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Sup. I hope you bastards burn in hell.

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Round 5 Results

An assassin on Team B makes the shot and kills racefan12!

racefan12 was a Psychic on Player 1 – Team A. racefan12 has been eliminated from the game.

A player on Team A has been morphed into a Psychic
A player on Team B has been morphed into a Psychic

And this ends the game, Firespread is dead in two rounds and he cannot make another kill.

It was funny how RNG played a part in this round. In Round 3, AdeebNafees morphed himself into an Assassin with plans to kill racefan12 next round, however, the special event caused him to be morphed back into a Morpher. Then, during Round 4, racefan was targeted by two players and RNG chose he became a Psychic instead of an Assassin. So RNG actually balanced out in the end.

So, the winners of Paradise Lost: Psychological Strategy Redux are AdeebNafees, S_98, and Woon 1957! Congratulations!

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Well, I don’t think anything can beat the novelty of the original Paradise Lost, and this game had some minor design flaws as well as a lack of players posting on the thread, but overall I think it was successful. I know secret conversations rather than publicly posting on the thread was the preferred method of communication this time around, and there was at least one successful alliance throughout the entire game.

And now for some other news: I won’t have much leisure time anymore, so this is farewell. I hope you guys enjoyed my last game here, I’ll still be on Kong but I’ll only visit to play the occasional flash game when I have time. Keep in touch; write me a shout or PM sometime.

So now the players can discuss the game: their strategies, favorite/least favorite rounds or roles, alliances, most hated player, etc.

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Adeeb got two PL wins in a row.

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I lost because I did a friend a favour…

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Congratulations to the winners!

And this ends the game, Firespread is dead in two rounds and he cannot make another kill.

I sadly had nothing to do with it, but I’ll say it anyways :P. Revenge successfully executed.

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I am so relieved by this, considering how much I screwed up!
Honestly, it would have been impossible for me to get here without AN, as well as the other team.

Thanks for the great game guys!

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I’m not sure why the other team keeps claiming they “screwed up” when they basically did everything right (other than the fact that they were kept from winning a round earlier because of an RNG).

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This was a great game. It wasn’t as epic as the original Pl but it was still good. Also, I’m still a little grumpy that I got killed due to anothers inactivity. ;)

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I have to say the first PL seemed more up my ally, so I’m not too upset at missing out.

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Original PL was better IMO.

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I wonder if should reveal alliance or not.

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Congrats and thanks, Snine and Wooneh! Thanks for the great game, Sup. Thanks for being such epic company, the rest of the players. Tough luck, Team A, but thanks for making this a tense competition for us.

Strategy: Mass communication and multiple alliances. Regularly swapping info with trustworthy people, and pushing people into the maws of death when in trouble. Of course, I did try to save my allies whenever I could, but sometimes, it was nigh impossible.

Favorite Round: Well, this one is hard. Admittedly, I didn’t have any favorite round this time. I liked Trips because it was simple yet innovative, and also Psychic Warfare, though I nearly hated it due to the drawback of not really knowing anything that is happening or whether your teammates are actually doing what you want them to do.

Least Favorite Round: Jailbreak ranks first in this category, as inactivity nearly got me killed. Reckoning is a close second because I hated being the DA. Seriously. Completing your primary should have given you immunity >.<

Thoughts: Unlike last time, I have a lot of thoughts to share regarding separate rounds.

Reckoning: As I might have already mentioned, I hated this round because of my role, and not because it wasn’t exciting or anything. One thing I noticed in this round was that many people, despite signing up to the game, did very little in the way of what might be called “Psychological strategy”, being aloof from the rest even when it actually threatens them (naming no names, but you guys know who you are).

As you guys know, I got a Merc sheet from an ally (you guys can probably guess who it is :P) and after that, it was pretty much smooth sailing. Well, not really. I guess I wasn’t entirely sure how much to trust my ally not to divulge my secret in the middle of the thread (as I soon found out, though, he was an extremely competent sportsman, and knew what to reveal and what not to at any time).

