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Originally posted by Blood_Shadow:

[I’m just going to put my second character here. I’ll only start to post as him when allowed.]

Name: Christopher Thunderblade.

Age: 19.

Gender: Male.

Element: Electric (Psychic).

Starting Weapon: Christopher generally uses electrified telekinetic force field constructs as weapons; he knows how to construct force fields that are nigh perfect electrical conductors. Other than that, he has two weapons in case his own magic fails. The first is a miniature railgun, about as powerful as a pistol, except it uses electricity instead of gunpowder; its battery is usually recharged by his magic. The second is a sword with one straight edge, and one serrated edge designed to produce extremely painful cuts suitable for torture; it can magically change size and length between that of a longsword and a dagger. Yes, the sword conducts electricity too. The two weapons are enchanted to be able to transform into steel bracelets on command, as long as they’re within a meter of Christopher.

Description: Christopher is of medium height, with a lean but athletic build, and slightly tanned skin. The eyes of his main persona are bright yellow; those of his Destroyer persona are blood red; and those of his Assassin persona are electric blue. His hair is short, brown, and spiky, though not because of his electric powers.

Clothes: Christopher usually wears a brown leather duster. Underneath is a plain, nondescript shirt, trousers, and shoes, brown and gray in color. The inner pockets of his leather duster are magically enchanted to hold large travelling backpacks’ worth of stuff, and store various necessities.

Bio: Christopher’s memories are hazy at best. The name “Christopher Thunderblade” is not his real name, but rather one he made up, given his ability to conjure an electrified force blade using his Electric and Psychic magic; he remembers having no real name other than the title of “number 15”. From what he does remember, he is an artificial human genetically engineered by a secret underground organization known only to few as the Order of Resurgence, dedicated to replicating and weaponizing the powers of the long-lost Creators. Christopher is a failed attempt at creating an artificial human of the Dream element; he only has the Electric affinity rather than the expected Electric, Fire, and Water. His genetic engineering did grant him exceptional magical power, and thus he was weaponized anyways, trained since birth to become the perfect killing machine. However, his human thoughts and emotions could not be completely suppressed, a flaw made even more apparent after teaching him Psychic magic. Christopher remembers feeling disgust toward the tasks he was commanded to perform, anger toward his masters and the world as a whole, and the desire to survive at all costs. The full details are not clear to him, but not very long ago Christopher seemed to have abandoned his organization; the conflict between his own thoughts and the mental conditioning imposed onto him since birth caused his mind to break down the moment he decided to desert. Now, freed of the brainwashing, Christopher is instead plagued by the presence of two alternate personas within his consciousness. One calls itself the Destroyer, a manifestation of pure anger, hatred, and other emotions and urges, wielding terrifying raw power; the other identifies itself as the Assassin, a cold, logical, practical personality utterly devoid of morals and sentimentality, willing to do anything to benefit himself, and capable of deadly finesse. Christopher never dared to probe himself further, lest he be consumed by the two monsters of his own mind. At the moment he is on the run, relentlessly pursued by other artificial humans still loyal to the Order of Resurgence, Christopher is a threat because of both his power and knowledge of the Order’s plans.

[Yes, this is the guy that taught Rosalyn Psychic magic. He recognized Rosalyn’s dissociative identity disorder because he has it too. And it’s pretty obvious why he got injured.]

[Also, I’ll be sure to let the Destroyer fly around and shoot blimp-sized ball lightning for no apparent reason.]

Accepted. You’re the only person I’ve seen who’s convinced me that you’re character’s been well developed in a single post. Also, you have some really unique ways of using magic.

Also, the character’s weapons are pretty awesome.

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[Respond on Skype]

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I awake in my crampt dark sphere, I lower the dark wall and remove the spikes surrounding me. I bend the shadows in the cave and shove them aside, The cave replaces the missing shadows with light from the sun. A soaking wet trail slithers in the dirt path leading through the insane labyrinth of my home has a child. I knew sombody was trailing through my home, my cave, encroaching my belongings.

I follow the trail through the windy tunnels and come across a puddle of water. The trail ended when it entered the puddle, I moved my eyes to the cornor my eye and see a frozen block of ice. I conjure a small ball of shadows and put a few small, sharp pebbles inside. I tossed it towards the frozen block and, the pebbles scratch at the ice, making a few horizantal holes shaped in a line.

The shadows leak in through the slits and rest up agastint the walls. Who the hell is this man? What does he want with my cave? I force the shadows and to hold down his arms and a tiny ball shoots down into his throat, making it difficult to breath.

