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“Night.” I get into the closet and make a makeshift bed with some sweaters and go to sleep.

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[Yo, B_S can I make a 2cd character?]

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Originally posted by therealsirmark4:

[Yo, B_S can I make a 2cd character?]

[Er, sure? I was just about to ask you to make Jarad your second character, but it’s fine if you want another one…]

Some other time, some other place

“How ironic…” Christopher Byron sighed, his deep gray eyes full of sadness and a sort of grim acceptance as he looked at his assassin and would-be executioner. “I’ve always known that I made too many enemies in this life, that eventually one of them would send someone after me. But I never imagined that it would be you… Number 15. Or have they changed your number already?”

His opponent, the young man with spiky brown hair, did not speak a single word as he attacked. An electrified force shard of the same purple-violet color as his eyes was launched via magical electromagnetic rails at an incredible speed toward the center of Byron’s forehead. Eyes widening slightly, Byron moved his head aside just the barest instant before the attack struck, resulting in only a section of his shoulder-length, wild, graying dirty blond hair being cut off and singed. Number 15 gazed at his target with those inhumanly dispassionate eyes, preparing his next attack.

“Don’t remember me, huh…” Byron sighed again, his voice sounding even sadder. “Can’t say I didn’t expect that.”

Something flashed within the cold depths of Number 15’s eyes. He flinched slightly, and did not attack.

“I thought I could save you…” Byron said, full of regret. “Yet all I could do was to save myself… I feigned death back then, and now it seems that it is truly my time. Come then, 15; let’s see how you’ve improved after all those years.”

Without another word, Number 15 hurled a huge sphere of electric purple Shockforce at Byron, only to have the blast detonate against a nigh-impenetrable dome of translucent psychic energy. He switched to a thin, intensely focused beam, piercing through Byron’s defenses, only to find Byron no longer in there; the illusion dissipated as Byron appeared far off to 15’s left, throwing a barrage of psychic energy bolts of varying properties at his opponent. Though possessing only the element of Prophracia, Christopher Byron was so skilled and powerful in this particular element that he could use it to crudely mimic any other element, by creating psychic energy particles with varying properties. Bolts of these energy particles, or “psions” as Byron called them, impacted against Number 15, hitting his purple psionic armor with heat, cold, kinetic force, corrosive energy, and a number of other things. But whatever little damage the bolts inflicted, the armor quickly regenerated from. Number 15 conjured a glowing purple blade of electrified solid force in his right hand, and a minigun-like construct in his left, spraying a large number of purple electrified force bullets at Byron to ensure that he did not miss. But like his previous attack, the bullets slammed harmlessly into a dome of nigh-impenetrable force.

“Why do you fight?” Byron asked as Number 15 leapt into the air via telekinesis. “Or do you need no reason at all, so long as the Order of Resurgence gives you the command?” 15’s blade sliced through Byron’s shield, sending out a shower of purple sparks, but only to find itself cutting against a second, then third, fourth, and fifth shield nested within one another. As Byron propelled himself away with a burst of force, all his shields suddenly melted and became ropes of translucent force to snake around and bind Number 15 tightly with impressive nimbleness and speed. “Your life is not your own, or is it?!” Byron shouted when 15 was temporarily immobilized. “Remember, Number 15! Recall the life I’ve once shown you, no matter how brief!”

Number 15 let out a snarl of rage and fear as Byron’s incredibly potent mind slammed into his. Images, sounds, smells, myriads of sensations flashed before him, as though bursting from previously locked-away place. Shuddering, he gathered all of his willpower, using every little bit of mental fortitude he possessed to push Byron out. Blades sprang out from everywhere on his psionic armor to cut away the telekinetic ropes binding him. Number 15’s whole body began to glow purple, an ominous glow arcing with electricity, becoming larger and larger by the second. A halo of energy suddenly cut itself out of the glowing mass, crackling and flashing with power.

“Damn, it didn’t work…” Byron cursed. “Going serious now, aren’t you?” He began to gather his own power, and prepared for the worst…

Christopher Thunderblade

My eyes snap open. I feel beads of sweat on my forehead, and my heart is beating much more quickly than I’m used to. Now I remember one of the reasons I don’t like to sleep; those dreams… Don’t say a fucking word, I snap at the Assassin before he can utter one of his coldly analytical comments.

