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Gender: In human form, male. In true form, asexual.

Gremlins reproduce sexually. One can only be born asexual due to some kind of birth defect, and that’d affects its human form as well.

Basic Abilities: 1. Allows creation and shaping of electricity

Gremlins do not have the basic ability to control electricity. That can be an advanced ability.

As for what basic abilities gremlins do have… I’m not quite sure. It seems to me that creatures like goblins, hobbits, gremlins, etc, don’t have much in terms of basic abilities. I guess that since gremlins are known to dismantle machinery, they have sharp nails and teeth for that job. I suppose they can secrete a somewhat corrosive liquid to mix into their saliva and sweat to break down machines more easily, and they can control the secretion of this liquid to some degree. The corrosiveness of this liquid depends on the gremlin’s power level, so a really powerful gremlin’s saliva and sweat can be extremely corrosive if it wants them to be. This also means that gremlins have resistance to corrosive chemicals.

2. Can amounts of electricity that are usually fatal, though Jess has his own limits.

You accidentally the verb.

Also, what’s fatal to a normal human should be nowhere near fatal to a player character, even if a human one, if the player character is sufficiently protected. Player characters are much more powerful than average, to say the least.

2. He can power automatons with his electricity, though they are far more complex than normal, and need him to be touching them.

Not all automatons are powered by electricity, probably not even the majority of them.

Jess used to be a very well-known inventor in the Magus Mechanicle

Unless he was human before he left Magus Mechanicle, then learned polymorph to become a gremlin, this wouldn’t work. You should know why if you read the faction’s description.

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Is possible that there is a human that hasn’t polymorphed, but got corrupted and turned onto a beast? Or something like that?

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Originally posted by Behemoth542:

Is possible that there is a human that hasn’t polymorphed, but got corrupted and turned onto a beast? Or something like that?

Vampires, werewolves, and certain zombie variants can turn a human into one of their respective species. A mind flayer larva can do that too, if the victim somehow manages to destroy the larva’s mind and prevent it from taking over the body, rather than the other way around. I can’t think of any other species that do this off the top of my head. Other than these infectious creature abilities, forcibly polymorphing another is something doable in theory but almost impossible in practice.

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Sorry for not posting today. I am waiting for BC’s response, both of his characters, so he can join/rejoin the main group before we leave for Qing Long’s city.

Also, the city needs a name. My Chinese is really rusty, so I can’t really think of a good name right now…

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Also, the city needs a name. My Chinese is really rusty, so I can’t really think of a good name right now

You can always grab some words and translate them to get a name.

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But I’m Chinese. I do not tolerate bad Chinese translations because they remind me of things I’d really rather forget.

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I hope people aren’t having any misconceptions about the setting of this game. Basically, Christopher is right, and the world really is as a horrifically wretched place as he says it is.

You know Warhammer 40000? It’s an incredibly grim dark setting. Warhammer 40k is an extremely large setting consisting of entire galaxies, whereas this game only takes place on a single planet. But BCLEGENDS said that in terms of the “concentration” of sheer bleakness, the Worldsphere can almost one-up Warhammer 40k.

I mean, at least 75% of all inhabitants in this world are what most of us would call “evil”. Half of those people don’t give a shit about the suffering of others as long as they get what they want, while the other half actively enjoy having the power to make others suffer. That is, assuming they aren’t already filled with misguided zealotry, racial supremacism, insanity, mindless savagery, or any positive linear combination of those. In more civilized parts of the world, brutal oppression is the best you can hope for; the uncivilized parts are best left to your imagination. The average immortal dictator is more powerful than all of its followers combined, and will rule unchallenged for centuries. The “good” factions are ineffectual at best, hiding sinister intentions at worst. And the “bad” ones, well…

Besides, in the future there is going to be one nuclear war with killer mechs and genetically engineered mutant monsters, a zombie apocalypse, a different kind of zombie apocalypse, and at least one alien invasion. If the game gets that far, that is.

Make no mistakes. This game takes place in a crapsack world. A mutable one, yes; it is possible to make some positive changes. But it’s a crapsack world nevertheless. If your character has lived in this world for over five centuries, it’s unlikely that he/she/it won’t become some sort of cynic or other.

