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Originally posted by reaper765:

I’m very tired, but from what I can tell, Shifters eventually become Beasts, so could I have a character that eventually changes from Shifter to Beast?

I never said that Shifters eventually turn into Beasts. Is there any specific part of my posts that seems to imply that? If so, I’ll change it.

But yes, you definitely can have a Shifter that eventually turns into a Beast. Also, Beasts can be intelligent too; it’s just that they’re savage more often than not.

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That’s why I said I was tired, I can barely remember what I read. But thanks, I’ll probably sign tomorrow when I can think straight.

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Primary Name: Vinyl

Other Names: Real name; Varralie Mundi

Class: Magus

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Human Appearance: Average height. A bit thin. Blue hair dyed, naturally blonde. Pale, really pale. Brown eyes so brown, the iris is near black. Usually wears a blue jacket with black stripes over a white t-shirt.

True Appearance: N/A

Personality: Cocky and naive. Usually either talks a lot, or not at all. He is usually mean to anyone mean to him, but is generally nice to everyone else. He is a little bit smarter than most, well in book smarts at least, when it comes to common sense, not so much.

Singing-Vinyl has a great singing voice.
Dancing-Vinyl is a pretty good dancer as well.
Sight-Vinyl has extraordinary sight for a human
Reflexes-Vinyl has great reflexes
Hunting-With his travels, Vinyl had to learn how to hunt animals, big and small
Speed-Vinyl became faster so that he could hunt animals easier
Fighting-While Vinyl isn’t a professional fighter, Vinyl knows how to handle himself in a fight. He relies on quick jabs and kicks, and taking down his enemies with many nice blows, rather than a couple of big hits. He prefers punches and kicks over grappling and throwing.
Sword Skills-Vinyl only used his sword to hunt down animals, he can use it better than most, however, doesn’t have professional training, unless you call chasing down small animals with a sword until one either Vinyl or the animal is tired and then poking it with his sword as professional training.
Quick Learner- Vinyl can learn most things really quickly.

Spells and Abilities:
Advanced spells;

Hologram Vinyl can create a hologram of himself, the hologram is a solid simulacrum that can act independently and can use Vinyl’s magic, while being somewhat weaker.

Armor Vinyl can create a suit of armor, said armor surrounds his whole body, stopping attacks that would usually kill him, drawback? Every single time he takes a hit, his stamina and strength takes a hit. If he gets hit hard enough, the armor will drop and if the same shot doesn’t kill him, his stamina and strength will be at a near zero.

Lightning Vinyl can summon lightning from himself (usually from the fingertips) or from the sky at will. Lightning fired from himself moves slower than real lightning. To use the lightning from the sky, he needs to send a pulse of my own magic to stimulate the clouds.

Fire bolt Vinyl conjures a huge ball of fire and launches it at his enemy. His Fire bolt is blue and has the ability to weaken magical shielding, even if the shield’s magic is stronger than Fire bolt’s.

Basic Spells;

Telekinesis Blood Shadow’s version. Please read this thread (Damn I really need to learn how to make it so the link is short)
[http://www.kongregate.com/forums/36/topics/285996] The telekinesis part is the first ability is the first ability to be stated.

Magical Shard Vinyl creates shard(s) of varying sizes. He can launch these shards as a projectile or uses one huge one as a shield.

Possessions: Vinyl carries a handkerchief and a pocket watch as good luck charms. As his weapon he uses an sabre with his trademark blue on the hilt.

Faction: Neutral

Bio: Vinyl had parents that horded books of the old world. As a result Vinyl has a vague as hell idea of the old world and knows some basic mathematics and education. Vinyl grew up as his family’s provider once his dad fell ill. Vinyl had a nice little life. One day however while he was getting some food for his old folks. Something killed off his family. When he got home, his parents were both dead. Most of his siblings (all of which were female) was also corpse, the rest was missing, he never found any of the missing girls, he figured that they were dead. Vinyl hates beasts with a passion, figuring that some kind of Beast killed his family off, however he could never hate them as much as the Magus Mechanile, understanding that him fighting beasts left and right won’t avenge his family, but he can’t help but have a great hatred for them, and will probably try killing one on sight. Today, Vinyl is a traveler, wandering around, not really knowing what to do with his life. Maybe he is trying to hang on what little chance there is of finding the lost family that there wasn’t a corpse of. Maybe he is trying to find adventure, he gets on little quests every once a while and loves the adrenalin rush. He doesn’t really know, what he is doing, or how he stayed alive even though he had many brush ins with death while on his adventure. He says his lucky handkerchief and pocket watch tips the chances to his favor.

[I’ll finish later.]

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Primary Name:Cogito Ergo Sum

Other Names:ME. Cogito, which stands for Magus Enforcer Cogito. ME. Is a standard prefix to all Magus Enforcers’ names.





