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The hell happened to this thread?

A delivery man was waiting at the Pokémon Center. When I stepped in to patch up my newly-caught Caterpie, the delivery man handed me a package, saying it was from Réd.

Apparently, I was wrong when it came to numbering the routes… they started at 101, not 151, and the towns I had been in were Littleroot and Oldale. I noticed that a city name was scratched out, though… Petalburg was now Fleurescent City. I had heard reports of an epic battle in Petalburg, resulting in the destruction of the old city. Supposedly, the gym had to be relocated to Oldale, but when I checked the town … nothing. Apparently trainers could go through Fleurescent again, so the gym was moved back. I don’t know.
Lavaridge had gotten the subtitle “City of the Damned.” This actually makes sense, as the town was close to Mt. Chimney, which recently erupted. I’m probably gonna need some special equipment if the Lavaridge Gym wasn’t relocated.

Aside from that, no real changes to the map had been changed. The gym was this close to us, and I only had three Pokémon with which to beat it. It was obvious that more training would be required, as well as a team expansion.

“See that lake?”, Josh asked when we re-entered Route 102. “It might be possible to catch a Lotad there. At level 14, it evolves into Lombre, which can then be turned into a Ludicolo via a Water Stone.” (Let’s say that while the trainers know levels are pretty much gone, I do not.)
A stone evolution? I’d heard of these… certain stones could be applied to certain Pokémon to induce an evolution at any time. The early access to base stats sounded awesome.
“Just a heads-up, though: They’re dual-Water/Grass, meaning one of their STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) types can hit me HARD.”o
I didn’t get what he was so scared of, as they didn’t get any Water-type moves until after they were more than eligible for evolution. I showed him the 3DS, and all he had to say in response was “Nevermind. Let’s grab it. After that, we’ll see if we need Pickup access or not. If we do, we’ll want a Zigzagoon in the party. Stats aren’t particularly great, but it has neat TM access and a chance to grab valuable items after each fight. I heard they can even grab items mid-battle, provided they aren’t already holding one.”o

The Zigzagoon showed up first, so I went for that. Extra items sounded useful, whether they were used or sold. With no kills under Josh’s belt, two scratches were too unlikely to knock out the wild Pokémon. After the second, though, it gulped down a somewhat big, blue berry. “That’s an Oran Berry!”, Josh noted. “Might be bad news, as it restores 10 HP to a ’Mon, which is a lot this early in the game!” Game? What the heck was Josh talking about?

Surely enough, the Zigzagoon was reinvigorated and floored Josh with a critical Tackle. I sent out Caterpie next and ordered it to Tackle the offender. The counterattack wasn’t a second crit, but I wasn’t about to risk another Pokémon against this. Pokéball deployed.

One. Two. Three.
The Pokéball suddenly cracked open as the Zigzagoon escaped!
Shoot! It was so close, too!

After the Zigzagoon slammed itself into my Caterpie, I knew I needed to whip out a Potion…
Caterpie’s HP was restored by 13 points.
This time, the Zigzagoon growled at my Caterpie, intimidating it. Caterpie’s Attack was decreased!
I wasn’t readying an attack, though…

One. Two. Three. Gotcha! A Zigzagoon was caught!

One return trip to Oldale later, the Zigzagoon was identified as a male and promptly nicknamed Tracer, as suggested by Josh. 700 yen later, I had replaced the Potion and two Pokéballs used. Catching a Lotad took while, though, as it simply didn’t show up. Simply put, I was able to get Tracer, Farore, and Caterpie up to Josh’s power level by the time a Lotad showed up. Tracer was also able to find two Potions and a Great Ball, which went right into the bag. Whenever my team needed healing, the Pokémon Center at Oldale was still there.

Once we ran into a Lotad, though, we were ready.
Josh didn’t even wait for the generic order before Scratching the Lotad twice. It fought back with a rather startling attack the 3DS identified as Astonish. Twice. Josh knew it was coming both times, though, and didn’t flinch any more than when he took a regular hit.
Pokéball deployed. One. Two. Three. Gotcha! A Lotad was caught!
Josh didn’t have any nickname suggestion this time, so when the Lotad was identified as a female, I went with Lola for no particular reason.

So, uh, just to recap, I caught a Zigzagoon and a Lotad today, spent 700 900 yen today (bought another Pokéball), and found two Potions and a Great Ball with Tracer’s (Zigzagoon, Male) help. I have 200 yen left, 7 potions, 5 Pokéballs, a Great Ball, and 5 Antidotes.

(AFAIK everything I’ve caught so far has a catch rate of 255.)

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((Whups. I’ve been distracted with other things, as well as waiting for a response from squid which grows progressively less likely.))
((I’m perfectly okay with this being Hoenn somewhat in future from the canon.))
((From what I understand about levels, they’re still there…we just don’t get experience. Assuming squid is still watching this thread, he’’d periodically tell us that our pokemon leveled up based on (our/their) actions and we’d (add moves/ evolve) accordingly.))

Katelynn Smyth
The group of pokemon walks a little ways farther, and stop at a trainer laying against a tree, a small pile of berries surrounding him, each having a bite or two taken out of them.
“Oh! Hello there!”
No response.
“…uh…are you okay?”
The trainer looks up, his face flushed and obviously not feeling well, though he tries to smile through it. “huh?…oh good, another trainer. maybe you can help…we were picking mushrooms…I found a large one…turned out to be a parasect.” He lets out a wheezing laugh. “it spread stun spore…and I took a full blast to the face. my pokemon have been bringing me some berries from the nearby bushes, but none of them have helped.”
“Oh gosh, I’m sorry to hear that!”
“heh…it’s alright. not your fault. I don’t suppose you’ve got any Parlyz Heal…?”
I shake my head. “No…sorry…”

I definitely can’t carry him to Oldale town…so I’ll need to find something to help him around here. Okay…well…oh! There’s a lake right over there! If I recall correctly, Salveyo weed grows at the bottom of lakes, and that can heal paralysis! Well, it’d need to be brewed into a tea, but still! Better than nothing!

I take off towards the lake, and call back “I’ll be right back!” Jason and Eva run after me to the water’s edge, both somewhat skeptical of entering the water.
Quickly piling up my shoes, bag, and jacket, I run out towards middle of the water before diving down with a deep breath, a few Lotads moving out of my path.

((You could just go to a pond. Lotads do sort of just…float on them.))

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He had three growlithes, I laughed, whipping out my Squirtle. I used “Tackle” every time, all of the three growlithes lost. I had my squirtle level up to 12 thanks to that battle. He gave me 500 yen saying that was my reward. I smiled saying “Thanks” and decided to battle Roxanne, the Rustboro city gym leader, since fleurescent city gym leader won’t battle us until we get four badges. I rushed towards the gym.

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I walk toward rustboro… and who do I see there? that kid from last time.
and you know what? why not battle him this time? I can afford to battle a weakling like him.
So I walk up to him… it seems he was headed for the nearby gym.

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Let’s try this again.


I could see Fleurescent City and its gym from here… but I could also see two trainers in my way.
“Excuse me!”, I called out to the first one, a youngster wearing a cap. “How do you challenge someone to a battle?”o
The youngster chuckled before answering me… “It’s as easy as making eye contact… name’s Joey, by the way. You’ll want to remember it after I beat you with a top-percentage Rattata and the perfect Bidoof.”o
I swear, if these Pokémon are level 100…
“We’ll start with the perfect Bidoof,” Joey said as he pushed his first Pokéball’s button and it released a red burst of energy, shaping itself into a Bidoof.
It looked different than what I was used to seeing, though… for starters, its fur was brighter than norm—
WHAT?!?”, Josh angrily blurted out. “Goddamn it game!! You’re gonna give an NPC a shiny?!”o
Wow, was he enraged…
I asked Tracer (Zigzagoon) if he was up for a challenge. It gave me a nod of approval before charging at Joey’s Bidoof with a Tackle.
The Bidoof’s retaliatory Tackle seemed to do more damage, percentage-wise at least…

“I should probably clue you in on what makes my Bidoof perfect,” Joey said. “First, it’s a Shiny. There’s a 1 in 8192 chance of seeing one of these. Second, its IV values were all scanned at 31, meaning it gets the biggest stat boosts upon levelup. Third, it has a hidden ability that randomly trades in its stats.”o
Was this Moody, the ability despised by even Uber-tier Smogonites?
When Josh saw the look on my face, he informed me that Moody had been nerfed. Namely, it could no longer buff Evasion, and it now nerfed two stats instead of one. That seems like a fair trade. Dangerous, but fair.
Surely enough, the Bidoof started to glow blue for a moment, then red for another. The 3DS reported an ATK buff and nerfs to its MAG (Magic Attack) and Evasion. This was going to hurt.
This needed to disappear, and FAST. “Tracer, Growl.”, I ordered. The result was a growl that intimidated the Bidoof, nerfing its ATK.
Its Tackle was still dangerous, as it knocked out Tracer without a crit. It then traded in Speed and Attack for a Magic Defense buff. Joey let out a “Wamp, wamp, wa-a-a-a-amp” when he saw the Magic Defense buff.
“Useless,” I said, “unlike my next summon: Farore.”o
With my left hand, I recalled Tracer. With my right, I summoned my Pidgey.
“You might be able to do a good chunk of damage with a Tackle,” I said to Farore. “Try it.”o
Farore’s Tackle was only able to knock it into the redzone, meaning it would get one last attack in. Surely enough, it was another Tackle, knocking Farore down to half-life.
Moody traded in Magic Defense and Magic Attack for Defense. “Uhh…”, Joey said. It was clear that the defense buff would be useless, as Farore’s second Tackle put Bidoof down for the count.

“Good news is it took you two Pokémon to handle one of mine,” Joey said as he recalled his Bidoof. “Now you get to face my Rattata. It also has perfect IVs… sadly, it is not Shiny or Moody.”o
I wasn’t about to take any chances, though, as I switched Farore out in favor of Josh. Something strange happened, though…
Josh went berserk!
The heck is this? I wondered to myself as I scanned Josh with the 3DS, which reported stat changes across the board: +1 ATK, +1 SPD, -1 DEF, -1 MDEFWhat the heck caused this?!?
Then I saw his ability: AIDA Berserk. (Not AIDSAIDA, as in the virus from .hack//GU.) Apparently, whenever something enraged him, his stats would follow suit, AND he would be locked out of non-attack moves such as Sunny Day.
Meanwhile, he had charged at Joey’s Rattata, ready to use Scratch. I didn’t bother to stop it because it was the battle plan. It left Rattata bleeding, but nobody was too concerned. Joey’s Tackle did a dangerous amount of damage, but since Josh was faster, I didn’t bother to switch him out.

I should’ve benched him… His second Scratch was grim…

Joey’s jaw dropped when he saw the attack… and then he fell to the floor and burst into tears. His prized Rattata had been sliced in half.
I called Professor Willow on my 3DS.
“Hello?”, he answered.
“I think Josh may have killed another trainer’s Pokémon,” I said as I pointed the 3DS towards the Rattata.
“Oh dear, oh dear,” he said as he saw the corpse. “Tell him to meet me in Littleroot immediately! I’ll see what I can do about it.”o
Joey appeared to have overheard that, though, and responded with an “Okay.”o

“If you want me to accompany you,” I said, “I still have two Pokemon with which Route 101 will not be able to lay a finger on you.”o

While Joey agreed to this, I had forgotten about the one Pokémon that could shove those words up my butt.

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Just to try to defibrillate this thread, I’m gonna try to get an update or two in every day. I might even break Bannedstory out if I get particularly bored…

This post will be longish, as I kinda want to get to the first gym quickly before I forget what plans I have for it.

Josh (Torchic), Tracer (Zigzagoon), and Farore (Pidgey) were dropped off at the Oldale Pokémon Center, leaving me with Lola (Lotad) and my unnamed Caterpie. I figured their levels would be sufficient for Route 101.

We had to cross some tall grass, but there weren’t many encounters. A lone Sentret that crossed our path was easily subdued by my Caterpie. When I went to step out of the tall grass, though, my blood turned to ice…

You again?, Ralts asked me. (Yep, same haxorz’d Ralts from before.) You know what happened the last time… don’t you?
I looked at the two Pokémon I brought: A Lotad and a Caterpie. Neither of these would fare well against a Spacial Rend. I was doomed.
“You’re scared of that?”, Joey asked as he noticed the Ralts.
“When you’ve seen it in action,” I stated, “you’ll know why.”o
The Ralts took one quick look at Joey before realizing he hadn’t been here before. A fresh face, huh? Do I need to tear your lead (first Pokémon) apart, just like I did to Chris?
“Just who did you use against this anyways?”, Joey asked me.
“I used… Josh. The Ralts knocked him out in one hit, and this was without AIDA Berserk or a crit.”o
“Was it level four when you first saw it?”o
Now do you see why he fears me?, Ralts asked.
“I don’t want any trouble,” I pleaded. “I need to get this kid’s Rattata to the lab in Littleroot. It may very well be a matter of life and death.”o
Since you appear to have learned your lesson, I suppose I could let you pass without a fight.
“Oh, thank you thank you thank you thank you so much!” Joey was clearly excited about being mere seconds away from the Littleroot lab.
“One more thing, Joey.” I wanted to give him my 3DS’s code in case he needed to call me about the operation. He added it to his Pokétch without hesitation.
“I’ll call you if anything comes up!”, he said. While I was hoping his Rattata would pull through, I was also hoping he wouldn’t call me every 20 minutes to gloat about its perfect IVs.