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Primary Name: Ka’Eth

Other Names: Kael’Zara’Eth, The Obsidian Orb.

Class: Beast

Species: Obsidian Iadaorax. An Iadaorax or “Irax”, for short, is an spherical shaped creature that has a 2 cm diameter core made of a substance that varies from where the Irax was concieved. The rest of the “body” is a mass of a liquid substance that is the same than the one than composes the core, which covers it. All Iadaoraxes are able to levitate at will by projecting a small energy field that allows them to do so, morph into any shape they desire and solidify any part of it as it desires, being the strenght of that part the same than the material it is composed of but, as the Irax grows older, it slowly gets tougher. The Iraxes aren’t able to speak. They reproduce by “splitting” part of their energy, and imbuing the core of the future Irax with it. They then will guard the core as it gains stability and starts gathering nearby materials to form the cover. An Irax newborn may have a different class than the father, as the energy can be imbued at any material, but most of them preffer creating their offspring with their same material, as they can just provide it to their son. After that, an Irax must wait 20 years to be able to create a new child. Iadaoraxes grow by absorbing pieces of the material they are made of and are smaller. If it is magically imbued, they will delay more in absorbing it depending on how strong is that magic. If any part of the liquid that forms them deataches their body, it will turn into a solid mineral and will not be controlable by the Irax, but it can still be absorbed back if its smaller than the Irax

Gender: Ka’Eth, as all Iraxes, is genderless

Age: 223 years

Human appearance: None

True Appearance: Ka’Eth is a 50 cm diameter orb made of liquid obsidian with a 2 cm obsidian core. There’s nothing much else to say about the aspect of a floating orb

Personality: Ka’Eth is observant and likes to travel. It has the tendency to follow someone if it likes him/her.

Skills: Ka’Eth has a good aim, is weird that it misses when shooting, well, little obsidian projectiles

Spells and Abilities:

Basic Abilities:

  1. Ka’Eth, as an Irax, can absorb any part of its base material, in this case obsidian, if is smaller than it. If that obsidian is imbued with magic will take more time to be absorbed and, if the magic is strong enough, it will not be absorbed
  2. Ka’Eth can morph into any shape it desires
  3. Ka’Eth can solidify any part of it into toughened obsidian
  4. Ka’Eth, after some time practicing, is able to shoot little parts of itself at its target
  5. Ka’Eth is able to reflexively solidify when recieving external trauma

Advanced Abilities:

  1. Since born, Ka’Eth was able to also absorb most of the energy when absorbing a magicaly imbued object. That doesn’t makes it able to use magic, but can use that energy as a “shield” or pass it to a being that is in contact with it

Possessions: Nothing.

Faction: Neutral.

Biography: Ka’Eth is one of the few Irax that is from a different material than its creator. It was a emerald Irax, pretty rare, and it died short after Ka’Eth’s core stabilized, due to a spear launched towards it which pierced its cover and the core, breaking it. Ka’Eth, since then, started wandering around, most times inside deep caves while looking for obsidian or travelling around the Worldsphere. It’s life was basically boring, nothing too outstanding happening, until it found a little boy who was looking at it. Ka’Eth looked at it (In the way an eyeless orb looks at someone) and the boy laughed a bit. Seemed that Ka’Eth looked funny for him, and then he left when his mother was calling him. After that, the life keep continuing its course while a wandering Ka’Eth wonders where is that little boy.

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You do realize that liquid obsidian is just lava, right?

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Originally posted by myhome16:

You do realize that liquid obsidian is just lava, right?

Well, with liquid obsidian I’m meaning that is like normal obsidian, just that is in a liquid state.

EDIT: This is my 542th post :D

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If an object is magically imbued, they will delay more in absorbing them depending on how strong is that magic.

Well… If a magical object is particularly strong in relation to an Irax, the Irax wouldn’t be able to absorb it at all.

Iadaoraxes grow by absorbing objects that are made of the same material than them and are smaller.