Human Appearance:Cogito Ergo Sum has windswept hair and deft fingers. His toes look slightly elongated on the rare occasions that he steps out of his worn black boots. A thick pair of goggles covers his black eyes, the better to protect from monsters which have powers related to looking at them directly. He is of medium height and build, and has a wary look about him.

True appearance:N/A

Personality:Cogito Ergo Sum is one of the Magus Enforcers, the sect of the Magus Mechanicle that is in charge of settling disputes between Magi and wiping out non-human beings. He follows their teachings and has longed for years to see the Deux ex Machina rise and destroy all non-humans. He is perhaps rather calculative, and many have raised eyebrows over his ruthless treatment of Shifters and Beasts. This also makes him rather predictable, because you can expect him to always do what is logically the best option. Some say the Magus Supreme has turned him half-robot in an attempt to further strengthen the Magus Mechanicle, such is his cold calculation.

Skills:Cogito Ergo Sum is interested in chess and is a fairly good player. He is also has made an amateur study of the mathematical systems governing magic,Analysi, eque Theoretica Magicam.

Spells and Abilities:

-Soul Touch:Cogito Ergo Sum can, if in physical contact with a person, attack him spiritually. This disruption of the harmony between soul, body and mind will cause the target to lose concentration in whatever task he or she is doing and be knocked back with great force. In cases of contact for more than five seconds, the target may lose consciousness, and after ten seconds brain damage may occur.

-Reality Splinter:Think of the space-time continuum as a great string of yarn. Cogito Ergo Sum can tie this string into small knots, or bend and fold it so everything becomes confused and chaotic. When using Reality Splinter, he can create an invisible dome not more than 25 meters from him, and which is 2 meters in diameter. Everything within this dome will be affected by a gigantic swathe of chaotic energy. Cogito can control this energy to a limited extent; for example, he could order the energy to harm a certain person. How it harms the person and how much it harms the person is up to the energy.

-Purge:Cogito Ergo Sum can draw upon his power and create a great shockwave that grows weaker as it spreads out, and dissipates after about 50 meters. This shockwave is not an ordinary shockwave; it only affects non-human beings. If a non-human being is standing in the radius of the shockwave, he will be dealt physical damage, ranging from getting flung away from Cogito at the speed of a bullet or simply wobbling slightly.

-Storm of White:At Cogito Ergo Sum’s command, a series of rapidly fired white, glowing beams will appear and strike the ground in front of him. These beams will appear in a straight line leading directly away from him. They will last for about one second before disappearing. Anyone in the path of these beams will suffer damage equivalent to that of a meteorite hitting them. These beams originate from the sky. If indoors, these beams will deal the same amount of damage to the ceiling and attempt to smash through. The beams do not appear simultaneously; there is about a 1/4 second gap between the appearance of one beam and the appearance of the next.The beams deal a combination of magical and heat energy.

Basic Spells
-Omniforce:Cogito Ergo Sum can shape and cast a strange purple substance called Omniforce. Omniforce is solid and can be turned into, say, a sword, or bolts of Omniforce fired from Cogito’s hand. However, the shape of Omniforce cannot be changed once it loses contact with Cogito, even if Cogito comes into contact with the Omniforce-object again. It is not particularly powerful, but it is solid can can deal damage if thrown or swung hard enough. Omniforce-objects can be broken, but only with great force. About the force of a shotgun shell being expelled.

-Shadows:Cogito Ergo Sum can control shadows. However, though shadows possess more raw power than Omniforce and can slice through solid steel like a hot knife through butter, it is rather uncontrollable. He can, for instance, order the shadows to whip up a tendril on his opponent’s legs, but although it is likely that the shadows will obey(though it may not), the size, shape and force of the tendril cannot be controlled at all. Many a times, he has tried to use the shadows in combat, only to find that they refuse to be used, or disappear halfway, or appear in a form so weak it cannot be used at all.

Posessions:A white-with-red borders notebook containing notes about all that Cogito Ergo Sum has seen throughout his travels. Scattered throughout the notebook are personal recounts of events. The very first page has the words “Deux ex Machina”, and below that, “Cogito Ergo Sum”, and nothing more.

Faction:Magus Mechanicle.

Biography:[I would rather not write his full biography right now because I prefer to develop it during the story, but I know he was raised by the Magus Mechanicle and was indoctrinated at a very young age. He rose up the ranks quickly and earned the title of Enforcer when he was 19.]

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but you’ll need to discuss with me first.

For all the sections that say this, would you prefer a PM or just to analyze the character sheet that we submit? This is just a question, as I’m still not done (I don’t have time to write something comprehensive right now).

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[Character Sheet]

Primary Name: Zipacna.

Other Names: The lord of destruction, the lord of devastation, the destroyer.

Class: Beast.

Species: Demon.

Gender: Male.

Age: 1021 years old.

Human Appearance: N/A.

