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Number 9

“Coincidentally, the importance of this Rosalyn Grayson whom Heath died fighting will very soon be more than negligible to us,” Adrien speaks calmly after everyone else has finished talking.

Adrien is always the last one to talk, not willing to give information to potential enemies before he has acquired all the information he can acquire from them. Of course he does not trust his fellow assassins, for the Order of Resurgence trusts no outsiders whatsoever. And he knows that the assassins do not trust him. They are aware that he is affiliated with some other organization whose interests, as he assures, will not conflict with theirs so long as they do not attempt to obtain more information regarding said other organization than he is willing to share; it is also the reason he coats his orb with a thick layer of his magical rust to prevent Raven from learning anything regarding the Order of Resurgence. He is aware that at the moment, the other assassins are only continuing to allow him to stay in their inner circle because attempting to remove him may bring a number of undesirable consequences, including retaliation from the organization that they know next to nothing about. Such a status quo is perfectly acceptable to Adrien, and to the Order of Resurgence as a whole. But the assassins moving against him is always a possibility, which is why he always sits just to the left of Raven, as to make stabbing the man in the heart as easy as possible; killing the man responsible for their surveillance network will no doubt deal the assassins a heavy blow. And a single scratch from Adrien’s deadly Rustoxin can easily kill.

“I have a new job for us,” Adrien continues, addressing the assassins in general. “Eliminate this Rosalyn Grayson; House Eccleston of Imperis will pay us very handsomely.” As House Eccleston is one of the wealthiest families in the entire world, he is sure that the assassins will never pass up a job given by the Ecclestons. “But be aware that Rosalyn Grayson is very powerful, and is accompanied by a man named…” it takes him an instant to recall the name that Number 15 now addresses himself as, “Christopher Thunderblade, whom my… other affiliates want dead as well,” he says, referring to the Order of Resurgence. His voice then becomes serious, even grave, something that he has rarely done if ever, and his dark green eyes begin to emanate a cold glint. “I assure you all that this Christopher Thunderblade will be the most dangerous quarry we have ever chosen to hunt, for he is exceptionally powerful and capable of killing more quickly and efficiently than any assassin alive.” Himself and the other Numbers not included, of course, but there is no need for Adrien to mention such a fact. “Should we accept, I suggest we dispatch as many of our members as we possibly can to ensure our success. Now, what do you say?”

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NPC: Runa

“That dangerous?” Pippin asks rhetorically. Adrien has been careless this time, forgetting me. Speaking up with any new information would make my silence suspicious. If only Adrien’s information had proved more useful… “Oh, and my scouting attempts proved futile. Apparently, village people don’t tend to be knowledgable or useful. What do you know?” reports Pippin, a joke added for a believable effect. It wasn’t too far off from the truth; all he found was a couple minister assassination requests, nothing he could use with Adrien’s information to boost his position. And those weren’t even from his own efforts; it was dangerous to the organization to search for requests himself, and that was always left to his henchmen. No, all he could do was gather gossip and people, which he usually retained to himself anyways. Hopefully, that secrecy wouldn’t build up against him now.

Runa raises an eyebrow in mock surprise, as a sharp tendril of darkness materializes itself in front of Pippin’s neck and dissipates. “I would advise you not to mock our efforts. We need new recruits, and hidden potential likes to rest in villages. You’re useful, but don’t push it.” Turning to Adrien, she continues, “I’m no fool. I know of the power of this Grayson, and in the case of Thunderblade, no matter the power of the opponent, I always take care. But we’ve rose to the challenge before, and if we can’t do so again, you’re all useless in my eyes. We’ll take this request; it would be stupid to deny such a rare opportunity. If you want people, you’ve certainly got plenty. Currently, we have Orian, Pippin, Arturo, Mary, Ebony, Ophir, and you in a free position. In combination with that, we always have a nice, expanding stock of lesser members. But before we get to that, I need the specifics. What does this Thunderblade look like? Do you have any intel on their abilities? Should we kill them silently or openly and brutally? In other words, how secret should we keep this task?”

“I’ll be projecting an image of her to your minds. I suggest that those of you who could use this info should allow the message to enter clearly,” states Raven, who does exactly what he says. “Unless anyone has an objection, Adrien will take Orian, Pippin, Arturo, Mary, Ebony, and Ophir with him to kill Grayson and Thunderblade. Gilda will wipe out the Agranz bandits. Marinella will continue training Bianca in one of our underwater facilities.” As Raven says this, he pushes information concerning the location into Marinella and Bianca’s minds. “Runa has some business to take care of. And like usual, I’ll either stay here or move to another one of our headquarters. Once any complaints are answered and any answers from Adrien are received, this meeting will be adjourned.”