Joey may have been home-free, but I soon discovered upon re-entering Oldale that I wasn’t.

My 3DS’s news app reported a heist.

(SisterEvil’s post makes me realize that I really do need to catch up, and FAST. At the same time, though, I don’t want to go through too much of the game in one post. Still, I guess I could continue before going to bed…)

An officer was near the entrance, keeping a close eye on everyone coming and going. “Excuse me, ma’am,” I said to the officer. “Do you know anything about the robbers?”
The officer turned towards me and said “There were two robbers, both of which wore tan-colored uniforms. These uniforms had the letter S printed on them in pink and white.”
As I checked the news report on my 3DS, I realized that this was a newly formed criminal organization: Team Sand. Their goal was to get their hands on phenomenal cosmic power. So basically… Palkia. If Josh isn’t already having a field day, he will be soon.
I then remembered that I had dropped Josh off at the Oldale center, which was the same one that had JUST been robbed, meaning they were trying to steal him! I whipped out a Potion so I could patch up my Caterpie, but the officer offered it an Oran Berry. “Civilians will not be forced to waste their own items,” she said. Thanks.

Someone else wasn’t so nice. With a “Move it, punk!”, I was shoved to the side by someone I didn’t really see. The officer identified the man as one of the Team Sand robbers and gave chase. Thinking the robber might’ve had Josh, Tracer, and Farore on-hand, I followed suit.

There wasn’t much of a chase, really, as the man tripped on a Sentret and was forced to fight. When I caught up, I identified the officer as Jenny and asked if I could fight alongside her. She didn’t seem to mind the assistance.

The Sand goon sent out a Bagon and a Gible, both of which were level 6. I sent out Lola (Lotad) while Jenny sent out a level 7 Growlithe.
Dragon-types. GREAT. I noticed, however, that Gible’s Ground subtype meant it wouldn’t resist Water or Grass.

Before I could issue out any orders, though, the Sand goon blurted out “I don’t have time for this. Bagon, Rock Slide! Gible, Earthquake!”o
TMs of this calibur on low-level Pokémon used in a mission to steal low-level commons. Josh would be fuming if I hadn’t left him at the Pokémon center. Not that it would help against super-effective moves of this calibur…
Needless to say, our beatdown was swift.
The ally’s Growlithe is weak against Rock attacks.
Lola is strong against Ground attacks.
The ally’s Growlithe is weak against Ground attacks.
Lola fainted!
The ally’s Growlithe fainted!

My Caterpie fell just as easily, as did Jenny’s second Growlithe.
“Well…” the goon said. “That was easy. Don’t worry, though; We don’t discriminate when robbing trainers blind. Your friends at Littleroot are next.”o

Before he could recall his Pokémon, though, his Gible took a nasty hit; it took me a moment to realize that Gible had been torn apart by Ralts’ Spacial Rend!
Gible is weak against Dragon attacks.
The foe’s Gible fainted!

“What the?!” The goon’s ego was deflated instantly. Locating the source of the attack took a little longer.
Looking for someone?, the Ralts asked, taunting the goon.
“Why, you—” The goon was furious about the random monkey wrench Ralts had thrown into Team Sand’s plan. Then he got to thinking, though; Spacial Rend was Palkia’s signature move, after all.
The goon whipped out a Pokéball similar in design to the Great Ball that Tracer had found.
Ralts broke out at the count of two. Yes. This capture would accelerate Team Sand’s plans by leaps and bounds.
Thanks to that breakout, though, it wouldn’t happen. The goon’s Bagon was in no shape to handle a Spacial Rend.

This made me think of how funny it was that this Ralts was more intimidating to Josh than Palkia… or at least, that’s what it looked like, given his preference for fighting Palkia to the death.

“I … don’t believe it…” The goon’s ego was SHATTERED at this point. It was almost funny to see him curbstomp a cop just for a random encounter to return the favor. Just to add another insult, the Ralts flipped off the goon as she (It was at this point that I realized I wanted to check its gender.) walked away.

Jenny took it from there, arresting the goon and confiscating his Pokémon. Amongst the Pokémon recovered were Tracer and Farore… but not Josh. It would seem that I would have to hunt down the second Sand goon myself if I wanted my starter back…

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Is Squidward even reading this thread anymore?


If the Sand goon’s Dragon-types were any indication, the inclusion of Water-types amongst their ranks would not surprise me in the least bit… and with Water-types being the most likely Pokémon to get Surf, I figured they’d go through dead-end Route 103. If I was right and I wanted my Torchic back, I’d have to be fast. There was no time to heal my Caterpie and Lotad… luckily, Tracer (Zigzagoon) and Farore (Pidgey) were at peak condition. Even though the last goon curbstomped me, I was hoping I could at least buy the cops some time with a battle.

While running through Oldale, I readied my 3DS in case I needed to call the cops. There was no officer checking the entrance to Route 103, probably because I was the only one thinking it would be a viable escape route for Team Sand.

Surely enough, there was a Sand goon there. As the goon sent out a Furret, it appeared that I had a battle on my hands. I sent out Tracer, catching the goon’s attention. “Oh, just a kid,” she said. “I’m not gonna waste my time, then. Furret, let’s Surf across this river.”o
What. She didn’t even consider the other criminal organizations that had been subdued by kids. I had no way to stop her, though.

Instead, I whipped out my 3DS so I could report this to the police. A clear description of the goon was given to them… namely, she had yellow skin, purple eyes, and a monocle. She had also switched outfits, opting for a purple mage suit with the hat being decorated with stars and moons.

(Forget the dual polearms; she didn’t have those.)
With Route 110 being close to Mauville and Slateport, the cops would likely have to split up when checking both cities at once. I suggested that their best men (and women) head for Slateport, since that city had access to a harbor.

For now, all I could do was wait for results. Since I had time to burn, I patched up my Pokémon and headed for Route 102. If being one Pokémon down was entirely my fault, I’d probably be weighed down by guilt right now. Since a robbery was involved, though, it wasn’t too heavy a load. Sure, I was hoping they could get Josh back, but at the same time, there was no way I would’ve been able to see this coming in the first place. I guess it was like your average “1000 Ways to Die” death, except Josh wasn’t necessarily dead.

Joey wasn’t back yet. I was still hoping his Rattata would be fine…
The other trainer was still there, though. She looked like one of those Picnickers from my copy of Pokémon Pearl. (FUN FACT: I myself don’t have a copy of Pearl. I instead have Diamond, HeartGold, and Black.) She had three Pokémon with her: A Pichu, a Togepi, and a Buneary. (I’m not even sure I know game balance anymore…)

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything important,” I said as I approached the Picnicker.
“Actually, you are”, she said in response. “But that’s okay! I’ll just beat you in a Pokémon battle and then I can get back to my picnic!”o
Picnicker Amy wants to fight! I was a bit shocked at how my 3DS reported a trainer name I didn’t even hear yet.
“I’ll have my Togepi fight first.”, she said. My first pick was Caterpie. Since Metapod wasn’t capable of fighting, my plan was to delay the evolution until level 9, and then use a Rare Candy (if I found one) to immediately evolve it into Beedrill. For now, though, it could use the EXP.
“Kinda gross,” Amy said, “but at least it evolves into Butterfree early on. For now, though, my Togepi should be able to take it out with Extrasensory. I had to trade a Magby for it just to get that move.”o
An egg move, huh? I was a bit scared since Caterpie’s MDEF was a bit on the low side, but at the same time, I wasn’t expecting an OHKO. Surely enough, it was still standing after the attack.
Caterpie’s Tackle was barely better. “Alright then,” Amy said. “Plan B!” Togepi started to gaze at Caterpie an in adorable way. I recognized this move as Charm, and the 3DS recognized it as a two-stage ATK drop. With that, Caterpie lost its edge… I would have to switch it out if I wanted to win this fight. (Screw the Speed stat, I have plot.)
I withdrew Caterpie in favor of Tracer, since his MDEF was the best out of my team. This gave Amy a free Extrasensory, but Tracer was faster. Its Tackle did a fair amount of damage, as did Togepi’s second Extrasensory, but there was no way it would withstand a third Tackle.
The foe’s Togepi fainted!

“Alright then,” Amy said as she recalled Togepi into a Pokéball. “Pichu, show them how it’s done!”o
This was the most pathetic SSBM character ever, and the developers even knew it. I don’t think the real thing will be much worse.
“You should be able to Tackle it,” I said to Tracer.
He did, but it turned out to be a mistake. Pichu released some electrical energy on collosion, which left its mark on Tracer.
Tracer was paralyzed! It might be unable to move.
“Don’t stop there, Pichu,” Amy ordered. “Thundershock!”o
Surely enough, Pichu hurled some more electrical energy at Tracer. It was quite the shock, no pun intended.
A critical hit!
It didn’t look like Pichu could take a second hit, though, so I queued up a second Tackle.
“Thundershock again!”, Amy said as Pichu hurled another jolt at Tracer. There was no counterattack, though…
Tracer was fully paralyzed and couldn’t move!
Oh crud. I needed to get Tracer out of there and fast, so I switched him out in favor of Lola. Amy’s Pichu responded to it with another Charming gaze… Astonish would be useless, so I instead ordered Lola to use Absorb. Her lily started to glow red and launched a red beam at the Pichu, which then glowed red as its energy was drained.
Amy’s Pichu then passed out.

“Hmph,” Amy said as she recalled Pichu. “My Buneary will have to handle this.”o
I wasn’t sure of what it could do, but if it was last in line, it was probably the biggest threat.
“Buneary, Fling!” Buneary picked up a Hard Stone, put it next to a rolled up ear, and then extended said ear to launch the stone at Lola, hitting her extremely hard. (This is a TM move, by the way.)
“Lola, if you’re okay, use Absorb!” …she wasn’t okay.
Lola fainted!
My last full-strength Pokémon was Farore. As I recalled Lola to make room for Farore, I was at least glad Buneary didn’t have a held item anymore.
“Okay, Farore. You should be able to hover in the air long enough to dodge any of Buneary’s Pound attacks. This should also let you Tackle it to submission.”o
Farore seemed to like that battle plan, and its first Tackle did some good damage.
“Okay, Buneary,” Amy said. “Here’s another Hard Stone for you to Fling.”o
Just like before, Buneary’s ear was treated as a cannon. Unlike before, Farore managed to dodge the Hard Stone.
“Hmm,” Amy said. “Better luck next time.”o
At this point, I was hoping Farore’s second Tackle would be a crit, just so there wouldn’t be a next time. Not only was it not a crit, though, but it didn’t even hit at all. Buneary was able to counterattack with a well-placed Pound, but Farore was still standing… er, flying, and tackled Buneary again. Farore was too close for Amy to try giving Buneary another Hard Stone to Fling, so it instead had to rely on Pound. This time, Farore was able to dodge it, and her next tackle knocked out the rock-lobbing rabbit.
“Oh, alright,” Amy said as she recalled Buneary. “You win.” She then handed me 400 PokéYen. “By the way… the upcoming gym is brutal. My Pokémon couldn’t even dent the trash.”o
Trash? Did this girl play World of Warcraft, by any chance?

Oh whatever. My destiny awaits.

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Originally posted by RaceBandit:

Is Squidward even reading this thread anymore?

That’s kinda why I lost the desire to participate.

That and the whole “being dead for a week” thing.

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You guys are too hardcore, I can’t keep up.

But I’m the only one who has beaten the Elite Four, though, so it’s okay.

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And then you wiped to an ubernoob that spammed Arceuses. KEEP TRAININ’, MAGGOT.
If anyone’s hardcore, though, it’s me because of how wordy my updates are without making too much progress in one post >_<
Speaking of which…


Fleurescent City. First gym of the Pokémon League challenge. I was assuming Amy got swept because of her team’s low levels, but apparently she was hinting at something else.

For now, though, soldiers patrolled the streets. I noticed that one of them had a Pokéball case that looked like a rifle. How cool is that?
Okay, wait, this was me being sidetracked. The gym was in front of me. Then again, I did just get out of a surprisingly intense battle, so I’d want to find the Pokémon Center.

With no Pokémon Center in sight, I checked the obvious spot first: Right behind the gym. Surely enough, there it was.