True Appearance: He is two and a half times taller then a normal human, he has dark red scaly skin, glowing red eyes, 2 large horns on his head, 2 large wings on his back, large claws on his hands and feet, long pointed ears, a rather muscular build, a very long thin whip-like tail and some very large and very sharp teeth. He wheres black and white armor crafted with demon skin and demon bones, the black areas of his armor are made of demon skin and the white areas are made of demon bones.

Personality: Cruel, Sadistic, Easily Angered.

Skills: Torture, Lying.

Spells and Abilities:

Basic Abilities:

1. Fire Breath: Can breath a stream of fire.

2. Demon Skin: He has a very tough skin that acts as a natural form of armor.

3. Wings: Can fly by using his wings.

4. Demonic Strength: He has much greater strength then that of normal humans.

5. Sharp Claws: His claws are as sharp as blades.

6. Fire Cloak: He can cloak himself in flames.

7. Fire Resistance: Takes less damage from fire and fire type attacks.

8. Heavy: Due to his large and bulk size he is very heavy.

9. Whip-Like Tail: He has a whip-like tail that he can use in combat.

10. Loud Roar: He can let out a loud and terrifying roar.

11. Sharp and Strong Teeth: His teeth are strong enough to bite through bone with ease.

12. Improved Senses: His sense of taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell are greater then humans.

13. Night Eye: Can see extremely well in darkness.

14. Sharp Horns: He has very sharp horns on his head that he could use to impale someone if he charges them.

15. Regenerate: He can regenerate his body over time, if something has been cut off or otherwise destroyed he can regrow it.

16. Demon Lungs: Can inhale a much larger amount of harmful gases, commonly used near volcanic areas of the undersphere.

17. Strong Mind: Most, if not all demons have a very strong mind which protects them against mental attacks or intrusions.

Advanced Abilities:

1. Create Lesser Demon: He can make small demons under his control, it takes the appearance of him but it’s size is smaller then him, the demons size depends on how much energy he used to make it. It only knows his basic abilities. When he is creating a demon a large lump quickly grows somewhere on his body, it then drops off of him and forms the lesser demon.

2. Control Fire: He can control, create, intensify or remove most kinds of fire, heat or lava. However if it is of a magical nature it is harder to manipulate, if it is a part of a fire elemental’s body he is unable to manipulate it, and if fire is controlled by another before he begins to manipulate it he will have to struggle over who has control over it.

3. Gateway: He can create a 3rd dimensional portal in the shape of a sphere linking a location near him with a location he has been in the past. This follows the physics of the warphole that Blood_Shadow made for the Nexus, sorry but I don’t know how to make a link to it.

4. Demonic Possession: He can possess someone who has a weak enough will, allowing him to appear mortal. He can also detect how strong another persons will is and see if he can possess them or if they are too strong. There are some benefits and downsides with this power which I will explain below:


- If he is killed while in another persons body he will not die but instead leave the body and return to his normal form.

- if the person he possesses has some constant physical benefit then it will remain when he is possessed, an example is if that person has scaly skin giving him added defense he will have this benefit as long as he is in there body.

- He can still use the following basic abilities while he is in there body: 1. Fire Breath, 4. Demonic Strength, 6. Fire Cloak, 7. Fire Resistance, 10. Loud Roar, 12. Improved Senses, 13. Night Eye.

- He can still use the following advanced abilities while he is in there body: 2. Control Fire, 3. Gateway, 4. Demonic Possession.

- He can learn things in his hosts memory, like where they live, how many people is in there family, do they have any friends, and other things like knowledge of the surrounding area.

- The demon can allow the mind of the original owner to surface while still being able to sense things through the host’s body.

- The demon can also allow the original owner to witness things while he is in control or to make it so they just black out some or all of the experience.


- He can’t use the following basic abilities while he is in there body: 2. Demon Skin, 3. Wings, 5. Sharp Claws, 8. Heavy, 9. Whip-Like Tail, 11. Sharp and Strong Teeth, 14. Sharp Horns, 15. Regenerate.

- He can’t use the following advanced abilities while he is in there body: 1. Create Lesser Demon.

- He can be exorcised while in there body which if successful will send him all the way back to the undersphere

- If the person he possesses has some constant physical weakness then it will remain when he is possessed, an example is if that person has lost an eye decreasing there ability to see he will have this weakness as long as he is in there body.

- It is possible for the person he possesses to display a surge of willpower and force you out, if he does something to provoke such a reaction like using his body to attack his loved ones while forcing him to watch.

Possessions: His demon armor gives him additional resistance to damage and fire, improving his natural resistances.

