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Madex Trell

I decide to go back to the lab to heal my Bidoof and Oshawott. I head over to see two people battling and two watching. I walk in and ask “Can this machine heal my pokeman?” I ask

Sigh, Sure just press that yellow button.”

I put my pokemanz in and press the yellow button, I also ask “Do you have a map I could have?”

“Yes sure, it’s on that table, now please leave, I’m very busy.”

I grab it and head outside and ask the two watching the battle. “How’s it going?”

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[I feel like I should note this just so everyone else doesn’t think they have to stop and wait for the battle to finish:]

[Adeeb and I are conducting the battle via PM (apparently Adeeb thinks that this is the best way to handle it), so it won’t be posted until we finish it in PM (which won’t be for another 16-20 hours, at minimum).]

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we get in to this town… what was it called? sigh oh well
anyways i walked in to the pokecenter and handed the nurse the two pokeballs
she asked “How are you doing today?”
i didn’t answer I don’t want to talk to anybody… i just want the pokemon healed

she handed me the pokeballs and I headed for the nearest route again…

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I took my level 89 Meganium and entered the Victory Road. The cave was dark, so I used my HM slave Paras to flash. Trainers were bad and I defeated them with Razor Leaf. Afterward, I threw Geodudes at trainers I defeated and it caused their skull to break. Then I took all their money and continued on.

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Originally posted by CowFriend:


I took my level 89 Meganium and entered the Victory Road. The cave was dark, so I used my HM slave Paras to flash. Trainers were bad and I defeated them with Razor Leaf. Afterward, I threw Geodudes at trainers I defeated and it caused their skull to break. Then I took all their money and continued on.

( whoa there bud when did you lvl up?)

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((Seems fine, race. I look forward to seeing Cyndaquil wipe the floor with Piplup.))
((@SE, If you’re looking for something to happen to your character, then have something happen to your character. As long as it’s somewhat reasonable for starting areas of a game, it should be fine. Additionally, I like how you focused on the level 89 Meganium and not the killing of other trainers.))
((If it’s any consolation, it takes me like a full day of on-off writing to get these posts out.))
((…I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m trying to take over as GM. Because I’m not.))

Kateylnn Smyth
I just sort of stare at the pokeball, which has long since stopped rocking and making noises.

…oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! I just caught a pokemon! :DD Oh man, I hope he doesn’t hate me for catching him. Or her!…I should probably check.

I pull out the pokedex and scan the pokeball.
Mareep, the Wool Pokemon. Mareep’s fluffy coat of wool rubs together and builds a static charge. The more static electricity is charged, the more brightly the lightbulb at the tip of its tail grows. Its fluffy coat swells to double as the charge builds up. Touching it can be shocking.
A list pops up with a small picture of Mareep, and I mutter it as I read. “Female…level 6…Tackle, Growl, and Thuder Wave. Cooooool! C’mon out Mareep!”
I toss the ball into the air, and Mareep reappears in a flash of red light. mareep.
“…well it’s good to know your attitude hasn’t changed!”
I chuckle, and put my hand on what appears to be its shoulder before pulling back from the jolt. “Oh! Oh, right! You store electricity in your wool!” mareep.
“…okay…oh! I should give you guys names, right?”
Bulbasaur kicks the pokeball laying on the ground to my feet, and seems to agree with my last statement. Bulba.
“hmm. For you…I’m thinking…uh…Jason?” bul-basaur!
I smile, relieved. “Jason it is then! And for you…Eva?” mareep.
My smile grows. “Awesome! Well, onward ever, backward never!” We proceed to walk a ways farther, and the grass seems to recede for a small area. “This seems like a nice area to stop. And hey look! Some Oran berries!”
Sure enough, a nearby bush seems laden with the blue balls. I pick a few and offer them to Jason and Eva, who proceed to eat them happily.

You know, these berries have healing effects too…I guess it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take some of them with me.

As I fill up an inner pouch of my bag, I walk around the bush and find a pair waist-high pink dogs standing on their hind legs.
Startled, I let out a yell. The pink dogs make some sort of yell/bark noise back at me, which startles me into yelling some more.

Oh gosh what do they want?! Why are they just standing there barking at me?! I shouldn’t continue to stand here!…ARE THEY CHASING ME?! I THINK THEY’RE CHASING ME! WHY AREN’T JASON AND EVA DOING ANYTHING? WHY ARE THEY JUST STANDING THERE TALKING TO THAT PURPLE DOG? …wait, they’re talking to that purple dog?