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Number 9

“Kill them however we want, so long as we manage to kill them at all,” Adrien says, the incredibly rare hint of wariness flashing in his venomous green eyes. “I will be honest here, and state that I have dealt with Thunderblade before. Raven, connect our minds and set up a simulation; I will allow you to fight a mock battle against my memories of him.”

A featureless expanse of gray materializes around the minds of everyone assigned to kill Number 15, Adrien included, as they find themselves alongside one another and facing a spiky brown-haired, purple-eyed young man of medium height. He wears a brown leather duster, and is wreathed in purple energy. As soon as both parties have finished materializing, a single extremely powerful electrified force shard is launched at an incredibly high speed via a magically created virtual railgun at Ebony, piercing the aged woman’s heart before she has a chance to react. She gasps and spasms as the deadly electricity courses through her, disrupting whatever enchantments that keep her alive and killing her almost instantly; an instant later her mind becomes a disembodied presence watching over the entire simulated fight. Before the old woman even finishes collapsing to the ground, Number 15 hurls forth a large number of massive spheres of purple energy, while quickly preparing another one of his sniper shards.

[Devourer allowed me to kill Ebony instantly as soon as the fight begins. Also, you know what those huge Shockforce spheres do if you read my previous posts. And remember that you cannot take control of Christopher’s magic; bouncing his magic back at him will only result in him reabsorbing it.]

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Fey, exhausted from today’s events settles down by the lake closest to the entrance of the forest, near Alden’s location. Clearly, she doesn’t notice Alden and just jumps into the lake to bathe for a bit. The life-sized forest sprite thinks to herself as she closes her eyes and lets the purity of the lake cleanse every inch of her porcelain white skin.

What a day…a massive battle occurs, I discipline Lieu for eavesdropping on a conversation about breasts and Lucius now looks rather handsome. I can’t get with him though since I’m a sprite and he’s a human. Still, that doesn’t cancel out the fact that he is somewhat attractive now.

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[Just a reminder, Vinyl, Octavia, and Jarad is kinda waiting for Chris, so I was just wondering if he’d come back soon, or should I start having them leave the house in search for him?]

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[Blend it is your turn at drake’s location.]

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NPC: Raven

Orian stabs deep into the ground as a spike of metal, digging in a half-circle until he moves forward past the shockforce and emerges upward, landing somewhat near Christopher. As he emerges, he releases a aura of light, increasing the power and durability of his now forged spiked, malleable metal armor. At the same time, a selective barrier of light is created, absorbing whatever is deemed dangerous to Orian’s existence and weakening whatever makes it through. This same barrier is created around the other assassins, with the selective nature changed for their respective needs. Maintaining what seems like a safe distance, he unleashes a bombardment of hastened and strengthened metal spikes.

Pippin melds into the earth, staying under and utilizing his earth magic to use the surface for vision. Balls of magical poison, behaving much like a corrosive acid would, are shot upwards from the ground around Christopher, both aiming for him and the metal spikes, in order to increase their danger. Simultaneously, golems of dirt are raised from the ground, coated in the former magical poison and releasing carbon monoxide from miniscule pores in their skin. These golems move towards Christopher and attempt to grapple him down towards the ground.

Arturo, proving to be useless at defensive maneuvers like usual, angrily acknowledges that he can’t trust the light barrier to save him from the obviously deadly energy spheres, and blasts backwards, propelling himself with an intensely powerful flame.

Mary follows Pippin and melts into the ground, maintaining her human form as Pippin replenishes the dirt that she displaces. Detecting Christopher’s presence with water sensing techniques, she activates a high voltage electricity attack around him.

Ophir, seeing no useful alternative, also dives into the ground, as air. He creates a high air pressure field around Christopher, smashing it together with the use of lethal darkness, potentially blinding Christopher to his surroundings and consuming his flesh if it touches.