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Richard Adders

My eyes jerk open as I look at the person before me. Dark magic…

I pull him towards the ice wall with a torrent of water from behind him, trapping him into the hollow pillar that I change the wall into.

“Is that how you greet people?” I say quietly, a fake grin on hand, “Get this crap out of my throat and release me, and I’ll do the same. If you want to talk, get rid of all the hindrances”.

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“First, what the hell are you doing here in my home?” I kick at the ice pillar’s insides and slash it with shadows. I make a spike of earth come from the ground and have the tip hit the top of the pillar in an attempt to shatter it. The pillar takes a heavy blow, but not enough to break it. I sigh before depleting the energy of ball, releasing the ball into just darkness, a shadow, a non solid. The shadow oozes from yourmouth and into the air and blends in nicely with the surroundings.

“I held up my end of the bargain, now yours..” My fists glow black in anger, darkness developing around them.

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I melt the ice pillar, creating a puddle on the ground, which I slowly dissipate into water vapor.

“Okay. Now that we’re both on even footing, what do you want? First off, I would prefer it if you stayed more quiet. We’re not exactly alone here. As for why I’m here, I’m a mere homeless man, searching for a place to stay the night. I find it disturbing that these days, a homeless can’t find a place to sleep undisturbed. I had no idea that this was your home; rather, I travel the wilds in search of any place to stay. As well as I know these woods, I know little of what changes happen, especially when it comes to human procedures.”

I take the time to relax and lie against the cave wall. This is more human interaction than I’m used to. It’s unnerving, the amount of danger I’m in right now. Just another trouble to add to my heap.

Clearing my throat, I mutter, “Anyways, where do you get off calling this place your home? I didn’t exactly receive a warning before entering. Do you attack everyone that happens to go sightseeing out here”?

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“W-We’re not alone?” I shake my head and rub my eyes as my hands stop emitting a black glow. “This home was my brother’s, my mother and father were slaughtered right before my eyes when I was about 10 and my sister..” I clench my fists and sit down on the wet cave floor. “Anyways, long story short.. only me and my brother were traveling and my younger brother picked out this cave for a house after an incident. So we settled here, made a nice cozy hole to sleep in thats somewhere right around here, and later on, my brother…” I put my head down and face the ground. “My younger brother abandoned me here, I lived in this cave, waiting for the day for him to come back for me. The name is Alexander Thorne, you can call me Alex if you wish. Anyways, how do you know we’re not alone?”

I stand up and make stairs out of the darkness leading to the ceiling of the cave and make a long cubby hole. I work my way into the hole, I lay down and destroy the stairs.

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It seems like I can trust him…

“And mine is Derek. Haven’t you noticed it? There’s someone waiting…in the entrance of the cave. I’m not sure what kind of tracking techniques you’re able to use, but I can sense water, and this source is unusual, it’s the same as human blood. I noticed him a few hours ago at night, and he was tracking through some caves. He’s looking for one of us, maybe both. I have no idea of what his intentions are, but my situation advises me not to let him find me. If you don’t need me for anything, I plan to blast my way out of this cave, through a created entrance. If you’d like, you can always seal it up afterwards”.

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“What? You don’t want to find out who or what it is? We could always capture him, who knows? It could be my brother!” I jump out of the hole and ‘melt’ into the shadow of the cave. I’m waist deep, I turn around and face you. “Wanna go inspect it?” I extend my arm, waiting for Derek to grab it.

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My eyes jerk open. I look at my clock. 11:00.
“This is early… I did not drink enough last night…”
I get out of my room, and walk towards the kitchen. As I do, I bang on Vinyl’s door.
“If you want breakfast, you better wake up.”
I sit down at the table, and let my psychic magic go to work, making eggs and bacon.

(Ros is often more precise with tasks like these because his mind was more sporadic, whereas his father, James, is less precise with these tasks because his mind’s connection with his psychic programs common functions into his mind to be carried out without much manual focus. They fight the same though.)

EDIT: Poll on the R4L post, it’s regarding the new co-host.

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I wake up to a knock from the door. I get up, put my sword to my back and my yo-yo in my hand and walk to the kitchen, ‘walking the dog’ with my yo-yo, once I get to the kitchen I ask my friend, “Hey, I never got your name.”

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[Can you change your name from Ros back to James plz?]

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“James ‘R’ Prophirudos. Hope you like eggs and bacon.”.

[FYI, The Creators, gods of a sort, although not technically gods, are proven to be real. Other beliefs exist, but are not common.].

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[What does parse mean, never mind I’m just going to google it.]

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Like, the GM deciding the results of an action = a parse.
Parsing is the state in which a fight and/or entire game is parsed, which means all of the actions can not be assumed to have succeeded (usually against other players) unless they have the GM’s verdict.