I stop abruptly, and the pink dogs seem to have been running around randomly in the cleared area and smack into each other. The purple dog grunts at them as they stand up and they rush to its side. Jason motions me over.


((The part with Katelynn and the Snubbulls running about would be better if I could draw it happening in a comic style. But I can’t, so you’ll just have to imagine like it happened in the anime.))

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[On an alt account because screw you.]


As I was watching the two battle, I noticed a guy named.. Marvin I think? sit down beside me, he asked me how my adventure was goin’, I said, “Pretty good, caught 3 pokémon, two of which are level 6. One I just healed in the pokémon healing machine whose level 1. Just gonna level every pokémon up until 13, then goin’ for the stone badge.”, I ask him how is his adventure going. After his explanation, another guy named Madex comes and asks “How’s it going?”, I say “Pretty good, gonna go for the stone badge soon”, Marvin tells how he’s doing, I ask Madex the same.

In what seemed to be mid-battle, I decide to go away, saying “I think Cody will win”, and I go away to battle other pokémon to get all my pokémon at least to level 13, but caterpie can be level 6. I walk away from the two people to battle other pokémon, when a thought pops into my mind. I walk back and ask Madex, “Do you wanna battle?”.

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Madex Trell

He came back up and asked for a battle. “Oh, there isn’t much of a chance I will win, I only have two pokemon that are level 5 and 4. I don’t think I’ll stand much of a chance. Maybe you should ask that other guy.” I say


(Before what was said above.)

Ehh… not bad, I got 2 pokemon, Oshawott and a Bidoof.

“What did you name the Bidoof?” Red asks.

“Morgan Freeman.” I say

“But wha-….why….wha….” and went to sit back down

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we encountered another friggen wurmpla again… jeez how many of those are here?
well anyway i sent out the wurmple I just caught… then something happened
the wurmple I caught shot some sort-of stinger thing… I need to check this…
then it tried to tackle my wurmple " dodge it!" I shouted he did… then he tackled the wurmple and the wurmple collapsed…

after the battle I asked somebody about that attack my wurmple did and he said “its called poision sting”
Poision sting eh? heh great for me…

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[Twisted, you also have to answer how you’re doing, I asked you, remember?]


I say “No, not interested in people who might beat me.” and go back to the wild. I find another pidgey, I release my caterpie and say “Sling shot!, Caterpie!” and even though it was it’s first time battling for me, it seemed to understand and no matter how much the pidgey attacked, we managed to defeat the pidgey. I keep hunting Pidgeys with my caterpie until it’s level 6.

I seem to find a wurmple in my way. I decide to use my Squirtle. But first, I whipped out my pokédex and scanned it. The good ol’ robotic voice said, “Wurmple, the Worm Pokémon. Wurmple live primarily off of sap from trees. The suction cups on its feet keep it from slipping.” I shouted, “Squirtle! Tail whip!” and the wurmple fell weak. I immediately ordered my squirtle to use another tail whip and the wurmple was defeated.

Soon, after finding two more wurmples and defeating them the same way, I found that my Squirtle was now level 7, it could use a new move, by the name of “Bubbles” I believe. I decided to test this out. I saw another pidgey and immediately ordered my Squirtle to use bubbles. Looked an amazing sight, I decided to get the Squirtle in a pokéball now because I wanted to heal him, I clicked the button and a red light flashed, he was in the pokéball. And now, I wanted to fight another trainer, I wanted experience.

I went to a pokécentre and saw the nurse, I said, “Can you heal these three pokémon for me?”, while handing her the three pokéballs, “Sure.” she said and healed them and gave them back. As soon as I got out of the centre, I saw a trainer named Nico(I think?) gotten stung by a wurmple, I ran up to him and asked him for a battle. Hey, he was poisoned but a battle wouldn’t hurt that much, would it?

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(I think the host said there would be no levels.)
Marvin “Bah, doin’ nothin’ standing here. Bye.” I decide to head into the forest. I mean what’s the worst that could happen? As I enter the forest, I release my shinx. It does not appears happy to see me.
“You’re mine now, so get used to it.” It sticks its tongue out in reply. The shinx reluctantly follows me deeper into the forest, when suddenly a pidgey… no a tailow… damnit I’m thick it’s a starly.
“Shinx, spark!” The shinx crackles with electricity and charges at the Starly. It slams into it and starly screeches. after getting out from under the shinx, it flees into the forest.
“Get back here!” I yell, giving chase.