“There you go! Your Pokémon are now fighting fit!”, Nurse Joy said to me as she returned my Pokémon. “Please come again, whenever you need it!”o

A loud roar prevented me from taking more than one step outside of the Pokémon Center. A beast-riding officer was approaching me from the Route 102 entrance. The beast in question was a yellow tiger with a purple mane… the officer was wearing more yellow, but had black hair and a lightning-bolt sword in his right hand. He checked a police report via a golden 3DS, then asked me to state my name and the nickname of the stolen Pokémon.
“I’m Chris,” I said, “and the stolen Pokémon was a Torchic nicknamed Josh. If you don’t believe me, check the ability. It should be AIDA Berserk.”o
He scanned a Pokéball with his 3DS. “Then this is yours,” he said as he tossed the Pokéball at me, which I caught. “We arrested over thirty Sand operatives because of that tip.”o
(I probably butchered this process.)
“Nice to know I could be of assistance,” I said. “And thanks for recovering my Pokémon.”o
“Not a problem,” he said, “and good luck.”o
With that, his beast took off at ludicrous speed (Apparently lightspeed wasn’t fast enough.), heading back to Route 102. (He probably crossed Route 103 to get here.)
A quick look at Josh showed that he was at full power… for a level 5. Given how hard gyms tend to be, though, I figured I should grind to level ten off of the wild Pokémon in Route 102.

I’m not going to wait for Squidward to randomly show up just so I can grind to level 10.
Josh learned Focus Energy and Ember!
Farore learned Gust!
Tracer learned Headbutt!
Lola learned Nature Power!
Caterpie evolved into Metapod, then to Butterfree, and learned Confusion!
(It didn’t get Harden because it didn’t evolve at level seven.)
How many D10s should I roll to factor in Tracer’s Pickup ability? I’m currently thinking 20 to 100. For every 10 result, I will roll one D50 to determine what item I get. 1: Very Rare (Coin Flip between Nugget and Max Repel). 2-5: Ultra Ball. 6-10: Hyper Potion. 11-20: Uncommon (D6 between Antidote, Super Potion, Great Ball, Repel, Escape Rope, Full Heal. 21-50: Potion.

“With Rock now being the second gym of the challenge, what do you think will be first?”, I asked Josh.
“Probably Normal,” he answered, “just so newbies can get the hang of this.”o
There was only one way to be sure, though…

Fleurescent Gym
Gym Leader: The Steel Sergeant
Certified Trainers: Cherry

(If I missed someone, I’ll edit this post to include them.)
Steel Sergeant? It’s too early for Metal-types, so I’m going to assume that this gym uses Fighting-types. Tracer will have to stay on the bench for this one.

The inside of the gym was decorated to look like a war zone. Do they want to scare off the newbies?
“Well then,” Josh said. “This should be interesting.”o

The first trainer we ran into was lean and mean, wearing a blue shirt, black pants, a baseball cap, and a headpiece. “You ’da new challenger?”, he said as I walked up to him.
“Okay, real quick. Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, I curbstomp newbies.”o
BLU Scout wants to battle!
BLU Scout sent out Mawile!
(Level 11)
This one was … different, though. I could’ve sworn they put their backs to their foes, intimidating their foes with jaw-like horns. This one was staring right at us!
“Steel-types are BROKEN,” Josh said. “They have three weaknesses, but they also have ELEVEN resistances and are immune to poison. It’s ridiculous. It’s not even funny.”o
ELEVEN? But there are only 17 types!
“Good news is…” Josh continued, “one of its weaknesses is Fire. Guess what I have at my disposal now that I’ve hit level ten!!”o
Ember. “Alright then… go with Ember!”o
Josh then proceeded to spit out a fireball, blasting Mawile.
The foe’s Mawile is weak against Fire-type attacks.
Despite the big hit, it shrugged the attack off and proceeded to retaliate with a colossal chomp as the Scout ordered it to use Bite. (It was level 11.) Yes, colossal was the right word to use. Reason being…
Josh fainted! (This was WITHOUT me going berserk, too, as I think Mawile is deceptively cute.)
(I’m going to calculate the damage myself for this battle.)

Geez! That wasn’t even a crit and it one-shotted Josh. After this, I need to grind another level. For now, I’ll just have to brute-force this fight… “Your foe’s wounded! Get ’em, Butterfree!”o
“Hey kiddo, I think you want ’da Rock-type gym in Rustboro.”o
“Irrelevant,” I said. “Butterfree, Confusion.”o
Butterfree used a telekinetic force to try to knock the Mawile out, but when it seemed to be unfazed, I checked my 3DS for details…
The foe’s Mawile is immune to Psychic-type attacks.
The Scout was laughing out loud. “‘Ya didn’t know Mawile was part-Dark, did ’ya?”o
Well, I know now. (Mawile will be treated as Dark/Steel in my posts. This is actually why it was able to OHKO Torchic, as without STAB, it would’ve only done 19 damage.)
“Well, let’s see how well ’yer little butterfly fares against a Bite.”o
It did 16 damage, leaving Butterfree at half life.
I’m out of options… “Butterfree, tackle!”
As Butterfree attempted to dive-bomb the Mawile, it met two jaws that pretty much said no to that plan.
Butterfree fainted!

“Come on! Step it up!”, the Scout demanded as I recalled my Butterfree. Even with Steel’s flying resistance in mind, I was hoping Farore could finish this fight.
“Farore, Gust!” This NEEDED to do damage.
Farore flapped her wings, whipped up a Gust, and launched it at Mawile.
It did… four damage. The Scout couldn’t hold back his laughter. Mawile’s Bite did 17 to Farore.
“’Kay, another Bite should bring this birdie down!”o
Farore didn’t even get the chance to use Gust a second time…
Farore fainted!
If this keeps up, I’m gonna lose!
(Goddamn it, I’m one level behind and the first gym’s first ’Mon is sweeping me!)

“Tracer, Headbutt!”o
The foe’s Mawile is strong against Normal-type attacks.
I know, I know, just tell me if it did enough damage!
Mawile finally hit the dirt.
Chris defeated BLU Scout!
“That’s just ‘da tip of the iceberg, kiddo! You’ve still got another trainer ’ta deal with before ’ya even get to challenge the Steel Sergeant!”o
I didn’t care. I already knew I would need to grind before I could clear the gym.
Chris got 300 yen for winning! (Something tells me I would’ve lost against Amy if I had calculated damage.)

Instead of going forward, though, I went back to the Pokémon center to patch my team up before the mandatory grindfest. If Mawile was this tough at level 11, I figured I’d one-up it and grind to level 12.)
If you want to fight me before my next update, I can pause my updates to arrange it. I’ll leave my team at level 10 for the fight. Damage will be calculated, but if you don’t know your stats, spit out a species, level, and nature for each ’Mon you use, and I can ready them. Screenshots will be taken if you request them.

In the meantime, here’s my analysis of this fight in one word. (Skip to 17:54 if YT doesn’t automatically do it for you.)

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One grindfest to level 12 later…
Butterfree learned Sleep Powder! The alternatives were Stun Spore and a useless Poisonpowder. I’ll take my chances with Sleep.
That’s all there was this time since it was only a two-level jump.
In the previous update, everyone had all-0 IVs. This time, though, I randomized everyone’s IVs.

Back in the gym, the second trainer was MUCH bigger, had a black vest over his blue shirt, and was also wearing a bullet bandolier. Luckily, he wasn’t carrying a gun with which to use this ammo.
“I am Heavy Weapons Guy,” he said, “and these are my weapons.”o
BLU Heavy wants to fight! (2 Pokémon)
BLU Heavy sent out RiotShield! (Bronzor, Level 11)
“This is Bronzor. It weighs 60.5 kilograms, has Psychic subtype, and runs Heat Proof passive ability that halves Fire-type damage. It is also bulkier than banana boy’s Mawile.”o
Josh said the Heavy has a PhD in Russian literature.
Double crud! A big guy that isn’t dumb muscle!
“Neutral’s gonna have to be my best bet for this one,” I said as I ordered Josh to use an Ember attack.
Apparently my best bet was twelve damage… I was really starting to hate this gym. (The hell was I thinking?!?)
“What sick man sends baby birds to fight me?!”, he said before commanding Riot Shield to use Confusion. Amusingly enough, this only did nine damage.
(Bronzong has crap for ATK/MAG.)
“We’ve got this,” Josh said. “Even if its next Confusion crits, I’ll be able to take it.”o
Nice. “Alright then,” I said. “Ember.”o
Another 9-hit.
“Put baby bird to sleep with Hypnosis!”, Heavy ordered, as he realized Josh was outdamaging his Bronzor. “Bron-zorrrrrrrrrr,” Riot Shield said, which probably translates to “You’re getting sleeeeeeeeeeepy…”o
“Nooooooooooo I am nooooooooooot,” Josh said as I realized he was staying awake.
But it failed!
“Luckily league authorized usage of healing items such as potion,” Heavy said as he whipped out a Potion and sprayed Riot Shield with it.
The foe’s RiotShield’s HP was restored by 20 points.
“Not like it’s gonna do much,” Josh said as he readied another Ember.
I had to agree with him there, as Josh was still going to outdamage RiotShield unless it scored a crit against him.
“Try it again!”, Heavy ordered. I was assuming this meant Hypnosis. Josh got one more Ember off before RiotShield’s Hypnosis put him to sleep.
Josh fell asleep!
Don’t worry, Josh. I have Potions too.
“Is that your best?”, Chris asked. “You hide behind a healing item and a status effect to inflict your damage. Well, guess what: The league didn’t ban healing items from my side either., so bring on the Confusion spam.”o
“Brute force is not always answer to winning fights,” Heavy said as RiotShield used Confusion again.
“With words like those coming from someone who uses heavy weapons, I’m actually a bit surprised you’re suggesting walling,” I said. I would’ve expected him to do anything except move quickly. “I also would’ve expected your Bronzor to be a threat since Confusion has more BP then Ember.”o
“Minigun’s bullets must add up before they can deliver kills,” Heavy risposted as RiotShield readied a Confusion. I was able to get a Potion in before the attack went off…
Josh’s HP was restored by 18 points.
Neither of RiotShield’s next two Confusions were crits. While it may have seemed like I was back at square one, Josh was about to awaken and deliver a KO. First, though…
Josh’s HP was restored by 18 points.
Heavy’s Bronzor would get one last Confusion in before Josh woke up and Kentucky-fried it.
Josh woke up!
“Oh, we’re still fighting Heavy?”, Josh asked when he saw RiotShield. “Here, let’s make this quick.”o
Josh used Ember!
The foe’s RiotShield fainted!

“This is bad!”, Heavy said when he realized I was not bound to the League’s item limits. “Kill them all!”o
Heavy sent out Bullet! (Aron, Level 11)
“Aron’s physical attacks will HURT if I don’t fry it quickly enough,” Josh said. “Luckily for us, though, its Magic stats are bad.”o
The battle plan seemed simple enough: More Ember spam, with Potions to patch Josh up if Aron didn’t do too much damage per hit.
The first Ember did 15 damage, but the 3DS didn’t report a Fire weakness.
“Is now a bad time to mention that it has a Rock subtype to cancel its Fire weakness?”, Josh asked.
“I see you’ve noticed Rock subtype of Bullet,” Heavy noted. “Now you should notice Metal Claw.”o
“Oh yeah, use an attack I resist,” Josh said. “Real good pla—URK!!”o
A critical hit!
Josh is strong against Steel-type attacks.

“You okay?”, I asked.
“Four HP left,” Josh noted. “Potion please.”o
Josh’s HP was restored by 20 points.
“Don’t let them get away with healing!”, Heavy ordered. “Headbutt!”o
It did 17 damage to Josh, as opposed to the 19 that Metal Claw did via crit. This was barely more than half of Josh’s HP, so I knew I couldn’t stall with potions.
“Sorry, Josh…”, I said as I realized what I’d have to do.
“Don’t worry,” he said. “I’m guilty of sacrifice plays too.”o
Was he once a human?
Josh accepted his fate and threw one last fireball at Aron.
A critical hit!
“What is this?!”, Heavy shouted as Bullet failed to muster up enough strength for a Headbutt.
Chris defeated BLU Heavy!
(Now why couldn’t the Scout fight be this easy?!)
Chris received 400 yen for winning!
“…fine,” he said as he calmed down. “You are winner. But can you defeat Steel Sergeant?”o

Even though this fight was easier than the one with the Scout, I knew the Steel Sergeant would be MUCH tougher. I also knew Josh spent plenty of Ember PP on this fight.

“Be afraid, maggot,” the Steel Sergeant said as I walked out of the gym a second time. “Be very, VERY afraid… maggot.”o
Surely enough, I would need to well up courage beyond courage if I wanted the Boot Camp Badge…

(Next update’s gonna suck… for me, anyways; CowFriend probably went in with a level 20 Bayleef just to ensure he’d win this fight.)

(Mod tools will be used to set up gym battles so I can record them. AIDA Berserk will not kick in, so I’ll blank out Torchic’s ability since my mod tools allow it.)

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“There you go! Your Pokémon are now fighting fit!”, Nurse Joy said to me as she returned my Pokémon. “Please come again, whenever you need it!”o

I had a funny feeling that I would be needing it really soon. Even though Heavy’s Pokémon didn’t pass muster, Scout’s triple KO still had me thinking the Steel Sergeant was going to be heck in a handbasket.

