am finished returning to this, I will leave and head back to my home. I could always leave it here if you like but it would get dirty. The decision is up to you and him, if he is with you…

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“I can’t risk you finding where I live, or else I’d collect it. Leave it against the sewer wall right where you are and leave.”

EDIT: Jimbo is accepted.

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…Very well, spirit. Should you or that guy seek something from me…advice, backup, even training of any type, seek out the Jade forest outside of Imperis. That is my home. My name is Lucius Brule…

I set the violin against the wall and turn around to walk.

…Farewell, spirit. Thank the violinist for me…

I walked back up and out of the sewers and headed for my home. There are no houses within the forest for the forest has provided me with all I need. Plenty of food and water and some places to sleep in. I walk into a familiar cave and rest against some rocks with my rifle in hand.

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[hey guys I’m going to be gone for a couple hours.]

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“I threaten you, and you offer to help us instead? I’ll be sure to visit you one of these times. And I’m not a spirit, I’m a psychic. If you were at The Shadow Inn tonight, you’ll recognize me as the guy who almost dropped someone into the body incinerator.”

I turn to Vinyl.
“We should put this off until tomorrow… telepathic communications keep me off from my best. Guest bedroom is the second one on the right. Bathroom is on the left. Kitchen is at the end. The counter where the stools are is obviously where we eat. My room will be locked, don’t try anything.”

I throw my Katana at him.
“Put those in the holders across from the door to this room. Cleaning and honing. There’s a third and fourth if you want to use one on yours.”

I go to my room and fall asleep.

[Good Night]

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I do as he says and go back to my room with my sword, I usually sleep with my sword next to me and my yo-yo in my hand. I go to sleep.


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The music has long since stopped, and the boredom of sitting alone in a quiet bar has seeped into me. Sighing, I pay the bartender and leave the bar. The sun has dropped and I didn’t get anything important done today. Oh well.

Just like always, I sneak out of the city through ancient, hidden passageways, escaping into the wilds. As I move through the woods, I notice a boar. Freezing the air into ice darts, I launch them at its vital points, things that I have known since childhood. Along with some firewood that I gather up, I bring my newfound dinner with me to one of numerous, deep caves that I’ve been hiding in. I allow light sleep to engulf me, drifting away.

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[Holy balls, so much rapid fire RPing.]

[The inevitable result is that my character ends up on his own, all lonely and stuff D:]

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I have been asleep for a while now but nature is telling me that someone has arrived.

…Spirits of the forest…I sense a disturbance also…No, a human…relatively benign, I’d guess. Doubtless, you are right. A cave? Right…I will find him now. May your strength build up inside me as energy…

I got up and readied my rifle with some tranq darts. My camouflage turned moss green under the moonlight as I began searching cave by cave.

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After jumping tree to tree in the forest where I was dropped off at as a child, I come across a very dark cave which is much to my liking. I spread the darkness out to the sides, much like how Moses spread the red sea. I see a dropped body is a gray coat, with a gray hood covering his head. It lifelessly layed on the cave floor, I didn’t bother much with it assuming he was sleeping. I bend the shadows around me and attach myself to the cave wall in a cocoon of shadows and darkness, I put spikes of Earth around my cocoon, guarding me from any attacks during the night. I drift off to sleep in my shadow prison.

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I regain consciousness as my mind tells me to focus. Something’s wrong. A particular mixing of water…human blood…one ridiculously close to me…and another, moving unnaturally through the wilds at this time of the day. No.

I forced myself to remember the layout of the place. It was the caves. This one is moving through all the caves, in search of something. Whatever this is, it poses a threat to me. Gratefully, I’m still in the darkness, the newfound light in the middle of the cave room. But this is too obvious. Too suspicious. Whoever this guy is, this could be dangerous for both of us.

I sprint off into a far off room of the same cave, a network of confusing tunnels. Propelling myself into the air with water, I launch into a small hole in the higher cave walls. This should be far and obscure enough. Moving deep into the hole, I form a wall of ice to block me, the wall obscured from the vision of most by the dark. Satisfied, I move back to my light sleep. The investigation could wait.