Damn… I should go out and get some fresh air. Vinyl’s asleep, and Jarad is probably still out cold. Might as well go and see if Optic or any of his crew pulls night shifts. Sighing and wiping some sweat from my face, I begin to head outside.

[Please don’t follow Christopher. Like, seriously, just don’t. Else you’ll ruin everything.]

[I realize that Sally and Number 15 both have brown hair and purple eyes. It’s because purple and brown are my most commonly used “neutral” hair and eye colors. Well, they have noticeably different shades of purple and brown, so there’s no way they can be mistaken for siblings based on that resemblance alone.]

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[Jarad might just die when we fight the order, like pretty quickly too. Maybe.]
I hear Chrisopher as he wakes up, I get up too however I forget I’m in a closet hit my head on something hard and pass out again.

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[Basically I’m going to use Mark from Another Generic Game Where Normal People Gets Powers]

Name: Octavia Philharmonic

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Element: Psychic [Electric]

Starting Weapons: Octavia wields the “Cello’s Bow” A sword left by her father, it has a special ability, The Cello’s Bow can absorb magic and send it back at enemy’s, however the amount of magic it can absorb isn’t too big and if it was to be overcharged the magic will blow back into Octavia’s face.

The second weapon Octavia wields is another sword she named the “Lightning Rod” It’s pretty much the same thing as the Cello’s Bow except for the fact it can only absorb and dispel fire magic, duh lightning magic, the trade off is that the lightning rod can absorb a much more greater amount of magic.

Description & Clothing: Octavia is a thinner person. Her hair is long and black. She is pale white, like really pale, and really white. Her clothes usually consists of black pants and black shirt, wearing a white jacket over the shirt. Her eyes are dark brown.

Bio: Octavia grew up as a orphan. Her parents left her with only two items, a sword she has named the Cello’s Bow, which was kept away from her, and a cello, with a bow of course. Her and the other orphans tried teaching each other magic, the only type she was able to learn well was lightning. Since then her abilities with lightning magic grew, slowly but surely. Now here’s the interesting part, she was born with split personalities, and when I say personalities, I mean she has quite the amount:

Joker: Joker, as his name implies, is a Joker. No matter what, he’ll stay optimistic, while a little of a ditz, Joker can be surprisingly smart on rare occasions, and when comin up with a plan, he will always make the one that is so bad it might just work!

Ditzy: Remember when I said Joker was a little of a ditz? Well Ditzy is a total, how a personality can be clumsy? Well Ditzy some how does it.

Blood: Blood acts as if he was born and raised with the kings and queens. He is polite, efficient, and really hates it when Octavia gets dirty.

Lance: Lance is the personality who gets bored easily, really hates planning for things. The first thing he wants to do is charge at the enemy, no strategy, no backup, no diplomacy.

Shylus: Shylus, is… shy. That’s really all I can say about Shylus really.

Nigel; This is Octavia’s intelligence, Nigel will try and remember everything it can and will learn everything it can.

One day Octavia got into a fight with another girl, magic got involved and the other girl got hurt, real bad too. Octavia got in trouble and was sent into her room, this was when Octavia decided, I don’t want to be here any more. So she packed her stuff and snucked out of the orphanage at age 15, with a cello on her back and two swords on her sides, one being her father’s and another she “borrowed” from the girl she got into a fight with. Until now she lived okay, being able to get shelter almost every single day and some food using the money she earned by playing the cello on the streets or in any place hiring entertainers.

Her two objectives in life: Find her parents and to learn every single magic there is and get pretty good at each and every one of them.

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[There’s nothing wrong with the profile, but I’m really not liking the fact that there are now three Psychic/Electric people. And three people with split personalities. Accepted, I guess.]