Faction: The Hordes of Ruin

Biography: He has lived in the undersphere for many centuries, he has found that he is stronger than most of the creatures that live down there. once every few decades or so he will get bored of the undersphere and decide to go up to the worldsphere and have some fun, his fun can take many forms, it could be destroying a few villages, possessing someone and traveling with their comrades to eventually kill them in painful and inhumane ways or sometimes he just wants to wonder around not doing much of anything, maybe join up with some mortals for his amusement as he watches them worry about there small problems.

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I really didn’t want to reuse character names from other games, but I couldn’t think of anything better…

Primary Name: Rose or Lynn, depending on which personality is in control.

Other Names: Rosalyn Lightfell.

Class: Shifter.

Species: Mimic Slime.

Gender: Female.

Age: 18.

Human Appearance: Rosalyn has a slender, petite build, with fair skin and long straight hair. Her hair color, eye color, and clothing changes when she switches personalities, but her body and face stays the same. Her skin is perfectly smooth and flawless, and hair glossy, though her appearance in general seems just a bit artificial.
Rose has sky blue eyes and silvery white hair. Her clothes are generally simple, loose, and flowing, usually a dress or long skirt and blouse; they are predominantly shades of white, blue, and other light colors.
Lynn has blood red eyes and jet black hair. Her clothes are quite a bit tighter and more revealing, usually a tank top and hot pants or miniskirt; they are predominantly shades of black, red, and other dark colors.

True Appearance: Rosalyn’s truest form, free of everything fabricated by her shapeshifting, is a pool of clear, translucent, perfectly colorless, semi-viscous liquid, of the same mass as her human body.

Personality: Rosalyn has two split personalities, Rose and Lynn. Their personalities may seem radically different, but they are in fact two halves of the same person.
Rose is sweet, kind, caring, but very quiet, shy, and insecure. Her self-esteem is low, and she is deeply afraid of the negative opinions of others. She is intelligent, and always tries to plan things out before doing anything, though this frequently stresses her out with fear and worry. She is a pacifist and strongly detests violence of any kind; it will pain her greatly if she is forced to fight.
Lynn is very strong-willed but impulsive and quick to anger. She is vain and has a high opinion of herself, though she almost never belittles others. Despite her intelligence, she tends to act without thinking, and try to make things up and improvise as she goes along. She has a strong sense of justice, and she almost never hesitates to step in and do something about it if she sees something that she thinks is wrong.

- Fighting: Rosalyn does not know how she acquired these skills, but she seems to be incredibly adept at almost all forms of combat, from unarmed martial arts to bladed and blunt weapons to firearms. They seem to be ingrained to some deep part of her psyche.
- Music: Rosalyn is a fairly good singer and piano player. However, not many people are aware of this; Rose is too shy to display her talents while Lynn has little patience for practice.
- Cooking: Rosalyn is a fairly good cook. Again, not many people are aware of this; Rose is too shy to cook for others while Lynn has no patience for it.

Spells and Abilities:

Advanced Spells: None at the moment.

Basic Spells:

- Blessing/Curse: At will, Rosalyn can create a shimmering magical energy that she cam manipulate with great dexterity, though it weakens with increasing distance away from her; it can extend as far as her sight. This spell can be run forward or backward, allowing it to harm or heal, though Rose can only use the healing aspect while Lynn the harming aspect, and using both simultaneously doesn’t seem to be possible at the moment. All effects of this spell are selective; Rosalyn can choose whether a target is affected by it or not. The magnitude of the spell’s effects is determined by the amount of energy she puts into it. Nothing is completely immune to this spell’s effects, though it may not as effective against stronger targets. Overuse of this spell will lead to physical fatigue.
The healing aspect of this spell is white and blue. On contact, it will heal a target’s wounds, and remove or at least weaken negative status effects that the target suffers from; this can also be used on inanimate objects to repair them. The energy of this spell can be used to enchant an object, creature, or spell, giving the target a bluish white glow and making it stronger and tougher while protecting it from negative effects.
The harming aspect of this spell is black and red. On contact, it will cause the target to break down and decay, while weakening or even removing anything that strengthens or protects it; this also works on inanimate objects. The energy of this spell can be infused into an object, creature, or spell, giving the target a reddish black glow and making its attacks deal more damage and weaken the powers of those it attacks.

- Telepathy: Rosalyn can reach out to touch the minds of other creatures and perceive the world around her, by projecting a tendril of invisible mental energy, though some spells or abilities may be able to detect it. The range of this spell extends as far as her sight, though it weakens with distance. Normally. she can only communicate and exchange information with another mind. But if she applies sufficient force, then it is possible to damage, control, or even modify other minds, though this is difficult and easily resisted by those with high willpower, which presumably includes all of the player characters. This spell also allows Rosalyn to resist and block out mind-affecting spells and abilities with greater ease, as well as switch between her two personalities with ease; the main method of communication between her selves is through telepathy. Lastly, this spell allows Rosalyn to detect most types of magic and magical energies around her. Overuse of this spell will lead to headaches, mental fatigue, or even unconsciousness.