It is difficult to define exactly what a “whole object” is, so you should make it so that an Irax absorbs its base material on touch. Like, if you extend a tendril of your body toward an obsidian wall, you’ll be able to gouge out a chunk of obsidian from the wall. An Irax has a “maximum” size dependent on its power level. Trying to exceed this size, i.e. drag around a greater amount of its base material than it normally can, will quickly result in fatigue. For the average Irax, this size would be the average 50 cm diameter sphere you said via PM; that happens to be how big the average human would be if his or her whole body mass is turned into a sphere at average human body density. But since a player character is significantly more powerful than average…

I’m reluctant to define exactly how powerful a player character is in relation to the average, because that only limits us and may create plot problems later. So Ka’Eth’s maximum size shall remain indeterminate for now. But do try to be sensible most of the time; e.g. don’t try to become larger than a house unless you really have to.

Also, absorption should be added to basic abilities.

Since born, Ka’Eth was able to also absorb most of the energy when absorbing a magicaly imbued object. That doesn’t makes it able to use magic, but can use that energy as a “shield” or pass it to a being that is in contact with it

Shield must be created from the surface of Ka’Eth’s body. In other words, no trying to make a shield inside someone’s brain, or anything like that. Also, when absorbed, magic turns into raw energy; all of its previous properties are gone. For example, if you manage to absorb a fiery sword, you only gain raw energy rather than fire energy.


Different universe, different physics, different subatomic structures. The real life atom composed of 60 protons, 82 neutrons, and 60 electrons called neodymium does not exist in the Nexus setting. Well, there is a fictional version of Earth in the setting, and there is probably something the humans there call neodymium, but it wouldn’t be the same as the substance in real life. And the Worldsphere is not Earth. Humans on the Worldsphere don’t even speak English or any other Earth language; their words are just automatically translated in our, the readers’, eyes. But no, there isn’t any material on the Worldsphere that would be translated to English as neodymium. As a rule of thumb, it only has “common” substances like iron and gold, plus fantastic substances like orichalcum or mithril.

tl;dr version: Choose some other substance. You can’t have a neodymium Irax, not even posthumously.

If you want to know how subatomic particles in this setting work… You’d need to know a bit about probability density functions, multivariable calculus, and possibly some quantum mechanics. In other words, math on par with a second-year physics honors student in university.

Originally posted by Behemoth542:
Originally posted by myhome16:

You do realize that liquid obsidian is just lava, right?

Well, with liquid obsidian I’m meaning that is like normal obsidian, just that is in a liquid state.

That’s possible, yes. Magic can turn a substance into liquid without heating it.

Lastly… If a race doesn’t resemble any race in real-life folklore or mythology, chances are it’s pretty obscure on the Worldsphere too. They may be secretive, or quite small in number, or both.

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Primary Name: Victoria Cross.

Other Names: N/A

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Human Apperance: A bit tall and a bit on the skinny side. She is pale, really pale. Brown eyes so brown, the iris is nearly black. She usually wears armor, on and off duty, taking it off only when she needs to, like taking a shower. Yes she sleeps with the uncomfortable thing on. (Details of the armor will be covered later).

True Apperance: Ew, who’d wanna be one of those monsters? Gladly N/A

Personality: Victoria is very serious. She doesn’t joke around and is always doing something productive trying not to waste a minute of the day dillydallying. She has great book smarts and common sense when it comes to most things, something her brother lacked. She can’t stand weaklings because one, she believes the weak is useless, and two, that means she’ll have to take care of them.

Fighting: In both her way of fighting physically and with magic, she is fast fighter, hitting fast, accurate, and most importantly hard. Her fighting styles cursu et viribus and ieiunium mors , speed and strength and fast death respectively if she got her Italian right.

Cursu et viribus: Cursu et viribus is a technique she has created herself that is used with her personal sword. The technique focuses on hitting the opponent hard and fast. Using her light sword and excellent speed to dance around the opponent’s defences, and striking with lightning speed.

Ieiunium mors: Ieiunium mors is also a technique she created herself. This technique is used with her magic, it is about disorienting the opponent and hitting his/her weak points. Using her magic not only to harm but to daze.