Jailbreak: Ugh. Pure mental agony. This round has probably doomed me to future baldness. I am not really accusing the inactive guy much now, but let’s say I was “displeased” back then, since I really didn’t want to be eliminated right there in R2 (yes, it was Fogfun). Then, when I had pretty much prepared myself mentally to deliver a farewell speech, I decided to ask puzzledan whether he would swap in a last ditch effort to save myself (though, TBH, I had nothing to even the play field this time. puzzledan could save me, or he couldn’t. He could ask his pet rock’s opinion on that matter and act upon it.)

However, like an epic Samaritan that I really didn’t expect him to be, he replied positively, and soon, I was safely standing in front of wii’s cell, whistling a meaningless tune and trying to act cool, though I wasn’t cool any more. I was grateful. If I have won today, it is because of puzzledan’s generosity in the second round, which is nearly equivalent in importance to my ally’s help in R1.

Trips: This was kind of a joke round, and I dunno whether there is much to say about it, except that I really felt bad at the thought of so many people leaving the game. I can’t credit a single person as being “most helpful” in this round. From Dodge to Dargon, I got a lot of support from people who I didn’t save, in the end. I am sorry for that, but hey, it is a game, and someone had to go. I didn’t want to lose the many allies I had on the other team.

Emo of War: Meh. The less said about this, the better. Notwithstanding the fact that I got an epicly stupid role, I also found an ally, Snine, to have the ability to kill me off nearly within a day of learning my role. It was a rather bad time for me, but strangely humorous as I tried to convince Snine to killify me, for I didn’t want to be indebted to him, while Snine was like “Dude, I am NOT killing you.” Eventually, he sacrificed himself for me, though, thanks to the redemption round thingy, he was back in action for the final round…

Psychic Warfare: The acrid stench of cruel thoughts still lingers in the air from the battle between the “Psychic warriors”, and I have to admit that this round has been brutal. Beside the obvious fact that I was fighting against people who had all been allies in previous rounds, I had another really big problem at hand: I had a rather disorganized team.

I’m not sure why the other team keeps claiming they “screwed up” when they basically did everything right (other than the fact that they were kept from winning a round earlier because of an RNG).

Well, fact is, from my POV, I can give you a detailed (possibly, however, with speculations involved) description of the “Battle” history, as well as what I actually planned to do.

Original setup:

Team A: Faceran (Shield), Bluji (Assassin), FS (XXX)
Team B: AN (Morpher), Snine (Shield), Wooneh (Morpher)


Team A: Faceran shields Blu, Blu makes the shot, FS XXX
Team B: Wooneh morphs Snine into a Psychic, Snine shields himself, AN morphs Bluji into a Psychic (yes, I admit to being the culprit now)

Explanation of screw up: My original plan was that, on R1, Wooneh would morph Snine into an Assassin, NOT a lame Psychic, which she accidentally ended up doing. Due to that, possibly due to shame or something silly like that, she decided to stop communicating with me, which made me think that Team A also had a Morpher, and Wooneh had forgotten to send in her role. Meanwhile, I had, before that round, imagined that Morphing was done by pointing out the position of the player you wanted to Morph, but Sup told me that I actually needed to give him the identity!

With a 1/3 chance to mess up, I gritted my teeth, and took a shot in the dark (which did hit, but that wasn’t the only time luck favored us, as you will soon see). Snine faithfully did what he was supposed to do, but if I had failed to Morph the opposing Assassin into a Psychic, he was effectively doomed, and so were we…


Team A: Faceran shields his Mercedes, Blu reveals someone, FS XXX
Team B: AN Morphs Faceran into a Psychic, Snine does nothing, Wooneh morphs FS into a Psychic

Explanation of screw up: Admittedly, we were in a pretty bad spot (hey, we didn’t know that Blu WAS the second guy of Team A). To add to our worries, we had expected a random event to occur R1. If it was Mutation, there was an added 1/3 (totaling to 2/3) chance that the opponent Assassin would be unable to attack. Reversal would make us almost auto win, as we had a superior number of Morphers (I, notably, was not sure about that, as I did not actually know which of my teammates had been morphed into a Psychic!) Anyway, while I had decided to morph myself into an Assassin for a last stand, something made me change tack, and I targeted Faceran instead.