Rosalyn Grayson


Lynn is already fast asleep, but I can’t seem to make myself unconscious no matter how hard I try. The scene of carnage is still fresh in my memories, the body I was inhabiting transforming into an instrument of death to impale that hunter despite my desperate efforts to stop it… I try to convince myself that it was the right thing to do, that the hunter deserved to be killed, but it always comes out hollow, empty, and incredibly hypocritical. Who am I to judge…? Who am I to decide that one life is worth more than another…? And then it comes back to Heath. I remember the cold fury in my mind, consuming absolutely everything else, as I held the assassin’s head and unleashed a burst of incredibly potent Light magic to end his life in an instant… If I’m controlling the body right now, I probably would’ve shuddered violently and maybe thrown up; I’m surprised that I’m not waking Lynn up with those thoughts…

Eventually I begin to try some Psychic meditative techniques to try to calm my thoughts down. But even as I gradually drift off to sleep, my thoughts are still filled with death and killing…

“Um… I-Isn’t killing… b-bad…?” A six-year-old Rosalyn stammered as she looked at the humongous bear in front of her, sprawled on the forest ground and without a sign of life. “I m-mean…”

“It threatened me,” the boy said simply. He looked about the same age as Rose, maybe a year older, with brown hair so spiky that it almost looked that it would hurt if she touched its tips. It were his purple eyes, however, that seriously unnerved her, and it wasn’t just her usual crippling shyness and insecurity in front of strangers; something about those eyes just seemed off… But any sort of company was better than being utterly alone in a forest like this.

Rose remembered all the details clearly. Her older brother Victorius had managed to convince one of their family’s servants to take him out to see the forest, and insisted that Rose came too no matter how she protested. While in the forest, she somehow lost sight of her brother and the servant completely; a part of her thought Victorius might’ve lost her on purpose but there was no use contemplating that now. To make matters worse, a huge, hungry grizzly bear appeared just as she was getting more and more scared. Screaming in terror, Rose fled and hid, fearing for her own life but also fearing that she might hurt the bear if she fought back with Light magic. Then came that boy, looking as though he’s lost, walking right into the bear’s path. The bear attacked, and the boy retaliated with some glowing purple crystalline projectile, but apparently miscalculated; the bear survived the hit and struck the boy with a crushing paw slap. But despite the injury, the boy almost nonchalantly hurled another of his projectiles, killing the bear. He then somehow discovered Rose’s presence despite her hiding inside some thick bushes, and here they were.

“B-But…” Rose stammered. She really hoped that she could resolve this without hurting the bear, but her frightened mind had no clue how she might do it. She then remembered the boy’s injuries, and gasped in horror. “Um… H-Here…! Let me h-heal you…!” Though it made her extremely nervous and fearful having to do this to a stranger, and she was still terrified and shaking, it simply hurt her too much to see others in pain. It always did. So she reached out and began to bathe the boy’s wounds with soothing white light from her tiny hands.

The boy looked at her with his unsettling eyes. Puzzlement and something else flashed within them, suddenly making them seem a lot less eerie and… inhuman.

“Um… W-What’s your n-name…?” Rose asked while healing the boy. Her hands wouldn’t stop shaking. “I’m R-Rosalyn…”

“Number 15,” the boy said flatly.

Huh…? Weird name… But there was no way Rose would say that out loud, because that would be incredibly rude. Still shaking, she continued to heal the boy, not knowing what to say. She was always horrible at making conversations, always afraid of forgetting the right pleasantry or accidentally saying something rude or inappropriate… And she didn’t know what to do after the boy was healed. Could he help her get home…?

Moments later, Rose suddenly felt something brush against her, in a way that physical sensations couldn’t quite describe. Then a man stepped out of the woods, a man with wild dirty blond hair and deep gray eyes. “15!” He said, voice full of relief and worry and fear and many other emotions Rose couldn’t quite identify. “Don’t run off like that again! What… What if they find you? Then we’d be…”

The boy began to stand up to join the man. But Rose didn’t want him to go; she hadn’t finished healing him yet! So she grabbed his hand by instinct, and…


I groan in confusion and try to blink. Ugh, how long ago was… What was Rose thinking that would make us dream about that… I almost forgot about it till now, since I never saw that guy again. Wait, why does this feel a little familiar…

I finally manage to open my eyes, and the sight I see nearly makes me jump and yell in surprise. There’s, like, a little girl standing over me, right on my bed! She seems about ten, waaaaaaay too young to be wearing the outfit she’s wearing, a skin-tight silver catsuit thing that I might wear in front of my boyfriend if I had one but never in public. It’s all shiny and metallic, just like her hair, which reaches all the way past her waist and…

Oh God, those eyes. One look into them and they’re already freaking me out. They’re deep blue, like some bottomless, dead ocean, so totally cold and merciless and… What the hell is she-

By pure instinct, I abruptly jerk my head to the right, a split second before an absurdly sharp silver blade can cut my head open like a watermelon. And… said blade is apparently made of her hair. Great. Again by pure instinct, I blast the little girl off my bed with a burst of telekinetic force, just before she can stab more blades into me. “What the hell are you-” I begin to yell.