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Number 9

With a wave of his hands, the simulated Christopher causes all of his spheres of Shockforce to explode, releasing huge amounts of disintegrating purple energy that washes over everything around him, quickly destroying the featureless gray earth, creating massive smoking craters in the ground. The energy eats into Orian’s light barriers, quickly wearing them down; they would have been destroyed completely if not for the earth around them that dampened the blasts. Mary’s electric attacks, seemingly almost negligible in comparison, is simply consumed by the Shockforce as background noise and dispersed. Any Shockforce that splashes over to Christopher himself destroys most of the magical attacks thrown at him; the golems are obliterated, the poisonous acid and gas baked into total ineffectiveness, and the field of air and darkness disrupted and quickly falling apart. The metal spikes that remain stab into Christopher, only to be blocked by his psionic armor, the virtually impenetrable barrier allowing nothing through. A beam of intensely focused purple energy shoots from his fingertips, travels forth at incredible speed to pierce Arturo’s heart, light barrier and all; he too gasps and spasms before dying a simulated death. At the same time, another railgun shard is shot toward Orian at extreme speed, capable of killing him instantly if the barrier protecting himself is not stronger than the barrier protecting the other assassins.

[Those sniper shards and beams are extremely hard to block or dodge, yes. But like all sniper weapons, its rate of fire is not very high; a single shot takes some time to prepare. If one keeps moving, it makes aiming more difficult. If you wonder how Christopher aimed two such shots in rapid succession, it’s because he can speed up his perceptions using Electric and Psychic so time seems to slow down.]

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Farrely acknowledges Drake’s questions and summons a floating eye down from the sky.

Farrely: Minion of sight, what information do you have for me?

The skywatcher of the forest holds her hand in front of the eye and closes her eyes so her mind can retain the information from the eye itself. She opens her eyes after a few seconds.

Farrely: Drake, Lucius is headed for Imperis. He seems to be dressed in clothing he plucked from the corpses of today’s conflict. I can understand that considering he always has his camouflage on. Without the camouflage, he looks his youthful age yet again. Alden is over by the waterfall near the forest’s entrance. Fey is there as well. Rose’s astral projection has left the forest as well. Okay, minion. Back to the sky!

The eye spins three times and shoots for the clouds.

Farrely: With that settled, let us get you accommodated, Drake.

Farrely flies in the direction of Drake’s place to stay and emits a sky blue light from her very being.

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NPC: Raven

“Interesting. I assume that the real Christopher will be even more powerful, given the probable gap in time between when Adrien last saw him and now. Even a few days might make a considerable difference in power,” thinks Raven. Perhaps you should go with them if you can. I’m sure that your presence won’t interfere with anything, Raven sends a telepathic message to Runa.

Hmph, I should have enough time to get there, if I’m needed. Of course, that’s if I’m needed. If she was foolish enough to show it, Raven would see a slight smile on Runa’s face; however, all he senses is the minor release of seratonin and dopamine.

A double meaning?

It does serve two of my intentions, as you’ve probably already discerned.

In the battle itself, Orian surges his magic into his barrier temporarily, a quick instinct that would probably allow him to survive the shot. As soon as he does this, he also splits himself in half, his newly formed metal selves moving out of the shard’s path.

And the process repeats itself, in a way. Pippin conjures a mist of carbon monoxide and his special magic poison, surrounding Christopher with a pore-filled earthen prison, allowing for the poison to seep in and for any attacks from Christopher to be partially weakened. Mary electrocutes the insides and attempts to choke him with a conjured hand of water. Ophir compacts this all together with the same air and darkness compression.

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[My ruling is that if some shapeshifter splits in two, and one of the halves gets killed, the remaining half can still return to full human form (magic is already kind of violating the conservation of mass here, but I’ll wave my hand and say that mana can be converted into mass or whatever), but only with half power. The lost power will take a slightly long period of time to recover. A similar thing applies if the person splits into more copies.]

Number 9

“The good news is that he more or less reached the pinnacle of his power a decade ago,” Adrien comments. “The bad news is that what he displays at the moment is far from the pinnacle of his power.”

Orian’s strengthened barrier may have otherwise been enough to block Christopher’s deadly railgun shard, but splitting in half increases its surface area and hence dilutes its strength. Being aimed at his heart, the left side of his body, the shard pierces through the left half’s barrier and, being only slightly weakened, release the majority of its payload of electricity, the large influx of harmful energy quickly killing that half of Orian; but the other half of him remains more or less safe.

