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Yeah, I know, I was just making a joke.

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I fixed it. And, Nicholas’s sword is made from a mysterious metal. By great power, I just meant that it was generally powerful and used to kill many.

EDIT: Finished Nicholas’s biography.


We can be bros! :D

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We can be bros! :D

Aw hell naw
…also, if I take this suggestion literally, I recall mentioning how P-T didn’t have any brothers as of his birth, although I suppose she could have gained some in the three hundred-ish years since then. If Nick was Phirix’s brother, though, there’d likely be a species barrier in the way. I mean, given that your guy clearly isn’t of the same species of dragon or demon as Phirix, then… well, yes.

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cough, cough


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I fixed it.

You haven’t. You didn’t put flight as one of your basic abilities, nor did you clarify that the magma spell requires you to extend a line of energy from yourself to your target and cause the lava explosion there.

When Nicholas was born, Worldsphere was at peace.

No, it wasn’t. If he’s 926 years old, that time period was even more chaotic than right now. Most of the power structures today hadn’t been established yet, and all the creatures and humans were at one another’s throats trying to gain more influence and control. There’s no way anywhere on the Worldsphere at that time would even have anything close to peace. And there has never been peace since.

Also, if you started off as human then polymorphed, you have to be either a pure demon or some other pure species. You have to be born a hybrid, because that’s what a hybrid means.

And, Nicholas’s sword is made from a mysterious metal.

I’m the GM. I must know and approve everything that goes on in my game. If you don’t want to reveal it to the public, PM it to me. Note that I may choose to reveal whatever I want to reveal at my discretion, regardless of whether you want it revealed or not.

By great power, I just meant that it was generally powerful and used to kill many.

You need to be more specific. How did it kill many? Generic super toughness and sharpness? Elemental damage? Some kind of dark magic? Etc, etc.

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Alright, now it’s fixed. Hopefully.

And I’m PMing you about the metals.

And… I changed my faction from Utopia to neutral.

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Primary Name: Victoria Cross.

Other Names: N/A

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Human Apperance: A bit tall and a bit on the skinny side. She is pale, really pale. Brown eyes so brown, the iris is nearly black. She usually wears armor, on and off duty, taking it off only when she needs to, like taking a shower. Yes she sleeps with the uncomfortable thing on. (Details of the armor will be covered later).

True Apperance: Ew, who’d wanna be one of those monsters? Gladly N/A

Personality: Victoria is very serious. She doesn’t joke around and is always doing something productive trying not to waste a minute of the day dillydallying. She has great book smarts and common sense when it comes to most things, something her brother lacked. She can’t stand weaklings because one, she believes the weak is useless, and two, that means she’ll have to take care of them.

Fighting: In both her way of fighting physically and with magic, she is fast fighter, hitting fast, accurate, and most importantly hard. Her fighting styles cursu et viribus and ieiunium mors , speed and strength and fast death respectively if she got her Italian right.

Cursu et viribus: Cursu et viribus is a technique she has created herself that is used with her personal sword. The technique focuses on hitting the opponent hard and fast. Using her light sword and excellent speed to dance around the opponent’s defences, and striking with lightning speed.

Ieiunium mors: Ieiunium mors is also a technique she created herself. This technique is used with her magic, it is about disorienting the opponent and hitting his/her weak points. Using her magic not only to harm but to daze.

Creature identification: Victoria has read. A lot. In theory she can name most creatures be them pure bloods or hybrids as well as try and come up with a strategy to defeat it. Of course this isn’t factoring outside variables such as fear.

_Advanced: _

Magical Spears: Victoria can summon magical spears. Said spears are made by pure magic and are blue. They are usually use as a ranged weapon and will do one of two things, hit whatever is in front of them and probably pierce straight through whatever is in front of them. Or explode in a million colors, I’m not kidding when I say a million, like you can get a seizure by looking into the explosion it’s so powerful. Little threads magic connects the spear to Victoria (usually her fingers but can be anywhere on her body), the spears do not have to be connected to Victoria but while they are, Victoria can move the Spears as well as put more power(magic) into it to give it more piercing power/explosion, or take away magic from it to regain the magic. Also while the spears her extremely powerful on their own, they also have magic destroying abilities, similar to Vinyl’s blue firebolts, however as a trade off to these magic destroying abilities, the spears are less powerful than that would be for a magi of her skills.