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[I remember rapid firing rping so fast, a bunch of the players left the game and game died.]

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[Considering I never got to use her before… or, actually, forget it. Let’s try…]

Name: Akane "Miska’’ Harper née Bowl
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Element: Vulto [Electric], (Oris [Meal])
Starting Weapon: One SMG of an undefined sort. It uses tracer rounds. Aside from that, a club-like weapon, resembling a honey dipper – the medium-length shaft with a cylindrical weight on the end is insulated, and the whole thing is covered in a double helix of wire – save for the fact the ‘rungs of the ladder’ a double helix is seem to be facing outwards in this case, making the weapon very spiky. Much like a double helix, the pattern consists of two separate ‘springs’, not one.
Description: Akane’s hair colour is something not quite decided whether it’s brown or red – it’s something in between. One thing that can be said about the colour is that it’s not a dark one. Her eyes, oddly, are the same colour. Aside from that, there isn’t really much that’s remarkable about her – average height, slender, not noticeably equipped in the chest department.
Clothes: In a somewhat unusual manner, Akane dons both slacks and a skirt. Aside from that, her clothes include a shirt (not a particularly feminine one, her lacking the figure to require one), a sweater vest and a thin cloth coat. In warm temperatures, all the clothes might get shorter, the vest can go, being replaced by a blouse along with the shirt… All the garments tend to possess bright, if not particularly saturated colours. White, grey, all the shades of beige, with peach and pink, and… actually, shades of blue or green or blue in general tend to be absent.
Bio: Akane was born with a great penchant for science, a great penchant for magic, and a great penchant for wandering. That combined into her assuming a medical profession in her life – there wasn’t another scientific study she could perform on the go, for it required labolatories, offices, that kind of thing – medicine only required patients, which cropped up pretty much everywhere she went, not necessarily because she went there. Using more than just the mundane was also not a problem – medicine is a pragmatic study, seeking to achieve its own results rather than just seeing what the results of something would be.
And that’s who she is to this day – a wandering doctor, helping whoever she meets in need, and not helping those who are not in need. Outlaws haven’t heard of the Hypocritic Oath, so playing by their rules is just natural.
It is possible her choices – both of them – were a result of having her father die in her youth. Assaulted by bandits on the road, he amassed a lot of complicated wounds, which he eventually died of. This emotional event possibly led Akane to be vehemently opposed to both people dying of wounds and people getting those wounds from other people’s actions in the first place. Well, innocent people. In Akane’s eyes, those who have inflicted harm unto others are outside of the protective bubble of innocence, and may as well have some harm inflicted unto them – they entered the game of pain.

[Oh, guys, I might stop posting suddenly. Scattered thunderstorms, can’t risk a circut blowing.]

[I’ve had that for the last three days, and that’s why my signup is about ten hours late.]

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[Note: My character’s full name is in bold, while the personality current in control is in italic.]

Rosalyn Grayson


“Again I have to thank you for staying overtime, dear,” the kindly head nurse says with gratitude as I step out of the clinic’s doors. “And for being here at all. You really work wonders for someone so young!”

“No, no, it’s all right!” I reply with a bit of embarrassment, not used to being praised this often. “I’m just glad to help! That’s all!”

“Oh, please, you’re being too humble!” She chuckles. “That man’s broken rib would’ve taken any of us a few hours to properly heal, but you did it in record time! You really gotta tell us who you learned healing magic from, Rose…”

Hmph, why not tell her the truth? Lynn grumbles in my mind.

You know I don’t want trouble… I reply. I hate it, but I have to lie to the head nurse; I really don’t want to attract my family’s attention again… “Well, um, you wouldn’t know if I told you,” I awkwardly force out a lie. “He isn’t anyone famous or anything…”

“Well, he’s gotta be famous if he has a star pupil like you!” The head nurse laughs. “Oh, I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t be keeping a young lady like you here so late after dark. Go on, hurry! Don’t want you to run into anyone unpleasant, now do we?” She jokes.

