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Originally posted by M_Blox:

Sorry guys, imgur was taking a dump on me yesterday, but I’ve got the new turn posted.


Now shows the rooms previously visited.


Respawned. East or West?
I’ve noticed I forgot to put Woon1957 in the picture. Sorry lol.


There is a panel. Push it, go up, go down or go east?


Hooray for simplicity! Go up or go east?


There is a button with a rotation symbol on it. Press it, go up or go west?

Originally posted by ajx30009:

nice game too bad woon got here before me oh well ill just watch the progress of the game then

That’s a very stupid thing to say. What have you against Woon?

she`s ingnoring me i said im sorry for being a jerk in her game but she has not responded to me

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I just like to call people ‘Mr.’ as a sign of respect.

Now, I just went down, so why go back up? Eastward forth!

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Go up.

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Sign for next round this looks awesome

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Go up.