Basic Abilities:

- Shapeshifting: Rosalyn can freely change any and all parts of her body in either human form or true form to any color, shape, texture, and physical property in general, within reasonable limits, and remain in these new forms indefinitely. She can mimic living tissue and organs to some degree, though they must be at least relatively close to a human’s physiology. For example, she can create human stomach acid and enzymes but not the venom of some poisonous snake. Her physical appearance and clothes are fashioned from this ability. She can expand to up to twice her body mass and shrink to up to half; extra mass can be said to be converted to or from massless magical energy. Physical attacks will be relatively less effective against her, and she has no vital spots, but energy-based attacks can still damage her.

- Splitting: Rosalyn can split her body into an arbitrary number of disconnected parts, and control them with varying levels of dexterity, though her telepathy helps here. These parts can be arbitrarily far away from one another, and thoughts and magical energies can be nigh instantaneously exchanged among them through some sort of extra dimension. If a part of her is destroyed, she will lose a chunk of her magical reserves, but the body part and her magic will grow back over time. The only way to kill her for sure is complete obliteration.

- Sustenance: Rosalyn only requires the automatic absorption of ambient magical energy to sustain herself, though she can still consume human food if she desires.

- Senses: Every part of Rosalyn’s body can have the sense of touch. She can prevent portions of her body, for example her hair, from feeling pain, and sensitivity can be adjusted to some degree, though she usually doesn’t shut off pain because otherwise she won’t know if she gets damaged. Only small parts of her normally has the senses of sight, hearing, smell, and taste, typically the normal human organs that these senses are associated with. She can adjust sensitivity to some degree, and make greater areas of her body become receptive to these senses, but these senses become fuzzier and more unclear if they’re spread over too great an an area.

- Levitation: Rosalyn can consciously will herself to float a moderate distance above the ground. If she adjusts her body structures and densities properly, she can turn this into outright flight, though she cannot continuously do so for extended periods of time without exhaustion.

- Spell Enhancement: Though her ordinary physical attacks are not to be underestimated, Rosalyn’s basic abilities alone are not quire on par with the heavier hitters of the supernatural world. However, she can combine her spells with her shapeshifting abilities to increase her combat prowess. Rose can enchant herself with Blessing to become a mass of extremely tough and strong silvery liquid metal, while Lynn can infuse herself with Curse to turn into a black shadowy liquid that corrodes things on touch.

If you think she’s too powerful or versatile compared to an ordinary slime creature… Well, normal slime creatures are generally poisonous, toxic, radioactive, or have some other nasty properties as a part of their basic abilities, while she doesn’t.

Advanced Abilities: None at the moment.

Possessions: Nothing of significance. She creates whatever weapons she needs using shapeshifting.

Faction: Utopia.

Biography: Rosalyn has little to no memory of her life before she was eight years old. The fragments that she does occasionally remember, almost always in nightmares, leave Rose terrified beyond words and even Lynn seriously disturbed; both personalities are content with forgetting about them as soon as possible. From her eighth year onwards, she remembers spending her entire life in an orphanage run by one of the archangels in the Utopian Council.
Originally, Rose was the only personality, shy and timid because of the constant bullying from many of the children at the orphanage. Some of them are human, and some are Shifters, they knew that Rose was not like any of them or even anything they read from the books; no one could determine what kind of creature she truly was. Many called her a freak and showered her with spiteful words, while others stayed well clear of her; the next five years of her life were spent in almost complete isolation. The infrequent but downright terrifying nightmares did not help either. The only consolation was the belief that if she perfected her healing magic, she would be able to help others, and then she would be accepted. Rose wanted to believe in the teachings of the Church of Light, but she was too afraid that the Paradise of Light they spoke of was not real.
Then came a Utopian riot, one of the biggest in decades, one that nearly tore the orphanage apart. Alone as always, Rose was attacked, by a group of orcs wielding nasty weapons and nastier magic. In panic at her life falling apart before her eyes, something within Rose snapped. For an instant, horrific images flashed before her like in a nightmare. Then she struck back against the images, not as herself but as Lynn, an alternate personality that had been sleeping in the depths of her mind and seemingly a manifestation of Rose’s repressed desires and urges over the years. Lynn displayed a prowess with offensive magic and combat that Rose never realized she had, and overpowered her enemies with ease. She even struck out against the attackers, and saved the orphanage. Rather than fame or acceptance, the children in the orphanage came to fear her, leaving her further alienated. But Rose did not mind much; at least now she had a companion that would always support her.
In the next few years, Rose and Lynn did more or less anything they wanted. They learned things they were interested in learning, helped some people, and improved their spells and abilities. Their origin still perplexed them, but Lynn constantly urged Rose to not worry about it. She is not quite sure what she will do with her life, but both personalities wish to spend life helping people whenever they can, perhaps as a healer or a defender of justice and peace. Lynn also wants to explore outside the floating cities of Utopia, but Rose isn’t quite ready to face what lies below the Oversphere.