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Damn, I’m getting too involved in this. How am I supposed to get out without looking suspicious? I was going to inspect him upon leaving, so I guess I’ll go with this for now. I can’t exactly stay unknown around here with a tracker after me anyways.

“Fine,” I say simply.

I grab onto his arm, waiting to be taken into the floor.

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Originally posted by ocelot:

Like, the GM deciding the results of an action = a parse.
Parsing is the state in which a fight and/or entire game is parsed, which means all of the actions can not be assumed to have succeeded (usually against other players) unless they have the GM’s verdict.

[Thanks, google didn’t help at all]

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Name: Aebasai Nilu
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Element: Necrolia [Reaper] (Tox [Poison])
Starting Weapon: Necroliru – “Deadblade”. An extremely decayed-looking weapon made in the style of a Swiss degen for Aebasai specifically, with a slender, 70cm-long blade that is actually made out of rust, albeit rust that is enchanted to be razor sharp, incredibly difficult to break apart, and with the ability to reform itself if it is damaged. The blade itself is attached to a wooden double-crescent style guard just long enough to grip in a hand of average width, whilst the whole sword is capable of channeling Necrolia (and, by extension, Dracian) magic. However, it is also covered in an extremely powerful magical poison that is quite capable of killing even Tox users with a scratch, and will be almost instantly lethal if anything significantly worse is achieved against a victim; naturally, the toxin is ineffective when used against the wielder to prevent accidental suicide or, potentially, use of the weapon in an attempt to poison them, as well as anyone that the wielder does not actually want to poison.
Description: Caucasian, black hair, yellow-green eyes, sharp facial features with dark bags under eyes, average build for a Paladin, 177cm tall.
Clothes: Rank 9 Paladin armour, Necrolia-modified – Titanium plates and full helm enchanted with both light and dark magic. A significant number of spikes present on armour for both decoration and extra defense. OotP runes engraved across armour, with large rune being drawn at center of breastplate and on sides of helmet. Large numbers of dark-enchanted diamonds embedded in armour to boot.
Bio: Aebasai has always been, to put it bluntly, a savant. His level of skill with Necrolia magic was always nigh-unparalleled, but due to having Asperger’s Syndrome, he isn’t too good with communication, and has a tendency to get lost in his own mind at inopportune moments, although these are traits that have diminished somewhat since his childhood. Presented to the Order of the Paladin by his parents at an extremely young age, well below the minimum acceptance age for a Paladin, they were impressed by his skill even then, but still declined to induct him seven times in half as many years, not just for his age, but for the fact that he had essentially no skill with Light magic in any form, further compounded later on when it was revealed that he had been teaching himself Poison magic rather than anything else, which gave a few of them the impression that he may well grow up as the kind of person who, say, tortured small animals for fun. Finally, aged 12, the Order compromised by allowing him into their ranks part-time, helping to provide him with both additional education to make up for anything lost through his contribution and appropriate psychiatric help to deal with the potentially morality-obfuscating AS, alongside typical Paladin training techniques for Necrolia-aligned mages.
Long story short, despite the immense barriers in place, Aebasai rocketed to rank 4 in a year and a half flat, and climbed relatively steadily after that, reaching rank 9 in just over half the time of any other Paladin before him, at the age of 19. As a reward, and to bolster his specialisation, the sword Necroliru – Deadblade – was created for him, which, having been persuaded that it was technically assigned by the Order, he continues to wield in lieu of the typical rank 9 blade. Since then, he’s been doing essentially the same work as any rank 9 Paladin, following the same rules with the same fervor… and perhaps getting ever so slightly bored with such a role, under the circumstances.

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“Eggs and bacon? As long as it wasn’t poisioned!” I say, getting ready to eat.

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[Finally. I can actually account for my character’s inability to interact with things happening around her this time :D]

Name: Lucretia Dracim Hevii
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Element: Dracim [Dream]
Starting Weapon:

Vitae Doloris (The Life of Pain): A rather ordinary looking violin. Except that it is very well made, of course. The wood almost glows and the strings seem to be made of metal, although they are really made of gutstrings like older violins. The fingerboards are ivory, however, just as they look, and there are are artistic paintstrokes all over the intrument, depicting everything that one would expect to see at first glance. Although it doesn’t appear to be much of a weapon, the Vitae Doloris aims to fool opponents into thinking that it is merely a musical instrument (on that note, it is a great instrument as well). Through a fascinating mix of top notch mechanical prowess, magical hocus pocus and artistic glamour, the Vitae Doloris conceals the amazing power to be set aflame, electrified or frozen at a second’s notice without any damage to any of its parts, as well as spew these elements in the form of a jet of fire or water or a wave of thunder, amplifying the destructive power of the elements. Complementing the abilities of a Dracim user, who can caress fire, confront ice and neglect a lethal electric shock, the Vitae Doloris can be used as a dangerous melee weapon when it imbues one of the above mentioned elements.