The remaining assassins focus their attacks on Christopher, only to find that his psionic armor is perfectly airtight; presumably it possesses some sort of filtration system to filter out harmful substances and magic from the air he breathes. Mary tries to choke him with water, but the conjured hand is not strong enough to deform the armor surrounding Christopher’s throat. The electricity she releases is strong, but not tightly focused enough, and Christopher simply conducts it away with translucent constructs of solid force and allows it to dissipate elsewhere; the constructs end up destroyed but that is of little consequence to him. The poison, earth, air, and dark energy begin to eat into Christopher’s psionic armor, but it regenerates almost instantly after it is damaged.

Not willing to engage in a battle of endurance and attrition, Christopher’s whole body glows, as though about to release a large burst of energy. But rather than a devastating explosion, his humanoid form simply melts away, leaving behind an intense stream of purple energy and electricity that bores a small hole through the assassins’ combined attacks and slithers out like a snake moving at many times the natural speed a normal snake ought to have. The electric snake dashes toward the remaining half of Orian at an even greater speed, several thin blades containing large amounts of extremely compressed energy sprouting from its head to stab at Orian.

“Now that is closer to his pinnacle,” Adrien says.

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“lets go to the one at the entrance then.” I head towards the cave at the entrance.

I head to the same cave, my tribe should arrive tomorrow.

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[Just posting to say that I haven’t forgotten about this; I just don’t have enough free time to spare as of now.]

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(Is there any specific rules about what our character can be, apart from not being animal? I’ve been thinking of making a character, but it’s not exactly human. Humanoid, yes. Human? No. Just wondering if you’d accept a… different sort of being. Not anything overpowered, of course.)

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[There were nonhuman species in the previous DS games, but apparently not this one, as Rosate didn’t list them in the signup sheet. So far, everyone is a human, though retardedly powerful humans. If you really want a nonhuman character, copious amounts of discussion with the game host and co-hosts should be done beforehand. Send me a PM.]

[Ros has been away for a long while now. I wonder what will happen if someone makes a character, I approve, the person starts roleplaying as said character, then Ros comes back and rejects the character… I guess the character will be killed off?]

[Been kind of busy lately, but hopefully I’ll be able to write something today.]

[Also, I think Darkspell deserves a TV Tropes page. We should make one.]

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[Blegh. Sorry, I got distracted by a number of things.]

Christopher Thunderblade

“Oh, uh.” Lynn blinks a couple of times, then gives me a sort of blank stare.

Oh boy. I silently brace myself for impact.

WHAT THE *&^%?!

I cringe. “Keep it down, will you? I don’t think people at this inn appreciate hearing garbled insults loudly at midnight!”

“You…” She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and rubs her temples. “Okay. Rose says you aren’t lying. I trust her. So…”

“…anything you would like me to clarify?” I ask in what I hope is a helpful tone.

“…uh,” she shakes her head a little. “So. There’s this evil underground organization that makes superpowered artificial humans, possibly to take over the world or something, and they kill anyone who finds out. You used to be one of them, but you left them so now they want to kill you. And they want to kill me too but for some totally unrelated reason. Did I get this right?”

“Pretty much,” I shrug, “except you left out the part that says how unlikely it is for us to survive the next month or so.”

“Why the fuck haven’t you told the Paladins then?!” She glares at me. “You’re right in their home turf, dammit!”

“You think they’ll believe me without first thoroughly scanning my mind?” I say bitterly. Like her, I begin to gently rub my temples; blocking out the Destroyer and the Assassin is tiring my mind out. “I have reasons for not wanting my mind thoroughly scanned.”

“And what might those be?” For a moment her glare becomes scathing, righteous anger sending up sparks in those red eyes. “Because you don’t want them to see how many people you killed?”

I flinch violently as if she stabbed me.

The fire in her eyes quickly recedes. “Sorry,” she sighs. “I know it wasn’t… wasn’t you who killed those people. Well, at least that’s what Rose says. So why?” She gives me a steady look, and the impression that she won’t give up until she gets at least some sort of answer from me.

“…I have split personalities, like you,” I say after a few seconds. “Two of them. And they are dangerous. Remember Numbers 12 and 13, those two kids that we just fought? My other selves make those two look tame in comparison. And my split personalities do not want our mind scanned. They won’t cooperate; that I am sure.”

“Huh, really. But I guess I can get the Paladins to help you?” She frowns. “It’d be annoying, but I don’t mind having my mind scanned that much.”

“That…” A small surge of hope wells up within me. It may not make the Paladins believe me completely, but Rosalyn’s word may just make my story more believable overall. “That will be very good. If you can do that for me, I’ll really appreciate it.”