Yes, she is pretty much a unique, one-of-a-kind creature. Suffice to say that there is much to her backstory that I haven’t revealed. If you want a unique creature too, you need to discuss with me first.

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@Mark: Vinyl is accepted. Although for an Advanced Spell, the Hologram can use a little buffing; I wouldn’t mind if it created a solid simulacrum that can act independently and has all of Vinyl’s spells except somewhat weaker. And for Lightning, if you want to create a lightning bolt in the sky, you’ll have to send a pulse of your own magic (which may or may not be invisible) there to stimulate the clouds and make the lightning appear.

@Helltank: Well… A few problems.
First, Reality Splinter is a bit… I generally don’t like reality warping abilities that can potentially do anything at all, especially the erasing things from existence part. I’d rather make it so that it just creates bursts of wild magic with random effects in the dome. And you can’t just instantly create it anywhere; you’ll have to send a pulse of magic to the desired location to form the dome.
“Anything might happen” has the same problem as above, although you make it look as though Purge only deals physical damage as concussive force.
Storm of White… Yeah. No instant kill, period. You’ll have to make the beams do something else that is potentially but not always lethal. Again, you’ll have to send a pulse of magic to the sky if you want the beams to come from above. And they can’t just burn through any material constituting the ceiling, because there are many ridiculously tough materials in existence.
Also, do realize that the Worldsphere is not Earth. The Game of Life may have been invented by some mathematician, but it won’t necessarily be a human named John Horton Conway.

@Arken: Your profile looks good so far. Except that for Control Fire, you can’t just control any fire. For example, you can’t control the fire of a fire elemental’s body, or the fire created by some magic, unless you’re much stronger than the original creator of the fire.

For all the sections that say this, would you prefer a PM or just to analyze the character sheet that we submit?

Whichever you prefer.

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I have fixed my Control Fire, I would also like to know how many demons I can have at a time. and if it is ok for me to skip the personality on my character.

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Can’t be bothered to edit signups, so…

1)All spells now require a pulse of energy to be used up before casting. The pulse of energy travels at the speed of a fired arrow.

2)When I say “anything can happen”, I mean physical damage, the maximum of which is “getting flung away from Cogito at the speed of a bullet” and the minimum of which is “wobbling slightly”.

3)Reality Splinter now causes lots of chaotic energy to be blasted about inside a dome. Cogito can control this energy to a very limited extent(eg. he can order it to do harm to a specific person inside the dome. How much harm and how is up to the chaotic energies).

4)If used indoors, Storm of White will deal massive damage to the ceiling. Whether it actually breaks through or not depends on the ceiling in question. It has also be altered to do massive damage to whoever it hits, instead of insta-killing them. It has a high chance of causing casualties, but not a 100% chance. Also, overuse of Storm of White will cause mental fatique, physical fatique, nausea and unconsciousness.

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Primary Name: Oloroar, or Olo for short
Other Names: Oloroar the Mad
Class: Magi
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Human Appearance: Brown hair with a streak of white, piercing green eyes, with thin-rimmed glasses. Tall and skinny, normally wears a thin, vertically striped purple suit.
True Appearance: N/A
Personality: Distant sums it up, though there are a few more words. Powerful, strange, disconnected from the world in general, like watching two movies at one and trying to keep track of both.
Skills: Juggling and laughing eerily
Spells and Abilities:
Advanced Spells:
MOTHERFUCKING LASER BEAMS: What it says on the tin. Fired out of the hands.
Nullify: Olo can release a wave of energy which will nullify most spells, weaken summoned creatures, and temporarily short-fuse Shifters from changing forms.
Void Walk: Olo can temporarily transport himself into some kind of other realm, which is closely intertwined with the Worldsphere, in that if he moves in the second realm and comes out, he has moved in the other as well. In the second realm or “Void”, he can move through what would be walls in the normal realm. He has found it useful many a time when others boasted of their “inescapable prisons” or “inpenetrable sanctuaries”.
Life Link: Olo can sense nearby animals. Humans too, though not as effectively.
Basic Spells:
Blink: Olo can transport himself or others a short ways, like with Void Walk, though for not as long.
Extinguish: Olo can weaken another creature’s life force, or if they are already weak, kill them. He assures people that it is painless, though no one knows.
Possessions: An old, worn bag of strange-looking rocks.
Faction: Neutral
Biography: A human who was born independant of a Faction, he likes it staying that way. He was orphaned when he was only a few months old, and has come to disregard that fact, as if it has slowly become normal over the years. Olo is anything but normal, however. He exhibited signs of magical ability at a very young age, when he somehow managed to kill a bird with a laser beam. When it became obvious he was slowly eroding into what he calls “the Flow” or “the ESSENCE of magic”, he was taught how to control his power, which he adapted into the Nullify technique he uses today, but he was a bit too far gone at that point, and so, for a few weeks, everything was okay, until he lost control again and attacked the other kids at the orphanage. Then people began trying to get away from him when he came near, and spoke in mumbled whispers of “that weird kid who went crazy.” He slowly faded away, though it was hard to tell because no one was looking for him, and grew more powerful during his self-imposed exile. He is only just now returning from wherever he went, and has grown even more powerful. He tells of some strange land, but, no one believes him.