Clone: Victoria can clone a copy of herself, the clone is a solid simulacrum that can act independently and can use Victoria’s magic, being somewhat weaker. The clone can also copy others’s appearances. Said copies can not use the powers of the other person.

Super Speed: Victoria can run at lightning speeds. While using super speed, an aura of thin magic surrounds her, this aura makes sure she doesn’t get hurt when she reaches speeds that should kill her. Her speed can reach to the point where she’ll break the sound barrier, well in theory. In practice, the aura would have to be stronger so she doesn’t well… you know, die. She would have to accelerate up to that speed, probably going in a straight line, and if she was to hit anything just before, or after breaking the sound barrier, chances are there will be no more Victoria.

Camouflage: Victoria turn invisible or camouflage herself into another’s appearance, when she does either, the transition to invisibility/other’s appearance is fluid and unless you see her camouflage herself, chances are, you won’t see through the disguise, unless you see through the disguise magically, then it turns into a, who is more magically powerful competition to see if you get to see through her disguise. While under the disguise, Victoria can mimic the target’s voice.

Life Steal (I seriously need a better name for this one): Victoria can use her magic to take the life force/magic power from other living things, said life/magic force can be used in different ways, she can use it to heal herself or others, buff her own, or others existing spells/abilities. The amount of strength she gets is proportionate to the organism that she took it from, a patch of flowers would give a lot less than a bear or huge ass tree. She can use this on most organisms with ease, however sentient organisms can resist the effect, to the point Victoria has to use much more magic than she is getting back, of course, said organism will have to know what is happening to resist it. The spell takes the form of a magic stream sort of thing. A stream of magic would come out of Victoria (usually out of her fingertips) and go to it’s target, once it makes contact, it starts draining the energy.

Victoria’s weapon: Victoria owns a sword that is constantly surrounded by a red aura that can be strengthened by the user. The sword it’s self looks like a rapier, the blade being 50 inches long ending with a sharp tip if she needs to slash something. The red aura has three characteristics: One, it makes it so the rapier doesn’t dull, or at least slows it down from dulling. Two, it make the sword stronger, giving it more piercing power. Three, the user can strengthen the aura so it can remake the sword. That’s right, one second, the sword can be the rapier, the next, a long sword, the next, a scimitar, and can even become a spear.

Victoria’s Armor: Victoria walks around in a chestplate. Said chestplate is made out of steel, the chestplate, like Victoria’s sword, is surrounded by a small aura. This aura can be strengthen by Victoria’s own magic to block more force. The chestplate is also shock absorbent. Like the sword, Victoria can put more magic into the chestplate to gain the other pieces of the suit of armor on the fly, she doesn’t like the headgear but would rather wear it than get her head chopped off.

Hanker Chief and Pocket watch: Victoria carries a hanker chief and pocket watch with her at all times, even when going into battle, she doesn’t believe in luck but if she did, these would be her good luck charms.

Faction: Magus Mechancile

Bio: Victoria had a simple life, until at age nine her family was attacked by beasts, she never saw what kind because her father, even while ill hid her, and her sisters in hiding places. She was able to look through her hiding place to see the shadows of her mother and father moving frantically, fighting the shadows of big as hell beasts. She could see all kinds of magic fling about everywhere, she would hear one beast die, then another, and another, but alas, the mother and father were outnumbered, a dozen-to-one, with one not having any true skill to fight, and the other ill. She hid as she heard her sisters yelled as they were slaughtered, she thought she was dead until she heard footsteps, beasts don’t make footsteps. Spells were thrown about and orders were yelled across the room, after the fighting died down, she was found by a soldier, a soldier of the Magus Mechancile. Ever since, Victoria trained with the Magus Mechancile, becoming a strong believer in the religion. While she practically sacrificed social interaction outside of her mentors and teachers, she has risen the ranks of the Magus Mechanicile, a prodigy in magic and a champion in the art or weaponry; she has became a elite enforcer, specializing in scout/recon. Her dream is to someday become one of the strongest magi in the world barring Justinian XXI, as well as maybe find her lost brother, who was out hunting when the beasts attacked.