The girl just stabs more blades at me, about a few dozens of them all at once. Geez, is she Heath’s superpowered little sister or something?! Nah… Heath’s a coldblooded killer but I could take him on any day. This girl… She seriously creeps me out. By instinct again I shadowport myself through the wall to outside the inn building, flailing my arms for a second in midair before remembering that I can conjure wings to fly.

And then a giant spiked ball of ice and stone comes flying out of nowhere and nearly smashes me to a bloody pulp. Seriously, what the fuck?!

I turn to the direction the thing came from. There I can see a boy, about twelve to thirteen, wearing freaky ice and stone armor that I wouldn’t wear anywhere. He’s got brown hair and… and creepy, almost inhuman eyes just like that little girl’s. Well, I mean, they’re ice blue instead of deep blue like the sea, but you get what I mean. He’s preparing to throw another one of those giant balls of death at me, the ridiculously spiky thing growing in size in his hands at an alarming speed. And the little girl’s coming at me again, too many blades slicing through the wall like paper.

“What the hell!” I yell out exasperatedly, more angry than creeped out now. “What’d I do to you guys?!”

Of course the psychotic kids don’t say a goddamned thing and just try to kill me anyways. The boy launches that giant ball of icy and stony spikes, and the girl shoots dozens of liquid metal blades. I barely throw myself out of the way in time with a burst of force. Geez, this’d just been a totally wonderful day, hadn’t it?! I begin to fight for my life again, time time for no fucking reason whatsoever.

[Do not get anywhere close to this fight until I say otherwise. Otherwise you might ruin everything.]

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[… I wasn’t exactly finished… But Okay!]

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Originally posted by therealsirmark4:

[… I wasn’t exactly finished… But Okay!]

[I won’t force you to do it, but I’d really rather prefer that you chose some elemental combination other than Psychic/Electric. Three people with that combination is a bit too many. But then again, there are like three people who are Dark/Psychic? Bleh.]

Christopher Thunderblade

I gaze at the night sky, almost wanting myself to drown in its dark depths. I may have gained temporary allies, tied together only by the presence of a common enemy, but in the end I am still… alone. I will always be alone. Because I’m not even meant to exist, am I? I was born inside a machine, and have no mother or father or any biological relative. I’m an artificial human, a wholly unnatural existence born through an organization’s ambitions to replicate the powers of the gods. And now, several people are likely to die horrible deaths because of me. Perhaps it would’ve been better if I never existed. Perhaps it would be better if I…

I will not allow you, the Assassin says, his tone cold and hard. As expected; he sure values self-preservation above all else…

But what is there to preserve? I laugh to myself hollowly. Say I live through all of this. And then what? What do I do? Where do I go? In the end I will still be alone, always alone. For I am not like them; I’m not meant to exist…

The Destroyer gives me the psychic equivalent of a punch to the guts; he doesn’t like thinking about this kind of stuff. Growling in annoyance, I shut him behind internal mental barriers again, and thread James’s brainwave pattern over the shield to make it less suspicious to psychic onlookers. But the Destroyer does have a point; it’s useless to think about those kinds of things at least until I’ve survived through everything that’ll come my way. I let out a big sigh, and begins to walk toward Optic’s base.

As I walk, I reach out with my mind to scan if any of the Numbers or the Order’s other agents are around. I then freeze, as surely enough I actually do detect not one, but two of the Numbers not far away. “Fuck!” I swear, and begin to run back to Jarad’s place to warn the two of them, when…



The curious dual nature of her consciousness is unmistakable. Her more aggressive persona, Lynn if I remember correctly, seems to be currently in control, wielding quite an impressive amount of Dark magic. Against her are… Numbers 12 and 13, according to the feelings of their minds and powers. Shit! Why the hell are they after Rosalyn?! Did someone see her when she healed me back then?! I have to-

They have not discovered you yet, says the Assassin, as emotionless as ever. It would be wise to not get involved.