TEN-HUT!!”, the Steel Sergeant said as I approached him. He looked like a hardened war veteran, once again donning blue. Although he only had two Pokémon at his disposal, I was expecting the worst.
“You’re scared, aren’t you?”, Josh asked.

I think I had every right to be afraid. The Steel Sergeant, on the other hand, was oblivious…

“I’m actually surprised you made it this far,” the Steel Sergeant said. “Most challengers give up and run home to their mommies. You, though… you stood up to the Steel-types summoned by the Scout and the Heavy Weapons Commando. And now you have the balls to fight ME. It is for this reason that I accept your challenge! But know this, maggot… you must give it your all just to stand a chance! Any less, and I will crush you, your hopes, and your dreams. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!?”o
He commended my courage… To be fair, I didn’t forfeit the match with Scout, even after his Mawile scored three consecutive knockouts. I underestimated myself!
“I won’t give up that easily,” I said.
“IT’S TIIIIIIIIIIIME FOR BOSS TIME!!”, Josh shouted. To be fair, the gym leaders could be considered bosses…

The Steel Sergeant wants to fight! (2 Pokémon)
The Steel Sergeant sent out Shieldon! (level 12)

“Another Rock/Steel hybrid…”, Josh said. “So, uh, Ember?”o
It didn’t do much. Then again, neither did Shieldon’s retaliatory Tackle, which only did 5 damage. The 3DS couldn’t report the Shieldon’s max HP since I was fighting a gym leader.
“I think we should try something we haven’t done before,” I said. “Focus Energy!”o
“Quad crit ratio?,” he said. “Could be of use.”o
The Steel Sergeant assumed this was an attack and ordered his Shieldon to use Protect.
The foe’s Shieldon protected itself!
Josh didn’t laugh. Instead, he took a deep breath and his plumage started to glow blue…
Josh’s crit chance was sharply increased!
“Maybe the Heavy was onto something…,” the Steel Sergeant said as he realized there was nothing for Protect to block.
Shieldon dropped its defensive stance so it could receive another order from the Steel Sergeant. First, though, it would have to eat another Ember.
“Uh, Tackle!” Another fiver.
“I think Shieldon’s still hungry for fire and flames!”, Josh said as he spat out a third fireball. This time, though, the Shieldon blocked it with Protect. “That move is so annoying, but luckily, it becomes inaccurate of spammed… unlike my Embers!”o
Josh’s fourth Ember struck platinum.
A critical hit!
The foe’s Shieldon was burned!

“So you wanna hit hard, huh?”, the Steel Sergeant asked. “You’ll have to do better than that if you want to win this fight. Shieldon, Taunt!”o
As Shieldon pawed a “Come and get it” stance, Josh was relatively amused. “Omae wa mo shindeiru…”, he said as he knew the burn would finish Shieldon off. “…and ’yer replacement is next!”o
The foe’s Shieldon was knocked out by its burn!

“A picnicker came in here earlier today and referred to Scout’s Mawile as trash,” the Steel Sergeant said. “Funny she should say that, ’cause an Engineer told me about the kind of nerd that sits on their computer 26/7 playing World of Warcraft, and he said raids consisted of trash and bosses. Consider that Shieldon to be the last bit of trash… BUT KNOW THAT THE BOSS IS RIGHT HERE!!”o
The Steel Sergeant is about to send in Dialga.
“Oh fuck,” Josh said. The name alone seems to have intimidated him into submission, which actually reminded me of his two rules: Don’t kill a wild Dialga, and don’t catch a Palkia.
“Uh, I can knock out a Dialga that’s in captivity, right?”, I asked.
“I… did say that was fair game,” Josh said, “but I don’t think we stand a chance against one.”o
I’d have to take matters into my own hands. Remembering Heavy’s advice about playing defensively, I looked at my team’s movesets, searching for something usable. I then saw Butterfree’s Sleep Powder, Farore’s Sand-Attack, and Tracer’s Tail Whip. Debilitating techniques.
“Josh, you’re getting switched out!”, I said as I sent out Butterfree.

As the bunker opened itself up, I came to the only logical conclusion: Dialga was HUGE.
The Steel Sergeant sent out Dialga! (level 10)
An armored blue dinosaur, I thought to myself when I saw Dialga. Am I going to die if I lose?
“I told you the Pokémon League was serious business!”, the Steel Sergeant said. “Although I have been ordered to only fight you with ten percent of my power, I will not hesitate to kick your ass!”o
Patience, soldier. …this was Dialga speaking telepathically! The rules state that your opponent still has to issue a command to their Pokémon before the curbstomp can begin.
“Curbstomp THIS,” I said. “Butterfree, Sleep Powder!”o
I wasn’t thinking about proportions. Neither was Butterfree, though, as she took flight, perched herself on the crest on Dialga’s head, and started to sprinkle a blue, shining powder on the … dragon?
You’re only delaying the … inevitable…
The foe’s Dialga fell asleep!
Something tells me that’s not gonna be enough, I thought to myself. “Butterfree, String Shot!”o
Butterfree was able to blow enough silk at Dialga to tangle its feet together and generally decrease its speed.
Josh finally had the guts to look at the battle. “Sleep-locking?”, he asked. “This makes me wonder how Terra’s doing.”o
Not sure who Terra is, but I wasn’t expecting Dialga to stay asleep for much longer. In fact, Murphy’s Law probably would’ve dictated Farore eating a Metal Claw if I tried to switch now. “Butterfree, Confusion!” Webs of silk are annoying… one String Shot should be enough to last the whole battle.
A weak psychic force did garbage damage to Dialga… and apparently distorted its dreams.
The foe’s Dialga woke up!
Who? Wha? Huh? …Sleep-locking… I’d better make this quick before it happens again.
Dialga didn’t even wait for the Steel Sergeant to issue out a command…
The foe’s Dialga used Ancient Power!
“This is gonna suck,” Josh said as he realized it would do massive damage to Butterfree, potentially knocking it out in one hit.
Butterfree is very weak against Rock attacks.
The 3DS didn’t report a knockout, though… Butterfree had ONE hit point left.
“You. Are. A. CHAMP.”, Josh said as he realized Butterfree was still ticking.
Oh no, Dialga said. …not again!
Yes. Sleep Powder again. Then I’m going to bring in Farore.

“Good luck, Farore!”, Josh said as I sent her out. I’m gonna need it too.
“Now kick up as much sand as you can,” I said. “The more accuracy it loses, the better.”o
The foe’s Dialga’s accuracy fell!
Zzz… don’t taunt dragons; you’ll only get yourself an ice lance to the face courtesy of Roahm Mythril…
The foe’s Dialga’s accuracy fell!
Zzz… I tap four Islands and six Plains to play Time Stretch…
The foe’s Dialga’s accuracy fell!
Zzz… Door to Nothingness is not a Counter Trap. That’s not how this game works. …wait, what?
The foe’s Dialga woke up!
Rocks fall, Butterfree dies!
Joke’s on you; I switched her out a few turns ago.
The attack of the foe’s Dialga missed!
“Try Rocks fall, everyone dodges like a pro,” I said as nobody important got hurt.
“Why, you—” The Steel Sergeant apparently couldn’t think straight as he ordered Dialga to use Scary Face.
First, though, Farore kicked up more sand to nerf Dialga’s accuracy even more.
At this point, it couldn’t see straight, so it made a scary face at the Steel Sergeant.
“You want the cupcake’s Pidgey,” he said. “Not me.”o
More sand, another accuracy nerf. I was going to get six stacks in since my notes said the limit was six stages.
“Okay, Dialga,” the Steel Sergeant said. “I want you to read my mind. I’ll be pointing at the maggot’s Pidgey. I want you to pelt that with boulders!”o
“I don’t think that’s how telepathy works,” Josh said.
Farore is weak against Rock-type attacks.
“Rocks fall, Farore takes 28,” I said. “Far from a polykill, though… keep trying!”o
One last Sand-Attack to bring Dialga to minimal accuracy.
Farore then figured that now would be a good time to MOVE. This was how she dodged a Metal Claw.

Before I switched to Tracer, though, I wanted to take a gamble. Namely, I wanted to put Dialga back to sleep so Tracer got free turns before facing 40% accuracy attacks. As such, I sent out Butterfree. All she needed to do was survive one turn. Surely enough, she did, as Dialga’s attempt to breathe on her (DragonBreath) didn’t work.
Once again, Butterfree perched herself on Dialga’s crest before putting it to sleep with blue, shining powder.
Dialga fell asleep!
DIVIDENDS!”, Josh said out loud.
Meanwhile, Heavy couldn’t believe how I had taken his advice up to eleven and had only an elongated “Wooooooooooow” to say to this fight.

NOW it was Tracer’s turn! I switched Butterfree back out and brought in my Zigzagoon.
Tracer started to wag its tail while Dialga slumbered.
Zzz… When you sad Kan, I believe I said Ron. Daisangen…
(Doesn’t that require your Chankan to complete a Chii? Also, I’d give Tenhou a shot if I could read moonrunes.)
“The heck?”, I asked out loud.
“Riichi Mahjong,” Josh said. “Daisangen requires your winning hand to have triplets of all three dragon tiles. Win with that and your hand’s worth 24000 points. Apparently his wait completed a sequence, since he won by Chankan, AKA robbing the quad.”o
He? …okay, I guess it sounds like a he… I checked the 3DS to ensure that the Tail Whip went through…
The foe’s Dialga’s averted its gaze!
Oh, right. Asleep.

I’m actually not sure of how I can write off Tail Whip as successful when the target is asleep, so I’ll cut to the chase: By the time Dialga woke up, Tracer had nerfed its defense by three stages. It then missed with Scary Face and two DragonBreaths while Tracer minimized its Defense. (It woke up after the third Tail Whip; hence, four attacks)

I heard a dog-like whine from Tracer as Dialga’s Scary Face intimidated it.
Tracer’s speed harshly fell!

One speed nerf. Six accuracy nerfs. Six defense nerfs. Now it’s time to fight back.
“Tracer, Headbutt!”o
First, though, Dialga used Scary Face again. However, it was only scary the first time.
Tracer’s Headbutt didn’t appear to do much, even after six defense nerfs, but then I remembered that counterattacks were going to be unlikely thanks to Farore nearly blinding it/him/whatever.
I wasn’t paying attention to the Steel Sergeant’s next order… whatever it was, it missed. All I was focused on was winning this fight.
Tracer’s second Headbutt was aimed at the diamond encrusted in Dialga’s armor. I don’t know why, but it seemed to be a weak spot…
A critical hit!
Dialga is strong against Normal attacks.

With this attack, Dialga fell over. Everyone was able to avoid being squashed, though, and for some reason, there wasn’t much of an earthquake.
Chris defeated the Steel Sergeant!
“Well… shoot,” the Steel Sergeant said.
Chris received 1200 yen for winning!
“You’re serious about being the Pokémon champion…”, he continued. “Serious enough to have stood up to my troops and come out on top. For that, kid, I present you with this.”o
Chris received the Boot Camp Badge!
“Wear that proudly, and any Pokémon up to level 20 will obey you without question. It also authorizes the usage of Rock Smash outside of combat. You’re also entitled to this…”o
Chris received TM91!
“TMs are valuable discs that give you powerful moves. TM91, for example, contains Flash Cannon, which can nerf your foes’ Magic Defense into oblivion… if they survive. Heh. Now go to Rustboro City and seek out the Stone Badge! …godspeed to you, kid.”o


Honestly, I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking when I decided that the Steel Sergeant should have a level 10 Dialga, especially after Scout’s Mawile knocked out three of my ‘Mons… it’s actually why I made that crack about CowFriend needing a level 20 Bayleef! Just for shits and giggles, though, I hacked up a level 20 Bayleef and redid this fight. Shieldon died in two hits, so the potion went on Dialga. Dragonbreath also paralyzed Bayleef, which already had its PP eaten away by Pressure and a quad-resistance to Grass.
Geez, since Squidward didn’t funnel any gym info to me, I feel like I’m solely responsible for CowFriend overgrinding to 100.

Anyways. I owe this victory to my Butterfree, as she ended up being fast enough to stunlock Dialga and barely durable enough to survive an AncientPower. Without that String Shot, I would’ve been outrun when I went to spam Sand-Attack, and without enough accuracy nerfs, I would’ve died horribly because of Dialga’s high base stats. Tracer’s critical Headbutt also prevented Sarge from using his Potion, although at that point, it looked like a 3HKO anyways, so it would’ve only bought Dialga one more turn at 40% accuracy.
Still a tough battle, though, given how much luck I needed! It could’ve gone wrong in any given direction; Dialga could’ve woken up early, could’ve hit (or worse, CRIT) through the -60% Accuracy, and generally could’ve ripped my battle plan to shreds. Because of how the fight went, though, I’m really tempted to nickname my Butterfree Lady Luck, because again, if she weren’t by my side, I’d have been square fucked.

EDIT – I could’ve easily bypassed Mawile and Dialga with a Mankey, since you can catch one of those in first-gen and its remakes before you even reach the first gym. FML.