If they’re anything like those gangsters earlier, I can kick their sorry asses easily, Lynn scoffs.

“All right, see you tomorrow!” I smile and make my leave, turning to the direction of the inn I’m staying at for the moment. I really should find a house to rent soon… except I don’t have much of an idea how that works. They didn’t need to teach me things like that back then…

And they didn’t think they’d be kicking us out, says Lynn bitterly. Heartless bastards.

They have their reasons… I try to convince myself as much as Lynn.

Yeah, “God told them so”, Lynn says in a mocking, sing-song voice. Hmph. I’m sure they’d even off themselves if their “God” told them to do it.

Let’s… not talk about this for now, okay…? I softly whisper. I… I don’t…

Alright, fine. But you gotta help me figure out astral projection soon, so I can get out and move around while you control the body.

My walk back to the inn is mostly uneventful, until I hear some quiet whimpering somewhere far off to my left. Turning around, I see a tall, muscular man holding a sword menacingly toward a moderately well-dressed woman. “Cough it all up, bitch, or your head comes off!” I can barely hear the man snarling. On the ground is a small pile of glittering golden coins, the same as the lightweight, enchanted coins in my bag. Crap… It’s a robbery! W-What do I do…

What do you mean “what do I do”?! Lynn says. Of course you go stop that asshole!

B-But I… I stammer. I…

Come on, don’t tell me you’re just gonna stand by and watch while that poor woman gets mugged! Lynn shouts angrily.

I k-know, but…

Argh! Lynn hisses with impatience. If you’re gonna chicken out then at least let me do it!

F-Fine… I murmur, cursing my lack of courage, and gives control of the body to Lynn; it feels as though a veil of silk is enveloping my senses…


My eyes open and blink a couple of times. I waste no time walking up to the robber and stating my business. “Let her go, you asshole, before I shove something up yours!”

“The fuck?” He turns to me, and frowns, as if it’s so unbelievable that a girl like me is standing up to him. “You wanna die, bitch?!” He gives me a totally failed attempt of a scary face.

“Are you deaf?” I growl. “I said, leave her alone if you don’t want me to shove that sword up your ass!”

For a moment, he just insultingly stares at me with disbelief. Then he breaks into a leer that instantly makes me want to puke. On him. “You got some spunk, bitch. Your looks ain’t half bad either. Know what?” He turns to the woman whom he has been robbing. “I’m gonna let you keep your dough if you convince her to suck my dick,” he points a finger at me. His middle finger. “How about it?”

“W-What?” The woman stammers, trembling in shock and fear. Her whimpering is sounding like Rose. “I-I…”

I snarl, disgust turning into anger. “How about I cut it off instead?” My right earring glows, and a short sword near instantly appears in my hand.

“Ooh, you wanna fight?” The robber grins in excitement. Only because it’s night and there’s nobody else around, I bet. “I like that! All right, let’s see what you got!” Without warning, he abruptly swings his sword at me in a slashing motion.

“Hmph.” I fill my short sword with Dark magic and channel an Entropy Hex through it, allowing it to weaken the structural integrity of whatever it hits; the gray metallic blade turns black with red streaks running through it. Thanks to all the swordfighting and self-defense I’ve been taught throughout my life, I bring up my magically charged sword in a fluid motion, and chops the robber’s plain vanilla sword into two segments like firewood. “Wimp.”

The guy stares at his broken stump of a sword with disbelief. Which slowly turns into anger. He’s so slow, goddammit! “My… My sword!” As if that isn’t already obvious enough. “You’ll pay for this, bitch!” He tosses the broken sword aside, and conjures up a fireball that lights up most of the area around us. Yeah, real smart! That sure helps everything stay hidden at night!