Shut up, I snarl, and shut him behind a mind shield. Then, without even thinking twice, I begin to dash toward the location the fight is taking place.

[Again, no interfering until I say otherwise.]

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[By the way, who are the other two people with split personalities? Also, I’ll introduce Octavia when Chrisopher saves Rosalyn (That’s what your going for right now, right?]

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Originally posted by therealsirmark4:

[By the way, who are the other two people with split personalities? Also, I’ll introduce Octavia when Chrisopher saves Rosalyn (That’s what your going for right now, right?]

[The other two people with split personalities are Christopher and Rosalyn, obviously.]

[Christopher is going to save Rosalyn, yes. No interfering until the entire fight is over.]

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[Cool with me, Chris I knew already, never payed attention to Rosalyn’s posts though]

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[Christopher is going to save Rosalyn, yes. No interfering until the entire fight is over.]

[So you have a battle partially inside and right outside of the inn with presumably loud noises coming from the giant balls and hair blades, and you expect the mostly sober (and sober on command) Richard not to notice :P? Do you have an explanation for this (I’ll make my own reasons if you don’t have any)?]

[I won’t force you to do it, but I’d really rather prefer that you chose some elemental combination other than Psychic/Electric. Three people with that combination is a bit too many. But then again, there are like three people who are Dark/Psychic? Bleh.]

[I’m kind of curious as to why so many people are attracted to psychic type characters :P.]

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So you have a battle partially inside and right outside of the inn with presumably loud noises coming from the giant balls and hair blades, and you expect the mostly sober (and sober on command) Richard not to notice :P? Do you have an explanation for this (I’ll make my own reasons if you don’t have any)?

[Rosalyn teleported out of the room. Number 12, the little girl with hair blades, can produce extremely clean cuts that presumably make little noise. Number 13, the boy, never threw any spiked balls at any part of the building where it might produce noise. And Rosalyn will fly away from the inn to prevent dragging any bystanders into the fight.]

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[Psychic magic is really useful. Teleportation give you great maneuverability, telekinesis can be great for moving things into your favor, you can match fire, lightning, earth, ect. balls with psychic bolts, if your enemy doesn’t know psychic magic, you can mess with your enemy’s brain. Psychic can seem really overpowered sometimes, so that’s why so many people use it.]

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[Since when does Psychic give you teleportation? Rosalyn uses Light and Dark to teleport, and she can’t do it frequently unless in astral form. The Assassin uses Electric to teleport, by temporarily turning into lightning, but he can’t do it frequently either.]

if your enemy doesn’t know psychic magic, you can mess with your enemy’s brain

[Didn’t Christopher go over this with Vinyl? One can block out mental intrusions with willpower, even without Psychic magic.]

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[Since forever I think, I bet it uses a lot of power, but psychic does give you the ability to teleport. Also not everybody has nerves of steel you know. Even with willpower one can still mess with you, even a little, to throw off your game. An itchy nose, your eyes feel like tearing up, a random thought to turn your head for a second to check if someone is behind you. Willpower will take you far, but without psychic magic, you won’t be 100% defended by mind attacks.]

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[I thought Psychic is basically just telepathy and telekinesis. Using minds to affect minds, and using minds to affect bodies. Even for Christopher and Rosalyn they’re temporarily transforming themselves into electricity and light/darkness in order to travel in bursts of extreme speed and move through solid objects, so they aren’t actually teleporting; I don’t see how Psychic can pull it off.]

[You can’t 100% defend yourself against mental attacks, yes. Nobody can. But 99.999999999999% is usually good enough. I assure you that mental attacks will have little uses, if any at all, on the tougher Numbers that don’t have Psychic.]

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[Teleporting is psychic magic, that is what I remember, and I don’t question it.]

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The Assassin uses Electric to teleport, by temporarily turning into lightning, but he can’t do it frequently either.