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((Seriously Kongregate? Seriously? I’m not even going to remake that post.))

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Sorry I didn’t get an update up yesterday… was busy contributing to a GroupLocke for Pokemon Gold. For those of you who care…
(Warning: Offensive language)

In hindsight, I still have no freakin’ clue why I gave the first gym a level 10 Dialga. The TF2-themed gym was me being a bit silly, but I will DEFINITELY want to write the Steel Sergeant out of the storyline. In, fact, today’s update might be a start towards doing so, although I’m not quite sure what the replacement should be… The typing will probably be reverted to Normal.

I also probably should think about using quote bubbles for when there’s lots of talking.


I would’ve done my grinding at Route 104, but there was a Snorlax in my way and Tracer never found any Awakenings during our Grindfest. I couldn’t buy any myself without the Boot Camp Badge either. I figured I should just spend yen to stock up on status-restoring items. First, though…

“For that, I can give you five thousand Yen,” the clerk said. The Pokémart was to the West of the Pokémon Center.
“I can accept that,” I said. “Also, uh, I heard there were Badge requirements for certain items. What does the Boot Camp Badge entitle me to?”o
“For having one badge,” the clerk said, “you are allowed to purchase Super Potions, Awakenings, Burn Heals, Ice Heals, Escape Ropes, and Repels.”o
“In that case, I’d like three Paralyze Heals, four Awakenings, three Burn Heals, and three Ice Heals.”o
“I’ll subtract that from the 5000 yen this nugget gets you, and you’ll still be entitled to 1900… here you go!”o Surely enough, I got 1900 yen and 13 bottles of status-restoring sprays.

The Snorlax was still there when I got back to Fleurescent’s west exit. “If I remember correctly, Snorlax is an AWESOME Normal-type,” Josh said. “It has great bulk and a great Physical Attack stat. However, it is this same high Physical Attack stat that may make capturing it harder.”o
I checked its level… 30? “It’s level 30,” I said. “I’m basically stuck here until I overgrind.”o
“Now, now, what’s this I’m hearing about overgrinding?”o, someone said. I turned to my left, and a blonde in gold armor approached me.

(Except she didn’t have a gun.)
“Name’s Linna,” she said, “and roadblocks like this really shouldn’t be in anyone’s way, especially not this early in a newbie’s journey. I’ll just have my Giratina remove this obstacle so you don’t have to give up the Pokémon League Challenge. How does that sound?”o
“It sounds great,” I said.
“Alright then… Phantoon, Dragon Claw!”o
Ace Trainer Linna sent out Phantoon! (Giratina, Level 100)
Phantoon used Dragon Claw!
The wild Snorlax fainted!

“I was half-expecting her to catch it and use it in her rotation,” Josh said.
“Already got one,” Linna said in response.
Wait. She understood Josh?
“Wait, I’ve heard that voice before!”o Josh had Linna doing a double-take. “What the hell happened to you?!”o
“Lance cheated,” he said. “He had his Palkia use Megamorph on me, and since I was stronger, I was turned into a Torchic. I also got ported out of Kanto, and then Professor Willow caught me. At least my new trainer knows what he’s doing… hear this; he managed to defeat a level 10 Dialga.”o
“Why would anyone use a level 10 Dialga? The real numbers to shoot for are 5, 50 and 100.”o
“The Steel Sergeant had one,” I said.
“Steel Sergeant? Son of a bitch…”o She whipped out a golden DS and proceeded to make a call.
“…Linna?”o, the contact said. “The hell do you want?”o
“Remember when you helped me disband Team Coal?”o, Linna asked. “Well, they’re BACK.”o
“How’d they manage to rebuild this quickly?”o
“I don’t know, but a newbie just had to deal with the Steel Sergeant.”o
“How the hell did he survive?”o
“He put it to sleep and nerfed its accuracy and defense to oblivion,” Josh said. Linna relayed this to her contact.
“Holy shit… I’m on my way!”o
The contact hung up, Linna snapped her 3DS shut, and she approached Josh and asked “By the way… do you still have your old spells?”o
“Nope,” he said. “They got wiped when I got morphed.”o
“Hmm… I might be able to help you out.”o
Chris received a copy of TM109!
“They’re just about ready to roll out some new TMs,” she said. “This one contains Icicle Fall. If you can tap into your ice magic, you’ll be able to use this. However, it’s not very strong: It has a BP of 60 and an accuracy of 90.”o
“In terms of coverage, it’ll have to do for now,” he said. “Thanks.”o
“Might as well give you SOMETHING since you managed to track down a Coal goon. We’ll see if we can get you turned back into a human, too.”o
“It’ll probably wait until Chris can challenge the Elite Four,” Josh said, “just so he doesn’t get screwed out of his starter.”o

It was at this point that Linna’s contact showed up, riding a Dragonite.

(Yes, she did have those daggers.)

“So this is the kid that curbstomped the Steel Sergeant, huh?”o, she asked upon taking one look at me. “Just for shits and giggles, after we clean up Team Coal again, I want a piece of the champ-to-be.”o
“Should I give you my 3DS code while I wait?”o, I asked.
“If you’re up for a battle with the Red Dragon,” she said.
“Don’t expect her to give you her code, though,” Linna noted. “She’s actually not one of the officials. She only tagged along with us when fighting Team Coal so she could rub every Dialga kill in Josh’s face. And believe me when I say she’s competent!”o
“Then I’ll just have to deflate her ego,” Josh ripsoted.

As the “Red Dragon” headed for the gym, Linna warned me that the Steel Sergeant won’t bind himself to the League restrictions this time around and that I should probably run in case he sics his Dialga on the whole city. She would handle the rest of the citizens.

Having dealt with the insane level ramp-up that the Steel Sergeant provided, I was expecting Route 104 to be cake. Surprisingly, though, the area seemed to have picked up three levels from what I had recalled. At least, that’s what the level 8 Wurmple told me…
“I don’t like Wurmple,” Josh said. “Its evolution is sictated by a Personality Value ranging from one to eight. There’s no freakin’ way to indicate this, so its evolution is practically random. There’s Silcoon, which becomes Beautifly, and then there’s Cascoon, which becomes Dustox. I’d catch one Wurmple, evolve it, and then catch whatever it doesn’t evolve into… if you want scans. Oh, it also has Poison Sting, which can posion almost anything in the game.”o
Again with that game bit.
“Let’s try out that new ability,” I said. “Icicle Fall.”o
He spread his wings and siphoned heat from two spots to his left and right, which somehow generated two globes of ice that proceeded to pelt the Wurmple with icicles. This did 18 damage to the Wurmple, which then proceeded to sting Josh for 4.
“I don’t think I can weaken it anymore,” Josh said. “You should probably switch me out or use a Great Ball.”o
The 3DS calculated a success rate of 79.49% with a Pokéball or 119% with a Great Ball. The choice was obvious: Great Ball.
Gotcha! Wurmple was caught!
No nickname. This did, however, mean I now had six Pokémon on-hand, so future captures would go straight to a box system.

(Apparently my post was too big for Kong to handle, so I’m splitting it into two parts.)

Flag Post


…I just realized I never checked—
“Excuse me!”, Josh blurted as he quickly turned around.
I looked down, and a Taillow was standing right in front of him.
“By the way, it evolves into Swellow at level 22, but its only good stat is Speed. Up to you to decide on whether or not you want it in your team, if you even decide to catch it.”o
“Why not,” I said. “I could use the scan. Icicle Fall.”o
I wasn’t thinking when I ordered him to use that move… Taillow was weak against Ice.
Josh was thinking, though, and suggested an Ember instead, which did 25 damage. I then noticed that he had randomly taken 17 damage… the 3DS reported that Taillow had used Pluck.
“It doesn’t look like it’ll take another hit,” Josh said. “Pokéball?”o
“I’m too grossed out to catch it. Icicle Fall.”o
“You sure? It doesn’t have to stay in the team after you evolve it.”o
If he insists… The 3DS reported a 97.44% chance of capture with a Pokéball. I went ahead with it…
One. Two. Three. Click.
Gotcha! Taillow was caught!
Again, no nickname.
Taillow was sent to Box 1 in Yuuichiro’s PC.
“Who’s Yuuichiro?”o, I asked.
“Out of context, really,” he answered. “He’s the father of Megaman Battle Network’s protagonist. What’s he doing here?”o
“I don’t know, but Taillow went to his PC.”o

There was also a trainer in my way… make that two that were already fighting. One was wearing a suit of armor encrusted with crystals, while the other was wearing a tuxedo.

Passerby Taric has defeated Rich Boy Winston!
Oops. I missed the fight.
“Maybe you should brush up on your facts a bit,” Taric calmly said. “One Pokémon is not likely to win a fight by itself.”o
“Not even if it was perfectly EV’d like my Zigzagoon was?!”, Winston complained.
“Linoone isn’t even one of the best species in Hoenn.”o
It’s good if you need money.
Taric started to teleport away, but I challenged him to a duel first.
“I suppose it can be arranged…”o
Passerby Taric wants to fight! (6 Pokémon)
Passerby Taric sent out Sableye! (Male, Level 10)

“Uh-oh!”, Josh said. “Dark/Ghost hybrid! You’ll need special moves or abilities to carve out weaknesses for this thing. Luckily, it can’t get Wonder Guard without hacking. Unluckily, it’s immune to Normal, Fighting, and Psychic.”o
Not Flying, Fire, or Ice though.
“Ember.” With no weaknesses to exploit, it would be Josh’s strongest move… apparently, this meant 15 damage.
“Why am I even wasting my time?”, Taric asked. “Shadow Claw.”o
(You probably knew this already, but you don’t have to fight everything I fight.)
The Sableye jumped towards Josh and raked him with a phantom claw for 24 damage.
Couldn’t outheal it, and Josh would have to crit if I wanted him to knock Sableye out. Luckily, I had two Pokémon that were immune to Ghost, and one of them could hurt Sableye…

“Josh, return! I’m bringing in Farore.”o
“Ice Punch,” Taric said.
This time, Sableye slugged Farore with a chilling fist. It did 26 damage…
Farore is weak against Ice attacks.
All Butterfee would be able to do was put Sableye to sleep, and since nobody could learn Flash Cannon, that wasn’t an option either. Lola’s Astonish would do low damage, Tracer had no options, and Wurmple wasn’t even leveled up. I’d have to go with Butterfree if I wanted to win.

“Butterfree!”, I said as I switched out Farore to bring in Butterfree.
“Ice Punch again,” Taric ordered. It did 24 damage.
My command was Sleep Powder. This time, Butterfree hovered above Sableye instead of on top of it.
The foe’s Sableye fell asleep!
It didn’t wake up immediately, so I could bring Josh back in.
“Uh, okay!”, he said as I sent him out.
The foe’s Sableye is fast asleep.
The foe’s Sableye fainted!

“I still think I’m wasting my time,” Taric said as he recalled his unconscious Sableye. "Your Torchic needed some assistance against one Pokémon, and I still have five left.
Passerby Taric sent out Mawile! (Female, Level 11)
Like Scout’s Mawile, this one faced us instead of her trainer.
“Not good,” Josh said. “If I had to guess, that Mawile probably has Ice Punch and Thunderpunch since Sableye has to visit a Move Tutor to get Ice Punch.”o
To everyone’s surprise (except Taric), the Mawile spoke up! “Not a bad observation,” she said. “But didja know I also got Iron Head through a Move Tutor? Otherwise, I’d have to wait another 45 levels for that. Talk about unfun! So, uh, which one of ’ya is my first opponent?”o
I didn’t see myself winning without sleeplocking it. At least it wasn’t immune to Normal, though…
“I’ll send out Butterfree again.”o
Mawile rolled her eyes as Sleep Powder failed to put her to sleep.
“You’re a boring trainer,” she said before Taric ordered her to use Ice Punch.
27 damage.
Butterfree fainted!

“Huge gamble coming through,” I said as I sent Josh back out.
“Ember with no Sleep support?”, Josh asked. Clearly, he didn’t like that idea.
“It’s not like we have other options,” I told him.
His Ember did 30 damage.
“Two HP left,” Mawile noted. “Time for your death.”o
“Whoa, whoa, WHOA!”, I shouted. “This isn’t a fight to the death!”o
“Tough,” she said. “Taric has lost some neat Pokémon to Team Sand. Why shouldn’t I get to pay them back?”o
“Because I’m not a part of Team Sand,” I told her. “They tried to steal three of my Pokémon, one of them being the Torchic you’re up against.”o
“How do I know you’re not lying?”, she asked.
“A recruit like him would not have such basic Pokémon as these,” Taric butted in. “Ice Punch.”o
“Oh, alright…”, she said as she realized Josh would live.
Josh is strong against Ice-type attacks.
Josh fainted!