The Life of Pain was gifted to Lucretius at the young age of 10 by her mother. She values it more than her own life, so to say, and is never seen without it. It is the only thing she brought away from her ancestral home after leaving it.

Punctus de Somnus (The Point of Slumber): It is basically Vitae Doloris’ bow. Rather ordinary, to the point of actually appearing to be crooked, old and neglected, the Point of Slumber lives up to its name with the wonderful music it can bring to life from the violin’s strings, and the sharp jabs accompanied a sleeping drug of amazing reliability, nicknamed “Dracimigen” by Lucretia contained in a secret chamber within the bow. It can send a tiger to sleep in a matter of seconds, and doesn’t cause any harmful effects whatsoever even in extremely large doses. However, like all other things, the Dracimigen can be resisted by a human with a sufficient amount of willpower, albeit with a humongous penalty to general awareness and accuracy.

Unfortunately, Dracimigen volatilizes the moment it comes in contact with air, which it does even under normal conditions (read: even when The Point is not being jabbed into anything), so the bow constantly needs to be refilled with Dracimigen, the source of which is only known by Lucretia. It should be noted that gaseous Dracimigen is a less powerful sleeping drug, but still has a soporific effect on anyone who uses the bow, except a strong Dracim user.

The Point of Slumber has been constructed by Lucretia herself after the original bow of Vitae Doloris was broken in a fight.

Description: Standing at around 5’3’’ with a medium build and fair skin, the most noticeable thing about Lucretia is the elaborate set of runes painted across her face. The rune spreads across her forehead, partly encircles her eyes, then moves down to her neck from below her ears. It is mainly blue, purple and black with bits of white mixed in near the corners. No one knows what exactly they are supposed to depict, though the imaginative sorts can find tons of meanings in the seemingly abstract curves. Lucretia herself considers them to be the mark of the Nightmare: For every nightmare she visits, hers or others, the rune will grow brighter and more distinct, while her own features fade away. Below the rune, her face could probably be described as pretty, depending on one’s tastes. Her features are sharp, and her nose has the characteristic slight upward turn of noble descent. Her eyes are both dark green, and her hair is yellowish-pink, wavy and long. You’d probably notice her hair before the runes if they randomly glowed, too.

Clothes: Lucretia wears pretty ordinary clothing. Over her underclothes, she wears a thick grey cloak that appears rather ragged and torn, thick baggy greyish pants, and stout boots. On her head, she wears a yellowish hat that probably had a feather stuck in it once, but seems to have been torn out. The hat is placed at a slight angle so that it covers the runes a bit better, although that doesn’t work too well either, so she has recently taken to tying a bandanna around her forehead when walking the streets.

Bio: Lucretia Hevii, originally Lucretia Joselyn Jacobs, was born in the House Jacobs as the first daughter and second child among three to Esmerelda Jacobs. House Jacobs, a renowned, wealthy family, is famous for having produced some of the most illuminating (depending on which side of the ‘room of morality’ you are in, of course) figureheads in the history of Darkspell, and no less was expected from Lucretia and her siblings, Alexander and Andrew. As customary, each child was to be educated in a separate art or science, and while her brothers were chosen to excel at strategic warfare and magical research, Lucretia was ‘predestined’ to become one of the greatest musical artists to grace Darkspell, and the perfect wife of a rich noble.

Too bad man is the maker of his own fortune.

While possessing the intellectual genius and diligence of her father, the philosophical callings of her mother had a greater effect on Lucretia, to the point when, despite learning to play several instruments with the precision and ability of a professional, she found herself yearning to experience a different life: a life separate from the nobility, the false comforts of ambition and the demand of dreams that weren’t her own.

Matters came to a head when, at the age of 16, her mother’s death an year ago having already been a massive shock, her father informed her that he had found her a suitable suitor: Isaac Furlow of House Furlow, who was a famous military adviser and a handsome young man with a bright future. She declined the proposal at once, much to the anger of her father and elder brother, and expressed her desire to travel the world in search of a truth that must exist somewhere, and her firm resolve to marry a man who she loved, and no other, no matter who he was. In a feat of proud (or perhaps jealous, for he could not look at someone without considering his wealth himself) rage, her father forbade her from playing music ever again, and swearing an oath to get her married to Isaac Furlow, and no other.