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[Already forgot who caught a third ’Mon, but it was my cue to catch a third ’Mon myself.]

There was quite a line for the healing machine as trainers showed up after training sessions or captures.

Remembering that Pokémon would only appear in tall grass or caves, I stuck to the main path so I could skip Route 151. “Avoiding the Ralts?”, Josh asked.
I think the answer was obvious.

Before we could enter Route 152, we ran into (Town/City 2). I instantly knew what this meant: Buying things… namely, 4 potions, 1 Pokéball, and 5 Antidotes for 1900 yen. Nothing special happened, although I saw an old man giving a tutorial on catching Pokémon. I sent out Farore just to send him the message that I didn’t need a tutorial, and he let me pass so I could enter Route 152.

Route 152 had more of a foresty feel than Route 151. I wondered if the obligatory forest area was coming up, but before I could answer that, I ran into what looked like a giant worm.

“That’s a Caterpie”, Josh said. “Caterpie and Weedle evolve QUICKLY, getting access to higher base stats than the norm. Just make sure you don’t snag a Metapod or Kakuna; they can’t actually FIGHT.”o
Higher base stats? I assumed this would do quite well, so to weaken it for capture, I queued up two Scratches.
“Eat talons, [CENSORED]!”, Josh shouted as he charged towards the Caterpie. Language, Josh. His first Scratch slashed a massive hole in the Caterpie’s underside. A critical hit! All it could do in response was blow silk at Josh to slow him down. This was my cue to throw a Pokéball.


I turned to Josh for a suggestion, but he didn’t have one. Open to nickname suggestions for Caterpie… I don’t have a gender set for it yet.

“Well, that’s three ’Mons,” Josh said. “I’d probably grab six unique ’Mons before doing any gym battling though…”o
That’s funny… I don’t remember needing more than four Pokémon when challenging the first gym.
“Better safe then sorry, right? Besides, the first gym is usually Rock-type.”o
“Point to you,” I said. “First, though, I’ll want to patch you and Caterpie up, so we’re headed back to [Town/City 2].”o

Recap: I caught a Caterpie. Open to nickname suggestions. Please don’t suggest anything overly stupid.

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Madex Trell

I walk away from the two others and head to the next Town. I walk threw the grass and notice a bird zoom by.

Another Pokemon I think.

It came down into the pain field .

A Pidgey I thought No, It’s different….A Tailow!

“Oshawott couldn’t use tackle on it, he can’t jump to high..

“Go, Morgan Freeman!

I threw out my Bidoof, in hopes he could reach him when he flies.

“Jump up and Use iron Tail!” He jumped up to reach Tailow before he flew away.

He jumped up with his tail glowing and slammed straight on Tailow’s wing. “Go Pokeball!” I threw one at him and it started moving.



“Yes! I got him! I say I notice that Bidoof has blue floating around him

Morgan Freeman Learned “Bubble Beam”

I think I’ll name him… Dr. Phil !!!

(Face, don’t use popular names like I am, that’s maih thing :3)

(I’m off to bed nao!)

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After a few easy battles with the Elite Four with the help of a few full restores and revives, I finally confronted with Blue. Blue sent out his Pidgeot, my Maganium killed it friskily with its Sheer Cold. I proceeded to do that five more times to all other Blue’s Pokemon. Gary cried as his Pokemon got absolutely destroyed and their internal organs froze to be completely nonfunctional.

Blue’s grandfather then appeared and proceeded to yell at Blue at how incompetent he was as a Pokemon trainer. I went in the Hall of Fame and was recorded as the champion.

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Newspapers across the world were saying that Cherry abruptly got swept by a demonoid with six level 100 Arceuses. Wonder what the heck caused that.

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[Race, you do realize we are going by the hoenn routes?]
[Still waiting for silverevil..]

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Who the hell is this kid…
“go away” i said angrily.. I wasn’t in the mood to battle
but if he does insist..NO what are you saying nico! focus on your damn pokemon…
(i’m not stung by the wurmple… I have a wurmple with poision sting…)

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[Okay, also would be appreciated if you name your pokémons to avoid confusion.]


Nico said “NO!, go away” to me, man this nico kid was enraged. Why does no one want to battle me? I thought to myself. But, for now, I had a plan in mind.