“Hmph,” she grins haughtily. But then her eyes become scrutinizing. “So you’re an artificial human?” She looks at me closely. “You don’t look like one. I mean, you look just like any other person,” she says, and grabs one of my hands, squinting her eyes to look at it closely.

I flinch slightly, but manage to not pull away. The skin of her hands is very soft and very smooth. “Artificial humans like me are visually indistinguishable from normal humans. But if you look at their eyes, you can tell that their minds aren’t the same as any sane human being; they’re brainwashed and raised differently…”

“Yeah, don’t remind me,” Lynn shudders. “But your eyes don’t look any different either,” she looks into my eyes. I try not to be drawn into those alluring pools of dark red. “So I’ll just treat you like a normal human. You aren’t that special, got it?”

A normal human… My lips twist into a very faint humorless smile, but I don’t say anything. Even if she can’t see it, I’m not normal. I will never be normal and live a normal life like her.

“Haaaaaaaah…” She yawns deeply, letting go of my hand. “I’m tired. I got a room in the Paladin HQ, so I’m gonna go back there and sleep. It’s been a ridiculously long day… Meet at the HQ’s front entrance tomorrow morning at eight, ’kay?” And with that she’s off, scooping up her belongings with constructs of darkness and flying off into the distance.

I sigh. If she’s going to sleep in the Paladin HQ, I suppose she’ll be as safe as she can be… Looking at the gaping hole in the wall, I shrug, and begin to head downstairs to talk to the innkeeper and pay for the room as I promised. Why am I doing this? It’s certainly not simply gratitude. It’s not like a killing machine like me can get anywhere with a normal person like her…

[So what do I do now? Christopher is supposed to be going to Optic’s, but he obviously can’t do that as Rosate is still nowhere to be found.]

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[Well, you could pick up Vinyl and friends]

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NPC: Raven

Rena smirks slightly before she comments, “Hmph..it’s clear that nothing that we do will hurt him. The only thing we can hope to gain from this is information about his abilities.” Adressing this last part to Adrien, she says, “I sure hope you will display more competence when the time comes.”

Orian fails to react quick enough, the compounded damage of his weakened power and the prospect of dodging two rapid attacks too much for even his deadly abilities to overcome.

Once again, the remaining assassins unleash their combo attack, not to defeat Christopher, but to futilely attempt to stall their deaths in order to gain more insight into his abilities. Mary attempts to slow Christopher’s movement through her control of electricity, and Pippin contains him in a block of magically enhanced dirt, which Ophir makes airtight. In the meantime, Ophir generates a field of darkness around Christopher, which would serve to selectively dissipate the lightning and any bodies within.

“You said ‘closer to his pinnacle’”, remarks Raven, “Are you saying that his power can climb to greater lengths than this? As Rena mentioned, the outcome of this is clear. Perhaps you can explain to us in greater detail his abilities instead of displaying this predictable show, which obviously won’t show us everything.”

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Number 9

For a moment nothing happens, as though the electrical serpent Christopher has transformed into is successfully trapped by the assassins’ combined efforts. But then the sphere of darkness and air and earth begins to crack, an ominous glow emanating from its center.

“I simply think that experience would teach you than an explanation consisting of mere words,” says Adrien, as he begins to picture Christopher’s most powerful attack. “And what makes you think I am not actually trying to show you everything?”

The sphere finally shatters, as a purple halo cuts itself out of the dissipating prison, followed by a rapidly expanding mass of purple energy arcing with electricity. It quickly rises into the air, a large number of tendrils of energy trailing behind it. Along with the halo, the creature’s form altogether resembles some sort of jellyfish made entirely of electrical power. It ripples, and lets out a sound of roiling thunder.

Then its tendrils begin to strike. Bolts of actual lightning, five times hotter than the surface of the Sun, rain down from the creature with abnormal frequency. They strike haphazardly at almost random locations, only vaguely directed at the assassins, but a even a single strike lets loose a massive burst of Shockforce that disintegrates everything on touch. Had the creature’s control of this devastating power be any finer, the assassins would have had little chance of avoiding total obliteration.

After its tempestuous release of power, the halo and shroud of energy slowly dissipates, revealing Christopher’s human form within. However, he is no longer wreathed in his glowing purple psionic armor, as though all of his energy has been spent in his recent outburst. For an instant the assassins, if any survived at all, can see his eyes, the same inhumanly dispassionate eyes as Adrien himself. In the next instant Adrien materializes behind Christopher, morphing an arm into a blade of red rust to stab into Christopher’s heart. Christopher cries out, face contorting in agony, before his whole body rusts and crumbles.