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What happens when a human and a shifter engage in coital activities? Can they have children? What if they are two different species of shifter? [well, a human can’t possibly have offspring with a mimic slime (maybe they could), but what about shifters more similar to human?]

Yes, I am gonna do a mixed-race character.

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Originally posted by Pulsaris:

What happens when a human and a shifter engage in coital activities? Can they have children? What if they are two different species of shifter? [well, a human can’t possible have offsprings with a mimic slime (maybe they could), but what about shifters more similar to human?]

Yes, I am gonna do a mixed-race character.

For reference, I’ve discussed something like this with B_S previously. As far as I know, Human + Shifter/Beast will result in another Shifter/Beast of the Shifter/Beast parent’s species, whilst Shifter/Beast + Shifter Beast can have a variety of outcomes. I’ll leave it to B_S to explain things properly. In the meantime, I shall create my guy as well.

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@Arken: If you put less power into each individual demon spawn, you’ll be able to create more of them, so I wouldn’t put an absolute limit on how many you can have. Also, I’d prefer that you give at least give a brief description of his personality.

@Helltank: I’d prefer that you edit your profile, because it’ll make things easier if someone has to refer to it later. Purge and Reality Splinter are now fine, but you should specify what kind of damage Storm of White deals (e.g. kinetic, heat, chemical); I need to know that because some creatures might be resistant to certain types of damage.

@Pulsaris: For the intents and purposes of sex and reproduction, a Shifter’s human form is mostly the same as a normal human. A Shifter of any species can have children with a human or another Shifter of any species, as long as both parents are in human form. Since Beasts have no human forms, interspecies reproduction is a bit more difficult due to potentially incompatible physiologies.

Do you want me to post the rules for mixed-race creatures? It might get a bit complicated. Maybe you should just tell me your idea, and we can talk about it.

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Ok I have finished my character… I think…

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Argh. At least give me an alert when you edit your posts in the previous pages, all right? I nearly missed Sierrasama’s profile on page one.

@Sierrasama: A couple of things. First, pretty much every Magus player character has the “has more magic than normal Magi” trait, being more powerful than average; putting that as a skill is redundant. Second, a person’s shadow has no direct physical connection with his or her body, so it feels awkward to me if one can move a person by moving the person’s shadow. I’d prefer if you remove the people puppeteering, but make the other aspects of the ability stronger or have less drawbacks.

Also, BC’s character is basically how mixed-race creatures work. Some of them may have multiple true forms, but that will make them pretty mentally unstable due to conflicting natures and instincts. Each form has its own set of basic abilities, and they can assume a hybrid form that has some but not all abilities from each individual form. If you don’t want to be mentally unstable, just forego the multiple forms and make the hybrid form your only true form.

Everyone who has been accepted so far will be put into the character list.

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I have a question: My demon only uses fire and physical attacks, BC’s fire demon form from the sounds of it is immune to fire and physical attacks, this would mean there is no way i could possibly beat him if he was in his fire demon form. I know you B_S, you wouldn’t allow a character like his unless there was someway for him to be defeated through fire and physical attacks because otherwise it would be absolute, so my question is: How can he be beat by fire or physical attacks?

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A lot of fire, or a lot of physical attacks, remember, if something doesn’t work, you’re just not hitting hard enough!

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Originally posted by therealsirmark4:

A lot of fire, or a lot of physical attacks, remember, if something doesn’t work, you’re just not hitting hard enough!

He is Fire, meaning my fire attacks won’t do anything to him and my physical attacks will pass right through him.

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Mark is right. You can burn a fire elemental to death with sufficiently powerful fire magic; fire resistance is only relative. And incorporeality only means he takes less damage from physical attacks. He’ll still be hurt and feel pain, unless he intentionally parts his body around the attack, which is the same thing as dodging, but he obviously can’t dodge all attacks. If that’s not enough to nerf incorporeal creatures… I can say that the magic in a magic-powered physical attack, which is pretty much every single physical attack in the game (even throwing a rock at him using magic counts), will damage the magic in his incorporeal body, though the damage is still relatively less than the damage done to him by energy-based attacks. In general, incorporeal creatures are more resistant to physical attacks but more vulnerable to energy-based attacks.

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Thank you B_S that is good to know.

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If me and BC’s character ever fight, I’m just gonna sPam firebolts at him, just cause.