That night, packing some of her belongings, she fled from her house, and was nearly caught by her elder brother, who pursued her on horseback. After a long, drawn-out fight, during which the Life of Pain was severely damaged, she froze his horse’s legs, thereby cutting the chase short and escaping, though not before being cursed by the Dark Knight. After much difficulty, she managed to get to Imperis, and began to roam the city, looking for her fate, though perhaps not her fortune. Working as a street performer whenever she wanted to practise her skills (and earn a bit of living to boot), Lucretia became more and more reserved and poetic as the days went by, and changed her last name to signify her denouncement of family title.

At present, she is still in Imperis, looking for events to find her.

[Attribute all stupid typos and logical errors to my sleep-deprived state. I will proof-read it all later…]

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I grab a tight hold onto your arm before thrusting downwards into pure darkness. I look at you as we turn black with a white outline, we walk for mere 5 seconds before I grab onto you while I propel us towards the surface. We appear on the side of the wall, about 3 meters away from the person. I mask us in shadows, darkness crawling around on our skin, blending us into the wall and shadows. I slowly meld the shadows away from the man for an easier look. I hug the wall tightly, “What do you see?” I whisper.

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“An old man. How do you suggest we approach this? Should we take a more direct or subtle approach? I suspect that he might know that we’re near.”

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“Which ever causes more pain..” I put on a evilish grin as I make a dark hand raise from the floor and make it pretend tis grabbing his ankles to pull him under. I make the hand vanish. “Lets take a direct approach..” I spit on the ground before making hands appear from the floor, the hand grabs the old man’s ankles, holding him in place.. I put a shot of darkness into the man’s pupils, making him see only darkness, making him go blind. I release the blanket of shadows that hide us and splits the darkness, making it light in the cave. I raise a large rock at the cave’s entrance, blocking it completely.

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[It seems that Lucretia and Rosalyn can be pals. Similar backgrounds and stuff.]

Also, you have some really unique ways of using magic.

[It’s called being a munchkin creativity. :P]

FYI, The Creators, gods of a sort, although not technically gods, are proven to be real. Other beliefs exist, but are not common.

[Then the Luminous Path believes that there’s some higher entity above the Creators.]

Christopher Thunderblade

Still thinking about that girl, aren’t you? The Assassin speaks within my mind, his voice mellow but eerily monotonous, lacking the most basic of human compassion.

Why bother with the rhetorical question? It is not like he cannot read my surface thoughts in our shared consciousness. But as I am walking through the forest at midnight with little else to do, I may as well humor him. What’s it to you?

I would have brainwashed her and kept her with me, he states simply, as though it is the most natural thing in the world.

What?! I exclaim, shock and disgust welling up inside me. Why the hell would you do that?!

Her healing magic, of course. Do you really think it is likely for us to find a healer again, after another encounter with Number 14? If not for her, our injuries would still persist, and do you really think you can win against more of the Order’s agents in such a condition?

Yeah, except I don’t want to ruin her life! I snarl.

Is her life more important than our own? The Assassin continues to speak, his tone callous, as if the girl is nothing but a tool to him. You know she is powerful. Healing, and offense as well, taking her other persona into consideration. Converting her to our side would surely increase our chance of survival by a large amount.

You know what? I take a deep breath, and forcibly suppress all the emotions in me that are beginning to stir up the Destroyer. I shouldn’t even waste time arguing with you; it’s clearly never going to get anywhere.

Such foolish, unneeded sentimentality… The Assassin sighs. Very well, I shall attempt to consider this from your standpoint. Her physical appearance is quite pleasant to your eyes, no? A perfectly proportioned face and body according to the usual standards of human aesthetics, no visible blemishes of any sort… Is that not a reason to keep her around?

The Destroyer chooses this moment to conjure a mental image of the girl’s naked body. Then another. And another. They quickly become more graphic and explicit, causing arousal and disgust to surge up within me in equal measures. Go away! I shout angrily, and give myself a small electric shock just to dispel the thoughts and emotions seeping into my consciousness from my two abominable alternate personas. This conversation is over. Mental barriers are set in place, blocking out their voices… for now.

I take a deep, shuddering breath, and look up at the night sky. Rosalyn… That’s her name. Her face, and the touch of her consciousness, why does it feel somehow… familiar? I shake my head, and continue my somewhat aimless walk through the woods.

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I sigh. The moment Alex reveals us, I conceal my body with mist, made from gathering the water vapor in one place. I smash the man into the cave wall with a torrent of water, freezing his arms and legs into place, with the shadows on his ankles as support. Materializing hundreds of ice needles into the air, I aim them at his vital points but keep them suspended in the air.

“Now then, who are you”?