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Underlord’s character is accepted.


First, you need an alt to make a second character.

The clone can also copy others and can use the abilities other person/creature it copies, as long as Victoria has seen and had enough time to study the person’s/creature’s abilities.

I won’t allow any player character (except possibly my own, though I’m not planning on any) to have ability copying. As I’ve explained in a previous game of mine, I don’t want any player character to copy the antagonists’ abilities. Also, horrible, horrible things will happen to the plot itself if Christopher’s spells and abilities are copied.

The way she does this is that an aura of her own magic surrounds her and any others she wants to teleport, then they quickly gets surprised into a small glob of magic that is almost indestrucable

Forcibly polymorphing others is one of those things listed under “practically impossible unless you’re so much stronger than your opponent that the conflict is trivial anyways”. Because if you can disassemble something and reassemble it into a sphere, theoretically it’ll be possible to just disassemble the thing and stop there, if the spell is modified a little. And that’s rather vastly overpowered.

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Okay, cool.

So, where do I start?

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Originally posted by Underlord:

Okay, cool.

So, where do I start?

That is your first challenge. Read the first and last few pages of the game, see if you can get a gist of what’s going on, and act accordingly.

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Jiki’Rath was created to defend a fort in the wilderness, locatedin a forest.

Uh… There are two “kinds” of golems. One kind are automatons, soulless machines powered by magic, and those aren’t true golems at all. The other kind are species of living creatures in the Worldsphere, originally descended from humans, with both Shifter and Beast variants. Since those have souls, they reproduce, and cannot be created, since creating a soul is another one of those things listed under “theoretically possible but practically impossible”. One kind of golem may try to masquerade as the other, but that generally fails, as the presence of a soul is pretty easy to sense by magic users.

There are two ways a true golem might feasibly reproduce. The obvious way is for it to polymorph into a human and do it the old-fashioned way. This type of reproduction is sexual because it’s just human reproduction, so that means golems aren’t really genderless, at least not when in human form. Or a golem can split off a piece of its own soul, and stuff it inside a chunk of the same material that its own body is made of (e.g. diamond for a diamond golem). The piece then begins to absorb magical energy from the environment and slowly transforms into a young golem. The young golem then consumes earthen materials and grows like normal golems. Yes, a golem can detach a chunk of its own body, and put a piece of its soul in the chunk, to make a “child” purely out of itself. After splitting off a piece of its own soul to make a child, it will take about nine months for a golem’s soul to recover so that it may split itself again without risking massive trauma. Yes, this is about as long as human pregnancy because the first golems were originally humans. A Shifter golem can use both ways to reproduce, while a Beast golem can obviously only use the latter way, at least without interspecies squick.

Jiki has seen and lived many battles, making it a very good fighter and strategist.

That should go under skills.

Jiki’s chest runes slow the rust process on it, making most rust magic innefective on it.

Iron golems only rust after death, just like how human bodies only decay after death. When it’s alive, the iron golem’s body is protected by its own magic. This is something that all golems have by default, so it doesn’t need to be included. I suppose that weaker iron golems may begin to rust with age, but that’s only if they don’t exercise themselves often, or something.

Also, very few magic users have magic that specifically rusts iron, as that’s highly situational and not very helpful in most situations.

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Ok, edited it. Didn’t understood what you meant by skills, so I left that where it was. If you think something else needs to be modified or explained, I’ll do it asap.

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Didn’t understood what you meant by skills, so I left that where it was.

It’s a section in the character sheet right above spells and abilities.

But before going back to exploring, Jiki’Rath inscribed the few runes it knew on its body, one in the blade and the rest in the chest.