Creature identification: Victoria has read. A lot. In theory she can name most creatures be them pure bloods or hybrids as well as try and come up with a strategy to defeat it. Of course this isn’t factoring outside variables such as fear.

_Advanced: _

Magical Spears: Victoria can summon magical spears. Said spears are made by pure magic and are blue. They are usually use as a ranged weapon and will do one of two things, hit whatever is in front of them and probably pierce straight through whatever is in front of them. Or explode in a million colors, I’m not kidding when I say a million, like you can get a seizure by looking into the explosion it’s so powerful. Little threads magic connects the spear to Victoria (usually her fingers but can be anywhere on her body), the spears do not have to be connected to Victoria but while they are, Victoria can move the Spears as well as put more power(magic) into it to give it more piercing power/explosion, or take away magic from it to regain the magic. Also while the spears her extremely powerful on their own, they also have magic destroying abilities, similar to Vinyl’s blue firebolts, however as a trade off to these magic destroying abilities, the spears are less powerful than that would be for a magi of her skills.

Clone: Victoria can clone a copy of herself, the clone is a solid simulacrum that can act independently and can use Victoria’s magic, being somewhat weaker. The clone can also copy others’s appearances. Said copies can not use the powers of the other person.

Super Speed: Victoria can run at lightning speeds. While using super speed, an aura of thin magic surrounds her, this aura makes sure she doesn’t get hurt when she reaches speeds that should kill her. Her speed can reach to the point where she’ll break the sound barrier, well in theory. In practice, the aura would have to be stronger so she doesn’t well… you know, die. She would have to accelerate up to that speed, probably going in a straight line, and if she was to hit anything just before, or after breaking the sound barrier, chances are there will be no more Victoria.

Camouflage: Victoria turn invisible or camouflage herself into another’s appearance, when she does either, the transition to invisibility/other’s appearance is fluid and unless you see her camouflage herself, chances are, you won’t see through the disguise, unless you see through the disguise magically, then it turns into a, who is more magically powerful competition to see if you get to see through her disguise. While under the disguise, Victoria can mimic the target’s voice.

Life Steal (I seriously need a better name for this one): Victoria can use her magic to take the life force/magic power from other living things, said life/magic force can be used in different ways, she can use it to heal herself or others, buff her own, or others existing spells/abilities. The amount of strength she gets is proportionate to the organism that she took it from, a patch of flowers would give a lot less than a bear or huge ass tree. She can use this on most organisms with ease, however sentient organisms can resist the effect, to the point Victoria has to use much more magic than she is getting back, of course, said organism will have to know what is happening to resist it. The spell takes the form of a magic stream sort of thing. A stream of magic would come out of Victoria (usually out of her fingertips) and go to it’s target, once it makes contact, it starts draining the energy.

Victoria’s weapon: Victoria owns a sword that is constantly surrounded by a red aura that can be strengthened by the user. The sword it’s self looks like a rapier, the blade being 50 inches long ending with a sharp tip if she needs to slash something. The red aura has three characteristics: One, it makes it so the rapier doesn’t dull, or at least slows it down from dulling. Two, it make the sword stronger, giving it more piercing power. Three, the user can strengthen the aura so it can remake the sword. That’s right, one second, the sword can be the rapier, the next, a long sword, the next, a scimitar, and can even become a spear.

Victoria’s Armor: Victoria walks around in a chestplate. Said chestplate is made out of steel, the chestplate, like Victoria’s sword, is surrounded by a small aura. This aura can be strengthen by Victoria’s own magic to block more force. The chestplate is also shock absorbent. Like the sword, Victoria can put more magic into the chestplate to gain the other pieces of the suit of armor on the fly, she doesn’t like the headgear but would rather wear it than get her head chopped off.

Hanker Chief and Pocket watch: Victoria carries a hanker chief and pocket watch with her at all times, even when going into battle, she doesn’t believe in luck but if she did, these would be her good luck charms.