“You still want me to give you head after ruining my beautiful face with that nasty fireball?” I smirk. “No matter what weird fetishes you’ve got, I’d rather stay beautiful, thank you very much.” I strike first without warning this time, extending a big shadowy wisp of black energy from my sword that hits his fireball and puts it out in a puff of smoke. The whip keeps going, travelling fast enough to wrap around his neck before he has a chance to react.

“What the…?!” He blurts out incredulously. And tries to make another fireball. But before he can do that, I suddenly tighten the choke hold around his throat, causing him to lose focus.

“Hmph. I said I’d shove a sword up your ass. But since yours is broken, and I don’t wanna dirty mine…” The shadow whip promptly dissolves into black and red energy and sinks into his body. He cries out in pain and collapses, spasming violently. “Enjoy your massive muscle pain and cramps for the next three hours or so.” I walk toward him, kick him aside, in the balls, and suck up the pile of gold coins to my hand with a burst of telekinetic force. “Here you go,” I give them back to the still-trembling woman.

“T-Thank you…” She says.

“No problem,” I give her a grin. “Be more careful at night next time, ’kay?”

“Y-Yes…” She replies uncertainly. Like she’s not sure whether to be afraid of me or the robber. Oh well.

“Alright then, see ya!” I smile cheerfully and walk off. See? That wasn’t too hard, now was it? I speak triumphantly to Rose.

But, um, all that vulgar language wasn’t necessary… Nor was that last kick to his, um, lower section…

But it was fun! I giggle. If only she’s more open to this kind of thing… But then again, if she was, then I wouldn’t exist, now would I?

[This… turned out to be much longer than I thought.]

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Carson Florent

I walk into what was previously a sparring chamber. Not many people used them nowadays so investors extended it into a weapons testing chamber in order to attract more customers. I was the man who installed it for them. The people who invest in my works let me take this room by night as a weapons testing chamber. I hit a red button on the way in which opens a wall upwards, opening out into a firing range of varying range and increment. A door in the side of the chamber leads off into a corridor lined with wooden sword dummies hanging from the ceiling, when someone reaches the other end of the corridor it would deploy new dummies from under the rotating ceiling tiles.

I draw a long rifle from my back and cock it ready to fire, I hit a button which starts building hot steam in the chamber, compressed to an extra ordinary density by my own powers which I imbued into the gun when I made it.

I pull the trigger when I have lined up the sights, a metal slug burries itself deep into the furthest target. Upon inspecting the target he sighed. It had gone through the wall too. The target was only struck through the yellow zone. Either his accuracy had started to fail him or the sight or grip or something on the cannon was off. This would be a long night…

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[Ah graphic violence, mugging, and crotch kicking — absolutely lovely.]

Rae Grimfeld

Ahh: street sweeping, one of the least prestigious jobs available — and at midnight, no less. Unfortunately, beating people up with psychic powers doesn’t pay well, and I’m not really talented at anything that doesn’t involve psychic powers.

I suppose I could be a fortune teller, but I don’t like the idea of bullshitting people about being able to tell the future, which I’m only able to do occasionally — not to mention the fact that I would be getting payed even less than I am now.

At any rate, however, I don’t see myself doing anything worthwhile in the near future — unless, of course, the near future involves me saving the world from a bunch of crazy super-powered assholes flying around shooting blimp sized fireballs at pedestrians for no apparent reason whatsoever.

And there’s the end of my block, and the end of my shift… I finish up the cleaning with an over-exaggerated motion involving the broom magically flying across the rest of the street at about sixty miles per hour, practically disintegrating all of the dust along the way. Hmm, not fast enough.

If I want to be able to propel objects at the same speed as a pistol, which is apparently estimated to be about 1100 feet per second, I’ve got a long way to go… About 1040 feet per second faster and I’ll be there, not that the exact numbers matter.

[Huzzah, I have not the creative spark which B_S has used to create his amazing tale of awesomeness.]

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[I’m just going to put my second character here. I’ll only start to post as him when allowed.]

Name: Christopher Thunderblade.

Age: 19.

Gender: Male.

Element: Vulto [Electric] (Sene [Psychic]).