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updated my profile

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I added an additional benefit to my demons 4th advanced ability which allows him to learn things that is in his hosts memory.

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Primary Name: Dawn Thorne

Other Names: Dawn Silver Thorne, ‘Starlight Mage’

Class: Magi

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Human Appearance: Dawn’s short auburn hair falls right on her shoulders, and her natural highlights of blonde make her piercing blue eyes stand out. Her silver necklace has a sapphire stone to match her eyes. She has light freckles around her nose, and you can only see them if you lean close to her pale skin. She always wears jeans that are thin and right below the knee. She has special running sneakers and the special sole gel-placer-thing. She also has a pair of boots that were modified for running as well, so she can run almost as well in her boots as she can in sneakers. Almost. Dawn can be found easily because she wears a light blue tank top and a black over-lay blouse. She also has a faded star shaped birthmark under her right eye. She gets her nickname from it.

True Appearance: -

Personality: (I hate doing these because they limit the way I can play my character, but…) Dawn looks like a kind, sweet heart on the outside, but she is quite cold. She doesn’t ‘let anyone in’ and stays solo. She never works together with people, as she finds too many others to be unintelligent. She might only open up when she finds someone intelligent or Magi in trouble, in which situation she’d bark out orders and help a little. She can be a nice person (at times), but she’s been treated harshly in the past, so she’s a hard book to crack.

Skills: Translating; Dawn translates many languages of other beasts for others. Silver Tongue; Dawn can lie convincingly, but only does lie when needed. Sparring; Dawn has a rich history of fighting guys as self-defense and for fun.

Spells and Abilities:

- Advanced spells
- Silence of the Shadows; Dawn can, in a sense, edit or bend shadows almost to will. The shadows take mass once in her control, as she uses her magic to bend them. She can have them swallow up a target and suffocate it. A downside is how if there is no light, everything is a shadow and she can’t focus well.

- Shadow Charm; Dawn can place an ally or possession in shadows and whisper a few words and the item with have a 25% chance of having a stronger hit when fighting a shadow/demonic beast, or, if ally, the ally will be able to see better in shadows.

- Heal-me-shield; Dawn forms either one huge shield, or multiple small shields around her allies. The shield slowly heals simple cuts and wounds. It protects from one element of Dawn’s choice once it is up. The downside is that the shield doesn’t cover the ground, so an underground attack with get through.

- Magic Healing Hand; Dawn forms magic in her hands and puts it down on a wound of an ally or herself. The magic slowly heals whatever wound, but this magic can be used to heal gashes, burns, and even be used to stop a drowning victim. The main downside is that, even though it speeds up the longer it is activated, she can move or do anything else except keep both her hands over the wound. She can break it, but it makes her dizzy for a post as well.

- Basic spells
- Hear my echo; Dawn can make her voice echo to be heard, or think something so her allies can hear it. The downside is that this has a 50% chance of taking a full post to do, and another post afterwards of dizziness.

- Shadow Weapontry; Dawn can form a small sword, katana, kunai, shuriken, knife, scythe, whatever weapon out of shadows. She has to be in the shadows, however. After doing so, she can let allies hold it. If allies do touch it, however, she feels sick and dizzy. Dawn usually forms a few kunai in the shadows and launches them without touching, making the shadows work.

Possessions: A long staff with a sapphire globe on top. There is a small, floating star inside. This staff is called the Starlight Staff, and is a symbol of Dawn’s history. Dawn also has a messenger bag that is black with the star symbol. It glows brightly if other hands try to touch it.

Faction: I will edit when I make a choice. :)

Biography: Dawn was born just as a shooting star made its way overhead. It, however, was Dawn, so that was what she was named. Her middle name came from the color of the star: silver. Dawn was four when she received her messenger bag and staff. She started learning magic and sparring. She defeated the other boys in her school at seven, but learned magic at six. She preferred magic over sparring, but both were equally good. When she was ten, she was forced to make a choice. She chose magic, but continued sparring. She was awake at 10:00pm when a knock came at her door. She wasn’t supposed to be awake, so she dimmed the light she was making with her pinky, but continued reading her magic book. A few thumps and words were shared, until she heard a frightening thunk. Footsteps followed and another thump hit. The door opened, but Dawn stayed still as they left. After counting to twenty, she got out of her room to see her dead parents. She grabbed the silver sapphire necklace and ran out the door. She shot light out of her palm, but only saw the back of the attacker’s neck. A sun tattoo was present. After he was gone, Dawn slumped down to the ground with sobs. The shadows and darkness swallowed her up, and she lost her ability to use light; she could use shadows now, but only them. She continued her life, going on alone, swallowed up in her magic studies. She had a proper funeral for her parents, but no one knew about her parents. She wrote a long, long, long letter and left on the door, then left. She left at seventeen, but she was as alone then as she is right now.