Faction: Magus Mechancile

Bio: Victoria had a simple life, until at age nine her family was attacked by beasts, she never saw what kind because her father, even while ill hid her, and her sisters in hiding places. She was able to look through her hiding place to see the shadows of her mother and father moving frantically, fighting the shadows of big as hell beasts. She could see all kinds of magic fling about everywhere, she would hear one beast die, then another, and another, but alas, the mother and father were outnumbered, a dozen-to-one, with one not having any true skill to fight, and the other ill. She hid as she heard her sisters yelled as they were slaughtered, she thought she was dead until she heard footsteps, beasts don’t make footsteps. Spells were thrown about and orders were yelled across the room, after the fighting died down, she was found by a soldier, a soldier of the Magus Mechancile. Ever since, Victoria trained with the Magus Mechancile, becoming a strong believer in the religion. While she practically sacrificed social interaction outside of her mentors and teachers, she has risen the ranks of the Magus Mechanicile, a prodigy in magic and a champion in the art or weaponry; she has became a elite enforcer, specializing in scout/recon. Her dream is to someday become one of the strongest magi in the world barring Justinian XXI, as well as maybe find her lost brother, who was out hunting when the beasts attacked.

[Mark’s Alt. Yes, I made an alt just for this, mostly because I forgot the password for Hanging_Shadow]

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Ok, modified and added the stuff you listed. Also, regarding the rarity, they are few Iraxes in the Worldsphere, due that they are more than nothing a big chunk of material when dead and that they take long to reproduce.

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I find the comparison between Hydrioth and Iadaorax interesting. If anyone remembers Sophia from however much time back.

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Why did my post for Victoria get deleted by an admin or moderator?

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Originally posted by BCLEGENDS:

I find the comparison between Hydrioth and Iadaorax interesting. If anyone remembers Sophia from however much time back.

Hydrioth? Which race is that?

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Originally posted by therealsirmark4:

Why did my post for Victoria get deleted by an admin or moderator?

You need a badge to get through the spam filter.

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Originally posted by Behemoth542:
Originally posted by BCLEGENDS:

I find the comparison between Hydrioth and Iadaorax interesting. If anyone remembers Sophia from however much time back.

Hydrioth? Which race is that?

Hydrioth aka Orbis aquatilis
Hydrioths are light red orbs of about 2 cm in radius, fleshy cores that release magical energy to control the surrounding water, dragging along whatever is mixed with it. Through this sort of manipulation, Hydrioths can change into any outer shape. Releasing this magical energy, Hydrioths can also freely change the appearance of themselves by altering the properties of the surrounding water. The Hydrioth core is the only vital part of the body, and can freely move around as long as there is water present.

Quoted from devourer’s profile.

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They are almost the same. Maybe Iraxes are a different kind of Hydrioths?

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Welp. I could’ve posted something in the past two hours, but I spent them on this.

Victoria Cross and Ka’Eth are accepted.

Originally posted by Behemoth542:

They are almost the same. Maybe Iraxes are a different kind of Hydrioths?

Eh… Maybe the two races resulted from divergent evolution or something.

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Ok. Thanks

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I wanna join!

TheGreenSniper, AJ
Brown hair and green eyes, Caucasian
Nice, funny, quiet
Fast and decent at cooking

Advanced-Hailstorm(conjures a hail only before seen in the Ten Plagues, fire within ice)
Advanced-Armor(creates armor that is about as strong as a knights’ armor but more versatile)
Basic-Being able to create ice and shape it at will
Basic-Being able to call to the wild to help me through a series of tongue clicks

A jade crystal given to his mother before she died
Magus Mechanicle

When both his parents died when he was a child, Aaron is seeking to avenge his parent’s death by devastating the
Beastii. He now lives on streets, which is fine, but he lives a a poor boy barely surviving. Joining the Mechanicle with at least food and water has been a blessing for him.

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Uh… You might want to take a look at some of the other profiles in this game. A profile doesn’t have to be extremely long, but being too short and lacking on detail makes me doubt your ability to write good posts. And that isn’t the only problem with your profile either. I suggest you read the opening posts again, and take a look at the past couple of pages of this thread.

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Originally posted by overfrost:


“Huh? Whats that?” I say when I see the strange orb.

Can people just… not notice Ka’Eth for now, please? I don’t want there to be more delays. The main group should get going already. Ka’Eth can join the group during the big fight that will happen very soon.