I recalled Josh into his Pokéball. He usually doesn’t go in there because of the info he’s been willing to give me, but I was scared that Mawile would try to kill him. As for my next choice of Pokémon, Tracer was about to experience deja vu…
“Tracer, Headbutt!”o
“It’s all over…”, Mawile said before fainting, oblivious to the fact that I wasn’t going to kill her.
“She’s seen too many deaths by the hands of Sand goons,” Taric said as he recalled Mawile into her Pokéball. “One of the Pokémon I’ve lost was a Larvitar I had been hoping to evolve all the way into the incredibly scary Tyranitar.”o
“Ouch,” I said. I heard Tyranitar was powerful, and this man had one taken from him before he even got it.

Passerby Taric sent out Houndour! (Female, Level 10)
Rather than switch Tracer out, I ordered him to use Headbutt again.
“Houndour, Dark Pulse.”o
Tracer was overwhelmed by an aura of dark thoughts. He probably saw some incredibly scary stuff, like an image of me having to fight two Cthulhus at once. At least, that’s probably why he took 23 damage. He then steeled his resolve, charged again, and did 21 damage to the Houndour.
I was in trouble, though, as it was faster than anything I had. If I wanted to knock it out, I’d have to go for a revenge-KO, and even then, whatever I brought in would take a hit.
“Sorry, Tracer,” I told my Zigzagoon before ordering it to use Headbutt again.
Surely enough, Houndour released another aura of darkness, and Tracer didn’t pull through this time…
Tracer fainted!
“Lola, Nature Power.” Farore was too beaten up, and Wurmple was too low a level… only Lola could survive a Dark Pulse. (That’s what the 3DS said the attack was.)
Lola had to endure 23 damage before she could react. When she did, though…
Nature Power became Earthquake!
The ground started shaking heavily… Taric and I had trouble keeping our footing. Houndour out-right fell a few times and got tossed up a few times. It did 35 to her.
The foe’s Houndour fainted!
Despite this, it wasn’t looking too good for me. We were both down three Pokémon, but two of mine were also badly wounded.

Passerby Taric sent out Sneasel! (Male, Level 10)
I left Lola in, thinking her Nature Power would do damage if she survived long enough to use it again.
“Sneasel, Ice Shard.” Without warning, Sneasel flash-froze an icicle and chucked it at Lola, impaling her for 14 damage.
Lola fainted!
“Uh, Wurmple? Poison Sting?” I was out of options.
“Ice Shard,” Taric repeated. This time, it did 21 damage. Wurmple was able to stab Sneasel with the poison barbs on its tail, but the attack only did 3 damage.
“Uh-oh,” I said as Ice Shards took out Wurmple and Farore.
Chris lost against Passerby Taric!
“You were nothing more than glass… just waiting to be smashed.”o
Chris paid out 800 yen to the winner and blacked out!

My Pokémon couldn’t be killed if I didn’t run into any other Pokémon or trainers. Surely enough, I didn’t, but when I got back to Fleurescent City, things got weird.

“Dialga, ROAR OF TIME!”, I heard the Steel Sergeant shout…


I’ll try to balance out the custom moves; otherwise, I could’ve given Torchic/myself some game-wrecking bullshit such as Boltbeam (Thunderbolt + Icebeam) and Roar of Time, which would’ve raped the rest of the game, even though none of it would be boosted by AIDA Berserk. (I might have to replace this right before the next gym battle, though, since I still suck at ROM-hacking.)

Sand into pearls, coal into diamonds… right? While Team Rocket might get involved in this scuffle, Sand and Coal both want to take over the world by harnessing the power of the legendary dragons. Problem being… Sand needs to get rid of Dialga, while Coal needs to get rid of Palkia. Shit could get crazy in future updates, especially with Rocket coming back for a third round of get-yo-ass-whooped.

My loss to Taric wasn’t planned, but at the same time, after he mentioned belts in front of Winston, I couldn’t see him without six ‘Mons. Mawile was level 11 instead of 10 so she could have access to Bite, and I randomly felt like letting her actually talk, although we’ll see if she and/or Taric make a return. Speaking of Taric, I was making up his team as I wrote up the fight. His last two ‘Mons probably would’ve been Ice and/or Steel.

But, uh, yeah, talking ‘Mons? I’m still kinda used to giving ‘Mons lines, but I’ll try to keep it to a minimum unless telepathy’s involved, like with Dialga (since that’s its hidden ability in fifth-gen.)

Just for the lulz, I might write the next update from my perspective instead of Chris’s.

Oh, and this is the update where I realized I didn’t have the tools to throw fifth-gen ’Mons into the fray. That may be fixed starting on the next update, though.

Flag Post

While I have access to a Black cart, I don’t have access to a Black ROM… couldn’t make heads or tails of the one I downloaded.

Josh (Chris’s Torchic)
(Roar of Time didn’t happen until JUST after Chris had his team patched up.)

With a roar of epic proportions, a temporal rift was cracked open. Apparently the Steel Sergeant was either trying to escape or banish Leona. Neither of these sounded like good outcomes. Chris didn’t seem too eager to jump into this fight since Linna had a level 100 and he only had level 12s, myself included.

It wasn’t long before Linna saw us…

Linna: What are you doing back here?!
Chris: A passerby beat me in a battle.
Linna: Passerby, huh? What was his name and what did he look like?
Chris: His name was Taric and he was wearing crystal-encrusted armor. He might be on Team Coal sice his Mawile mentioned Sand goons killing some of his Pokémon.
Linna: Team Coal and Team Sand never really liked each other. In fact, what they want to do is harness the power of the legendary dragons Dialga and Palkia to conquer the world. Problem being… Coal has Dialga and wants Palkia dead, and Sand has Palkia and wants Dialga dead. …hey, wait, did any of your Pokémon die during this battle?
Chris: I didn’t check. Mawile wanted to kill Josh, but Taric butted in and ordered her to spare him. Butterfree, though… I didn’t see limbs or wings falling off when Mawile slugged her.

Their conversation was interrupted by a surge of energy as the rift abruptly closed itself. Linna readied one of her Pokémon as she and Chris came to the only logical conclusion: They needed to see what happened.

When Linna opened the gym doors, we saw that nobody was present; Neither Leona nor the Steel Sergeant could be found, and not even the Scout and Heavy were anywhere to be seen. It looked like the Steel Sergeant had locked himself and Leona into a battle. I wouldn’t be surprised if she managed to escape on her own, though. She’s quite infamous, really, but that’s not the point. The point is nobody was left behind.

Linna: So, uh, about that Butterfree…

Chris sent out his Butterfree. Thankfully, it was still alive; Chris didn’t need to lose one of his best party members this damn soon.
Linna: Nice to know.

A bug-catching net wasn’t so nice, as someone tried to swipe Chris’s Butterfree and jet. It wasn’t long before Chris caught up to the thief and ordered me to directly attack it with Ember. The thief, by the way, was wearing nothing more than black, but was not black him/herself. (Couldn’t tell from this angle.)
Josh: Isn’t that against a code or something of the sort?!
Linna: I’ll look the other way.

A fireball lit the thief’s ass on fire, and more importantly, got him to flinch. As he fell down, I noticed a big, red R on his shirt. Team Rocket was back for a third round of get-yo-ass-whooped. Or in this case, scorched.
Chris: Sure you wanna try that again?
Rocket Goon: I still have your Butterfree, stupid.
Linna: I suggest you hand it over before his Torchic finishes the job.
Rocket Goon: Grr… BITE ME!

With that, he bit the Butterfree’s abdomen. Apparently he didn’t want anyone having it if he couldn’t get away.
I didn’t even wait for Chris’s order before toasting the lunatic.
Linna: Betcha he’d been to jail once before and really didn’t wanna go back.
Josh: The moment he tried to dig in, I stopped seeing even a shred of sanity in that jackass.
Mawile: That’s the trouble with Rockets and Sands; their minds are already fried.

Wait, Mawile?!
Yep, Taric was standing in front of us.
Linna: You here to turn yourself in?
Taric: Nope. The Sableye in my team should’ve told you that I wasn’t a part of either faction, as Team Coal wouldn’t like the idea of Dialga’a Adamant Orb being ripped right out. Team Coal never sees that, though… that’s why I lost some of my Pokémon to them. By the way, if you need a gym leader to replace the Steel Sergeant, I can always look at what I’ve got.
Josh: Wouldn’t a Sableye be detrimental to your own hunt for the finest gemstones in the world?
Taric: I usually only send it out during battles, so it’s not much of an issue to me.
Josh: What about your gem-encrusted armor?
Taric: I’ve been masking my gems’ true colors this whole time just so my Sableye thinks they’re fake.
Josh: Okay, point to you.
Linna: Thanks, but no thanks. Officials are usually the placeholders. Sometimes, though, former Elite Four champions are hand-picked and invited. We tried inviting Gary Oak once, but it was clear he needed to cool down first.
Josh: So, uh, who’s replacing Sarge?
Linna: His name’s Ruune Calannero.
Chris: Haven’t heard of him.
Linna: He used to be the champion of Sinnoh… that is, until Kefka usurped him.

Linna whipped out her golden 3DS to show Chris a picture of Ruune.

(no wand)
Hilariously enough, that’s when Ruune showed up on a Crobat. He then deposited his Crobat into Bill’s PC… directly from his 3DS. He then withdrew a Zubat.
Ruune: Level sevens, right? News travels real quick, so naturally, I already know how far Chris had to overgrind just to ATTEMPT the gym.
Linna: …you brought six different types with you.
Ruune: Three mono-types and three dual-types. Why?
Linna: Let me see that…

Ruune’s team was basic, really: Swinub, Zubat, Sneasel, Charmander, Treecko, Piplup, all at level seven. I didn’t see a problem with that since some newbies already preferred having various types in their teams.
Linna: I GUESS I can let this slide. So what, is the Boot Camp Badge being renamed to Balance again?
Ruune: Sounds about right… you’ve gotta have the right balance of typings in your team if you want to do well.
Chris: Should I redo the gym?
Ruune: At this point, you could probably sweep me with any one Pokémon. Keep the badge.

Before we headed back to Route 104, I reminded Chris about the Rocket nutjob’s attack so he’d have Butterfree patched up.


Wanted to do an update from the Torchic’s PoV.

No real action in this update, but I wanted to get the Steel Sergeant out of the way so anyone else making it Fleurescent didn’t have to rely on specific combos and ridiculous levels of luck. I almost had Chris thrown into the rift, but then I remembered Linna and Leona were likely to pack full belts of 100s, and Team Coal wouldn’t be too far behind (if at all). Simply put, I couldn’t see Chris keeping up. AFAIK Rockets rarely work solo, so they’re probably gonna show up in bigger numbers next post.

Not sure of whether or not Taric will be a part of the Coal vs. Sand war.

Flag Post


Having returned to Route 104, I discovered that there were four trainers I had missed, one of them being before Winston.

Youngster Billy: Aren’t you the kid that battled that gem guy?
Chris: …yeah. Why?
Billy: I tried to tag you down the last time you showed up, since the rich kid was already fighting gem boy.
Chris: Oops. Is it too late to battle you?
Billy: Nope.
He had a Level 6 Seedot and level 8 Taillow. Easy.
Chris got 200 yen for winning!

Winston had caught a Sentret since last time, but it was level 7. Easy.
Chris got 200 yen for winning!

Lady Cindy tagged me down after I defeated Winston. Instead of a Sentret, she was picking a level 7 Bidoof. Easy.
Chris got 200 yen for winning!

Lass Haley then challenged me. Level 7 Lotad, Level 7 Shroomish. Easy.
Chris got 200 yen for winning!

Twins Gina and Mia were different; they challenged me as a duo, forcing me to do a 2v2 battle. However, they only had a level 8 Lotad and a level 8 Seedot. Easy.
Chris got 250 yen for winning!

A fisherman then proceeded to take a break from fishing long enough to tag me down. His level 6 Magikarps could only flop around uselessly, having no actual atacks.
Chris got 200 yen for winning!

(I do not have the patience to write reports of six battles against level 7 Pokémon when you all know that my level 12s would win.)

Oh, and we ran into a level 8 Wingull. Josh tagged it as Water/Flying, so Icicle Fall didn’t OHKO it. It did, however, leave it at 5/25 HP, and with a catch rate of 190, my 3DS reported a success rate of 64.58% for a Pokéball and 96.86% for a Great Ball.

As I readied a Great Ball, it proceeded to squirt Josh with a 15-damage Water Gun.
One. Two. Three. Click.
Gotcha! The wild Wingull was caught!
Wingull was sent to Yuuichiro’s PC.

After catching that, Rustboro was within sight… but so was another Rocket grunt. I backtracked to Fleurescent to patch up my team before continuing.