I went to a place where nobody else was around and released my other two pokémon. I said to all three of my pokémons, “I am gonna name you guys, okay?, mainly because others are doing so but also to avoid confusion”.

I decided to name my Squirtle “Aqua mon”, the squirtle agreed to it.
My Pidgey would be named “Pidgeon”, the pidgey seemed to put a “SRSLY” face on me, but it seemed it didn’t matter.
Then finally, I said that, “Caterpie, you shall be name Caterpillar, then cocoon when you evolve and finally butterfly when you are in your last stage.”, the caterpie seemed to do something like a nod.

Suddenly, the guy who I had tricked for the place in the line for the stone badge was running towards me, he wanted to battle. I grinned, just the perfect target. Both of us took out our pokéballs, it was time to let the battle commence!

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I really want to see Curse being used on a person :D

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[Here’s the battle.]
[Due credits to Faceran666 for writing half of it, and pats on my own back for getting my lazy butt to the thread and actually posting it.]

Gary vs Cody

Venue: Professor Willow’s Laboratory

Piplup blinks a couple of times, as if trying to get his bearings straight in the bright environment of the lab. Staring at Cody poised at the door for a couple of seconds with indolent interest, he turns around abruptly, and heads straight for his trainer, who signals furiously to turn back. After a second’s silence, he turns around almost as suddenly as before, and nearly trips on thin air.

Gary doesn’t seem pleased. “Stand straight, Piplup!” he orders with an annoyed tone in his voice, but Pipulup seems to be more eager to lean towards his side and stare at Cody with bright, curious eyes, as if he is some particularly interesting museum piece. “Pip!”.

Cody laughs in the face of Piplup’s awestruck expression and Gary’s apparent nubbiness as a Pokemon Trainer. Cody had been anticipating his first Trainer battle for months and couldn’t imagine the thought of losing to someone who couldn’t even control their own Pokemon.

“Cyndaquil, Tackle”! Cody commands. Having just been healed by Professor Willow’s machine, Cyndaquil launches all of his energy into a full-power tackle of Piplup. It seems to be a stronger than normal attack, and Piplup is left feeling dazed, as if he isn’t sure what just happened.

“Piplup, Pound!” The penguin Pokemon seems to suddenly realize that he is in the midst of a battle, and responds to his trainer’s command with an almost comical jolt. Cyndaquil, still recovering from the effort of the tackle, however, doesn’t get the chance to dodge as his opponent’s left arm glows white and swings towards his face, and receives the brunt of the hit to the head, getting knocked back a few paces. It is the fire Pokemon’s turn to be momentarily dazed.

“Yeah! That’s the way to do it!” Gary cheers, while Piplup begins to move backwards. It seems to be a rather dangerous thing to do when one is so…. “unstable”, but Piplup seems to like doing the absolute most illogical thing in any given scenario. “Whose turn to laugh now, huh?” his trainer jeers.

“So you do at least know what you’re doing”, Cody states condescendingly. “Well, in that case, let the fun begin!”. “Cyndaquil, Tackle again!” Cody commands.

Although the second Tackle isn’t as strong as the first, it still lands squarely in Piplup’s stomach, causing him to take a step backwards. Still, Piplup’s increasing resolve is evident. His health, on the other hand, is already starting to fade…

“Okay, enough fun. Piplup, use…” Gary seems to consider for a while, before pointing straight at Cyndaquil. “Bubble!”.

Piplup’s eyes seem to shine momentarily, as it opens its beak wide, surveying Cyndaquil with almost professional interest, before taking a step forward. Multiple multicolored bubbles stream out from its mouth, and hit the Fire Pokemon before it can move aside. The effect is almost instantaneous, as Cyndaquil stumbles backwards, clumsy and open to the obvious attack. “Piplup, Pound!”.

Piplup rushes forward, unleashing another Pound just as Cyndaquil, apparently to have a heroic last moment, twists its head to the side, and releases a thick cloud of black smoke into Piplup’s face. The Pound connects just as the cloud engulfs the two battlers, and for a while, the two trainers peer into it tensely, waiting for it to clear…

And then, they see the two Pokemon: Cyndaquil lying sideways, apparently fainted, while Piplup is engaged in rubbing at its eyes with its “wings”, seemingly just as confused as it had been before. “Seems like your Pokemon can’t take the heat. I am not surprised, really. Weak trainers usually have weak Pokemon. Don’t feel bad, because that’s what you will always be, you know. A weak trainer.”.