Then the simulation winks out, transporting the minds of everyone involved back into their own bodies.

“To recap, Thunderblade’s elements of choice are Electric and Psychic,” Adrien speaks calmly. “He is able to create an impenetrable, regenerative barrier of magic around his body that can only be taken down via exhaustion through continually applied force. He possesses an array of attacks, some capable of affecting large areas, while others focused and precise. His electricity and Shockforce has the effect of disrupting and weakening hostile magic. He has two alternate forms, both of which are extremely powerful, but will consume almost all of his energy; he will likely become defenseless should you survive his onslaught.” He takes a deep breath, and allows himself a small smile. “However, you should be relieved to learn that like Richard Adders, Christopher Thunderblade has grown soft since my last encounter with him. He will be unwilling, if even able at all, to unleash his full power. Rosalyn Grayson may aid him with her Light magic, though whether the result will be comparable to his full power is a matter of speculation. Now, anything else you would like to know?”

[If you want to know why that special form looks like a jellyfish… Look up upper-atmospheric lightning on Wikipedia. Christopher’s two special forms correspond to the blue jet and red sprite.]

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NPC: Runa

“I guess I misinterpreted you; I didn’t realize that you were actually controlling the simulation itself. We learned as much of his actual abilities as we need,” Runa admits in place of Raven, whose thoughts and decisions are partially influenced by her. “Instead of being predictable, I’d say we learned something rather important from this. If his psionic barrier is in full power, we either need some sort of continuous bombardment to overpower him or we need to wait until he expends all of his magical energy. Honestly, it was quite satisfying to see you instantly dismiss him at the end.”

Licking her lips in amusement, she begins talking again, realizing that she has forgotten something, “As for additional information, I would think that would be enough, unless you somehow have any objections. I trust that the rest of you will be quickly forming some sort of strategy so that you don’t suffer such a humiliating defeat once again. Adrien, any comments? If not, consider this meeting dismissed. You all know what to do.”

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Number 9

“No; this will be all,” Adrien speaks as he stands up. “Orian, Pippin, Arturo, Mary, Ebony, Ophir. If you do not have any additional errands to run, we leave as soon as possible. Our client wishes Rosalyn Grayson eliminated as soon as possible.”

Christopher Thunderblade

Why did you pay for her? The Assassins asks, in a tone that would sound annoyed if he could feel emotions at all. There really was no need to do so.

I wonder… I mutter more or less to myself. Why am I being so nice to Rosalyn? Just because I am attracted to her? But it’s not like I expect her to do anything for me in return. And the fee for repairing the broken wall takes a rather significant chunk out of the money I have with me at the moment. Whatever; it’s not like I desperately need money to survive. I can hunt and gather food easily. Or steal and rob, as I am sure the Assassin will easily resort to.

Being past midnight, there is no one to be found at the Order of Psychics base; I guess its members aren’t so devoted to training that they’ll sleep there. Oh well. Shrugging, I begin to fly toward Vinyl’s place again.

[Seriously, we have too many organizations named the Order of Whatever.]

[And what about that TV Tropes page for Darkspell? Should we make it?]

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Okay, so the naarator and I had a bit of a spat that resulted in the narrator taking a break to cool off. You see, it was after the whole forest war I had to go through followed by pilfering the clothing off of a dead hunter. I have been in Imperis for a while now while my camouflage gets repaired. Looking my age has its benefits, I guess. Women are giving me a specific look. Perhaps I am physically attractive? In addition, I look better with different attire. I’ve never worn a suit before but I guess trying one on would be fun. Right now, I am witnessing the effects of what seems to be a strong drug. I’m noticing this guy just dancing by himself in front of a tennis court. The problem is there is no music playing. It’s kind of hilarious to see him dance because he’s so terrible at it. I don’t want to interfere though for fear of startling him into violent behavior.

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(We might as well introduce Castlevania’s Order of Ecclesia) (Sorry, horrible …Order of… joke.)

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[Hey guys my power cord for my laptop has died so i might not be able to do much for a week or 2 (not that i was doing much at the moment anyway) sorry about this.]

[Edit: Sorry it turns out my god damn powerboard was switched off making it look like my charger had died.]

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(Beavis, you dumbass…)