[On that note, I’m curious if all element users can morph temporarily to their elements. So far, I’ve seen it done with elements other than metal (the only one that explicitly mentions it) without Rosate protesting, but I’ll just ask to be sure.]

Number 13, the boy, never threw any spiked balls at any part of the building where it might produce noise.

[Eh, I have some nitpicks with this, but I should probably stop pursuing the matter as not noticing the battle benefits me indirectly anyways.]

[I agree that Psychic, by logical assumptions, shouldn’t have the power of teleportation. Has it had it in previous versions of Darkspell?]

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[Well to turn yourself into your element requires almost 100% mastery over your element. http://www.kongregate.com/forums/36-forum-games/topics/234851?page=90 Kaminari teaches Mark psychic magic. Which includes teleportation]

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Originally posted by therealsirmark4:

[Teleporting is psychic magic, that is what I remember, and I don’t question it.]

[Question everything. And I do mean everything. That is one of the essential ingredients of the mindset of a scientist. Don’t want to be a scientist? That will make me sad. D:]

On that note, I’m curious if all element users can morph temporarily to their elements. So far, I’ve seen it done with elements other than metal (the only one that explicitly mentions it) without Rosate protesting, but I’ll just ask to be sure.

[I’d allow this, since it makes more variations on magic and allows magic users to be more than just glass cannons.]

[I realize that if a person can morph his entire body into some element, he will have no weak points and become rather difficult, if not impossible, to kill. I’ve thought about this a bit, and decided that if you transform your body like that, only the outermost layer of your body is impervious to damage, like armor and weapons. So if you get impaled or something, you still take damage, as your innards will still hurt if they’re transformed into, say, amorphous jelly. The thickness of this outer impervious layer depends on the shape you’re taking, so it’ll be really thin if you stretch yourself out; you can’t make your whole body impervious by cleverly taking a form with high surface area. Getting hit while morphed like that will not physically damage you, but rather depletes your magic or something while causing pain, so getting hit repeatedly will make you a squishy human again. If the creature has no human form to begin with, like a slime monster or elemental or something, then it just dies.]

[…maybe I should add the above to my “overpowered abilities and how to nerf them thread”. Nah, too lazy; I’ll do it later or something.]

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[I’m already on the path to becoming a scientist. I’ve 33 out of 66 credits in Criminal Justice. Once I have them, I will get my Associate’s in Science, save up for a four-year school, work up to my Master’s and find a job as a Medical Examiner.]

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[That’s awesome dude!]

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[It was tough to choose that major because I had originally intended to go with Information Tech (IT). That didn’t work out so well because I couldn’t read COBOL worth shit. I swapped majors to Liberal Arts until I could figure out what I wanted to do. I have been a fan of Law & Order (The original Law & Order…not SVU or Criminal Intent) for years. I recently got into CSI, NCIS and Dexter and I all of a sudden became attracted and obsessed with it. Before college, I had planned on doing what my father did…enlisting in the Army. They didn’t let me in though because I have grandmal seizures. That canceled out my second option of becoming a cop. I want to bring criminals to justice and what better way for a person with Atypical Autism and Seizures to do that than in a lab where I’m safe from gunfire, performing autopsies to bring wrongdoers to light.]

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[I plan to go into research in theoretical physics. The most hardcore of all sciences.]

Rosalyn Grayson


Okay, so here I am at midnight, flying a few meters in the air and trying to dodge all the pointy and sharp things those two psychopathic kids are throwing at my way. They’re kids, so Rose doesn’t feel comfortable attacking them, dammit. The boy has covered himself up with even more jagged ice and rocks, turning himself into some sort of golem, and flying. Probably lifting himself up using his control over the stuff making up his armor, even though the thing looks way too heavy to even jump. And he’s now shooting ice lasers at me too in addition to the spikes and spiked balls. Just a whole load of fun, ain’t it?!

Um, maybe I should take over… Rose says as I dodge an ice beam that might’ve otherwise turned me into a popsicle. I’m better at defense and stuff… She’s got a point. My thick aura of corrosive dark energy may be able to make many of their attacks dissolve before they can reach me, but I don’t wanna take chances, and my solid darkness constructs aren’t physically the hardest things in the world; Rose’s defensive spells are probably a lot better suited for this kind of thing. But wait, she hesitates. Um… If you switch to me then my Light magic might be too visible at a time like this…

Argh! Do you want to do it or not! I growl as I swat the little girl with all a force blast before she can skin me with those nasty blades of hers.