Rocket Grunt: The League is imposing a tax on Pokémon. You must cough up one starter in order to enter Rustboro.
Chris: Can’t I just battle you instead?
Rocket Grunt: …okay then!
A Rocket Grunt wants to fight! (1 Pokémon)
This shouldn’t be hard.
The Rocket Grunt sent out Ivysaur! (Male, Level 16)
Josh: …Rocket Grunts aren’t supposed to be competent.
Rocket Grunt: Ivysaur, Leech Seed!
Chris: Josh, Ember!
The Ivysaur threw some seeds at Josh. They quickly planted themselves in him, and it looked like they were going to suck the life out of him and give it to the Ivysaur. Josh threw a fireball at the Ivysaur for 17 damage.
The foe’s Ivysaur is weak against Fire-type attacks.
Surely enough, the seeds siphoned 4 HP from Josh and gave it to the grunt’s Ivysaur.
Rocket Grunt: Now use Tackle!
This, like Josh’s Ember, did 17 damage.
Chris: Icicle Fall!
Rocket Grunt: Wha?
Josh siphoned enough heat from right above him for an ice globe to appear above his head. This globe then procceded to pelt the Ivysaur with icicles for 15 damage.
The foe’s Ivysaur is weak against Ice-type attacks.
The seeds then stole 4 more HP from Josh.
Rocket Grunt: Tackle!
Chris: This isn’t working… get outta there!
Chris withdrew Josh and sent out Farore!
Ivysaur Tackled it for 13 damage.
Rocket Grunt: Grr… Sleep Powder!
Oh crud.
This time, instead of launching seeds, the Ivysaur launched the same blue, shining powder used by my Butterfree.
Farore fell asleep!
She wouldn’t be able to receive my Gust command until she woke up. In the meantime, all I could do was wait.

Luckily, it only lasted one turn. Unluckily, Ivysaur was still going to Tackle her again. Even worse was that Gust only did 12 damage.

It was Butterfree’s turn to fight. Once again, Ivysaur went for Sleep Powder.
Butterfree fell asleep!

I’d have to see how much Tackle did to her before deciding whether or not leaving her in would be a good idea.
One Tackle did 12 damage. I’d wait one more turn before switching her out.
Immediately after the second Tackle, though, Butterfree woke up and broke Ivysaur’s mind with a 13-damage Confusion.
The foe’s Ivysaur fainted!
Chris defeated the Rocket Grunt!

Rocket Grunt: Lucky punk… Not only do you get to pass for free, but I gotta cough up some dough too.
Chris got 300 yen for winning!
Josh: At least that grunt only had one ‘Mon.
Nothing would stop me from patching my team up at Rustboro’s Pokémon center. After that, I’d have to take a look at their gym.


Yeah, no, did not have the patience for six fights I out-right knew I was gonna win. Probably should’ve modded the area a bit to clean up some of the clutter. Also, since I mentioned Rocket last update, I wanted Chris to battle one in this update. The level 16 Ivysaur was a bit harder than I had originally anticipated, but luckily enough, I was still able to win.
As for why I didn’t just use healing items? Ivysaur was faster and I could only barely outheal it. Not worth the effort.

Flag Post

Oops, completely forgot about the forest when typing up the last update. Will have to write it into a future post.

Also, from now on, I’m listing my starting destination in each update.

Chris – Rustboro City

After my team was patched up, I made my way to the Gym. The front door had been smashed in, though.

Josh: The intruder is not human… at least, that’s what the bloodied footprints say.
The inside wasn’t much better… one youngster was dead and another was bleeding.
Youngster Tommy: Please… save us…
I sent out my Butterfree and ordered her to find someone that could help Tommy.

Then I saw Roxanne.

Roxanne’s Nosepass used Rock Tomb!
The wild Virizion is strong against Rock-type attacks.
The wild Virizion’s speed was decreased!

Chris: What the heck is going on here?
Gym Leader Roxanne: Rustboro’s growth was thanks to the Cutter chopping down trees… Apparently this deer didn’t approve.
Chris: Maybe I can help.
Roxanne: Then start sending out Pokémon! This … THING … already KO’d my Geodude and Rhyhorn.

The wild Virizion used Magical Leaf!
The ally’s Nosepass is weak against Grass-type attacks.
Nosepass fainted!
Roxanne is out of usable Pokémon!

Roxanne: Great.
Josh: That thing’s typing is Grass/Fighting. In theory, you could catch it, but its catch rate is three, which makes it stupidly hard to capture. Oh, and since it’s a legendary, it has boosted stats. If I’m up first, I can try to burn it with Ember.
Chris: Go for it!

The wild Virizion is weak against Fire-type attacks.
Roxanne: A Torchic? Ugh… Now that I’m the second gym leader, I usually see evolved starters.
Chris: I didn’t know what to expect. I would’ve looked at your sign, but the door was smashed in.
Roxanne: Now do you know why?!?

The wild Virizion used Double Kick!
Josh: Oh crap.

Hit 2 times!
Josh fainted!

Chris: Farore! Gust!
Virizion (telepathically): You’re not even trying, are you?
Chris: That so? You’re quad-weak to Flying.
Virizion: Yes, but I can’t take a hit from an unconscious Pokémon.

The wild Virizion used Double Kick!
Hit 2 times!
Farore fainted!

Virizion: Case in point.
Taric: Point to you. But now you face unblemished power… so point deducted.

Taric sent out Uzaka M.! (Sneasel, Male, Level 11)
Taric: By the way, Chris here’s your Butterfree. She should be able to withstand anything Virizion can dish out.
Virizion: I will put that statement to the test.
Taric: Is that so? Uzaka, Ice Punch.
The Virizion was uppercut for 31 damage.
The wild Virizion is weak against Ice-type attacks.
Virizion: Change of plan.
Rather than attack Butterfree, the Virizion went after Taric’s Sneasel. The first kick sent him flying, and the deafening crack as he smashed into a wall made Taric wince. Did he just lose another Pokémon?
Taric: Butterfree… avenge Uzaka.
Chris: Confusion.
Butterfree’s weak telekinetic force was strong enough to knock the Virizion unconscious…
Butterfree gained 1127 experience points.
Butterfree grew to level 14!

Roxanne: I’ll have to call someone to get this thing back into the wild. Thanks, guys.
Taric: I sensed some dark magic though… I don’t think Virizion was the only one responsible for this attack.
Roxanne: Wha… Why? I thought it attacked because of deforestation.
Taric: If I knew the source of the dark magic, I’d tell you, but I don’t. Now, about the wounded Youngster…
Taric put his hands to Tommy. The Youngster started to glow blue as his wounds appeared to mend themselves. Once they appeared to have healed completely, the glow disappeared.
Tommy: Th… thank you.
Taric: The world is dangerous enough with Rocket, Sand, and Coal running around. There is no reason a wild Pokémon should also threaten to shuffle you off the mortal coil.
Uzaka wasn’t as lucky. He was still embedded into the wall.
Taric: …it’s as I feared.
Taric carefully peeled Uzaka off the wall… his backside was bloodied, and he didn’t respond to Taric’s healing aura.
Taric: Taken too soon… I had just nicknamed him too.
My 3DS started to ring.
Chris: Hello?
Youngster Joey: This is Joey… Willow managed to patch up my Rattata. Thanks for referring me to him.
Chris: I’m not sure this is a good time… another trainer lost his Sneasel to a wild Virizion.
Joey: Wait, did you REALLY see one of the Swords of Justice?!
Chris: It had broken into the Rustboro gym and attacked the trainers within. One of them is dead too…
Taric: There was nothing I could do to Youngster Josh … or to my Sneasel.
Joey: Uh, similar only in name to Torchic, right?
Josh (Torchic): …yeah. Still sucks though!
Chris: Yes, but that’s not the point.
Joey: Uh, if we ever battle again… don’t let your Torchic kill any of my Pokémon this time, okay?
Josh: I think I’ve cooled down enough.
Chris: Okay.
Joey: Bye.
Chris: Bye.
As I headed back to the Pokémon Center, I wondered if Virizion had been mind-controlled. That’s dark magic, right?

Anyways, the gym would probably have to be repaired, and I’m not sure what would happen to Roxanne’s guards (or as Amy would call them, trash) since one of them was killed. As for Taric… I’m starting to wonder just how many deaths were by the hands of Team Coal since Sneasel’s death didn’t seem to affect him too badly…


Catch rate of three. Yeah, no, wasn’t going to try to catch Virizion when it could curbstomp everything I had. (Speaking of which, when determining its level (17), I didn’t want to throw a 20, because I didn’t think I could handle that at all. Underestimated it at 17 though, even after I was underleveled. derp.

I went ahead and calculated the EXP gain for Virizion because why the hell not; Farore, Butterfree, Tracer, and I (Torchic) were boosted to 13 ahead of time because of the EXP gain from the Steel Sergeant and the Rocket’s Ivysaur.

BTW, Sneasel was killed because Double Kick did over 80 damage in one hit while its max HP was about 32.

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Race, you have so much time.

Mind doing my homework for me?

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lol you’re on your own for that.

At this point, I probably could take over the game if I knew how I wanted my plots to work. Not that it would matter to you since you overleveled yourself to the point where only Demeos (The guy that spammed level 100 Arceuses) could beat you.

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Chris – Rustboro City

With the gym out of commission for a while, I wouldn’t be able to scout out the required levels. I saw Roxanne with a Rock-type, though, so even without checking the sign, I was ready to assume it was a Rock-type gym. This would be troubling for everyone except Lola, even though Butterfree and Dustox had access to Confusion.

Something I forgot to note during the last update: Wurmple got a handful of EXP big enough to hit level 10 and evolved into Cascoon at level 9 and Dustox at level 10. Upon evolution to Dustox, it also learned Confusion. So, uh, oops.

Before I did anything else, though, I sent out my Butterfree so I could give her a kiss, as without her, I would not have made it this far.

Taric: Hello, lovebird.
Chris: ACK! Where the heck did you come from?!
Taric: I never actually left the city. A youngster named Lan was mugged… his Porygon was stolen by a Sand goon. The goon headed for the Petalburg Woods. He should stand no chance against the two of us.
Chris: …I can try. They’ll probably run TM moves, though.
Taric: Not a problem. My team has Move Tutor moves, remember? By the way, you look like your team could use this TM I got from a Sand goon.

Chris received TM112!
Taric: He dropped that TM when running from me. It contains Spark Shock. It has a Power of 55, an Accuracy rating of 90, 20 PP, and a 10% chance of paralyzing the foe.
Josh: Elec-type magic? Yes please!
Chris: I already know who to give this to.

Josh forgot Scratch and learned Spark Shock! (Had to forget Growl for Icicle Fall, BTW.)
Taric: I never knew Torchic was capable of learning that.
Chris: I’m actually not sure of what Josh can learn outside of the norm.
Taric: …interesting choice of nickname. We should hunt down the Sand goon before he gets away, though.
Since I had already defeated everyone on Route 104, there was no resistance as I entered the Petalburg Woods. Taric’s armor weighed him down, so it would be a moment before he caught up.

Inside the Petalburg Woods, the first thing I saw was a kid sitting by a tree.

Bug Catcher James: If you’re asking about some guy in a tan suit, he went east.
Chris: Thanks.
I figured I could block the goon off by jumping down three ledges. The goon would likely have to fight a wild Pokémon or two, so I could intersect and force a battle. Surely enough, my train of thought was headed the right way, as I was able to cut off the goon.
Sand Goon: You have ten seconds to get out of my way before I sic my Pokémon on you.
Chris: Hurry up and send out your lead.

A Sand Grunt wants to batte! (3 Pokémon)
The Sand Grunt sent out Horsea! (Female, level 13)

Chris: Hey, Josh, wanna try out your new move?
Josh: This would be a great time for that.
Josh electrified himself, then launched this energy at the Horsea for 36 damage.
The foe’s Horsea is weak against Electric-type attacks.
Horsea was knocked out!

Sand Grunt: What the?! Okay, kid, let’s see how you handle this one!

The Sand Grunt sent out Bagon! (Male, Level 13)
Josh: Easy.

Josh used Icicle Fall!
The foe’s Bagon was hit for 36 damage!
The foe’s Bagon is weak against Ice-type attacks.

Sand Grunt: …you’re kidding me. Bagon, Rockslide.
The Bagon pulled up chunks of earth and hurled them at Josh for … bupkis.
Josh dodged the attack!
Josh then proceeded to put the Bagon on ice, no pun intended.
Sand Grunt: Okay, runt, let’s see how you handle THIS!

The Sand Grunt send out Gible! (Female, level 13)
By the time Josh had formed his ice globe for Icicle Fall, the Sand Grunt knew he had lost.
The foe’s Gible is susceptible to Ice-type attacks.
The foe’s Gible fainted!
Josh grew to level 14!
Chris defeated the Sand Grunt!

Sand Grunt: SON OF A—

Chris got 300 yen for winning!
Sand Grunt: …so what are you going to do now?
Chris: Turn you in. Duh.
Taric: I seem to have missed the festivities.
Taric had caught up.
Taric: You seem to have done quite well.
Chris: Spark Shock OHKO’d his Horsea.
Taric: Nice. Rustboro’s gym will take a day to rebuild. If you get tired from adventuring, there’s an inn in that city. You should be able to spend the night there. As for me… I’ll head to Fleurescent so this grunt can face justice beyond justice.
Sand Grunt: You mean fighting his Torchic wasn’t enough?!
Taric: …nope. By the way, Chris, did you recover Lan’s Porygon?
Chris: Oh, right.
The Sand grunt was out of options… he handed over a Pokéball containing a Porygon. Before I could go anywhere with it, though, there was a flash…


This is what happens when you abandon a game you’re hosting: Your players make up their own plots and even delve into Gamebreaker territory. My magic may be weak, but between Ember, Icicle Fall, and Spark Shock, I now do neutral damage or better to almost anything in the game, as shown with weaknesses nuking the Sand Grunt’s team from orbit. That fight should’ve been hard; I gave them TM/Movetutor moves and all you got to see was one Rockslide that missed. Pathetic.