Advanced abilities are things that the body naturally possesses. A creature may have them since birth, or they may be awakened through training or some kind of trauma. You cannot just inscribe some runes on your body and get abilities just like that. Whatever ability-like effects they provide, they’re just enchantments, and therefore only count as equipment. Equipment is generally much less powerful and versatile than actual spells and abilities.

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Added the skills section and moved the skill there. And what you are saying is that I should take out the advanced abilities and add them as equipment/possesions?

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And what you are saying is that I should take out the advanced abilities and add them as equipment/possesions?

I’m saying that if you want them to be abilities, you should have been born with them or awakened them through training or some kind of physical or mental trauma. They shouldn’t have been artificially installed on you.

Jiki’s chest runes protect it from any magic casted on it, reducing their effectiveness.

There’s no difference between, for example, the fire in a magical fireball and the fire made by a conventional flamethrower. Being produced by magic does not handicap the fire in any way. So while you can have something that protects against energy-based attacks and effects in general, there isn’t anything that just protects against magic.

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you should have been born with them or awakened them through training or some kind of physical or mental trauma

Could be the recovery of a deep wound one way to awake an advanced ability?

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Could be the recovery of a deep wound one way to awake an advanced ability?


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Originally posted by Blood_Shadow:

Could be the recovery of a deep wound one way to awake an advanced ability?


Like with a Saiyan!

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Originally posted by overfrost:


Yes I see it. Its the one with the tall building sticking up in the center of it. From the images you’re showing me i can see that the road out of town is pointing southwest. Since the road out of town is supposed to point south of the city we must be southeast of the city. The only forest in that direction from the town is the Bai Ning so we must be in the Bai Ning forest. Its about a days travel from the Bai Ning to town. Shall we leave now?

The only sensible Chinese name I can think of that is pronounced as “Bai Ning” means roughly “White Freezing”. Since it’s near the city of Qing Long, a blue (ice) dragon, that makes sense. I’m thinking that as we get closer to the city, we’ll see that much of the forest is filled with a cold white mist that condenses to snow and frost on surfaces, hence the name. The coldness is pretty mild and not very dangerous. There obviously isn’t any such mist in the forest right now, so I’m thinking that the parts with the mist are about half a day’s travel away. Is that far enough to justify the weather change?

Extremely resistant to non-magical weapons while in Ifrit form, though extremely weak to magic.

That’s not very realistic. If you’re a skinny but solid creature, you should be weak to physical attacks, not resistant to them. Only incorporeal creatures (e.g. creatures made of fire) have that kind of physical resistance and energy weakness.

Immune to fire that isn’t started by magical means, from within a creature’s body, or ridiculously hot (Like the Earth’s core, or the Sun).

You should just change this to “very resistant to fire”.

Jess’s ability even allows him to modify the properties of it,like weight and what material it is made from.

No. If you want transmutation, you need another ability. And transmutation has its own limitations. Don’t think there’s anything like E=mc^2 in this universe.

It doesn’t put strain on him, but if he is in strain, it stops working.

No. Each additional reanimation requires additional energy and thus gives additional strain.

Everything else should be fine though.

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@B_S, hope it doesn’t bothers if I delete the previous sign up while I think on a better character to sign in. Sorry for the inconveniences.

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Yeah that’s far enough.

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Originally posted by Behemoth542:

@B_S, hope it doesn’t bothers if I delete the previous sign up while I think on a better character to sign in. Sorry for the inconveniences.

No worries. Feel free to change it as often as you feel like.

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Just gonna… make a completely new character, since I somehow managed to make unnoticed mistakes again… TIME TO SEE HOW MUCH I CAN MESS UP WHATEVER I DECIDE TO DO!

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Oh yeah, WillItBlend and Xandrya both quit the game due to a lack of inspiration. I’ve given control of Blendy’s character to Mark, while Xandrya’s character will simply never be mentioned again since she isn’t interacting with anyone right now; there is no need to modkill her.

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