Um, I dunno! Rose squeaks in a little panicky voice. But, um, just get away from this area or something! Like, don’t drag other people into this and…

I begin to quickly fly away from the inn, covering me up in a shroud of darkness to blend in with the night. But the evil killer kids follow me anyways, probably having some other ways of tracking. Both of them are flying, presumably lifting themselves up with their magic.

The little girl throws a few more metallic blades my way. I try to swat them away with telekinetic force, but it barely alters their course; I have to swat myself away instead before they can gut me. Those blades… They aren’t just Metal magic, Rose says. The little girl has Water magic too, I think; maybe her metal blades cut like pressurized waterjets…

Isn’t that just great, I roll my eyes. Seriously, can I attack them now? They’re trying to kill us, dammit!


Ugh, whatever! The boy conjures another giant spiked ball and lobs it at me. Hissing in anger, this time I strike it head on with a blast of force infused with the Entropy Hex, the translucent black and red energy smashing it to many jagged pieces. He shoots an ice beam, but I hit and cancel it out with my own beam of dark energy. I reach out with tendrils of darkness toward them. Some of them hit the boy’s armor and begin to inject harmful energy into it, but he just sheds the affected pieces, and freezes the tendrils with a burst of cold energy. As for the girl… Her whole body just melts into a puddle of liquid metal. Water magic, huh? Just wonderful.

The little girl suddenly launches herself at me, turning her body into a person-sized guillotine. I abruptly fling myself out of the way with telekinesis before she can cut me in half. Just as I do that, the boy tosses another one of his death balls; by pure instinct I shield myself with wings of solid darkness but the impact still hurts like hell. “Argh!” I let out a scream, feeling as though my bones are breaking, and begin to plummet to the ground. Dammit… Am I going to…

I suddenly feel someone scooping me up in his arms before I can go splat. Hey, am I saved? I feel that the person is picking me up in a bridal carry; for a second I hope that it’s a good-looking guy doing that. I struggle to lift my head up to see the person’s face, and…

My heart nearly skips a beat. A few thoughts race through my head at that moment.

First. Well. It’s definitely a good-looking guy. Come on, I’m still a nubile young maiden, barely more than a teenager; is it wrong to be interested in these kinds of things?!

Second. Wait a minute. Isn’t this the guy who taught me Psychic magic? The guy Rose healed back then? That jerk, leaving without a word like that! Without even telling us his name!

Third. Wait another minute. Doesn’t this guy look a little or a lot like that weird “Number 15” kid if he grows to about my age right now? The one from back when Rose was six, the one we just dreamed about? No wonder he felt kind of familiar back then! But he can’t actually be-

“Number 15!” I hear the little girl exclaim in surprise. It’s the first time I’ve heard her talk.

Well then. Uh, small world?

“Heh. We can now kill two birds with one stone,” the boy says. It sounds creepy as hell. “Literally.” He then proceeds to fling a large stone at us.

“Never thought you had a sense of humor,” the guy says as we land on the ground. He’s still carrying me, and his right hand is a bit awfully close to my chest, but somehow I don’t really mind. I mean, he probably just saved my life and stuff. Doesn’t mean I’m not still pissed at him for leaving without a word back then. “But sadly, neither of us are birds,” he says, blocking the large stone with a telekinetic barrier. The barrier cracks, but holds. The rock drops to the ground, sputters, and fades from existence, breaking down into magical energy; I guess no one can just conjure rocks out of thin air and make them stay. Conservation of mass, and stuff.

“Hey, you can put me down now,” I say to the guy. I don’t mind being carried like that by a good-looking guy, as long as the guy isn’t a perv or anything, but I hate being treated like a powerless damsel in distress. I mean, it’s sexist. Hmph, if it’s any other guy, I’d probably be screaming and thrashing by now. And slapped him a few hundred times. And, well, presumably this guy is pretty powerful, so we can at least help each other against those two crazy kids who now apparently want to kill him too. Yeah, right, I totally didn’t see that coming. I’m wondering if this day can’t possibly get any worse.