Piplup seems to agree by flapping his wings. Or maybe he is just trying to get rid of the smoke still hanging around his face. “Stop it, Piplup.” Gary says angrily. “Focus on the fight, and not on looking pretty.”.

Suddenly, the growing crowd of newbie Trainers gasps upon seeing the fainted Cyndaquil. For many of them, it is the first time they have seen a Pokemon faint in battle, and it is a shocking experience.

“Cyndaquil is unable to battle”, Professor Willow proclaims. “Cody, it looks like you’ve lost… unless you’ve managed to catch another Pokemon already…”.

“As a matter of fact, I have”, Cody replies. “Go, Poochyena!”.

Gary seems to expect that Cody would have a second Pokemon already, though the Professor seems a bit surprised at this development (yet proud at the same time).

“Poochyena, Tackle!” Cody orders, fully confident in his Poochyena’s ability despite the fact that it had been a wild Pokemon just a short while ago. Poochyena briefly hesitates, though after seeing his Trainer’s confidence during the battle in the wild, he is eager to respond now. Poochyena Tackles the higher-level Piplup with enough force to cause Piplup to nearly fall over.

“The second weak Pokemon enters the play!” Gary hoots, while Piplup struts around the room as if bragging. Or maybe it’s just confused. “Piplup, dodge that!” Despite the order being given quite early, Piplup doesn’t get enough time to move out of Poochyena’s way, and stumbles backwards, nearly doing a somersault.

“Piplup, use Bubble!” The penguin Pokemon opens its beak again, but Poochyena is the faster Pokemon for the second time in a row, as it manages to dodge the stream without much trouble. Gary swears under his breath, before shouting out again. “Piplup, be ready to Pound!” Piplup’s arm glows white again.

“Poochyena, Sand Attack!” Cody exclaims, as Poochyena prepares its next attack. Professor Willow, still watching the battle, raises an eyebrow at the sudden change in Cody’s strategy. Poochyena’s Sand Attack hit Piplup right as it starts the forward motion of a Pound attack, causing it to veer to the right and miss Poochyena completely.

“Excellent,” Cody proclaims. “Now finish him off with Tackle!”.

Poochyena lunges forward in another tackling motion. Gary, panicking, quickly orders his Piplup to perform Water Spout, but it is too late, as Poochyena’s tackle hits Piplup squarely in the chest.

“Gaaaaaaaaaaaah!” exclaims Gary, as Piplup is knocked right over and into the air as he flaps his wings desperately. He rolls over twice in the air, before falling down. His eyes flutter, as he tries to roll up straight.

Once. Twice. And then, it faints, to a collective exclamation that might be anything from a gasp to a cheer. “Unbelievable!” Gary shouts, but his voice is drowned by the ensuing din.

“Piplup is unable to battle”, announces Professor Willow, before nodding at Cody. “Since Gary has no other Pokemon, Cody is the winner!” The applause nearly causes the roof to fall, and Cody seems pleased as Poochyena leaps into his arms. Gary averts his eyes from the scene as he carelessly raises his Pokeball and returns Piplup to his Pokeball, smirking as if it really doesn’t matter.

“Guess I chose the wrong Pokemon!” exclaims Gary under his breath, as he walks over to the healing machine, and places the Pokeball inside, tapping his shoe on the floor and whistling aimlessly as he waits for the operation to complete.

Professor Willow walks over to Cody and pats him on the back, smiling from ear to ear. “That was a good battle! You seem to have what it takes to be a really great trainer!” As Gary walks up, he hands him a Pokedex and six Pokeballs. “Better luck next time, Gary!” Gary shrugs, and heads past Cody to the door of the laboratory.
As if suddenly remembering something, he turns around. “I’ll make my Pokémon fight to toughen it up!” He pauses, staring at both of them brightly. “Cody, Professor, Smell you all later!”.

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[I knew it, Cody won! And applause for me for actually reading that whole shit =D]

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Originally posted by Jaskaran2000:

[Race, you do realize we are going by the hoenn routes?]
[Still waiting for silverevil..]

Actually, no. I was waiting for Squidward to post the stuff himself.
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Originally posted by RaceBandit:
Originally posted by Jaskaran2000:

[Race, you do realize we are going by the hoenn routes?]
[Still waiting for silverevil..]

Actually, no. I was waiting for Squidward to post the stuff himself.

[Squidi pm’d me all that, if you want I can send you a screenshot of the pms.]

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I take it you’re co-modding this?

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