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Chris – Timeshifted Petalburg Woods

We didn’t seem to go anywhere when the flash subsided.

Sand Grunt: Okay, what the hell was that.
Taric: I’m wondering the same thing.
Chris: I’m thinking an epic battle happened.
With the defeated Sand goon in tow, we headed for the center of the forest. As it turns out, we would be sidetracked by a wild Pokémon…
A wild Leavanny appeared! (Female, level 21)
Chris: Uh-oh.
Josh: Might not be as dangerous as you think… check its scan.
“Leavanny, the Nurturing Pokémon. Upon finding a small Pokémon, it weaves clothing for it from leaves, using the cutters on its arms and sticky silk. Typing: Bug/Grass.”
When I took a second look at the Leavanny, she was already sewing together something about Josh’s size.
Josh: Still think she’s going to kill us all one-by-one?
Taric: Looks like it’s your lucky day, Chris.
The Leavanny then proceeded to slip a vest of leaves onto Josh.
Josh received a Leaf Vest! This will boost the wearer’s DEF by one stage against most types (Everything except Fire, Ice, and Poison), but will be destroyed if the wearer takes a Fire, Ice, or Poison hit. Furthermore, if a Fire or Poison hit destroys this item, the wearer will take double damage from the attack. The Leaf Vest will be counted as a held item.
Josh: Sweet! Thanks!
The wild Leavanny fled!
Sorta… nobody pursued it after it made Josh that armor. This wasn’t the point, though; the point was we had to find out what caused the flash.

It wasn’t a long trip, though. Josh’s Spark Shock OHKO’d a Wingull (Male, Level 15) we saw, and that was it. We then saw a machine by one of the trees.

Chris: What the…?
Sand Grunt: Dammit! Looks like Team Coal’s here too.
Coal Grunt: How did you know…?
The Coal grunt was wearing a black-and-white outfit.
Sand Grunt: Outta the way, guys! This one’s MINE.
Chris: Didn’t I JUST sweep your team with my Torchic? Unless you healed your Pokémon behind my back, you’re gonna have to sit this one out.
Taric: And don’t think we haven’t forgotten about your rapsheet. In fact, while Chris handles the Coal grunt, I’ll be dragging you to the station.
Sand Grunt: SON OF A—
Coal Grunt: So you wanna battle me, huh? BRING IT ON!
A Coal Grunt wants to battle!
The Coal grunt sent out Beldum! (Level 14)

Josh: Not too surprised. If I’m gonna cast Ember, I’ll have to be careful not to scorch my new vest.
Chris: I haven’t seen any trouble with that move… you should be fine.
Surely enough, he was. The Ember did 25 damage to Beldum and zip to his Leaf Vest.
The foe’s Beldum is weak against Fire-type attacks.
Coal Grunt: GREAT. A Heat-type with wood armor. The boss ain’t gonna like this… Beldum, Zen Headbutt!
Josh: …that’s a Move Tutor attack!
Zen Headbutt? I don’t get it.
Well, I would soon. Beldum’s crest started to glow blue as it charged at Josh and rammed him for 18 damage.
Josh’s Leaf Vest soaked up some of the damage!
Coal Grunt: Well… crap.
Chris: Ember again.
The foe’s Beldum was knocked out!
The Coal Grunt sent out Ferroseed! (Level 14)

Josh: More of the same, got it.

Josh used Ember!
The foe’s Ferroseed was hit for 43 damage!
The foe’s Ferroseed is susceptible to Fire-type attacks.
The foe’s Ferroseed knocked out!

Coal Grunt: Let’s see you OHKO this! MAGNEMITE!
The Coal Grunt sent out Magnemite! (Level 14)
Coal Grunt: This thing’s packing Sturdy, which leaves it with 1 HP whenever it would be OHKO’d.
Josh: Anything keeping me from 2HKOing it?
Chris: Doesn’t look like it. Ember.
19-damage Ember.
The foe’s Mag— I know, I know, double damage from Fire.
Josh: Could be trouble.
Magnemite launched a wicked thunderbolt that did 36 damage to Josh.
Josh was knocked out!

It was time for the tried-but-true strategy of Sleeplocking it.

Chris: I’m gonna need your help here, Butterfree! Sleep Powder!
More blue, shining powder.
The foe’s Magnemite fell asleep!
Coal Grunt: Oh COME ON! Why can nothing go my way?!
Chris: Because you only care about world domination.
Coal Grunt: Care schmare! TAKE THIS!
The Coal grunt threw his Magnemite at me. I was barely able to dodge it…
Coal Grunt: You SERIOUSLY saw that coming?!
Chris: You talked BEFORE trying that stunt. I had ample time to dodge.
Chris: Just tell me how to disable this machine so Balance Badge holders don’t abruptly get owned by it.
Coal Grunt: NO!
With that, the Coal Grunt stormed off, leaving his Magnemite behind. I figured if these criminal organizations would play the theft game, I’d sting the stingers.
Chris: …you okay?
Magnemite: Mag… ne… mite…
Chris: …if you want, you can accompany me. I don’t think your trainer’s gonna come back.
Magnemite: Mag?
Chris: …I’ll take that as a yes.
I pulled out a Pokéball and called Magnemite into it. There was no resistance.
Magnemite was sent to Yuuichiro’s PC!
Oh, right. Once I get back to Rustboro, I’ll have to see if I can meet up with Yuuichiro so I can withdraw Magnemite.
Having no idea how to disable Team Coal’s machine, I headed back to Rustboro. I’d return when I knew what to do.


The Leaf Vest was something I wanted to give myself at some point in the game. At first, I wanted it to boost MDEF as well, but then I realized there were some moves that would pretty much ignore that, so I said screw it and only had it soak up most physical moves.
@Game Balance:
BTW, the Magnemite fell asleep for seven turns. Wasn’t gonna do a whole lot of killin’ after that, haha.
And, uh, yeah, abandoned ’Mons were seen in the anime… Charmander, for example.

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Warning: Boring update

Chris – Rustboro City

It would take a while for Taric to return to Rustboro after turning in the Sand goon. In the meantime, I’d see if I could find Yuuichiro so I could pick up Magnemite.

?: Uh, are you looking for something?
Chris: Someone that goes by the first name Yuuichiro.
?: Let me guess… you caught something that went to my dad’s PC.
The kid talking to me was wearing a red vest with white sleeves, black shorts with yellow stripes, rollerblades, and a bandanna. He also had brown, spiky hair.
Chris: I’m guessing you’re Lan.
Lan: Yep!
Chris: Did Taric already return your Porygon? Because I would expect you to be a bit bummed out by now.
Lan: That’s who that blue guy was? Anyways, SciLab isn’t too far from here. Follow me!
He wasn’t joking. The Devon Corporation had been replaced with SciLab. The Plasma Scare that took place in Isshu freaked out citizens of entire regions, and apparently, Den City was included due to SciLab’s division to expand to Hoenn. Everyone that was a part of Devon was given a job in this new SciLab division, though, so nobody had to be laid off. In fact, the building was expanded by two floors (Not quite sure how…) to accompany the new jobs.

Yuuichiro could be found on the third floor. He was wearing a tan shirt with a few orange stripes and a crest similar to the one on Lan’s bandanna. His pants were a plain… black? He was wearing glasses and brown shoes with white tread.
What really shocked me, however, was that Taric was also there!

Taric: You weren’t expecting me to beat you here, were you?
Chris: What the?!
Yuuichiro: The Waypoint system was Taric’s idea. Your Navi needs to know a password before you can use it, though.
Chris: I haven’t heard of Navis before.
Lan: They’re Network Navigator programs that reside in Personal Terminals. The Personal Terminal, or PET, is also a multipurpose device that can send and receive email, as well as acting as an alarm clock, calendar, and cellphone. The Navi controls the PET functions, and can also jack in to computerized devices. Navis usually have the extension “.EXE”. Multiple Navis can also fight each other. The loser usually logs out to avoid being deleted.
Chris: Uh, okay then… Are Navis compatible with the Nintendo 3DS?
Yuuichiro: I’ve actually never tried that. A bunch of people in Rustboro picked up PETs, but you’re the first to ask about uploading a Navi to a 3DS. I suppose I could give it a shot, though…
I gave Yuuichiro the SD card from my 3DS. He proceeded to copy some Navi data onto it… it looked like a Gardevoir with the nickname Gardenia.EXE. He then returned my 3DS card so I could try to load the NetNavi data… surely enough, it worked!
Gardenia.EXE: So you’re my operator?
Chris: How much is this going to set me back?
Yuuichiro: A PET would set you back 2000-7500 yen. Gardenia.EXE was supposed to go on a PET priced at 5000 yen, but since you only got the Navi data, I’ll only charge you 1500.
Chris: 1500 it is.
I handed him his money. (If my math’s right, I’ve got 3950 left.)
Gardenia.EXE: So what’s my first task?
Chris: Do you know anything about the Waypoint system?
Gardenia.EXE: NetNavis do not come equipped with Waypoint codes. These Waypoints also require certain League badges, so you can’t use this to completely circumvent the five-badge requirement for the Fly HM.
Chris: I’ll keep that in mind.
Taric: Should I give him the SciLab code?
Gardenia.EXE: This trainer doesn’t have the Stone Badge, so no.
Chris: Err… about that…
Taric: The Rustboro Gym was damaged by a wild Virizion. It will take a day to repair.
Gardenia.EXE: …this isn’t what you’re here about anyways, is it?
Chris: Uh, thanks for the reminder! I’ve got some Pokémon that were sent to your PC.
Yuuichiro: Lan and his friends frequently jack into my PC to defend it from hackers and virii. However, the Pokémon Centers have PCs that can freely connect to it. You should be able to connect to my PC from there and access anything that was boxed. For now, though, we can take a look at what you’ve got so far.
He then proceeded to open up the box system. Surely enough, my Taillow and Wingull were there, as well as the abandoned Magnemite. I deposited my Dustox to make room for Magnemite.
Lan: Where’d you get the Magnemite?
Chris: I had to fight a Coal goon in the Petalburg Woods after subduing the Sand goon that stole your Porygon. Once my Torchic knocked out his first two Pokémon and my Butterfree put his Magnemite to sleep, he threw it at me and ran off. I think he was trying to knock me out, but I dodged it. It didn’t look like the grunt would return to reclaim his Magnemite, so I offered it a spot on my team.
Taric: Stinging the stingers… heh.
Chris: …what kind of name is Venten?
Yuuichiro: Identification of the Coal grunt.
Lan: Any objections to me battling him?
Yuuichiro: I would not recommend it. He has a full party ranging from levels 12 to 14. Your Porygon, by comparison, may be 18, but it has no backup.
?: Don’t know whether or not you got your Porygon back, but happy birthday or whatever anyways Lan.
A jester walked in and tossed a Dome Fossil at Lan, who had enough time to catch it.
Chris: I’ve read about that kind of fossil… some of the Devon tech should be able to reanimate it into a level 20 Kabuto.
?: And that’s why I gave it to him! Name’s Kefka Palazzo, by the way. I’m the Sinnoh champion.
Chris: Oh wow.
Taric: By any chance, can I see what kind of Pokémon I would be up against if I were to fight you?
Kefka: I suppose I can give you a quick demo.
Sinnoh Champ Kefka sent out Lataro! (Kabutops, level 70)
Kefka: Starting at level 40, you’ll be able to evolve your Kabuto into this. Once it does, it will kill all of your enemies one-by-one. I cannot even count how many times Lataro has swept my foes.
Chris: Whoa.
Kefka: I’d better be on my way, though. Lataro, return.
With that, he recalled his Kabutops and teleported away.
Chris: How long does it take to reanimate a Pokémon?
Gardenia.EXE: Approximately twenty hours.
Chris: In that case, I’ll go home.
Yuuichiro: If it’s Littleroot, I can give you that code.
Chris: It sure is.

End of Day 1

Unova is a stupid name.

Anyways. I wanted to get the whole Yuuichiro thing out of the way since Chris didn’t know about the box system yet.

Also, I reread one of my previous posts about how Ralts’ Spacial Rend would snap the first gym in half if I had the chance to use it… and it’s friggin’ hilarious in hindsight, given I subjected myself to the Steel Sergeant. Against replacement leader Ruune, though, constant hits would’ve meant an easymodo gym.

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Originally posted by ilovekirby12:

Wow you guys are so deeply intrested in an unactive thread. Come to my cyop pokemon:dreams of wonder forum game, i update it regulary :p

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