Starting Weapon: Christopher generally uses electrified telekinetic force field constructs as weapons; he knows how to construct force fields that are nigh perfect electrical conductors. Other than that, he has two weapons in case his own magic fails. The first is a miniature railgun, about as powerful as a pistol, except it uses electricity instead of gunpowder; its battery is usually recharged by his magic. The second is a sword with one straight edge, and one serrated edge designed to produce extremely painful cuts suitable for torture; it can magically change size and length between that of a longsword and a dagger. Yes, the sword conducts electricity too. The two weapons are enchanted to be able to transform into steel bracelets on command, as long as they’re within a meter of Christopher.

Description: Christopher is of medium height, with a lean but athletic build, and slightly tanned skin. The eyes of his main persona are bright yellow; those of his Destroyer persona are blood red; and those of his Assassin persona are electric blue. His hair is short, brown, and spiky, though not because of his electric powers.

Clothes: Christopher usually wears a brown leather duster. Underneath is a plain, nondescript shirt, trousers, and shoes, brown and gray in color. The inner pockets of his leather duster are magically enchanted to hold large travelling backpacks’ worth of stuff, and store various necessities.

Bio: Christopher’s memories are hazy at best. The name “Christopher Thunderblade” is not his real name, but rather one he made up, given his ability to conjure an electrified force blade using his Electric and Psychic magic; he remembers having no real name other than the title of “number 15”. From what he does remember, he is an artificial human genetically engineered by a secret underground organization known only to few as the Order of Resurgence, dedicated to replicating and weaponizing the powers of the long-lost Creators. Christopher is a failed attempt at creating an artificial human of the Dream element; he only has the Electric affinity rather than the expected Electric, Fire, and Water. His genetic engineering did grant him exceptional magical power, and thus he was weaponized anyways, trained since birth to become the perfect killing machine. However, his human thoughts and emotions could not be completely suppressed, a flaw made even more apparent after teaching him Psychic magic. Christopher remembers feeling disgust toward the tasks he was commanded to perform, anger toward his masters and the world as a whole, and the desire to survive at all costs. The full details are not clear to him, but not very long ago Christopher seemed to have abandoned his organization; the conflict between his own thoughts and the mental conditioning imposed onto him since birth caused his mind to break down the moment he decided to desert. Now, freed of the brainwashing, Christopher is instead plagued by the presence of two alternate personas within his consciousness. One calls itself the Destroyer, a manifestation of pure anger, hatred, and other emotions and urges, wielding terrifying raw power; the other identifies itself as the Assassin, a cold, logical, practical personality utterly devoid of morals and sentimentality, willing to do anything to benefit himself, and capable of deadly finesse. Christopher never dared to probe himself further, lest he be consumed by the two monsters of his own mind. At the moment he is on the run, relentlessly pursued by other artificial humans still loyal to the Order of Resurgence, Christopher is a threat because of both his power and knowledge of the Order’s plans.

[Yes, this is the guy that taught Rosalyn Psychic magic. He recognized Rosalyn’s dissociative identity disorder because he has it too. And it’s pretty obvious why he got injured.]

[Also, I’ll be sure to let the Destroyer fly around and shoot blimp-sized ball lightning for no apparent reason.]

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I have searched all but one cave. Heading in, I feel something that’s a little off from a cavernous environment in the woods…a temperature shift and a third presence. Caves are cold, dark and damp but this one in particular is slightly colder. I will wait for him to come out instead of finding out who he is. The man has already given me his location through the shift in this cave’s temperature. Since it got colder, I can assume he is proficient in ice magic. I sit against a wall near the temperature shift and the entrance/exit to the cave and keep my rifle at the ready in case someone comes to the entrance. I can’t see the third presence but that’s because it’s somewhat dark in here. I can smell him though. Cave air has a unique scent to it but when something disturbs it, the scent changes a bit. Now I have a change in the air’s fragrance and the shift in temperature. Time to wait until they come out as this cave has only one entrance that is also the exit.