Call this blind luck, as there was 50% chance of bad things happening, but without knowing who I was targeting, Wooneh, suddenly perking up, targeted FS and dittoed my efforts, thereby bringing about the midgame standstill. Snine didn’t use his Psychic powers, which worried me, AGAIN.


Team A: Psychic dudes have fun swatting flies and revealing my role and position
Team B: AN morphs himself into an Assassin (see Blu? Wooneh didn’t, after all, morph me into an assassin like you said xD), Snine revealed Faceran (this would provide us with VITAL info to make it to the end) and Wooneh morphed Snine into an Assassin.

Explanation of screw up: Nope. We had transcended the mortal coil, to an extent, and had the game in our palm, if it hadn’t been for Mutation. I was turned into a stupid Morpher (yes, it seemed stupid then), while so was someone from the other team. If it was Blu, we were going to make it easy, since Snine was going to kill Blu next round. But if it was Faceran, or FS, there were complications.

If FS was to morph himself into anything, we could care. If he morphed Snine into a peanut, we could care. But if he decided to morph Faceran into an Assassin, Faceran would be able to take me down with him. For some time, I had a battle in my mind between recklessness and prudence (read them as daredevilishness and cowardice, if you will). Recklessness won somehow, and I told Wooneh to Morph Faceran, thereby giving us a 50% chance to override FS’s possible morph and killing him off.


Team A: Faceran sleeps with his teddy bear, Blu catches a butterfly, FS morphs Faceran into an Assassin
Team B: AN morphs himself into an Assassin (deja vu), Snine makes a shot JIC FS decides to walk around, Wooneh morphs FS into a Psychic (deja vu x 2)

No screw ups this time either. RNG favors us (actually, it favors ME. Even if Face WAS an Assassin the next round, there would be crosskilling, and Wooneh and Snine, being Assassin (or Psychic) and Morpher (or Psychic) against the lonely FS, a Psychic, was a one sided battle). Long story short, we know we are going to win, though spirit isn’t very high as we aren’t very sure whether I am going to make it through (hey, I like to be a bit egotistical now and then too!).


We win.

So, as you see, guys, we did screw up badly in our early game, but healthy doses of luck and a radical change in strategy helped us dominate and ultimate destroy the competition. Huzzah!

Suggestions: I know you will probably not make another game, but in case you do… There need to be more rounds with a Powerful Player, like R1 of PL where there were leaders who could determine the life and death of the other players. It is a nifty little trick to encourage more in-thread discussion.

Most hated player: AdeebNafees. Seriously, he tells he truth almost as much as he tells lies. He mad.

Most loved player: Enormous tie between puzzledan, everyone from TA, and mah secret ally ;) And, of course, several other miniature (but hardly less meaningful) alliances I had with the numerous players throughout this game.
Other comments: Fogfun.Rox. Darkboy.Mad.

Include: Me on the sign up list that never exists in reality, and is ever existent in imagination.

Also, to end, I will quote someone. I am pretty sure this is another well known quote, but it was used to superb effect by a certain guy who played this game (to the point where I spent hours discussing him with allies).

“The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know that my name is the SERAPH.”.

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Whoa, I just realized that Sup said that it is farewell again. Frankly, I don’t see why you shouldn’t waste the rest of your life for our entertainment. I understand that your life is getting hectic, but since you are still going to be around, I say:

Hell yeah!

If I can convince you once I will definitely flood your PM box multiple times a day It will be great to have you around even if you aren’t very active. Keep being awesome, LegitDude!

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Originally posted by AdeebNafees:

Whoa, I just realized that Sup said that it is farewell again. Frankly, I don’t see why you shouldn’t waste the rest of your life for our entertainment. I understand that your life is getting hectic, but since you are still going to be around, I say:

Hell yeah!

If I can convince you once I will definitely flood your PM box multiple times a day It will be great to have you around even if you aren’t very active. Keep being awesome, LegitDude!


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I wished for Sup’s password multiple times in this game…:P

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Thanks for the game guys.

I will see you all another time, hopefully.